Frustrated Husband Tries to Connect

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Author’s Note – A short story, anyone that has had the same frustration can relate.


When I first met my wife, everything was great. We connected on so many levels. We liked the same things. We enjoyed going to the same places and we loved to travel.

Our relationship was strong. We made love regularly. Hell, we would be out in nature and have raw passionate sex. It was not uncommon to be in Montana under the stars and fuck hard. Or camping in Tennessee and out on a trail cumming hard where only Chipmunks and Bears could hear us. Or in Florida in the Everglades making Alligators jealous.

We married and kept at it like rabbits. Every room of our new house was christened, but about 5 years into our marriage things started to change. I feel like I was the same, wanting to do it in the pool, the hot tub, in the random parking lot, the bedroom, living room, etc…. Able to go at least twice a night even if I masturbated earlier in the day.

But I feel like her drive diminished. She started to not be as into sex. She started to not be as adventurous. She stopped wanting to do it in the pantry. She stopped wanting to do it on the hike through the park. She stopped wanting to do it on a Friday night. It was depressing. I was beginning to feel disconnected from her.

I’ll admit, I am nothing that would make a porno movie. At just about 6 inches I feel like I am okay but nothing you see on YouPorn or Xhamster. I am just average.

Of course, when the wife cuts you off from sex your mind starts to race and you think “what did I do?”

“Am I no longer adequate??

“Do I bore her?”

“Is she having an affair?”

Needless to say, I was frustrated going from every few days to once a week to just once every two or three weeks.

Yes, we got better jobs, more higher demanding jobs since we got married, but we were us, we were still us. We were inseparable. We were all about each other. But now we weren’t.

Our lives had become mostly a Friday or Saturday night where we just, out of obligation, make love. Except it wasn’t love. It was just sex. No connection. No WOW! It just was. It was just sex. Just going through the paces. And it sucked.

We went away on vacation. Many vacations. Chicago, Memphis, Portland Maine, and every time, very little to no sex. I was frustrated. What have I done? Why me? Why was this happening?

My mind raced. Was it my money that she was after? Was she having an affair? Was the pool boy better? We didn’t have a pool. But still… What was it?

I tried to talk to her about it. Her excuses were “I’m too tired”

“The job exhausted me”

“I/we stayed up too late”

It was all a bunch of Bravo Sierra.

It sucked, coming asyabahis yeni giriş to bed, knowing she no longer had any urges towards me. Having no interest. Going through the motions, the kiss goodnight, the hug, the cuddling before we rolled over into our sleep positions.

To me she was still so beautiful, so sexy and so hot. She was still the one I looked at, longed for and wanted more than anything. She was still my everything. My only one. I just wish she saw that and felt that way too.

I tried being creative. I tried to be spontaneous. I tried to plan sex. I tried to initiate and I tried to wait until she initiated. All of these efforts were failures.

My wife went from a vixen to a nothing.

I felt defeated. I felt impotent. I felt like less of a man.

What could I do?

I found a sex shop, it was online but it was also a few towns away. Okay, it was the next state over, down the highway. I thought maybe I could find something there that would ignite the spark.

I browsed online. I was overwhelmed. I had never seen so many toys, so many aids, so many plugs, dildos, vibrators, lubes, outfits, bondage things and more… I was out of my element. I was overwhelmed.

But after browsing throughout the vast store and the options I found two different vibes to try. One was a straight vibrating toy about 5 inches in length and another that was longer, slimmer, had a curved head that was supposed to be inserted into the vagina and reach the g-spot.

I made my purchase. I was excited. I could not wait until I tried them out on my wife. I could have had them shipped to my home but I was too anxious and had to have them right away. I went to the store to pick them up and once I had them I rushed home, eager to try them out. I hid my purchase in my nightstand until I was ready for it. Them

It was about five days later when we both retired early for the night. It was a long and hectic week. I was ready to go the night that I bought the toys. However, she was turning in early all week. On this night, she had turned on the TV as usual watching that 90 Day Fiance show that she loved. I had laid next to her and tried my best to be playful, to rub her legs, making my way up higher to where her panties met her hip.

Playfully, I played along her bikini area. I rubbed over her lower stomach, just above her panty line. I rubbed her inner thighs and between her legs. I tried my hardest to arouse her and nothing seemed to spark her interest. My attempts at being friskie were being denied. How defeating. What a let down.

It was then that I decided to try to incorporate my new purchases.

I layed on my back acting frustrated. I stared at the ceiling and while on my back I reached into my nightstand asyabahis güvenilirmi and grabbed the vibe I purchased. It was the long thin one.

I had opened the package before tonight and supplied the batteries to the shaft of the toy. It was ready to go.

After grabbing it out of the drawer of my nightstand, I rolled under the covers in her direction. I found her knee and slowly rubbed up her leg. She was not giving much indication that she was interested. But I persisted.

I was rubbing and stroking and gliding my hands between her legs, through her panties, she was still watching TV, that 90 Day show, and I gently pulled her legs open a little wider.

She was so into her show that she did not notice me grabbing anything out of my nightstand.

I twisted the base of the toy until it started vibrating and slowly slid it up between her legs. She was super surprised when the vibe, turned on low, made contact within her inner thighs.

She shot me with her eyes an wide open, this is different look at me.

I was persistent in that I moved the vibe higher until it met her mound. I knew where her lips were, I knew where her clit was. I knew where I needed to place the vibe.

I traced it over her panties. I traced it over the inner part of her left leg and then the inner part of her right leg. And then right up the middle along her lips.

It was the best reaction I got in a few years. She opened her legs wider. I was given access to more of her private area.

Through her panties, I traced the small vibe along the inner areas. I traced along the outer lips. She looked at me lustfully. It is a look that I have not seen in many years.

I kept the vibe over her lower areas as I leaned up and reached for her breasts. I cupped and massaged. I pinched and tweaked each nip through her shirt. I had finally distracted her from her show.

I palmed the vibrator against my hand and cupped against her pussy. I leaned in and kissed her along her breast through her shirt. She never wore a bra to bed. I had access. I blew my breath through her shirt and against her nipple.

The vibe on low hummed against her pussy. I knew it was along her lips I knew to tease. Slow motions of my hand to the left and right, against her outer lips, teasing and pleasing.

I reached her shirt and pushed it up over her breasts. Exposed to the air. They are beautiful. Amazing. I have always loved them. They are perfect. I leaned in and began to kiss and suckle her nipples. My mouth working between both magnificent breasts.

The vibe makes its way up and nestles against her clit. I know I make contact when her back arches. I hold the vibe there as I lean into her breast and kiss and suck. My tongue laps furiously asya bahis giriş against both hard nipples.

She has not moaned this much in years. Her moans and body contorting turns me on. She thrashes and bucks under the mechanization of the vibe and my mouth.

She is close to having an orgasm. I recognize that moan.

I recognize the body tensing.

I recognize the gasp, it is her orgasm fast approaching.

Her one hand, closest to me, clamps on my shoulder and the other grasps the bedding. She arches and cums for the first time in weeks. Maybe months?

She gasps, she moans loudly, she cries out. It is the first time in a long time that I hear her cum.

I keep the vibe against her pussy until she reaches down and pushes it away.

I pull the vibe away and turn it off. I place it behind me and rub her through her panties. She is wet. Very wet.

She is catching her breath. Breathing heavily. Breathless.

She asked me, “What was that?”

She asks what happened.

I let out a small laugh.

I explained that I got some help from a small vibrating toy that I purchased.

It was the first time in a long time that I saw her so turned on and aroused that she needed more. She turned the TV off and she attacked me with fervor.

Her hand was against my crotch and she was rubbing with some ferocity. It has been some time since I felt hands on my penis. She stroked and rubbed. She kissed my neck and all out was all over me.

I was so hard and excited. I wanted nothing more than to be within her. I tried, through gentle prompting and prodding, to get her to roll on me or roll on her back. Neither was successful. I tried to get her to want to make love. I tried in earnest to get her to fuck. None of it was successful.

She continued to stroke me and rub me within my briefs. Her hands working magic. Her hands quickly getting me to the point of no return. Until I exploded, filling my boxer briefs full of cum. It was a back arching, hips off the bed, orgasm. One that, by her, had not been achieved for a long time.

It was more than I have had in months. It was good. Beyond good! Amazing! I was happy, content, and in a blissful state.

She rolled back to her back, falling back into watching her TV and seemingly not missing a beat while I laid on my back and feeling so completely satisfied with what had just happened.

I had cum. I was in a satisfied state and yet I wasn’t.

I still had not had sex with my wife. I still had not had penetration, slipped my dick into her, bottomed out, etc,, call it what you may but I still haven’t made love to my wife

She had watched her show. She had her orgasm. She had her satisfaction.

To some degree, so had I.

I got up from the bed to clean myself up. I returned, new briefs, freshly cleaned and climbed into bed all clean.

I laid on my side, my back to her, facing the nightstand, and deposited the vibe into the drawer.

It wasn’t a total loss but not the outcome I was hoping for.

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