From Russia with Lust

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The following is a work of fiction, and all participants are over the age of 18. Please take the time to vote, and , as always, feedback is appreciated.


I was a junior in high school when I met Terri. Actually, I had known her since our freshman year, seen her in some of my classes, and talked to her often, so we were friends. But, I didn’t really ‘meet’ her until our senior year. The tale that follows is that ‘meeting’, which took place after we had both turned 18.

I don’t remember how it started, but we used to use this goofy Russian accent when we talked to each other. It just stuck, and became our inside joke. I really liked Terri, or Terushka, as I used to call her. To her, I was Dorogoy. To listen to our conversations, you would think we were ‘plottink beeg trrroble for moose and squeeril’.

I had this weird class schedule that year, where on one day of our six-day rotation, I would end up with 3 spare, or empty, periods in a row, if you included my lunch period. I essentially had two hours and fifteen minutes of free time in the early afternoon, so I would sometimes go out for lunch, or hit the mall, or whatever. I was pondering that question as I approached my locker, and Terri was still at hers.

“Terushka!” I said as I passed her.

“Da, Dorogoy!” she replied, instantly assuming character.

“Have thrrree spars in rrrow now. Vhat to do?” I asked.

“I have two! Pourhaps ve cood theenk off sometheenk?” she purred as she slinked (slunk?) over to me. She rubbed up against me, batting her eyelids, and doing her best femme fatale. Then she smiled and laughed, but she remained pressed close.

Terri was a tall redhead, slim but built, with full, round breasts. She had a devastatingly nice ass, was pretty, cute, and obviously playful. Pretty much perfect for me. But this, I was not expecting.

I guess I was standing there with my mouth hanging open, staring at her. She stared back, then went back into character.

“Vell darlink. You vant?” she asked, gesturing to herself, from head to toe.

I tried to regain my composure. “Uh, yes!” my dick answered, beginning to swell. “I mean, ‘Da’ darlink Terushka!” I stammered. Duh!

She closed her locker, I closed mine, and she locked her arm in mine. My elbow was pressing firmly against her left breast, rubbing her thick little nipple to attention. Lucky elbow.

Quickly, we walked to my car. I was still thanking my lucky stars, looking at her. I hadn’t started the car yet.

“Vell, darlink, vee do not haff awl day.” As if to emphasize the point, she reached up and played with the buttons on her black satin blouse.

“Da!” Vroom… screech… zoom… screech… slam! We literally ran down the hallway to my apartment. Thank goodness my mother wasn’t home. I fumbled the keys, and reaching down to retrieve them, felt her hand on my ass. Okay! Enough said.

We stumbled through the door, laughing, and when I turned to look at her, I noticed that the look in her eyes had changed. Playful was being replaced by lustful. She sashayed over, pinned me to the wall, and kissed my gently on the lips.

“Vell Dorogoy?” pressing her soft breasts into my chest.

I answered her by kissing her back, harder, with growing passion. My passion wasn’t the only thing growing. Spinning her around, I pinned her to the wall, kissing her again. I kissed her neck, while she moaned her approval. My hands couldn’t seem to get enough, as I caressed her shoulders, breasts, waist and ass. She hooked her left leg around my hip, pulling my hard crotch tight against her, while my fingers dispatched the buttons on her silky top. She was groaning loudly, grinding against me, grabbing my ass and urging me on. If she wasn’t interested in slow, gentle loving, that was fine with me. Ravishing, it would be!

Terri pushed me away, her blouse wide open to reveal a pair of beautiful, round, freckled breasts cradled in a black half cup bra that really wasn’t containing her very, very, very erect nipples. Her hand unsnapped the button on her jeans while she was kicking her high-heeled boots off, and the zipper soon followed. She peeled her jeans off, and slipped the blouse off her shoulders.

I was dumbstruck by her beauty! Flaming red hair cascaded around her shoulders. The freckle trail led from her striking blue-green eyes, across her pert nose, past her glistening red lips, down her neck to her soft globes of pleasure. Below, a thin strip of black nylon pulled up between the lips of her pussy, with a few sexy red hairs peeking out. Okay, I was standing there with my mouth hanging open again. In my defense, all the blood was rushing from my upper brain to the one between my legs.

She eased toward me, cupping the huge bulge in my pants, feeling the hardness and heat, and whispered breathily, “Oh, darlink. Eees zeees forrr me?”

“Da,” I croaked in response.

“Vhere eees bedrrroom?” she asked, already padding down the hall. güvenilir bahis My eyes followed her perky ass cheeks until they disappeared around the corner into my room. A few seconds later, her bra flew back out the door into the hall. Her thong was next. I heard her giggle, then the sound of her jumping onto my water bed. Sloshing noises, followed by more giggles. “Oh, darlink? I am vaitink!”

I suddenly realized that there was a deliciously naked, redheaded sexpot in my bed, and I was still standing in the living room, fully clothed with a large lump in my pants. Shoes, socks and all manner of clothing flew around the living room as I raced to catch up.

I peeked around the door frame before I entered the room. Terri was making waves on the bed, giggling gleefully. She was under the sheet, and when I came in she laughed. “Oh, darlink, Terushka likes zeees vaterbed!” Clearly, she was better at staying in character than I expected.

Then she glanced down at the 8 inch tent pole that hung heavily between my legs. “Oh, wow!” she said, giggling again.

“Don’t you mean, ‘oh vvvow’ Terushka? Zat eees yourrr name, eees it not?”

“Maybe later. My name is Terri, and I want to get fucked now!” Her eyes danced with passion.

I slipped into bed beside her, and she instantly moulded her body to mine, kissing me passionately. She continued to tongue my mouth, an activity I was more than happy to join her in. She finally broke the kiss and disappeared under the sheet, trailing her tongue across my chest and down to my throbbing erection.

Yummy moaning sounds preceded the feeling of her lips on the head of my cock by seconds. It was my turn to moan now, as her lips slipped further down my shaft. Without taking her mouth off me, she pivoted her ass up towards my head, cocking her leg up so I could see her damp little kitty. I stroked the soft red hair on her mound. She moaned again, vibrations of pleasure shooting over my cock. I stroked a finger over her puffy, almost flowering outer lips, and she moaned again, louder and deeper. More vibrations on my cock, more stroking, more moaning, more vibrations! It was like I had a remote control!

Her pussy heat was palpable. The lips were pouting more. Damn, that was one pretty pussy! I extended my tongue and touched her little pink clit. Apparently, that was the turbo button on my remote control.

“Mmmmwwaaaaaaa!” was what I heard. What I felt was an almost electric vibration as her mouth opened wider and my cock hit the back of her throat.

I never really thought I would want to do this, but I found myself actually stopping her from continuing her delicious oral assault on my dick. She wanted to get fucked, and I wanted to accommodate her request, but if she kept sucking me, well, we didn’t have quite that much time.

Terri actually looked a little disappointed when I pulled her head off me, leaving a string of saliva and pre-cum connecting her lips and the purple helmet of my dick. I patted the pillow, and a devilish grin replaced disappointment. She wiped her mouth and flopped on her back, while I positioned myself between her thighs. I slapped my erection against her mount, and was greeted with coos of mock pain. What I wanted to do was just slam my cock into her and fuck the shit out of her, but something told me that doing it differently would be more fun. Besides, her mouth had brought me a little too close to the edge, so I could use a bit of time to recompose myself.

I scooted down the bed while she spread her legs further still. I soon found myself face-to-flower with her. When I say flower, I mean flower. Like the petals of a dew-slicked rose, her labia were open to my eyes. A tuft of red hair resided just above the hard nub of her clit, which now seemed to be straining out, anticipating the touch of my tongue. It wouldn’t have to wait long.

Starting at the bottom of her lips, I ran my tongue right up the middle, tasting her sweet saltiness for the first time. The long lick continued, dipping deeper into her cunt, before I ended with a quick flick across her clit.

A hand appeared behind my head, holding me there, while I repeated the process.

“Ohhhhyesss! Ohhhhyesss! Ohhhfuuuckyesss!” I’ll take that as positive feedback. “Nnnghaaa!” That too. “OhGodYes SuckMyClitLikeThat, that feels so goooooood!”. Direct and to the point, encouragement I could work with. I concentrated my attention on her now beet-red love button, occasionally dipping deeply into her hot pussy to collect the nectar that was beginning to flow freely. I felt like a six-foot-four hummingbird, dining on my favourite flower.

Terri was breathing very heavily, no longer able to make sentences, or even words, for that matter. A stream of guttural moans, groans and pants escaped her lips. “Unghhhh… Ooooooooo… Mmfffftttt.. Gnurrrrlftt.” Her nipples stood a full three quarters of an inch in height, and even from here I could see the rosy flush in her face and on her chest. She türkçe bahis was oozing juice, which I was doing my best to keep up with, but failing. I thought that if I put my mouth over her entire pussy, maybe I could catch up. I placed my mouth on her and gave her a big slurp. That pushed her over the crest.

“Ngowwohhhyesssbabyyyyess! I’m gonnaacummm!” she shrieked at the top of her considerable lungs, and a flood of deliciously warm honey gushed out. I guzzled it down, slurping her lips furiously. Her body locked, back arched, hands clenching the sheets, for several seconds, before collapsing.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and crawled up her body. Her chest was heaving, a dew of exertion glistening on her breasts. I kissed each inch as I passed. When I got to her mouth, she grabbed my head and kissed me with a ferocity I had never seen. Her legs wrapped around my hips like steel bands, trapping my stiffness between our bellies. She finally came up for air.

“Ooh,… that was… fun! Must… fuck now!” she breathed.

Her hand grasped my prick, placing it on her opening. She was so wet, it was one, long, slow stroke before my cock bottomed out on her cervix, and our pubes tangled together. A muffled groan was her only comment, but her pussy spoke volumes, gripping the full length of my hard flesh in a hot, rippling velvet glove. The few minutes I spent munching her pussy had pushed the reset button on my cum meter, so the incredibly tight grip she had on my member didn’t make me explode.

I began to slowly rock my hips, sliding my cock a few inches in and out. Terri made assenting noises, matching me. A few seconds later, Terri, the water in the mattress, and I all found a common rhythm. Our fucking became a Symphony of sloshing noises, moans, hissing breaths and flesh slapping. Rising up on my elbows, I watched as another orgasm rose to the surface of Terri’s throat.

Her cunt clamped down on me, as she screamed her pleasure. If I tried to keep thrusting through her vise like grip, I feel quite certain my dick would have been ripped off, so I just held on for the ride. When her grasping cunt began to relax, I started to fuck her again. Her head thrashed back and forth, moaning incoherently. Then I leaned close to her ear.

“My turn,” I growled softly. Her eyes popped open.

“Oh, yes, baby! Cum for me!” she replied with a smile.

That order had already been received, and was being processed quickly. My strokes were long and hard, pounding her dripping snatch without mercy. Her stiff nippled tits shimmied and bounced across her chest, a sight that was hastening the fulfillment of her request.

“Where?” I asked.

She immediately pushed her upper arms together in response. Target acquired! Three more, two more, one more! Launch codes input and accepted.

I pulled out just as the first spasm hit, and a single rope of semen painted a stripe from her little red tuft, up her belly, through the pass between her boobs, to her chest. Clutching my cock and pumping it furiously, a few small drops added to the collection on her belly. That was the load she had almost ended up swallowing earlier, pre-pussy licking. Now the pussy fucking load was in the chamber, and I pulled the trigger.

This time, as I leaned over her more, my cock spewed forth blast after blast of hot protein supplement. It splashed across her tits, up her neck, in her hair. It hung from her chin, and dribbled over her cheek. It’s a shorter list to say where she wasn’t covered with my goo.

She sputtered in surprise as I collapsed beside her

“Holy fuck!”

“Sorry about that. I mean ‘sorrrry about zat'” I said, slipping back into Russian.

“Da!” she said giggling, “I theenk I veel need to be haffink showerrrr.”

My eyes were closed, but the motion of the bed told me she was getting up. Yep, that’s the shower I hear. Consciousness began to fade, and I was gone.

I don’t know how long I was out, but a warm wetness on my cock stirred me. At first I thought she was washing me, but washcloths don’t use a vacuum. Her wet hair tickled my thighs, and she finished licking the residue of our combined juices from the length of my expired dick.

“Deleeecious,” she quipped, smacking her lips. I watched her nakedness as she wandered around my room, inspecting bookshelves, peeking in the closet, etc. Bending over to look in the bottom drawer on my side table was especially nice to observe. “Orgasms make me hungry,” Terri said.

“Orgasms make me sleepy,” I responded.

“Ha! You guys are all the same!” she said playfully, then reconsidered. “No, I take that back. You are definitely not the same, and I am not just talking about that fire hose of yours.” I smiled at that, and sensed that she was moving closer. She leaned over me, kissed me first on the cheek, then on the lips. “That was wonderful. If I had known, well, we would have done this long ago!”

“I hope this isn’t an insensitive question, güvenilir bahis siteleri but I was wondering… what made you, you know… today?” I asked, hoping that the answer wouldn’t crush the ego boost today had been.

“I was so horny today, if I hadn’t met you by our lockers, I would probably have spent the next hour with my pants around my ankles, and my thumb on my clit. This, however, was much better. My only concern is what we can do to top it.” Another kiss.

“Top it? You mean next time?” My dick heard that one, loud and clear, and lifted its head to listen more. The thought that this could be more than a one off was definitely appealing. “Again?”

“Well, not today. You have wrung me out! But, yeah, again. If you want to…” her voice trailed off and she looked at me sheepishly.

“Da! Defeeenitley Da!” I said. Her smile was answer enough.

Terri and I developed a unique friendship, becoming fuck buddies and confidants simultaneously. She often gave me the feminine perspective when I would have problems with girlfriends, and I shared the male mindset when she needed it, which was admittedly not as often as I needed her help. We would share the tales about our other sexual experiences, and then often reenact them on each other. We spent the entire year fucking each other senseless, no strings attached. I felt blessed, and I learned a lot from her that future partners would benefit from.

But, as with all good things, the year ended, and we graduated. Without school to bring us together, we drifted, and eventually lost track of each other.

Could be a sad ending to the story, but several years later, I was attending a car show, when who do I see? None other than my darling Terri, laying across the hood of a car.

I know having a scantily clad woman there is supposed to attract attention to the car, but I couldn’t even tell you what colour the vehicle was. I can tell you that Terri’s bikini was black, and tiny, so much so that I had a ‘hard’ time believing her tits didn’t fall out. The thong bottom half may as well have been a string, and black heels made her legs look about eleven feet long.

She was smiling, and doing the model thing, as dozens of cameras went of, mine included.

“Terushka!” I called, and her head snapped around, searching for the source. When her eyes found mine, the already present smile got bigger. She blew me a kiss, and tapped her wrist, where a watch would have been, and flashed me ten fingers. Ten minutes? You got it.

“Dorogoy!” she cried, ten minutes later, as she pulled on a satin robe. Once covered, she stepped over and hugged me. Her breasts still felt magnificent, pressing their fullness into my chest.

“I’m surprised you remembered!” I laughed.

“No vone else hass effer called me zat,” she replied, proving her point. “So, how have you been?”

We caught up, laughing and joking like we had never been apart. I had a blast, and would have been happy with just the revived memories, but she had other ideas. It was about time for her to do another ‘show’, and she reluctantly started to walk away, when she suddenly rushed back, and gave me a kiss. She put her lips near my ear.

“The show ends at 9, and I have a room here in the hotel. Care for a little private reunion?” She walked away before I could give her the obvious answer, but turned and caught my eye before she was out of range. I just smiled, and nodded.

9 o’clock took eons to arrive, but the clock did eventually indicate that time. Terri was waiting, in her satin robe, and took my arm as I approached. We took the raised walkway across the street into the hotel, and rode the elevator up to her room, chatting about nothing in particular. Once inside, she turned to me and smiled. She dropped the robe, and sauntered over to me, taking my head in her hands and kissing me passionately. I put one arm around her shoulders, pulling her breasts closer, while the other hand caressed the bare cheeks of her firm ass.

I moved one hand to the strings of her top, tugging gently at first the neck, then the middle of her back. I expected the small swatches of nylon to drop free, but the little buggers held fast.

Terri saw my eye line, and giggled. She bounced on her toes, and yet the top remained in place, as if magically, or magnetically, held in place.

“A little trick gleaned from the Divas of the WWE. Double stick tape.” she added. “Keeps the girls under cover, but stings a bit on removal.” She offered her left breast to me, “Do it fast, like a band aid.”

I took the strings in hand, and gave them a quick tug.

“Yeowch!” she screamed, as the tape pulled free. Her nipple immediately sprang up to full height. I kissed it, then sucked in her entire areola. “Oh yes, make the boo boo better,” Terri moaned. I gladly provided my services, and did the same for her right breast moments later. Her breasts seemed a bit bigger than I remembered.

“Terushka, do my eyes deceive me, or are you a little more… buxom… than high school?”

“Very observant. Yes, my boobs have grown a bit. You should have seen me when I was pregnant with my daughter. They were huge!” she admitted.

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