From Married to Tag-teamed

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Characters are over 18 years old.

Back in 2010, my wife Maria and I were traveling through the coast of Brazil during our long term vacation in the months of January and February. Those were the months with more festivities. We chose Brazil because we spoke Portuguese. Since we’re from Spain, it had been an easy language to learn.

We happened to cross by a small town in the Northeast coast which had a calm atmosphere compared to the rest of the country. After going to so many parties, a little rest would do us good before moving on to the capital of the state. We rented a room to spend a few days in a resort of sorts. Simple, but accommodating, it was right by the beach, which we decided to try right away.

We fell in love with the place rather quickly. The water was crystal blue, closer to the color of the sky than any other beach we visited so far. There were a few people that day, scattered all around.

On the second day, Maria carried me to a big open area away from every one and laid down a towel so she could catch a tan. Leaving her be, I wanted to try the water again, having enjoyed the experience the day before. The waves were big and noisy, which I much preferred rather than quiet and boring. If I wanted quiet, I could go to a pool.

I let the waves take me and stopped when the water was around my waist. I looked back, planning to wave at Maria and call her in, but she had her eyes covered and seemed pretty relaxed. I tried to relax too, closing my eyes and floating a bit. I started thinking about my son back in Spain, who was about to get married. It was because of him that we would cut this vacation short. We would have stayed until the end of February if not for the wedding. It was okay, though. For a very good cause. I couldn’t believe how fast time had passed. Maria and I were in our forties, not exactly children, but we had been when we got married and had our son. Somehow we managed even though we were so young. I had the feeling I would be a grandpa soon. The thought was joyous but gave me a belly ache as well.

I had drifted away both in my thoughts and literally. My feet weren’t touching the ground, but I thought I was in the same place. When I tried to find the sand with my feet and couldn’t, I looked back…and gasped. Maria was far, the whole shore was far, how the hell had I moved so quickly?

But I didn’t panic. I began swimming back right away. It seemed to go on forever. I looked at Maria while she seemed to get farther away, wishing that she realized what was happening while at the same time, not wanting to worry her. I poured out all my energy trying to get back, but it wasn’t working. Suddenly, I remembered that I might have been caught by a rip-current. If that was the case, I shouldn’t try to swim against it. I stopped and let myself be taken away. The farther I got, the scared I felt. I knew I shouldn’t fight the current, but the fear became so great I acted irrationally and swam back again. I got tired and swallowed some water. That’s when panic invaded me.

I was drowning. My arm stood up, trying to call the attention of my wife, trying to stay out of the water. I felt my shorts slipping away but could find no strength to pull it back up. I wore nothing underneath, so I was naked as well as drowning. Could it really be this easy for me to simply die?

In that moment of utter powerlessness, I was hit by something hard. I turned and instantly grabbed it, not knowing what it was. It could’ve been another person, a piece of wood, a shark, I didn’t care. It was a big yellow surfboard, and it helped me stay out of the water and breathe. I coughed and breathed at the same time, water pouring out of my lungs. Then someone hugged me from behind, pressing his body against me. It wasn’t a threatening hug, I could tell right away. He helped me stay secure on the surfboard, protected.

“You’re okay,” he said in Portuguese, a husky voice, alarmed. “I’m gonna take you to the shore, don’t worry,” he kept saying, and I nodded. I believed him. He sounded young, but very secure. He said something else that I couldn’t catch for lack of attention.

“What?” I said.

“Oh, you’re a gringo? Can you understand me?” he asked. I nodded. He was behind me, but could see my head moving. “What’s your name?”

“Carlos,” I said.

“I’m César. My friend here is Felipe.” I hadn’t noticed that there was another surfer, but suddenly he was there, swimming on top of his green surfboard. He was black, short hair, light brown eyes. Felipe. He was young too. “You’re safe, Marcelo. Try to stay calm. I’m gonna let you go and hold to the board next to you, okay?”

He waited for my nod. Finally, I saw his face. A sharp face, bright green eyes, tanned and with curly hair. He flashed me his teeth in a big sincere grin.

“Thank you so much,” I managed, still catching my breath.

César put a firm hand on my waist. I grunted and smiled. For some reason, I was suddenly shy. But I was definitely getting calmer.

“Do you want to mount the board?”

“I Kadıköy Escort can’t,” I said, blushing. “I lost my shorts.”

“You did?” Felipe asked, taking me by surprise. I looked at the other youth, who was grinning. I chuckled nervously.


“It’s okay,” César said. “We totally get it.”

“Thank you,” I said again. Both surfers smiled.

“The water will take us back,” César said, when he turned to me again. “Sorry nobody warned you about this place, gringo. There are usually big ripcurrents over here, cause of the terrain. We use it all the time to get away from the shore quickly.”

“I should’ve been more careful,” I said.

“Yeah, but don’t beat yourself over it. You’re okay now,” he said, squeezing my waist. A thumb rubbed my skin. I grinned at him, not knowing how to react. I could only lower my head and avoid eye contact.

Felipe was swimming very close too, his presence was another beacon of safety for me. After the fear of dying alone in the sea, I couldn’t complain.

“My wife must be worried sick,” I said. She was so small in the shore, I could barely make her figure. But she was there, sitting down, hand covering her eyes so she could see better. I tried waving at her, but maybe she was too far away to see. She left her glasses at the resort.

“Is that her?” César asked.

I nodded.

“We’re going to get a bit farther away from her towards the left, that’s where the rip is taking us. But it’s gonna be fine.”

I nodded, impressed at how secure he was. He smiled at me, which made me realize I was staring. I stopped.

“When we get closer to the shore, I’ll give you my shorts.” César squeezed my waist again, making me take a deep breath.

“Really? Thank you so much.”

I answered whatever questions they had, and the more I talked, the more I felt at ease. I told them about my country, my son, my job…I told them how I always wanted to visit Brazil and know its culture. César made a comment on how I probably changed my mind about that. He laughed while talking about the crazed movements I had made in the moment of panic, but in a lighthearted way. I had no objections to being laughed at by those two. I was very humbled in that moment. I was probably more than 20 years older, but felt like the child among them.

A big wave lifted us high. César held my waist as the wave pulled us upwards, turning my skin into prickly arrowheads. The way he touched me was very intimate. I wondered what was going on in his head. Safe to say I wasn’t expecting to be held like that by a young surfer. Even worse was how much I liked it.

“Thank you so much,” I said again. César brushed his fingers on my prickly skin, going from my lower waist to my belly. When I looked at him, he had a blank expression. But I could see in his eyes that he was having fun. I shivered harder, realizing I was letting him have his fun. What could I do? Say no to the man who saved me?

It was impossible to hide the hard evidence between my legs. Did he notice how hard he was making me? What about his friend? Felipe seemed oblivious to what was going on, but was he?

I wasn’t going to worry. I had told them about my wife, so they knew I wasn’t interested. They knew I wasn’t into that…but César’s hand on my waist felt so hot like it was burning me, the heat going straight to my face. Maybe I should tell him to stop.

“Hold me with one arm,” César said. “I think it will be easier for both us to hold on to the board, if we’re closer.”

I glanced at Felipe, this time he was staring back, and I was sure he was into it. He knew what was going on. César was waiting.

“Right, okay,” I said, while knowing it was insanity.

My right arm went around César, grabbing his slender, hard waist. He was smooth, so in order to hold tight, my fingers had to dig in deep. In turn, César stopped holding me. His hand was now free to do something else. He caressed my belly, going down eventually to my cock. He grabbed it, and shot a glance at me.

“What do we have here?”

I gasped, wide eyes staring. How the hell could he be so direct? It had all been games so far, something we could all pretend wasn’t happening. I had no words. Slowly, his smile captivated me. I smiled back.

“You have such a small cock,” he said, making Felipe laugh. He said that and squeezed, so I wasn’t able to be offended by it.

“My wife…” I said guiltily. I stared at the faraway shore.

“Don’t worry about her.”

César turned toward to me, face very close to mine. Then, I felt it. His cock grinding against my own like a sword fight.

“Oh…” I said, as he rubbed himself on me. We jousted for a while, and I accepted the fact that his cock was way bigger than mine.

Why wasn’t I resisting this? I wasn’t prepared for this. How could I be prepared for something that never crossed my mind. I never once wanted to try going homo, and here I was: enjoying a younger, bigger dick rubbing against me.

A good Ataşehir Escort thing came out of all this. I wasn’t afraid anymore. Hell, death could be knocking on my door right now and I wouldn’t care. My blood was pumping for another reason. A reason that felt like it was 9 inches long. I couldn’t help but be impressed. What was I, a princess swooning over her two knight saviors? One had a big sword, at least.

“Am I helping you relax?” César asked. He made sure to speak so close that I could feel his breath. Our noses brushed when I nodded, but I tried to shy away from eye contact.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. The pleasure is all mine.”

“What about me?” Felipe said, watching us from afar. I felt my cheeks burn even hotter.

“This is not-I’m not-” I looked from one to the other. “My wife,” I tried again. My voice sounded weak.

“She’s so far away. I don’t think she can see us.” His hand traveled around my body, going to my back and down to my round ass. “Thick gringo.”

I never had a man appreciate my ass like that. I didn’t think my face could get hotter, but it did.

“What are you doing?” I said, trying to sound outraged. I closed my eyes when he pressed against my entrance. We were hugging right in front of Felipe.

“Helping you relax, gringo. Tell me you like it.” He proceeded to lick my face.

“God,” I said. I couldn’t say I liked it. That would make me very gay.

“So fucking hot,” Felipe said. I opened my eyes and saw him touching himself over his shorts.

“This is crazy,” I said. César licked me again, this time his tongue dragged on my lips slowly. I parted them halfway, and he took the opportunity to come inside. Our tongues touched, just a tiny bit, but enough to make me shake from the inside out. Holy shit, that was hot.

“Tell me you like it,” he said again.

“I like it.”

“I knew it,” he said. “A pink gringo like you…you came here to experiment new things, aren’t you?”

“That’s right,” I said.

“I wish I could abuse you with my big cock right here.”

I gasped. This was going so fast.

“Do you have a pink hole?” Felipe asked. I looked at his cocky smile. “I like gringos with pink holes. Like putting my tongue inside and hear them moan.”

I shivered all over. My anus was indeed a reddish pink. They were talking about fucking my tiny anus, two beautiful young men interested in my butt. I couldn’t let them. Even if I wanted to, my wife…But just the fact they thought they could talk to me like that…and what could I do about that uncontrollable erection? It was giving me away when I didn’t even know I had anything to give away. I had never been gay, but suddenly I was enjoying the idea of being a gay old man getting fucked by two young Brazilians. Did that mean I had always been a little gay and didn’t know? Late urges?

“Are you feeling better?” César asked.

“Very much,” I said like a big homo.

“All right, we gotta swim now, I think we’re clear of the current,” César said. We separated, and he mounted his board while making sure that I wouldn’t let go. Felipe told me to hold onto his board so César could position himself. Then, with both of them on top, they told me to choose one.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“You gotta get up here so we can swim better. Choose one of us,” César explained.

“But my shorts…”

“Nobody will see. I’ll give you my shorts once we’re closer, I told you.”

Relenting, I chose César.

“Not fair,” Felipe said, making me feel guilty. But César was pretty content.

I hopped onto the board behind César, bare buttocks against the cold hard surface, and was told to hug him. I hesitated. If I got closer, he would feel my erection touching his back. I tried to hold the wood with one hand, grabbing him by the waist with the other. César pulled my hand forth, bringing my chest against his back. Eventually, I let go of my hard penis, allowing it to touch the young surfer. He didn’t react. Eventually, he laid on his belly in order to swim, giving me a full view of his round firm butt. Felipe did the same. I was the only one sitting. My hands were still holding onto César’s waist, but I moved them to the roundness of his ass. I got closer, pressing my hardness against it while he swam.

I tried to locate my wife while this happened. She was basically out of sight, deciding that I wasn’t in any danger. The current had carried us further to the South, and the surfers were moving closer to the shore in a completely different area from where I had entered the water.

I looked down on my cock pressing against the tight shorts. Circumcised, medium-sized, the pink head making a depression right on the middle where the crack would be. Below the shorts, César was still wearing a speedo, apparently. Most Brazilians wouldn’t bother with a shorts. Thank God César had. The younger man let me rub against him, letting out a few moaning sounds every now and then. The other one, Felipe, would stare right at me from Bostancı Escort time to time, almost pouting. His interest was flattering. I smiled at him, and he blinked one green eye. He was gorgeous. I was astounded to realize I really did think so. That young man was gorgeous. What had happened to me?

I started grinding against César, head of my member heating up from the pressure. It got so hot I had to stop unless I hurt myself. I grabbed his buttcheeks with my hands. So round and firm, clear evidence of his active life, with much physical exercises. He was the same age as my son. The thought made me hesitate just for a moment. What if another older man had been doing the same to my son somewhere else? But that was stupid. My son would never do this. Although I used to think I would never do this. But there I was. I gave those young tight buttocks a nice massage, wondering how it would feel to touch the roundness of the flesh. While my fingers dig into it, I resisted the urge to tear those shorts apart.

“Careful now. We are getting closer,” he warned me. And he was right. I felt my cheeks grow hot as I realized I had been completely entranced and lost track of time. We were considerably close to the beach.

My touches were less rough; I kept feeling him up from his thighs to his beautiful round bums. I dig my fingers hard into it. I wished I could see his asshole, while I pulled apart his cheeks and left it completely exposed, tiny wrinkles around a perfect entrance. I could definitely see myself sticking my tongue inside of him.

I shook my head, not recognizing myself. I looked around, realizing that people would be able to see what I was doing. I stopped and sat straight up, waiting for my erection to die down. It didn’t. When the water level was right about my belly-button, I got off the board.

As promised, César gave me his shorts. He was wearing a tight black speedo which could barely hold his erection. I enjoyed that. Felipe grabbed my ass a few times as if checking what he had missed. I didn’t think he was disappointed. He called me hot and said he wanted to do many bad things to me. I blushed while he was at it. We stood there, talking and touching, while alert for any kind of sign people were aware of what was happening. We each showed our cocks and let the others touch below the water. Both of them were bigger than me. How embarrassing. I touched them longer, lingering in the feel of their warm manhood. If I was being honest, I didn’t want that experience to end just yet.

It had to end, though, one way or the other. Maria was walking in the distance, coming in our direction.

As we walked up to the beach, out of the water, Maria arrived with a smile on her face.

“I thought something had happened,” she said. She was holding her sunglasses in one hand. The other one, she used to shake Felipe and César’s hand. But each one kissed her on the cheek. I felt weird as I watched them, and how Maria blushed while looking at the two youth, completely unaware of how obviously captivated she was. I instantly thought about the possibility that if Maria had been in my place, almost drowning, and had been saved by these two, she would’ve still been lost to me forever. They would’ve devoured her and delivered me the bones. I was still affected by the whole ordeal, and instead of utterly jealous, I shivered with anticipation…God, what was wrong with me?

César explained what had happened, obviously hiding the bits were we engaged in homoerotic activities. He seemed like a very smart, gentle and educated young man. I could see how charming he must have looked in Maria’s eyes. Felipe was charming too, but in a more introvert kind of way. He let César take the lead, but his smile was always present. I found myself nudging my wife to get closer to the surfers, making a point that they were my saviors and that without them I would’ve died. I didn’t know how to thank them. When Maria told them she was 44, both of them gasped in denial, and she giggled like a schoolgirl. Damn, they were good.

I learned more about them. They were from the capital of that state, but César’s family owned a house by the beach, and he and Felipe were constantly going there to practice their surfing. They were practically locals and could help us with information if we wanted. By that point, we were all sitting over a table, drinking like friends. My wife was swooning over the Brazilians, and since I was too, there was no awkwardness. There was a moment when, during a conversation, Felipe brushed his finger around Maria’s cheek to clean a some stain. She smiled, but turned her head towards me, for the first time acknowledging that there was something else going on. I didn’t. I told César to keep talking and soon, the awkwardness was past, and we had somehow crossed some invisible line. I felt like a cuck, but shame couldn’t stop me from getting hard. In the span of a single morning, I had gone from happily married straight to horny homosexual cuck. Now the morning was coming to an end. A little vodka later, every one seemed to be in good humor.

César asked if we would like to visit his house. I shared a look with Maria. She nodded, and I smiled at César, who promptly told the waiter to bring the check and insisted to pay for everything. I was flustered, but let him do it.

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