Fun at Fiesta Pt. 02

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Raul and I drove on to the town. My heart was still pounding from the pounding he had just given me in that shady grove of eucalyptus trees. Raul turned to look at me and we just both laughed like teenagers.

“You see, Tessa. Good friends can be very good for each other!”

“Oh yes! They certainly can.” I replied.

I rested my hand once again on his leg and revelled in the afterglow of being very well fucked. It had only been an urgent quickie, but my God! I could not get the image of his naked body standing before me with his delicious cock so stiff and so proud.

He pulled up on the edge of town and we walked together through the streets to the main square. He rested his hand in the small of my back. Once or twice he gave my buttocks a cheeky little squeeze.

“Hey! Where are my panties?”

“I told you that you won’t need them. I’m going to love watching you and dancing with you, knowing that your panties are in my pocket.”

We walked on to the main square. We found our friends still at the same table where I had left them earlier. Raul greeted everyone as I took up my seat. I was sat next to Maria, my friend and Raul’s sister. Maria made a comment about me looking hot and red, and that I should get a cold drink. If only she knew the cause of my flushed appearance. I made sure that my chair was pulled well under the table just in case someone saw that I was not wearing panties.

It was not long before the music began and the dancing started. It was going to be a long night of dancing, drinking and fun. The band was very good and it was not very long before Maria, myself and a lot more people were dancing. Raul was stood nearby talking to a group of his friends. A few times he caught my eye and raised his glass to me and gave one of those oh-so-gorgeous smiles of his. I just gave a slight smile back in return.

“Are you OK?” Maria asked me.

“Yes I’m fine, why?” I said over the loud music.

“You just seem different somehow, a bit distracted. Are you not enjoying the fun?”

“Oh I’m fine, really fine thanks.”

About an hour later the band changed to one that was a Salsa band. Now they were playing my kind of music. But Maria went to sit down and so I followed her. We had a drink and Raul came over and said,

“You not dancing, Tessa? I thought you loved to Salsa.”

“I do actually, Raul.”

“Come on then!!”

He took my hand and lead me to the where people were dancing. He Took me in hold as dancers do, but somehow it was so much more electric that that. We danced. Oh how we danced. But every so often he pulled me closer and slid his hand down my back and gave my buttocks a firm squeeze. But I noticed he only did that tuzla escort when he had his back to the table where our friends were. So nobody there saw his hand on my bum.

As we danced I could feel his passion, I could smell his cologne and I even thought I could smell the aroma of sex, our sex, on him. But what I could smell was the heady, mind blowing aroma of a man who seriously wanted to fuck me! There really is an aroma men give off when they are sexually aroused. It must be a hormonal thing. With Raul I could almost taste it! It had the effect of penetrating my mind and arousing me. Just by being in his hold and dancing with him, he was turning me on. As I was dancing I could feel a slight moistness between my legs, and I knew it was his creamy seed that he had so firmly planted deep and high in me earlier.

We stopped dancing and we returned to the table. I sat down, and Raul stood on the opposite side of the table from where I sat. In his tailored shorts and tight tee shirt he looked so big and manly, which of course he was. I began talking to Maria and other friends. I looked up at Raul who was smiling at me. He put his hand in his pocket and drew out my panties. Clutching them in his hand he wiped the sweat from his brow, not losing eye contact with me as he did it. He wiped his mouth and closed he eyes just a little as he breathed in as they were under his nose. I knew that they were my panties, but anyone else seeing him would just have thought it was a handkerchief.

About 1am I was again dancing with Raul. He whispered in my ear.

“See that alley just behind you?” With that he spun me around.

“Yes, I see it.”

“See you there in ten minutes.”

Before I could say anything he had let go of me and was walking back to the table through the crowd. I followed. But he went away again just as quickly, leaving us all. I sat for a moment and told Maria that I needed to go to the bathroom. I made my way around the back of the dancing crowd and stood with my back to the alley, checking that I could not see the table, and that they could not see me. I then felt an arm slip around my waist, a mouth kiss my shoulder and pull me back into the alley.

We urgently sped a few yards down the alley, it was dark, but the music was still loud. Raul pinned me against the wall and kissed me. Passion raced through the pair of us, urgent, animal like passion. As he was exploring my mouth with his tongue I felt his hand grasp one of my breasts. He quickly then slipped his hand under my top. He dragged his thumb across my solid nipple. Thrilling waves of pleasure coursed through me as he did it.

Our tongues now fighting each other in our mouths. I felt his pendik escort other hand grasp at my bum. Then fumble a little to raise my skirt and get the palm of his hand against my very, very wet pussy. His fingers found my opening very quickly and he gave a determined push with them and easily planted them right up inside me, my huge wetness helping with the ease of penetration.

Oh God! That felt so good! He had what felt like two fingers deep inside me, then he began to circle my clit with what I assumed was his thumb.

We were kissing madly, his fingers and thumb were sending me crashing towards a huge orgasm. I knew that the chance of being caught was great, but that somehow added to the delight. I loved how his fingers were stretching me just a tiny little bit, but coupled with his thumb’s stimulation of my clit it was wild!

He squeezed my nipple between his thumb and finger, giving me extra pleasure. He then began to give me wonderful little bites on my neck. I realised that I was now racing towards a massive cliff edge that was going to be my next orgasm.

I was biting his ear as the first wave of my orgasm crashed over me. I felt him pull his head away from me. But I became senseless to the whole world apart from the absolute divine rush of pleasure. I buried my face into his chest as I gave out a scream as the peak of my orgasm smashed through every part of me. I felt the walls of my pussy clamp around his fingers. Raul stopped stimulating me and let me back down out of orbit!

As I was still pinned against the wall by his very strong body, he whispered,

“I’m going to fuck you, fuck you like you have never been fucked before, I’m going to take you to heights you never knew existed!”

And I for one believed him, every single word! He held me close and tight, which is just as well as my legs were incapable of holding me upright. We kissed again.

“OK, Lets get back.” he said.

Oh no! Oh no mister! Its my turn now I thought to myself. As he stepped away I held his hand and pulled him back.

I put him against the wall. I kissed him. I groped at his crotch with my hand, feeling that almighty cock. I popped his button and zipper like before and pulling his shorts and pants down with me, I knelt on the floor in front and eye to eye with his cock. I looked up at him, I met his eyes in the semi darkness,

I took hold of his rigid cock in my hand, and worked it from the very tip of his helmet to the very base where there was that divine bush of glossy dark hair. Oh what a superb example of a rampant man! Looking up into his eyes once more I tilted his shaft towards my mouth. I softly brushed my lips across the tip, feeling aydınlı escort his precum smearing across them. I then swirled my tongue around the tip. I was going to enjoy this as much as he was! Well, almost.

I pressed my tightened lips down over the head until my lips were just past the ridge. I then swirled my tongue around and around the head and ridge. I felt his thighs give a tremble as I applied a soft sucking to the tongue action. I could not hear him over the loudness of the music, but I knew he was moaning. I knew he was basking in the thrills that were running straight from his cock up to his brain. And I knew that he knew it was me that was doing that, it was my turn to drive him crazy. And I loved that.

I pressed down further, taking more of his rigid shaft into my mouth, still looking up at his face. But he had thrown his head backwards and assuming he had his eyes open, was looking up at the dark sky. His hands were holding my head, giving me full rein, and I really went to town. I felt the tip of his cock run along the roof of my mouth. I increased my suction on his cock. The fingers of my hand that were surrounding the base of this very thick shaft gripped tighter. I had learned a long time ago to do this with larger men, it gave me a buffer zone, a way of stopping them thrusting their cock deep into the back of my throat and choking me.

Mmmmmm, I was loving this, his fingers in my hair, a slight rocking of his hips in time with my sucking, the occasional tight grasping of my hair. He was getting the same treatment that he had just given me, and I loved doing it. I sucked and sucked. I cupped his balls in my hand and realised that he must shave them as they were devoid of pubic hair. Pleasantly ribbed as men’s balls are in their little sack, but he even had huge balls!

His grip on my head became tighter, his gentle thrusting of his hips became more forceful. I felt him give a strong thrust forward of his hips. I was glad that my fingers were on defence around the base of his shaft, I would not want to take this cock into my throat! He gripped my hair very tightly and gave an almighty push … I felt the spunk hit the back of my throat and started to swallow as quickly as I could, ready for the next eruption that was only a second away. Spurt after spurt, after wonderful spurt hit my throat. I swallowed every last little drop. I felt him relax back against the wall, I felt the muscles in his thighs relax a little. Still with his cock in my mouth, our eyes met again. Yes, this was my turn mister, my turn to take you to the heights!

I stood up, as he sorted out his shorts. I did not wait for him but left the alley ahead of him and returned to the table. I pre-empted any comment from Maria about the time I had been away by saying that there was a hell of a queue. Now he knew I could certainly give just as much as he could give when it came to sex. Bring on the next move, I’m ready, I can fuck just as hard as you can, Raul.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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