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This is a work of fiction; all characters” names are randomly generated, and the places in this story are complete works of fiction. If you disagree with two men loving each other, leave now. Yes, this is a Christmas story, so if you don”t want to read it, you are free to move on. However, if you”re going to read it, I hope you”ll enjoy it.

Copyright � 2021

From the North Pole To Indiana


Chapter 3 Part 1

Shea”s head feels like it”s spinning as he thinks about his feelings for Mick, so he decides to go to the gym. It”s not the outdoors, but considering it”s cold outside, the gym is the next best thing to being outdoors. He can be driving down a road, and out of nowhere, his crush will pop into his head. There is no reason for it; one minute, it”s there, and the next, it”s not. He is getting a bit of a workout in and releasing his stress, if nothing else. After going home and showering, Shea decides to go to the mall.


Shea usually doesn”t go to the mall, but he decides to go anyway. He runs around gathering a few things that he needs to pick up. The other items that he needs are in a store on the other side of the mall. He”s pumped from the gym and wants to just take a nap. He can”t decide if he wants to grab some food or just rest for a few seconds. He decides to rest a bit before he considers going home.


Fifteen minutes before Shea arrived at the mall, Mick arrived at the mall. April and Mick came together and then went their separate ways, agreeing to meet up at the food court in an hour. Mick isn”t used to being around this many people all at once, and he”s a bit anxious. He holds his small piece of moonstone that he carries in his pocket to hold off the anxiety. As he”s holding it, he thinks of his crush. The moonstone”s energy is reaching out to Shea. Thanks to the moonstone, Mick”s anxiety level has reduced quite a bit. The stone has reached out across the mall to the one person who has been Mick”s mind. Mick makes his way towards one of the fountains. Here he sits, and people watches for a bit.


Shea feels like he”s being pulled in one direction from across the way. He”s curious about where he thinks he is being led to. What could possibly be taking him on what seems to be a wild goose chase? He”s hoping that whatever is on the other side is sweet. The moonstone”s powers mixed with Mick”s own magic are having a powerful effect on Shea. It”s drawing him further into the mall. Mick has no clue what”s happening to his crush, nor does he know that Shea is even in the mall, to begin with, anyway.


Shea finds himself in a section bursa escort bayan of the mall that he doesn”t usually visit other than to walk through while going to other stores. He pauses and looks around his surroundings. Mick is also looking around the area. Mick thinks that he sees someone he knows. Mick texts April to tell her that Shea is here.

“Get up and talk to him.”

He texts back reasonably quick just to say okay. Taking her advice, Mick gets up and heads towards Shea.

“Shea, what are you doing here?”

Mick asks the guy standing in front of him. Shea is delighted to see Mick.

“I needed to grab a few things, so I decided to just come to the mall and relax a bit. What are you doing here?”

Shea is glad to catch a smile on his crush”s face. He loves that sweet, somewhat innocent smile. He hopes something in Mick”s answer will give them something else to talk about.

“I wanted to get out of the apartment, and since I”ve not been to this mall, I decided to come to check it out.”

Shea is glad that Mick showed up today at the mall. They are both delighted to see each other. Shea and Mick are looking forward to their date. Some of Shea”s shopping today is to gear up for a date tonight.

“Do you want to sit and talk? I don”t have a lot of time because I have to be at one of the parks for training.”

Shea wants to take advantage of any time with Mick. Mick, too wants to spend time with his crush.

“What”s your training about today?”

Mick wants to know because he has no clue what is involved in Shea”s job.

“It”s boring. You don”t want to know about it.”

Shea is wrong, though, because he wants to know about it. He wants to know about it because it”s a part of what makes Shea tick.

“I do want to know, though.”

Mick says to Shea that he will tell him about the training. Shea knows the training is boring, but he caves and decides to tell him about it anyway.

“We are going to be hearing from one of the state”s biologists and learn about invasive species, and then we will learn what our role in fighting invasive species is.”

It really doesn”t sound all that exciting to Mick. On the other hand, he understands the importance of policing against invasive species. It”s okay with Shea if Mick wants to know about his work. Shea admits to himself that he loves Mick wants to know about the training. What comes out of Shea”s mouth next floors Mick just a bit.

“Mick, do you want to get together and watch a movie with me tonight?”

Mick”s excited for sure over the invite. Shea wants Mick to accept his invite. Mick has no görükle escort intention of skipping out on the invite from the guy next to him.

“I”ll be there.”

Mick says to his crush. Mick sees the smile on Shea”s face. He really loves that smile. There is just something sexy about it. There is just something about it that makes him smile.

“I can pick you up if you want?”

Shea is willing to do whatever he needs to see his crush. Even if it means spending 20 minutes conversing with him here and having a movie night with him.


Shea doesn”t know why Mick”s smile hits him like it does, but he is okay with it. His eyes latch on to Mick”s for a split second.

“Is your tree up?”

Mick asks his crush. Shea nods his head.

“I do have a tree, and it is up. It”s actually perfect for my apartment.”

Shea looks at his watch., and he”s glad that he did because he needs to go home and get ready for work.

“I need to head out, so I can finish some quick shopping and then head home for work. I”ll call you after I get home from work.”

He doesn”t want to take off, but he has to. He”s ready to head out.

“Okay, I”ll see you later!”

Shea gives his crush a hug, then takes off to finish shopping, and then he”s going home.


Mick”s heart is warm, and he feels fantastic after his hug from Shea. He hopes it”s a sign that the other man likes him. His thoughts seem to dwell on Shea”s feelings for him. Why would he invite him to his place for a movie if he didn”t like him? Something is going on, that”s for sure. He wants there to be a crush going on in Shea”s heart for him.


Shea”s done shopping, and he”s headed to his car. Getting into his car, he starts the engine and then heads for home. He has to get ready for work. Even though he isn”t looking forward to the training, he at least has tonight to look forward to. Over the last week, work has been pretty good. No one has done anything crazy or illegal. As soon as he”s ready, he”ll head off for work.


Mick catches up with April, and the pair have lunch together. Mick is excited and decides to share the news with his friend.

“You won”t believe what Shea invited me to do.”

She just looks at him. She just doesn”t know what the handsome guy might have invited Mick to do. By the look on his face, it might be something slightly dirty.

“I don”t have a clue.”

He seems slightly more excited.

“He invited me to his house for a movie.”

She is slightly worried since they haven”t really had a date in public. Now, bursa escort bayan he”s going to have a date at the guy”s house, and she hopes it”s a good night, a safe night.

“Well, enjoy yourself!”

She is happy and excited for him, but she does hope he”ll be careful. They finish their lunch and then head home. As they head for home, Mick can”t help but wonder what tonight will be like. Will he have to watch himself, so he doesn”t get into trouble? Will Shea notice his anxiety? Will Shea kiss him? He doesn”t know what the night will bring. He hopes that he will get kissed. When he gets home, he has something he has to do.


Mick has to call home. He wants to see about getting one of the unique North Pole Christmas trees along with some decorations.

“Mick, my son, what”s going on?”

Nick wants to hear that his son has managed to win over the Indiana native. It”s just a bit of hope in his son and in the future.

“I was wondering if there is a way to get a Christmas tree and some decorations.”

Nicholas knows what his son wants and orders it for him. He isn”t sure that he can send it via the sled. He suddenly comes up with an idea. He can send via an elf tube using his phone and his son”s phone. He just needs to arrange things with his son and with the elves.

“I”ll have them to you in a bit. You need to be home when it arrives, though. Stay home for the next hour!”

Mick obeys his dad. He”s excited to see the tree, but he hopes it comes soon. It needs to be up in his house before Shea gets home.

“Thanks, Dad!”

Nicholas loves that his son has manners, which is very important to Mick”s parents. Mick and his siblings are all very polite.

“You”re welcome, son!”

Mick is thankful for his family. Without them, he would be lost.

“Bye, son!” I”m going to see that your request is taken care of as soon as possible.

Nick tells his son as he gets ready to call the elves to see about the tree and the decorations.

“Bye, Dad!”

Mick loves his father, and he knows that his father loves him. He truly hates disturbing his father during the Christmas season, but buying a tree and then bringing it home just isn”t in the cards right now.


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