Fun in YVR

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It was just another trade show. Nothing spectacular was going on. Just the usual crap. During the breaks when delegates aren’t in the exhibit hall, the vendors chat each other up to kill the time. So it was that she came up to my booth. I had remembered her from a previous event last year. She was about my age-late 40’s to early 50’s. She had shoulder length red hair, a narrow waist that curved out to some very sexy hips.

We chatted for a while about all sorts of thing: Politics, the event we were attending and traded some sales stories. She asked if there was a sports bar nearby because she wanted to catch a game after dinner with her client. I told her that I wasn’t sure and that I was having dinner with my team.

“Do you want to catch the game after dinner?” she asked.

“I’m not sure how long I’ll be at dinner. But why not?”


So I gave her my cell number and went off to dinner, really not expecting much of anything to happen. I went off to dinner with my team and didn’t give it another thought.

Then, as I was wrapping up dinner with my team, my cell rings. It was from an area code I didn’t recognize.

“Hey, it’s me. Still want to grab a drink?”

“Sure. Where?”

“Not sure. I will check with the concierge at my hotel and let you know.”

I thought the night might get interesting but I never count on anything until it actually happens. So I said goodnight to the team and headed back to the hotel on the way, I got another call.

“I’m at Pete’s Bar. It’s 5th and Elm. Can you find it?”

“I’m sure I can. I can always ask the concierge. See you in 20 minutes.”

I freshened up quickly, not sure where this was headed. I might just get some tonight I thought to myself as I washed up and headed out. But, I don’t ever assume anything. In a few minutes I found myself at the bar and we said hello, shared some wine and began talking. As we chatted, she moved closer to me and there was more contact: a touch, a pat, and a couple of times when we were laughing over something she would lean into me as if hugging. Still there was nothing firm. Nothing that said for sure anything other than what was happening was going to happen. Soon the bar was closing, and I paid the check and we headed for the door. As I held the door for her, she asked the question:

“My place?”

“Sure”, kurtköy escort I replied. I took her hand and we walked the several blocks to her hotel.

She was staying in a very high-end hotel and we made our way up to her room holding hands. When we got into her room I moved her to the window to see the view. I pulled her next to me and rubbed her shoulders as she leaned into me.

She was still wearing her business clothes: Blazer, blouse and a conservative, but figure-flattering skirt with stockings. She excused herself to use the rest room and I continued to enjoy the view from her room which overlooked the harbor, which even at this time of night, was pretty good.

I noticed her reflection as she returned and I turned to look at her, I noticed she had taken her shoes and her stockings off. Damn, I would like to have taken those stockings off myself, I thought. As she returned she kissed me deeply, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I slid my hand down and put it firmly on her ass which is when I noticed that she had removed her underwear along with the stockings. Her large, firm ass felt good in my hands and she moaned softly as I squeezed it.

I moved my other hand up to rub her breasts and she pushed me back a bit and started to unbutton my shirt.

“Let’s get this off, eh?” she smiled as she continued unbuttoning my shirt. Once it was off, I threw it aside and removed her blouse and reached behind her to unhook her bra to reveal very firm breasts with pink quarter-sized aureolas. Her nipples were erect and pink like brand new pencil erasers. I massaged them and softly played with her hardening nipples as we kissed. Then I moved her back toward the bed. She laid back and I began kissing and caressing her breasts, moving down toward her tummy and as I did, I hiked up her skirt and began softly kissing the inside of her creamy white thighs and moved toward her neatly trimmed sweetness.

I slowly licked around the lips of her pussy, clearly sending chills throughout her body and she struggled to pull the skirt up and over her head and pushed it aside. I began making small circles around her lips and gently brushing her clit. After a while I began to tighten the circles until they were focused exclusively on her clit. Her breathing and her body movements told me I was exactly aydıntepe escort where she wanted me to be and doing exactly what she wanted me to do. Her hips eventually got into a rhythm that matched that of my tongue.

After a short while I reversed, pulling my mouth away from her now very wet pussy and began kissing her on a line up her belly, on, around and between her tits along her chin, ending with a long, deep probing kiss, my tongue exploring every bit of her mouth.

Breathless, she said, “I want to taste you”, and with that she went down on me, licking the head of my cock for a second or two and then deep throating me. She took my cock all the way down and I felt my head against the back of her mouth as she began working my cock in her mouth hard and fast. It felt so good and I knew I was not going to be able to last too much longer the way she was working on my rod.

Both of my hands were on the back of her head as she was working on my rock hard shaft. I reached over and was able to move her head and she came back and kissed me deeply.

“Not yet”, I said, “I don’t want to come yet”.

With that she kissed me deeply and straddled my cock, slowly lowering her hot wet pussy on my rod as I moved my hands to her hips to help her steady and guide her onto me. It felt amazing as I saw my cock disappear into her white hot center. She leaned back and I began playing with her nipples as she began bouncing up and down on my shaft. I moved my hands around to hold hers as she was pounding herself against me furiously. I could see the pleasure on her face as she squeezed her eyes shut and kept riding me. After a few minutes, she let go of my hands and placed them behind her on either side of me and she kept grinding away at me until I could see she was about to go over the edge. I held her hips and helped her go up and down.

“C’mon baby” I whispered to her. With that, she let out a long low moan and I could feel her contracting around me as she had her orgasm. This was all I needed: “I’m cumming!” I said as I shot my hot load into her.

Both tired, she lay down on top of me. As my cock softened a bit we laid on our sites, chatting a bit, kissing a bit and touching each other. Her tits were perfect c-cup tits, and her nipples were amazing and I couldn’t help but continue to kiss, tuzla içmeler escort suck and fondle them. Shortly, I was at full attention again. I kissed her neck and shoulders and moved to her back. She lay flat to accommodate my licking and kissing and she pushed the pillows to either side of the bed. I slowly worked down the center of her back. I noticed it was giving her chills – exactly what I wanted. I worked down to the top of her ass, and then slowly worked back up until I was kissing the back of her neck. I could feel her hips beginning to grind against the bed and knew she wanted me again.

I worked my tongue back down her spine and as I got toward her lower back I reached my hands down and lifted her hips slightly to meet my now engorged rod. I slowly slid it into her hot slit and she rocked back to meet me. I began slowly, rhythmically working in and out of her pussy.

She didn’t make much noise, but I could see she was enjoying herself by the way she gripped the sheets with one hand and braced herself against the headboard with the other. Over time, I increased the pace and after some time I was pounding her hard from behind. She got up on all fours which allowed me to reach under and fondle her breasts while I fucked her with abandon.

She turned around and motioned that she wanted to change positions. Once again she took my cock into her mouth and worked it hard and then after a short while she was on top of me again. She was riding me hard but this time instead of leaning back, she leaned forward so that her clit and her pubic bone were grinding against me. It was an amazing feeling. I held her tightly to my chest as she continued to grind. Her breathing got heavy and I knew she was going to cum. I kissed her deeply and held her against me and began moving my hips to meet her grinding. It didn’t take long for her breathing to get faster and I knew she was going to cum. She moaned into my ear and I held her as she shuddered with must have been a very deep orgasm. That low guttural moan was all I needed to shoot a second load of hot jizz deep into her I continued to hold her as tightly as possible as the waves subsided in her and I pumped the last few remnants of my cum into her hot, wet box.

She kissed me deeply, smiled and rolled off. After a few more minutes of small talk, it was time for me to go. I kissed her again and grabbed her ass as I left. On the walk back to my hotel, I was still wishing for more, but I had to be back at the trade show early in the morning.

If I’m lucky, I’ll run into her again at another show and we’ll have a repeat of this very hot night in Vancouver.

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