Fun in the Pub Ch. 02

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The second story in this series. Please let me know what you think. Your feedback is important.

* * * *

After my fun at the urinal I decided to give myself a chance to revive. It seemed best to stay at the pub and meet George’s mates and then head off to his with batteries renewed.

I struggled back to him across the crowded bar.

“So what have you been up to?” he said with a smile.

“Been getting to know the locals better” I smiled in reply and hoped my tenting crotch had subsided and if he did notice he would think he was the cause of my excitement.

George looked at me somewhat strangely, holding eye contact and gazing so deeply he made me shiver.

“So, what do you fancy, apart from me that is? Back to my place or a bit longer here?” He grinned and pulled me towards him, cupping one of my bum cheeks in each hand.

I was certainly tempted but reckoned that another hour would increase my chances of being able to perform to maximum effect. I certainly didn’t want to disappoint George. A grope in the toilets was one thing but going home with a hot guy was something much bigger, or at least it was to me. I wondered how many guys he had invited back to his place. He was certainly a very desireable guy, young and fit with a sexy gleam in his eye and a sincerity that I hadn’t expected to find, You couldn’t rely on stereotypes.

“Come on Matt, what do you want,” George said as he snuggled into my neck.

“Lets have another couple of drinks and relax a bit, can we?” I said as he rubbed my arms and shoulders. God he was hot!!

“OK, my treat, what do you drink?” I’ll introduce you to a few of my mates. No ideas mind. I want you all to myself later.” Hmm , if he only knew.

Just then two guys strode up and greeted us. “Hi Georgie, How’s it hanging?” said the tall black guy in the leather jacket. “We haven’t seen you out for ages. Nice one. Good to see you back in circulation.” (Bloody hell it was the guy from the bog.)

I went red and hoped nobody could see my blushes.

The long haired guy with him casually draped his arm on my shoulder.

“Aren’t you gonna introduce us to your mate?” He winked at me so George couldn’t see. “Haven’t seen you here before have I?” and he let his hand drift slowly down my back and gently, discreetly grope my arse cheeks.

Could George see? I hoped not and kept facing him and smiling as I felt fingers running along my belt under my shirt. They tickled against my sensitive skin.

“Hi lads, I was just about to get them in. This is Matt. Matt meet Paul (the black guy) and Bobby. Now what do you want?”

Paul licked his lips and mumbled something to Bobby that we couldn’t hear.

“Just drinks boys, at least for now.”

Bobby and George headed for the bar to get our order and Bobby winked at me again as he turned back. He licked his lips lasciviously and I felt myself blushing again.

That left me with Paul. He was some stud, tight jeans and a black belt with biker boots and a leather jacket. Wow. I couldn’t stop my eyes roaming over his tight body, lingering time and again at his crotch. He could see me checking him out and he smiled.

“Glad we met up again. Like what you see?”

“Hey can you keep quiet about hooking up in the loo. I don’t want to get a reputation as a sleezy slag.”

“OK Matt, your secret is safe with me, but I’m not sure about Bobby. He has a real mouth on him and is not known for discretion. You may have to buy him off with a promise of some fun later. What do you think?”

I mumbled my agreement to whatever Paul could do to keep Bobby quiet and Paul sealed the deal by rubbing his hand over my crotch. “I guess your’e new to all this” he said and I was spared disclosing by the return of the other guys with the drinks.

We clinked pint glasses and George took up a protective stance with one arm on my shoulder, as if staking a claim. He obviously knew the lads well and they compared notes on what they’d been up to.

Before I knew it Bobby was big mouthing about how good it was in the pub toilet. “Yeh I just came from there and there was a whole load of action. Too dark to really see who was who but that made it even more of a turn on, know what I mean?” and he winked at me again. This time George saw and he gave me a quizzical look before changing the subject to the local sauna. It seemed they all frequented it a lot, all except me of course. When I admitted I’d never been they howled with laughter.

“What sort of closet fag are you man?” said Paul. “You don’t seem to get about much for a young gay guy. Live with your mum do you?” and they laughed again.

George was studying my face intently and I could see sympathy and kindness in his eyes.

“Hey guys, leave the newbe alone. Some guys like to take their time. They aren’t all sleazy gaziantep swinger sluts like you two.”

“Oh is that right?” said Bobby. “I’ll have you know your new mate here was in the bog playing around just 10 minutes ago, wasn’t he Paul?”

I hung my head in shame and Paul gestured with a cut off motion across his throat.

“Ok,” I said hoping to make a clean breast of it. “I admit I’m new to all this and when I got to the urinal I was so turned on with the poppers and those guys cocks I couldn’t help myself. I just had to have a taste. Like a kid in a sweet shop.”

George looked disappointed.

“I’m sorry if you feel let down,” I said as I moved closer to him. I could see his eyes searching mine. “I promise I’ll make it up to you the first chance I get,” and with that I leaned in and pressed my lips against his.

I expected something, his lips to part, a slap on the back or something, but George just stood there and let me kiss him.

I pulled away and mumbled something about “Must be time to go” and turned away before they could all see my disappointment. God what a fool I was. I had expected that after as little as an hour George would feel something for me, something like friendship I guess. I was obviously wrong because he turned away and moved closer to the nearest group of men and started chatting.

I looked at Paul, who seemed genuinely sorry at the recent outcome, and Bobby, who was leering at me smugly.

“Well that sorted you out,” he said with a cocky flick of his hair. He too turned away and I was left gazing into Paul’s eyes.

“Sorry mate,” he said as he patted my arm. “I had no idea it would go like that. Step outside for a minute. I want to tell you something.”

I was heading in that direction anyway so we pushed through the crowd together and found ourselves on the pavement.

“Well?”, I asked as I pushed my hands deep inside my jacket pockets. “What did that mean? I hadn’t really done anything wrong. We had only just met and we aren’t an item. I was a bit carried away I’ll admit but so what?”

Paul didn’t say anything for some time. He just looked at me, obviously thinking things out.

Eventually he asked “How much do you like George?”

“I don’t know, we’ve only just met. I’m still not sure about men in that way. I know he makes me horny and hard and I wish now I’d gone straight back to his place instead of visiting the loo first.”

I shrugged and looked up at Paul. “What are you getting at?” I said.

He looked at me and I could see he meant what he said next. “I think he really likes you.”

I laughed. “But we’ve only just met.”

“I know but you don’t know what he’s been through. He was very badly hurt when his boy friend died in a car accident last year. Hurt physically and emotionally. Since then he rarely goes out. We were amazed to see him at the pub on such a busy night. It’s not like him at all. He hasn’t had any kind of relationship, not even a one night since the accident. I think he saw something special in you at that brief meeting and now feels let down that you didn’t want him, you just wanted the sex.”

“Bloody hell, that’s a bit deep. I’m not sure I can cope with that. I’m not even out,” I said, “and more importantly I’ve had a girl friend for the last two years.”

He looked at me sympathetically and smiled. “I just thought you aught to know.”

He held out his hand and as we shook he said, “Why not come back inside and see what happens? You may find out a bit about yourself and … well it seems a pity to end the evening so early. What do you say?” He was still holding my hand and I squeezed his fingers.

“OK,” I said with some trepidation. “Lets give it a go. It’s fucking freezing out here and I could do with another drink.”

Paul smiled and held the door open for me as we pushed our way back into the pub. We were instantly enveloped in the heat and the noise. The band were playing a cover number very loudly and I smiled at Paul as he leaned across. “What can I get you to drink?” he said with a wink.

I followed Paul to the bar and noticed George looking in my direction. I smiled over and he nodded briefly and quickly looked away. It was so loud and noisy that I couldn’t hear myself think.

“So you came back pussy boy,” said Bobby in my ear. I hadn’t heard him approach and shrugged him off as he stumbled towards me. He’d certainly had enough.

“You didn’t help man with all that chat about the loo. What a tosser you are.”

I turned away and felt a glancing blow on my shoulder. What! Had he swung a punch at me? I wasn’t surprised but he was so far off the mark. He was half cut and couldn’t connect. His coordination was all off. He stumbled, half regaining his footing and lunged into another guy standing nearby.

“OOps mate, best take it easy or you’ll end up on the floor.” The guy slapped his back playfully. “Is he with you?” he asked. Better keep him out of trouble mate. If you can.”

When Paul came up with the drinks we quickly decided to get Bobby home. I went and found a taxi and when we’d bundled him inside we returned to the pub.

Paul pushed over to George. “We’ve just put Bobby into a taxi. He’d had enough. Didn’t know what he was doing, or saying,” he said.

George looked at me and glanced quickly away.

“No hard feelings mate, I hope,” and he held out his hand to grip mine.

I took his firm grip in mine and squeezed back. “No mate. Can we just put it behind us? What do you say?”

He looked at me and smiled. “OK, now lets finish our drinks.”

We drank as we chatted and it was clear that Paul and George were good mates. I discovered they had been mates since early school days. Now both in their early thirties they had experienced ten years of gay exploration together before finding their own way in the world.

“Well ,Id better be going,” I volunteered when our glasses were empty and the conversation lagged.

The band were clearing away and it would soon be time for “last orders”

“Why don’t you both come back to mine,” Paul said. “No pressure but we all seem to be enjoying ourselves so we could have a night cap before heading home.” He looked at me and smiled but George wasn’t so pleased.

“I don’t know. Does Matt feel like another drink and more chat or whatever? He’s probably fed up with us by now.”

He looked from Paul to me and our eyes met. Was it my imagination or did I see a wistfulness, a look of hope or even longing?

“No worries mate, the night is young,” and I grabbed them both by the arm and pulled them towards the door.

We found a taxi and I bundled between them into the back seat. We laughed and joked on the bumpy ride home, sharing innuendo and dubious double meaning. George seemed much more relaxed and even hugged me as we tumbled out of the cab and rummaged in our pockets to pay. Paul led the way up to the second floor flat and showed us into the sitting room where he shucked off his shoes and encouraged us to relax. He poured us both a whiskey and we all collapsed on the comfortable settee, George in the middle.

“Look, I know you guys are secretly hot for each other,” Paul said,” so why don’t I just head for the bedroom – alone, and leave you two to it? I never was good at gooseberry.” With that he pulled himself up and moved off. I looked at George and he smiled and winked back. He shook his head.

“Oh no. I know what you have been up to all evening.”

Paul looked surprised. “What do you mean?” he said, with a look of disdain.

“Come on Paul,” I joined in. “If it hadn’t been for you I’d be home now with no promise of anything for tonight. You can’t get off so easily.”

We grabbed an arm each and with the combined strength of us both we hauled him back on top of us where he wriggled and giggled and resisted, but not for long.

I felt his arm and chest muscles harden and taught and as he wriggled on my lap I could feel myself stiffen. George was running his hands over Paul’s broad back and laughing and winking at me as I stroked Paul’s chest and stomach. Somehow it was easier to focus on this big, strong, black man and enjoy the sexual thrill from his firm flesh, than focus on each other. We were still unsure and shy of each other.

We leaned forward and our heads met. Tongues flicked and lips touched as teeth bit provocatively. George moaned as I licked and nibbled around his ear and Paul thrust his tongue firmly into George’s mouth.

Our passion was mounting and the fleeting thought that Paul had planned this passed through my mind, quickly pushed aside as I felt hands pulling at my shirt and roughly tugging it over my head.

All three of us were soon stripped to the waist and I enjoyed a strong pair of pink lips sucking forcefully at one of my nipples while black fingers pulled at the other.” MMM.” I was in heaven, or close.

Paul rose up and pushed off the groping hands.

“Come on lads. Time for bed,” We pulled each other up and clasping each others naked flesh we staggered to the master bedroom where we collapsed in a tangled heap of bare chests and arms. After a long and passionate kiss with all heads together, we stood up and helped each other out of our jeans and pants.

We both remarked at Paul who was going commando and had a huge, thick 8″ cock that swung about with a mind of it’s own once released from the tight black jeans.

I licked my lips in anticipation but was immediately distracted by the feel of cold air on my bare bum as my jeans were peeled off.

“Oh look, another commando,” George commented, as he nuzzled into my crotch sending my cock springing to life.

Lets see what you have to offer,” said Paul as he heaved at George’s jeans. Black, tight, silk boxers slid into view. “Oh yummy,” I said and rubbed my stubbly chin over the smooth material.

“Better off than on” , I said and with a firm tug I whipped them cleanly off.

That was all the impetus we needed as now, completely naked, we groped and kissed, tugged and pulled, with fingers teeth and tongues. We roamed together over every inch of the big king size bed, lifting obstructing legs and arms to reach delicate and tantalizingly sensitive areas.

I felt fingers and tongues probing and clutching at my buttocks and before I could respond another set of lips had taken my stiff cock inside a demanding mouth. Fingers teased my scrotum and balls and I did all I could to grasp at the nearest flesh available. I wanted to feast and give pleasure in return and judging by the moans I had hit the hot spot more than once.

Before I knew it I was on my back being dragged to the edge of the bed so my head hung over with my mouth open. as a big black cock rubbed against my lips. I

George bent forward and kissed me passionately on the lips, letting his tongue flutter inside my open mouth. I moaned in pleasure and he pulled back.

“You like that don’t you. You want me deep inside you. You want to feel my hard man-meat pushing in you tight hole,eh?”

I felt my legs roughly pulled up and held, knees against my chest.

“Oh. oh. slowly – please,” I moaned as I felt a well lubed finger pushing in forcefully.

“Mm, mm, mm,” was quickly replaced by!AGHHH, No, no,” as the pace quickened and one finger was replaced by two.

“Shh, hush, you want to be nicely opened don’t you? Relax and try to move with it. You’ll soon learn to love it if you relax a bit.”

I tried to breath with the motion and concentrate on the stiff cock forcing its way between my lips to the back of my throat. Mmm, It felt good, Really good, and I found it was a lot less uncomfortable around my bum, as the fingers had been withdrawn. I could feel more lube being applied and now a threatening pressure as a blunt but forceful shape pressed at the ring of my hole.

“God this will hurt,” I thought, as my ankles were forced over George’s shoulders.

“Come on darling, open up for me and you’ll love it.” said George, as he pushed and pushed with some urgency. “You know I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to make you feel good.”

I felt his hands move from my ankles to my chest and fingers plucked my nipples.

“Mmmm,” I started to moan with pleasure. ” oh yes please. mm, Give it to me man. oh, mm Fill me with your meat. Mmm, Oh I want you inside me so much.”

These comments were for both men and the encouragement was rewarded when my mouth was stretched to the limit by a truncheon of solid black meat. It was HUGE! I thought my jaw would dislocate any moment. My hands reached round and fondled the firm bum cheeks of Paul’s bubble butt. I rubbed round his bud and gently forced first one then two fingers inside.

“Ohh, ohh, mmm, that feels so good,” moaned Paul. “Oh yes, oh YES!” and his moans increased as my finger thrusts deepened.

His hips bucked forcefully and he continued to moan as he ploughed my throat, fully in and out with his big black cock.

Then my bum hole started to glow as thick man meat pushed slowly in. In one inch and out one inch. In two inches and out two. In all the way, slowly, slowly, and then out until just the head was held by those tender lips, then back in again, and out and in, and out and in, building up a rhythm that took my breath away at every thrust.

I was moaning and groaning with the thrusts from both men and now I could hear them coupling and kissing above my pulsating body. They had me, I was so close, so close, I could only encourage them with my body and hands, moving and writhing in time with their thrusts and movements.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum,” I thought as I pulsated to a fantastic orgasm. ” Oo, Oh, mm, AGHHH, agh, oh god,” I moaned as Paul pulled out of my mouth and flooded my chest and stomach with his pearly seed. I came all over my own chest as I reached orgasm, and what a load of cum. Never had my cock been so hard or my balls so tight as I released all over my body.

“OK guys, here it comes,” panted George and I felt him stiffed inside me as he collapsed on my sweat and cum soaked chest.

“OOh, Oh, wonderful man,” he moaned and groaned as his legs collapsed and he slumped on top of me, to be joined by Paul in a writhing mass of arms, legs and body parts.

Our tongues met, our hands stroked, our lips opened as we kissed and sucked and bit, tenderly and lovingly. We stroked and caressed whatever body part was at hand until all movement subsided and we were still, with just our breathing, slowly heaving chests as a reminder of our shared pleasure.

Now this was heaven.

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