Fucked by My Hubby’s Friends Ch. 02

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Hi everyone! Nina here. I received some great positive feedback on the first part of my story. I recommend reading the first part before reading this. All of this is true and I did my best to capture my thoughts and recap the events to the best of my abilities.

I hope you enjoy! Part 3 coming soon!

My name is Nina and I am 27 years old. I am born and raised in Canada but have a Middle-Eastern background (Lebanese to be specific). I am 5 foot 1 inch, about 115 pounds, dark brown hair, light skin. My breasts are on the smaller side, with perky nipples, but my butt more than makes up for it. I am married to my husband, a white man who is 30 and he is the only relationship I have ever had. Growing up in a conservative, Middle-Eastern household, I wasn’t allowed to date or have boyfriends like my friends. I met my spouse in University and we have been married for one year.

When we got married, my husband wanted me to get to know his friends. They are a tight-knit group of 6 guys who have known each other for years, of which my husband is the only married one. My husband loved showing me off to his friends and requested that I show off my body in little skirts, tiny dresses and low-cut tops. I had no problem doing this. I am super comfortable with my body and regularly wear skirts and dresses, so I was happy to do this. It also didn’t bother me that I was the only girl amongst a group of 6 guys. I have tons of guy friends and I grew up with 2 brothers.

About 6 months ago when we were going to hang out at his friend’s place, my husband asked me to dress extra “special.” I obliged and walked into a room full of men wearing the shortest and tightest white mini skirt and a backless pink crop top. My perky little nipples were showing through my top and my neon pink thong could be seen through the thin material of my skirt. I constantly had issues concealing my thong when I sat down or moved around and the guys had a good view throughout the night. The two guys I was sitting between, Rodney and Ken, softly caressed my naked legs and exposed back throughout the night in front of my husband. My husband didn’t say anything and so I let it continue, enjoying his friends’ soft fingers stroke parts of my body.

Sometime into the night, my husband and 3 of his friends decided to go out. He asked me to stay with Rodney and Ken and said that they would “take care of me while he’s gone.” Rodney is a well built, incredibly attractive black guy, while Ken is a tall, good-looking white man. I sat between the two of them, nearly naked in my slutty outfit, as they both put their hands at the hem of my skirt. Before I knew it, I was on the couch getting my sweet, tight, innocent pussy hammered by these monster cocks. This was the best sexual experience I had ever had. Up until this point, I never knew how good sex could be. I had no frame of reference as my husband was the only guy I had ever been with. This experience opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities.

I cleaned up as best as I could before my husband returned with his other friends. As we were driving home, I had a million questions racing through my mind. How did this happen? Why did I fuck two of my husband’s best friends? Did my husband know about this? Was this a set up? It must have been! He loved the idea of showing me off to his friends and always asked me to wear revealing clothes around them. And why didn’t he say anything when they were touching me throughout the night? Surely he must have known I was enjoying it. If he really had a problem, he would have intervened. He must be in on it! He must be! Right? But what if this was wishful thinking? What if he had no idea that his wife got smashed by two of his best friends? Will this destroy my marriage? I was confused and didn’t know what to do, so I didn’t bring it up to him.

The next morning, my husband said to me, “So, did you have fun last night?”

“Yeah babe,” I replied. “It’s always fun to chill with the guys.”

“What did you guys get up to while I was out?” he asked.

“Oh nothing, just sat and talked, watched some TV, you know, the usual,” I replied.

FUCK FUCK FUCK! He knows! He knows something is up! My face turned red and my body got hot out of nervousness. There was a long, deafening silence and pause in the air as my husband studied me.

“Relax babe,” he said with a smile. “I know what happened. “You got some action last night with Rod and Ken.”

I was shocked, confused and puzzled as I asked, “How…How did you know?”

“I’m not mad,” he said. “I knew this was going to happen. Me and the boys had planned poker oyna this out.”

A wave of relief swam through my body as I asked, “But why? Why would you want them to fuck me?”

“Well,” he said as he paused to gather his thoughts. “The boys and I always had a pact. We were all single guys too busy partying with other girls and living life to the fullest. We always thought that marriage would get in the way of us having fun, and so we decided that we would all stay single and party for the rest of our days.” He took another pause. “We also said that whoever would be the first one to break this pact would have to let one of the other boys have his wife for one night. I never thought in a million years that I would be the first one of my friends to get married. But then I met you, fell in love with you, your innocence, your beautiful personality and your purity.”

Yeah…if only you knew how innocent and pure I was last night.

He continued, “I couldn’t resist marrying you before some other lucky bastard did. Sharing you with a friend once was a small price to pay to be with you.”

“But…I did it with both Rod and Ken,” I said nervously.

“Yeah I know,” he replied. “Initially it was only supposed to be Ken. The boys played a game of cards to decide who won the Nina sweepstakes and Ken won. But Rod…he wanted in on the action too. I owe Rod a couple of favours. He helped me get my job and said he wanted to participate. Ken had no issue with this. And I couldn’t say no to Rod. He’s been there to help me out as a friend when I needed it most.”

“I see” I said, nodding slowly.

“And so,” he continued. “The boys and I decided to leave you alone with Rod and Ken and to see if you would take the bait when they came on to you. If you had refused, it would have ended right there. But you went with it. Like I said, it’s a one time deal, and a pact is a pact.”

“A pact is a pact” I echoed.

“So, with that out of the way. Tell me how it was,” he said.

“Oh it was good, honey. I enjoyed it,” I said casually.

“But did you love it? Were they as good as me?”

“Of course not, honey. Nothing compares to what we have together.” I lied.

A smile crept on his face as he said, “That’s good. I wouldn’t want you having too much fun now. I’m glad we got it over with. Like I said, it was a one time deal.”

Oh, my poor husband. If only you knew how much fun I really had. If only I could tell you the truth. I wish I could tell you how much bigger and better they were than you. I wish I could tell you how much stronger, faster, swifter and assertive they were than you. I wish I could tell you that you opened a door that can no longer be closed. You opened my eyes to a whole new world that I never knew existed. How are you ever going to follow up what Rodney and Ken did to me? How are you ever going to measure up? How are you going to fulfill my needs and desires? You can’t. You just can’t! This was not a one time deal, babe. This was just an initiation. I belong to the boys now. And to the boys I shall remain.

The following weekend, we all made plans to hang out again. I took extra time to get ready and look perfect for the boys. I showered, dried my hair and sat down to do my hair and make up. I kept my hair straight and slightly teased the ends so as to form subtle curls. I sat down to do my makeup, applying my favourite pink lipstick, foundation, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Once I was satisfied with the result, I walked over to my closet to pick out an outfit. There was so much to choose from, but of course, nothing but the sluttiest outfits would do for these occasions. I picked out a lace white bralette as my top and a tightly-fitting royal blue mini skirt. The skirt had two slits on both sides, each about 3 inches high, and was super short and snug. I sat down after wearing the skirt to see if it rode up. It did. Good. I want it to ride up when I sit. Now, to pick out a thong that can easily be seen when I bend or sit. Let’s just do a classic white thong. It’ll even match with my top. Perfect! I paired the outfit with a pair of peach coloured heels and went downstairs to find my husband waiting for me.

“Babe you wearing that tonight? Don’t you think it shows a bit too much?” he asked.

“It’s fine babe. I think it’s cute. I like it.” I replied.

Oh, how the tables have turned. First you wanted me to be half naked in front of your friends and now you’re asking me to cover up? Not gonna happen, babe. This is who I am now. You have unleased a hunger and thirst inside me that needs to be quenched and satisfied. I belong to the canlı poker oyna boys now. And to the boys I shall remain.

We arrived at his friends house where all the boys were seated in their regular spots. I confidently walked over to them, bent down and gave each of them a tight squeeze. I was fully aware that my skirt rose up each time I bent down to give a hug. But I didn’t care. Rodney was last in line. I walked up to him, bent down to give him the longest and tightest hug of the bunch, gave him a friendly peck on the cheek and sat in between him and one of the other guys. My husband sat down at a nearby chair. My skirt rode up again as I sat down, giving a clear view of my white thong to the guys sitting across. I could feel their gazes piercing my pussy and I loved it. I didn’t care to adjust the skirt like last time or cross my legs. I simply sat there, with my legs together, letting them enjoy the view. The two slits on the sides of my skirt became wider when I sat down and my creamy white legs pushed against the fabric. Rodney handed me a drink as he placed his hand on my thigh, stroking his long black fingers up and down my leg, getting dangerously close to the hem of my skirt. I instantly bit my bottom lip as I felt a tinge of pleasure. I saw my husband looking uneasy as he watching this muscular black man touch his “sweet, innocent and conservative” Lebanese wife. I loved every second of it as I felt goosebumps emerging on my skin.

We drank and talked as the night got going, while Rodney kept on touching my creamy white legs. Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text message from my husband saying, “Babe, what the fuck is Rodney doing touching your legs like that! Tell him to stop or I will!”

I texted back, “Babe why are you getting so worked up? It’s all right, Rodney’s a friend. He’s my friend too. He’s just being nice. Don’t be a dick, remember how much he has helped you in your time of need?”

He messaged back, “Okay, you’re right. I’m overreacting. Ignore what I said.”

The night continued as usual as we all had a few more drinks. I felt my phone buzz again. God, what does he want now?

I opened my phone and to my surprise, it wasn’t my husband. It was a message from Rodney saying only one word: “NOW.”

“Now?” I texted back. “But he’s right here. How do I sneak away?”

He texted, “I’m going to say I’m going for a smoke. Say you’re going to the bathroom or something and go out the back door. Meet me in my car.”

“K…” I texted.

Rodney got up and went outside. A couple minutes later, I excused myself to the bathroom. I walked quickly towards the bathroom, past it, and out the back door. I went around the house and to the driveway to see Rodney waiting in his car. I walked to his car and hopped into the passenger seat. Rodney started his engine and started driving; he parked a block away from the party. He looked at my trembling body, adjusted his seat back and pulled my face close to his, kissing me deep as I bit his lips. I moved my lips down his body, fiercely kissing and biting his neck like a tigress who hadn’t eaten anything for days, while blindly unzipping his pants and pulling his boxers down. I felt his monster cock in my hand as I was kissing him. I moved my face close to his cock; his veiny, black, pulsing brutal cock, glistening at the tip with his sweet precum. I desperately licked it up and down like an ice cream cone, trying to lather every inch of his devilish cock. I moved my mouth up to the tip, took a deep breath and opened as wide as I could to take his cock in.

What an incredible looking dick. Why can’t my husband have a cock like this? Why couldn’t he be blessed with a monster like Rodney’s? I felt Rodney’s cock tickle the back of my throat as my gag reflex kicked in. I stood my ground and kept sucking. I’m Lebanese, after all! We don’t back down from a challenge! The battle between my tiny mouth and his giant dick continued. He had his hands grasped firmly around my head as he penetrated my mouth, fucking my skull like an animal. Finally, he pulled my face up, grabbing me by the chin as I looked into his eyes. He said only one word and I knew what to do: “NOW.” I swiftly pulled my soaking wet thong off, threw it in the backseat and hopped on Rodney’s beastly Rod. I let out a quiet scream and my mouth shot open as his cock permeated my pussy lips. I started bouncing on his cock, faster and faster, getting fucked by my husband’s devilishly handsome black friend. I was not able to differentiate between the pain and pleasure as his dick was ripping through my tiny hole, going deeper and deeper each internet casino time. I moaned and moaned and moaned, gasping for air as I was getting smashed, sweating profusely all over, digging my nails into his back and shoulders.

I saw my phone light up and vibrate from the corner of my eye. It was my husband texting me, “Hey, you all right? You’ve been in there for an awful lot.”

I drifted into my thoughts. Oh my God, I am such a whore. I am cheating on my husband with his friend. What would he think? What would my conservative, Middle-Eastern family think of this? But then again…who the fuck cares? This is who I am now. I’m a girl who has needs and desires that her husband simply cannot meet. I’m a girl who needs this, needs this to feel fulfilled, to have some semblance of meaning and passion in her life. There’s no going back. Not after this. I’m on a path now, a dark path that I can’t turn away from. I belong to the boys now. And to the boys I shall remain.

Rodney started to fuck me faster, each thrust fiercer than the last. I could tell he was about to finish.

“Where do you want my cum?” he asked.

My mind started to race again. I shouldn’t take another risk. Last time he came inside me and that was risky. Sure it was fun, but is it worth the risk? Who am I kidding? Of course it’s worth it! This is Rodney we’re talking about. I want every fucking drop of his cum squirted deep into my vagina. It’s all or nothing.

“Inside me” I whispered softly.

And with that, Rodney pulled me close towards his cock, our lips locked together as he unleashed a storm of cum that marinated every inch of my insides. One shot, two shots, three and four. I counted four shots of cum shooting into my insides as I let out a moan, collapsing into his arms, my lips pressed against his broad shoulders. We sat there for a few moments, my tiny body and legs wrapped around him, his big hands supporting my butt. My phone started vibrating again. It was my husband calling. FUCK! How long have we been out here?

To avoid suspicion, I decided to walk back to the house. I texted my husband that I went for a walk to get some air. As I walked back, I could feel Rodney’s hot cum slowly oozing out of my pussy and down my legs, as the hot cum met the cool fall breeze. I went back into the house through the back door and into the bathroom, spooling toilet paper to wipe away any obvious signs of my recent pounding. I looked at myself in the mirror. I forgot my purse back at the couch and couldn’t fix my makeup. My eyeliner and eyeshadow were smudged and my hair was a mess after the beating I took. I did the best I could, wiping the black eyeliner and eye shadow away with my fingers and running through my hair to make it presentable. It was no use. I looked like I just got fucked. Anyone could tell. There was nothing to do but go back.

I walked back to the sitting area where all the boys were. My husband turned to look at me. “You okay babe?”

“Yeah, just wanted to get some fresh air.” I lied. More like fresh cock.

I could feel a little bit of Rodney’s cum oozing out as I sat down. There was so much of it that I couldn’t possibly clean it all. I tightly closed my legs and clenched my pussy, hoping to contain the leakage. I was exhausted, tired and weak from Rodney hammering my pussy. It was the best sex I had ever had by a long shot, but it truly took a lot out of me. The boys were all looking at me, each of them with a grin on their face. They know. They all know. Everyone in the room knows what just happened, except my husband.

The next morning when I woke up, I saw a Whatsapp notification. I had been added to a separate group chat with all my husband’s friends…my husband was not in the group chat. It was just me and his 5 friends.

One of his friends sent a message saying, “Hey Nina. We heard that Rodney gave it to you good last night. Hope you had fun. Your husband doesn’t need to know about this group chat. He won’t know anything. But the rest of us want our turn with you too. What do you say? P.S. You left your panties in Rodney’s car.”

My mind could not contain my excitement. Who would have thought that I would become such a slut with my conservative upbringing. First, it was Ken and Rodney. And last night I had my brains fucked out by Rodney again without my husband’s knowledge. He was totally clueless and oblivious to the fact that his sweet, innocent and pure wife got fucked by his friend. But again, who the fuck cares? This is who I am now. I need to do this. I can’t go back to just fucking my husband. I need more. Much more. And his friends will give it to me.

I sent a message back in the group chat with the words: “Tell Rodney he can keep my panties as a memory. I belong to the boys now. And to the boys I shall remain.”

– Nina

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