Fun in the Sun

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Jeremy Walker was hot, sweaty and generally pissed off. His summer was already starting to suck and it hadn’t been a month since he’d graduated high school. His girlfriend Julie had gone to Europe with her parents for the summer; the university he’d applied to for the fall didn’t accept him due to his low GPA, the only job he could find to earn some cash was at the Burger Castle and that was part time and his father had decided to delegate the lawn mowing chores to him all summer. Everything really sucked.

At least the lawn mower was self-propelled and mulched rather than bagged, but their back yard was huge and it still took well over an hour to mow it to his father’s satisfaction. As he mowed along the fence that separated their property from the McBride’s yard he glanced idly through the broken and loose boards at the adjoining lawn until he saw something that made him stop in his tracks; bare flesh.

He shut off the mowers engine, pulled a board further away from the fence’s frame and gazed with surprise at the almost naked body of their next door neighbor’s wife sunning herself on a beach blanket spread out on the lawn. She laid face down, head pillowed on her arms, wearing nothing but sunglasses and a scanty two piece bikini bathing suit. She had untied the string that held her top on and her bare breasts were visible pressed beneath her, the pillowed flesh spreading out under her body.

Jeremy had always thought that Mrs. McBride was totally hot for an older woman and she always dressed like the girls he hung out with at the mall and in school; not at all like his mother did. Even though they’d been neighbors for years, he didn’t know much about them. Mr. McBride was a big man, loud of voice and overbearing in manner; you never talked with him you listened. He was a salesman of something or other and was gone a lot. Mrs. McBride would come over to visit his mother sometimes, but if his father was around he’d be all foolish around her, his mother would get annoyed and the visit would come to an abrupt end.

The more he stared at her lush body, the curve of her back, her long, shapely legs, delicate feet, smoothly rounded ass cheeks barely concealed by a wisp of bright cloth, her strawberry blonde hair spilling like a reddish golden wave over the blanket and her full breasts squeezed under her, the harder his dick became until it strained painfully against the jean fabric of his cutoffs. He wore no shirt and his curly black hair, lean body and red and green bandanna around his head were soaked with sweat so he couldn’t very well go up to his room and jack off, then he figured what the hell, she’ll never know, he’d just do it here.

He leaned back against the fence, dropped his cutoffs and briefs to his ankles, spat into his sweaty palm, gripped his aching, throbbing cock and began to stroke it, closing his eyes in pleasure.


MaryLynn McBride stretched luxuriantly under the rays of the summer morning sun; it felt good on her bare skin. It always felt good being naked instead of wearing clothing. Her parents were nudists and being among naked people all the time was perfectly natural to her. She tried to get Hank to come with her to the resort where her parents owned a cabin, but he refused so she went by herself. Keeping fit by exercising regularly enabled her to keep the same figure she’d had as a cheerleader in high school and she enjoyed both the stares from men (and women) as much as the glares from their wives and girlfriends when she went out in public dressed in form fitting clothing without underwear.

She noticed that the roar of the lawnmower next door had ceased and was enjoying the quiet. It was probably that boy next door mowing the lawn … what was his name … Jimmy … he was sorta cute and always seemed nervous around her when they met on occasion. He was male after all and a lot of men acted like that around her. It would make Hank jealous and she thought that was cute too. When they were first married, they’d fuck like jackrabbits whenever he got her home, but lately he didn’t seem to care … when he was home that is.

MaryLynn wondered if he was cheating on her being away so much and being increasingly indifferent about initiating sex, but he said he was tired from being on the road so much and she let it go. She always had her collection of toys to get off with, but she really missed getting a real cock inside her and being thoroughly fucked with multiple orgasms. She began rubbing her pussy on the blanket and considered fingering herself when she heard an odd sound coming from the direction of the fence.

Curious, she padded bare breasted up to the weathered boards and listened. A section of the fence was moving slightly and it’s squeaking was what sadakat izle she’d heard. What in hell was going on? She pulled a loose board away from the framing, looked around and was amazed to see a young man leaning against the fence beating his meat. It must be that Jimmy kid that lived next door. Damn, he had a fine looking cock too, long and thick, it’s head reddish purple from being stroked. She felt a surge of lust course through her at the sight, pushed her head further through the gap in the boards and mischievously said “Having fun?”


Jeremy was getting close to cumming when a sultry voice said “Having fun?” He looked to his right and saw his sexy neighbor smiling at him through the fence, her strawberry blonde hair hanging over her shoulders, green eyes twinkling, full lips shaped in a grin, white teeth gleaming and a full breast just visible, the rosy nipple erect.

“Oh, fuck!” he cried, releasing his dick and grabbing for his pants to pull them up, “I didn’t mean … I mean, I wasn’t … ahhhh …”

“Hey, hey, chill dude, chill, it’s cool,” MaryLynn said with a giggle, “C’mon over and have a beer with me, handsome.”

Dazed, Jeremy squeezed through the fence and followed MaryLynn back to her blanket where a red and white cooler was waiting. She sat down, breasts bobbing and patted the blanket next to her. He sat down, mesmerized by her casual nudity and watched as she took two bottles from the cooler, twisted the caps off, handed him one, took a long swig from hers and said “You jack off outside often?”

She laughed out loud at the stunned and confused look on the boy’s face and continued “Go ahead, drink up, relax, I don’t bite, unless you want me to.”

Jeremy swallowed half the bottle in one gulp, choked, coughed, caught his breath with a wheeze and sputtered “Goddamn, you’re beautiful,” then turned beet red. He was such a dork!

“Why thank you, Jimmy,” MaryLynn replied, “You’re quite the handsome young man yourself.”

He took another pull at the bottle and said “Wow, you think so?” then winced inwardly, what was wrong with him? She must think I’m a complete geek.

“Yes, I do,” she replied soothingly. He was so cute and she wanted to calm him down before seducing him. She wanted that cock balls deep in her wet pussy and have him fuck her until she couldn’t see straight. She slid closer to him on the blanket until their knees were touching and said “Want another beer?”

His cock sprang to life at the touch of her skin and he felt a wave of lust crash over him. She wants to fuck me, I can’t believe it. God she’s beautiful and I want her so bad. Impulsively, she pulled him to her and gave him a tongue filled kiss which he eagerly returned. Casting their empty bottles aside, they fell back on the blanket, kissing wildly and pulling off what little clothing they wore. Kissing and caressing each other, their legs entwined, they began grinding together, rubbing his engorged cock and her soaked pussy against the others thighs.

“Fuck me, Jimmy,” MaryLynn gasped, “Put that big cock of yours in my tight pussy and fuck me ’till I scream, make me cum, baby, I want to cum,” She pulled him on top of her, spread her legs wide, guided his thick shaft between her cunt lips and moaned in pleasure as he plunged deep inside her with a single thrust. They lay transfixed for a moment staring into each other’s eyes, then their hips began to move, slowly at first until they had established a rhythm, then faster and faster as they descended into a whirlpool of lust as he slammed into her and she greedily impaled herself on his long, thick meat.

It had been a long time since she’d been fucked like this and his steely cock working in her pussy was making her head spin. She wrapped her arms and legs around his strong young body and let him use her as his personal fuck toy, her hips rising to meet his every thrust, the head of his cock tapping her uterus and driving her insane with desire. She began crooning words of encouragement in his ear urging him on as if she was riding him like a stallion in full gallop.

Jeremy and his girlfriend had fucked several times, but fucking MaryLynn was like nothing he’d ever experienced and it was driving him wild. Her lush body was so soft and silky smooth, yet strong and supple and her pussy was so tight, her inner muscles rippling along his cock like massaging fingers in a velvet glove. “Fuck me, fuck me, give it to me good, pound me and pound me hard, I want it all, make me cum you beautiful stud” she chanted in his ear, her breathy voice suffusing him with lust as he thrust into her with all his might. He could feel cum boiling in his balls as they slapped against her puckered asshole and he gritted his sadece arkadaşız izle teeth, wanting to make this wonderfully passionate woman cum before he did.

MaryLynn’s body trembled as her orgasm rose from deep within her, boiling along every nerve ending and every sensory node in her cock filled pussy, her skin tingling from the pressure of Jimmy’s sinewy young body pressing on hers, slamming into her like a piston, his breath hot on her neck as he grunted and gasped from the exertion … and then it was upon her, burning like a white hot flame, an orgasm as she had never felt before, she could feel it in every fiber of her being as it swelled and burst from her mouth in a scream of pure joy “Yeeeeeeeee…”

MaryLynn’s shriek of orgasmic bliss set Jeremy off and he erupted with a “Unnnghhh…” of release; his balls tightening and sending a gush of cum deep inside her tight pussy and before he knew it he’d shot a second load into her as she squealed and came again. He collapsed on top of her and they lay entwined, moaning and gasping for breath, sweat streaming from their bare bodies.

He raised himself from her with an effort and flopped down beside her on the blanket. They lay breathing heavily for several minutes, a sudden breeze cooling their sweaty skins until he sat up and said in an astonished voice “That was incredible.”

“Damn right it was,” MaryLynn replied, sitting up and laying her head on his shoulder, “That was just about the best fucking I’ve ever had. You’re quite the stud, Jimmy.”

“Actually, it’s Jeremy,” he replied with a grin, “You drove me crazy the way you were talking so sexy; I thought my balls were gonna explode when I got off.”

“It felt sooo sexy when you shot off inside me,” MaryLynn sighed, “It made me cum again just feeling it.”

“I … I didn’t mean to cum inside you,” Jeremy said, “It just felt so good to do it. I shoulda worn a rubber, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,” MaryLynn laughed, “I had my tubes tied years ago when Hank and I decided not to have kids and he wouldn’t get a vasectomy, the big wuss. Want another beer?”


They sat together in silence, sipping their drinks and reflecting on what had happened. Finally Jeremy said “I guess I better get going, huh?”

“What’s the rush, baby?” MaryLynn said, stroking his cock and watching it harden under her touch, “We have all afternoon and I bet you wanna go again.”

“You bet I do,” Jeremy said eagerly.

“Let’s do it dog fashion this time,” MaryLynn purred, “I love being fucked from behind.”

She positioned herself on her knees, legs spread, ass in the air, shoulders and head on the blanket, shivering with anticipation. Jeremy knelt behind her, gazing lustfully at her dripping pussy, it’s engorged lips a deep red. Her puckered asshole seemed to be winking at him and he wondered if she’d let him fuck her there too. He felt a sudden urge to taste her and began to lick and suck her gooey cunt loving the taste of her salty fluids.

MaryLynn giggled and squirmed as Jeremy began eating her out; she didn’t expect this and it was so hot to feel his tongue in her pussy. Before she knew it she’d had an orgasm from the unaccustomed stimulation and filled her lover’s mouth with salty, warm ejaculate. Jeremy swallowed the sudden flow into his mouth, liked it and went back for more making MaryLynn squeal and giggle even more.

His cock was hot and throbbing until it almost hurt, so he reluctantly stopped eating her pussy, positioned his cock head at her dripping slit and thrust deep inside her velvet tunnel causing her to sigh and moan with delight. He paused for a moment, savoring the feeling of being balls deep in this beautiful woman’s hot cunt, then began to slowly move in and out, loving the way she gripped him like a silken fist.

When Jeremy thrust inside her, MaryLynn grunted, moaned and shivered at the feel of his cock filling her up once again. Damn, but he was big and thick and it felt soooo good. She pushed back against him wanting every millimeter of him inside her spreading her pussy lips wide apart. They soon developed a smooth rhythm once again and began fucking like two animals mating in the forest, their flesh slapping together, grunting and moaning, her sopping pussy making squishing noises as his fleshy rod plunged in, pulled almost out and thrust in again and again.

Mary Lynn lifted up, palms flat on the blanket, bracing herself, giving her more leverage to push back onto his thrusting cock. Before she knew it he was lying over her back, taking her dangling breasts in his strong hands, squeezing them and pinching her thick nipples. God, he seemed to know everything that turned her on; he was an amazing şahmaran izle lover for one so young.

“Mmmnnn, yeahh, baby, pull my tits, hurt me,” MaryLynn moaned, the dual sensations of being fucked and her breasts being mauled brought the orgasm that had been expanding within her to explosive life causing her to shriek with joy, her body quivering in delight. When she got off, Jeremy groaned loudly, thrust deeply into her and shot his warm, thick cum inside her again. They continued fucking until they both came a second time then sank down on the blanket, their sweaty bodies in a tangle of arms and legs. They finally separated and lay together savoring the afterglow of another wild fuck session.

“You’re a wonderful lover, Jeremy,” MaryLynn said huskily, “I wish I’d met you in college. Of course we’d never have done any studying.”

“You went to college?” he replied, “Where’d you go?”

“State U; I’ve a BFA in Graphic Arts to show for it. I’ve never used it since Hank and I got married right after we graduated and I became a housewife. I still draw and paint because I enjoy it so much. I wanted to go into product design, but Hank said I didn’t need to work and he wanted me home for him. He can be so selfish sometimes.”

“I wanted to go to State U in the fall,” Jeremy said sadly, “But they turned me down; said my GPA was too low. I’m gonna go to Brookstone Community College instead and try to raise my GPA so they’ll accept me.”

“What do you want to study, babe?”

“Conservation and preservation of our natural resources; I think I’d like to be a scientist or maybe a forest ranger. I love camping and being out in the woods. We should go camping sometime.” He rolled on his side and kissed her saying “Wanna fuck some more?”

“You’re quite the stud aren’t you Jeremy,” MaryLynn said laughing, “You lie back and enjoy it; I’ll do the work this time.”

Jeremy lay back and sighed as MaryLynn took his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking it until it was rigid as a bar of steel. She swung her leg over his hips and straddled him, guided his cock head between her glistening labial lips and sat down hard on it, impaling herself and shivering in delight.

“Ahhhh, that feels so good,” Jeremy gasped, “Damn you’re tight.”

“And you’re so big, tiger,” MaryLynn replied, wiggling her hips and savoring being filled so full. She braced herself, palms flat on his chest and began to lift up and plunge back down on his throbbing cock. Jeremy lifted his hips against her downward strokes driving fully into her as she uttered little shrieks of ecstasy.

MaryLynn rode Jeremy like a bucking bronco as he mauled her breasts and twisted her nipples knowing she liked a little pain with her pleasure. After several minutes of riding him, she leaned forward; they embraced and began sloppily kissing with lots of tongue. Their hips pulled back and slammed together in perfect rhythm, his cock stretching her pussy lips wide as they grunted and moaned gripped in fiery passion. Such was the extent of their mutual pleasure they never wanted to stop fucking and remain joined forever

Soon they were both cumming again, their cries of release blending into one wail of exquisite pleasure. They remained in an embrace for several minutes, kissing softly and gazing into the others eyes. Finally, MaryLynn arose and sat cross legged on the blanket, grinning down at him. He looked up at her and said “I love you, MaryLynn.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet, baby,” she replied, “But don’t you think it’s a little early for that? After all, we’ve just met and I’m married after all. The sex has been absolutely mind blowing and you’re a terrific lover, but we should wait a while and get to know each other better before you think like that.”

“I know you’re right,” Jeremy said resignedly, “It’s just that you’re so wonderful. I wish you were my girlfriend.”

“Well,” MaryLynn mused, “I could be your secret girlfriend, if you promise not to tell anyone.”

“Really, you’d do that? That would be so cool,” Jeremy said excitedly, “We could maybe go on some secret dates where no one knows us and have sex all the time.”

“We’ll need to take it slow at first,” MaryLynn continued, becoming excited at the prospect in spite of the risks involved. “Let’s go in the house and have some lunch and talk about it.”

“Maybe we can fuck some more too,” Jeremy said, grinning and kissing her.

“I’m all fucked out for today, sweetie,” MaryLynn replied, “My pussy’s kinda sore. That dick of yours really reamed me out.”

“I’m kinda sore too,” he admitted, “But I’d have fucked some more if you’d wanted to.”

“What a sweet boy you are,” MaryLynn said, kissing him, “Let’s get something to eat and just talk for a while.”

They gathered up the blanket and cooler and walked hand in hand into the house. They both knew the risks they were taking, but neither of them cared. For good or ill, they were falling in love and neither of them would ever forget the summer that they first met.


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