Frist Summer After College

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It was the summer after my first year in college and I was incredibly bored. I knew it was not only my first summer home but an indefinite trip. College had been fun, a little too much fun, and between going to practice, going to parties, and trying to live the college life I forgot how important going to class was. My college was nice enough not to kick me out entirely however. I had been a member of the football team and because of this they were allowing me to go home and go to a community college and get my grades under control. Having been so busy at college I didn’t really keep up much with anyone from my hometown which was a problem. I hadn’t had sex since right before I left for college and I was dying for any kind of sexual attention I could get. I know what you must be thinking, how does a college guy on the football team not get laid and I can assure you that it’s very easy. I was a walk on which meant I lucky enough to make the team but never actually got in a game so no one really noticed me. A lot of the girls I knew around campus were still young and had dreams of being a virgin until the wedding night. So really outside of all the fun I had it really was a long year of looking at internet porn. This summer was shaping up to be much more of the same.

The only sure thing I knew I had back in town was my ex girlfriend. We had been hot and heavy before I left for school and while I dumped her I had little doubt that I could win her back, if only for some late night fun. So one night I put a call over to her house and to my surprise she picked up on the first ring. I tried playing it cool, like I was just trying to catch up. However quickly I realized things were not like they used to be. She soon started telling me about how lost she was after our break-up and how she needed to find meaning in her life and when she found the power of Jesus. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I went from thinking I was going to get a blowjob to listening to her preach to me. I knew I needed to get off the phone without being a total asshole and thankfully she gave me a perfect out. She started telling me about how we could start our Christian life together this Sunday at church. I quickly told her I would start studying my bible and had to start right now. I hung up the phone and threw out her number never having the intention of calling her again.

After that I was left with little options. I was a good looking kid 6’2′ with dark hair and hazel eyes but was 18 so it wasn’t like I could go to a bar and take home some drunk girl. So I knew I needed relief and fast and the best was to do that was the internet. Thankfully I lived in my parents converted basement so it was like my own apartment so privacy wasn’t going to be an issue. Later that night I sat down esenyurt escort and begin to surf the net for whatever it was that was going to get me off. Maybe it was going to be big titted lesbians, or maybe some teen redhead action however nothing was really working for me. I was hard but nothing was taking me where I need to go to cum. I decided I needed to try something different, so I went to the AOL chat rooms and tried to find some cyber sex chat. I found things that were close but it seemed nothing really was happening. It was mostly bored teenagers just messing around. I was just about to give up when someone posted something about a site called Xchat and however that’s where everyone was. I was curious but it was well past 3am and I knew I needed to get up early to look for a job so I reluctantly went to bed.

I spent most of the next day looking for a job, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about Xchat. I had the visions of all kinds of slutly girls telling me all kinds of dirty things. Since I hadn’t gotten off the night before I was fully ready to go and even a few times on my job hunt I had to wait in my car to go inside until my erection went away. The day seemed to take forever and by the time I had finally gotten back to my house it was well past 9. I quickly logged on to Xchat where it asked me to make a profile. I wasn’t sure really what to say, I didn’t know how truthful I should be however I felt I had little to lose so outside of a fake name my age and location were correct. I was now ready for the world of Xchat! When I got logged into the chat server I immediately noticed it was mostly full of guys, but I wasn’t worried because it was early and I’m sure the later it got the more fun it would get. So I put Xchat in the background and started to surf the net for porn while I waited for the craziness to begin.

As the night went on I was getting more and more private messages but they were all from guys asking all kind of odd things. The most persistent guy kept asking me to have phone sex him while wearing my mothers panties. I was a little bummed that Xchat was letting me down but I still wasn’t finding any porn that was doing the trick for me so I kept it open as I surfed.

Another hour went by before I checked Xchat again. My cock at this point was rock hard and the precum was slowly dripping all over my boxers, I needed to cum and fast! I checked through all the private messages I had received and while most of them were just begging me for phone sex, one stood out. It just said

“Hello my name is Tom, how are you tonight?”

Now normally a message like that wouldn’t stand out but most of what I was getting were things like “my cock is about to spew tell istanbul escort me what you balls look like!!!” At this point I was bored and up for a conversation so I replied. We started to have a nice conversation. He told me he was 52 and divorced with no kids and wanted to know all about what it was like to be a college football player. I told stories about a good hour and finally he started to ask me about girls and how I must have been big man on campus with the ladies. For whatever reason I decided not to lie, I told him the truth that I never got laid in college and that I haven’t had sex since high school. He seemed to pause a bit on that news and then asked

“Well I’m sure you have a big cock, I don’t know what those girls are thinking”

Why I’ll never know I responded

“Well it’s only 6 inches but it’s thick so at least I have that going for me.”

He talked about how important it was to be thicker than longer and that’s when he asked

“Is your cock out now?”

I figured that this point I had no reason to lie and I told him that it was out and hard. I really had no idea what had come over me but I knew I needed to get off and if this was the way than so be it. He started asking me if I’d ever jerked off with any of my friends before, which I hadn’t but I told him it was something I had a dream about once.

At this point I started to play with my cock a little more, all these questions were making me hot. He told me how he had seen my profile and he was only 30 minutes away and that’s part of the reason he picked me. A shiver sent down my spine, it was one thing to have a little fun online but in person was a whole different story. Right as I was about to log off he posted

“I’m jerking it so hard thinking of you”

For whatever reason that kept me logged in and talking. I finally started to embrace what was happening and started to enjoy it more and more. I started talking dirty and he responded immediately to it. I talked about how big and hard my cock was and how I was dying to cum for him. Which in truth, I was jerking off now and the precum was everywhere making it a get lube for me. Finally when I just about thought it was going to end he asked

“Can I call you? I wanna hear you cum for me”

At that point I was so hot I didn’t even think twice I quickly sent him my number without even thinking about it. A minute later the phone rang and again a moment of pack set in, “what am I doing” I quickly asked my self but finally on the third ring I picked up.

“I thought you were going to stand me up,” Tom said.

Thinking quickly I said “My hands are so slippery with all this precum it was hard to be to grab the phone.”

That seemed beylikdüzü escort to set the tone, however unlike online Tom was clearly in charge now. He knew he had me where he wanted and I would have done just about anything he asked me to do. His tone was different from when we were online where he was more passive. Right now he was calling the shots and I was ready to listen.

“I want you to take your cock and slowly start to play with it in your hands,” he said.

I did what he said without hesitation my hands were all over my cock. “

“I’m so hard for you,” I managed to blurt out, part of me felt like I was a different person in that moment.

“Now I want you to start slowly stoking it, I’ll tell you when to speed up,” he said.

At this moment I have never felt harder, I stoked slowly as if I had never touched my own cock before. I was dying to go faster but he wasn’t end this early.

“Now I want to start to stoke faster, but I want you to stop before you cum, I’ll tell you when you can cum.”

I slowly picked up my speed but I was trying so careful not to cum. At this point I was building towards climax and he must have heard me breathing louder into the phone because he suddenly yelled “STOP!” and I took my hand off of my cock. My cock was throbbing, I was so close to blowing a load and my whole body was in overload.

“How bad do you need to cum?” He asked.

“So badly Tom, so badly” was all I could respond with.

“Good. Now ask me if you can finish?”

“Tom may I please make myself cum?”

Silence now broke over the conversation, I was dying of anticipation and the longer he remained silent the crazier he was driving me. I would have done anything he asked at this point no questions asked. Finally the silence was broken.

“I want you to lie down and start to slowly stoke again”

I jumped from my computer chair on to my bed and did exactly what he asked.

“Now speed up but aim your cock towards your body, when you cum for me I want you to cum all over yourself. Can you do that for me? Can you cum for me? Please CUM FOR ME!”

That was all it took, I never felt such an intense orgasm in my life. It was like a lighting bolt shot out from somewhere in my ass through my cock and all over me. I couldn’t move, at the point I even forgot I was on the phone.

“Well that sounded like you had a good time on your end, can’t wait to see it in person next time”.

“Ummm sure Tom I” said not really thinking.

“Sounds great, well I’ll make sure I talk to you next time I’m on Xchat, by the way I never quite caught your name.”

“It’s Kevin” I said,

Forgetting that I totally had been using a fake up to that point.

“Well Kevin this was great and I’ll talk to you soon.”

With that we said our goodbyes and I was left with what happened. I had just jerked off for another guy on the phone. What was I thinking, I’m not gay but I couldn’t deny how hot I still was. I got up and got into the shower to clean up and think about everything that had just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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