Fun in Train

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After the episode in the X-ray room, both the boys became Sunil’s friends and whenever Sunil had to get satisfied, both of them were eager to service. These three decided to get away in this scorching summer from Bhopal and so tickets were booked for Ooty. The coupe of the boggie is for four people and they were three. The fourth berth belonged to an outsider.

Aksh was upset as he had planned sexy night in the train. He was thinking that if the other person do not turn –up, they can have their fun or in case if the other person arrives, how he should manage to insert his already turned on cock inside Sunil’s ass. Now this thought itself was enough to make a pole inside his pants and since sunil was aware what is going through inside Aksh’s mind, he can make out the reason for the bulge. Sunil then told aksh to put his shirt outside the pant so that he do not get embarrassed when the other person arrives. Abhishek was busy in other thoughts, he was planning about the encounter at ooty. He was also busy in settling the luggage, getting mineral water bottle, asking the attendant about dinner etc. during this Abhishek ran into Asif, his friend from collage. He was also traveling up to Bangalore in the same compartment. Abhishek invited him to their coupe, till then the other person had arrived. All the thoughts of aksh had crashed by then, seeing abhishek with a guy, his eyes twinkled, he knew this guy but could not remember his name.

Abhishek introduces Asif to Sunil and Aksh remembers this friend. Immediately aksh has an idea, he jumps to his feet and request the other person that if he can shift to asif’s berth so that all four friends could be together and also this will not disturb the uncle. Uncle bursa escort agreed to this and abhishek and asif went with his luggage to asif berth and brought asif’s luggage.

After dinner aksh said he was feeling sleepy so climbed up and called sunil with him sayin asif and ahihek has met after long time, let them chat together. Sunil was with aksh and aksh started to put his hands inside sunil’s shirt. Since there was light around and understanding aksh’s motives, ahishek switched off the lights and became hard on imagining them enjoying. Meanwhile asif just threw a glance on what these two guys were upto, but he thought they must be playing with each other.

Now there was just a ray of night light in the corridor coming through the curtains pulled down by abhishek. Now aksh removed sunil’s shirt and started kissing him on the lips without bothering that anyone was observing them. He had wait enough for the fun and his erection required no more waiting. Sunil caught his throbbing member from outside the pant. Aksh was getting down from lips to neck and then on sunil’s developed breasts. He took them in his hand and squeezed. Meanwhile sunil removed the buttons of aksh’s pants and pulled it down. Aksh’s cock was fully erected and craved to come out of the underwear. Sunil did not take more time and removed it. Full throbbing member was in his hands and ready to explode, it seems aksh had a hard on since boarding the train and precum was already all over the cock. Sunil immediately took it into his mouth.

Asif who was throwing a glance once in while now was sure that some sexual activity is going on above as he saw sunil remove pant and then slurping sound was coming now. He made a gesture bursa escort bayan as if he had to piss off and so stood from the berth. He was of good height and could easily guess that sunil had aksh’s cock in his mouth. He himself got exited seeing this. His bulge was visible from outside his pant and abhishek also could guess what was going on at the top. Not to loose any further enjoyment he asked asif if he is ok with sex between guys. Asif said he would like to share this experience.

Both called Aksh and Sunil down and told them that they also would like to share sunil. Sunil got annoyed that every time aksh and abhishek want to share him with their friends, but he was glad inside as till now maximum two were in his group. Not caring for sunil’s annoyance, aksh took sunil on his lap and brought him down and placed on the berth as if it was a cake to be shared among these three guys. Aksh was well built with good height. Aksh was already naked from down and wearing only tee shirt; both asif and abhishek also removed their pants. Sunil was now staring at three fully grown up cocks waiting for him to take care of them and cool them down. Aksh sat at his feet, Abhishek at his head and asif stood at the side. Abhishek told asif to wait for his turn, as he was junior most for this activity, they will be the first to enjoy. Meanwhile Aksh had already applied jelly on sunil’s ass and was now fingering him and teasing him. Sunil was pleading to remove his fingers. Here Asif was pleading Abhishek to let him have the enjoyment first as he was the guest and they should serve the guest first before themselves having the treat. Abhishek and aksh agreed and so Asif put his cock in front of sunil’s escort bursa mouth. Sunil started licking asif’s throbbing member and popped it into his mouth, gulping down the full length in one go. Asif slowly started to gyrate with the rhythm and his cock went inside and came out of mouth of sunil in tandem. Asif felt he was in heaven; he had given his member into somebody’s mouth for the first time. Moreover even sunil enjoyed this moment as he was taking a cut cock for the first time.

Asif fucked sunil’s mouth vigorously as if there was no tomorrow and both aksh and abhishek looked on. Sunil also provided full throat to incoming asif’s cut and fat penis. Asif also pinched sunil’s nipples as he was on the height of the heat. The pinching was so hard that sunil moaned in pain but asif was not listening and the pleasure was so much that sunil also ignored the pain in enjoying a cut cock. Asif was now on the verge of pouring out his milk and told sunil so, but sunil was not listenieng. Asf then thrust his cock for the final time and sprayed his liquid inside sunil. He was a spent force now and sat on the opposite berth watching both aksh and abhishek take their turn, one at the mouth and other in the ass.

Aksh put his member in the ass slowly first, sunil felt uneasy and pain and told him to take it out. Aksh then pulled it out and then again thrusted in, this time it was a push deeper and sunil moaned loudly in pain but abhishek put his cock in the mouth and muffled the moan. Both now went ahead with fucking one in mouth and other in ass. Slowly both synchronized their motion by one penis inside the ass and another outside mouth and then this one inside mouth and other outside ass. Sunil also enjoyed this simultaneous onslaught and he felt an orgasm. His member sprayed liquid on to his stomach and seeing this aksh and abhishek increased their speed. Both sprayed their milk inside each hole and kissed lips of sunil.

All were exhausted and felt sleepy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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