Fun With June Ch. 1

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Did you ever meet a woman who has “blowjob” written all over her face? At the risk of sounding chauvinistic and indelicate, this is the story of just such a lady.

I was in my office one chilly October afternoon when a business associate named Bob from California called. Bob is one of these guys whom everyone likes and he has fucked every lady he wanted to from Maine to Mexico. He told me that he had met a lady at a recent convention who worked for a local hospital who was interested in the products I sold. He gave me her phone number and told me to call her. He said it would be worth my while “if you know what I mean”. The way he said that told me that I was in for a good time.

I called the lady whose name was June and suggested that we get together at 4:30 the following day. That was fine with her and so I arrived at her office to meet a rather plain but very pleasant looking lady who was extremely friendly but very professional at the same time. Even behind this very businesslike facade something about her said “eat me, fuck me, I want to suck your cock”. We discussed business for a while — she had very little interest in or need for what I was selling. I suggested that we go out for a drink and thinking it over for just long enough so as not to seem anxious, she suggested that we go to a club of which she was a member. I followed her there and we had a few drinks and chatted amiably between ourselves and with other people at the bar and had a fine time. She was beginning to give me “come on” signs such as crossing her legs to expose her thighs and touching my leg to let me know without a doubt that she was available. When she suggested that we go to her place for a nightcap I knew that I was going to get lucky.

We arrived at her apartment which was very nice but not fancy and she opened some wine. I sat on the couch and she sat in a chair to my left. We continued having a very lively conversation about what I don’t remember, but we got along great. She made sure that I was aware of her rather short skirt and showed me plenty of leg and crossed and uncrossed escort bayan gaziantep her legs several times allowing me to almost see all the way up. This was getting me aroused. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and I could hear her tinkle and then she ran the water for a long time and I knew that she was making her pussy nice and clean.

When she returned I asked her to sit on the couch with me which she did. It wasn’t two seconds before we were in each other’s embrace and kissing and biting furiously. I opened her blouse and played under her bra with her small — but nice — breasts and soon started sucking and kissing them. She had her hand all over my growing hardon. As I slid my hand up her skirt I couldn’t help but think how much I hate pantyhose. As you may know they make finger fucking nearly impossible. June must have realized this too because she took the pantyhose and her panties down before I could blink my eyes and stood before me wearing only her bra. That was exciting.

Ever since then I’ve liked to see a woman dressed that way. June’s cunt was fabulous!! Her muff was ravishingly beautiful even if the rest of her body was only average. It had wild black curls, which were not quite thick enough to completely obscure her vulva. The real exciting thing about her bush was that it left just a little to my imagination and my mind ran wild thinking about how her open snatch would look. It wasn’t very long until I found out. I stood up and she had my zipper down and my totally stiff, bulging cock in her hand before I could even get out of my shoes and I had to pull away to get the rest of my clothes off. She led me by my cock to her bedroom. She was really excited and had changed from the cool, professional demeanor which she previously exhibited to a rough talking, hard fucking slut.

She lay sensuously on the bed and immediately opened her legs exposing her cunt. I was in ecstasy over the sight of her pussy and her tightly closed fanny cheeks. She spread her lips wide and slid a finger deep into her hole and put on one of the most unreal cunt shows I’ve ever seen. She seemed to be in another world and made obscene moaning and panting sounds. I wasn’t ready for real heavy action yet as I prefer to try to pamper a lady rather than play “wham bam, thank you ma’am”. She was still exposing herself and playing with her cunt for me when I sat down beside her and held her. She came from her own masturbation with a loud sound and then calmed down. We kissed and felt each other and I told her to lie on her stomach and I would massage her back. I knelt behind her between her feet and made sure that her legs were spread far enough that I could see her pussy as I rubbed her back slowly with long strokes that started at her shoulders and ended at her fanny. Several of these caresses “accidentally” ended up with my hand between her legs and feeling her nice warm nest which was very wet by now.

As I massaged her I kissed her up and down her back and soon I was kissing and gently biting her lovely round cheeks. At this, she raised her butt and as she did so her thighs and cheeks spread enough to give me a fabulous view of her asshole and her wide-open crack. This offer was more than I could refuse and I started slowly licking her all over. My tongue went from her fanny to her pussy and back again and again until my neck got sore. She turned over on her back and with her legs together showed off her closed lips which in contrast to her mound had very little hair. This sight was really awesome!!

I lay beside her on the bed and she went right for my cock. She greedily sucked and chewed on it until I had to ask her to not be so rough. She slowed down to a very nice pace of licking and sucking my cock and balls and I could have lain there enjoying this all night. But she had other ideas!! She purred “Fuck me, Fuck me” and turned onto her back and offered me her dripping wet cunt for my pleasure. I entered her and began fucking her with slow strokes, then fast, then slow again. She liked it all and kept calling out “You fuck, you shoot, fuck me” over and over again. She was a real vixen and I was actually a little shocked at first by her aggressiveness, but soon became accustomed to it.

I raised her legs up to her chest and as you know this caused her asshole to be exposed and wide open. I wet my index finger and started to penetrate her bunger. She tightened up at first but then relaxed and let me have my fun. As my finger went farther in, lubricated by her the fabulous juice flowing from between her legs, I felt her warmth and loved it. My cock was pistoning in and out and I couldn’t last much longer so I withdrew and just finger fucked her for a while and calmed down. She was still as excited as ever and said, “Eat me more”. She lay down and I slid my tongue up and down her crack from her fanny to her clit dozens of times and she pushed hard against me to get the maximum pressure. Soon I was ready for more humping and lay on my back while she squatted above me and expertly placed my cock back inside her very juicy opening. She moved up and down slowly at first, while I reinserted my finger in her fanny hole, and then sped up to a pace that made me want to come. I matched my motions with hers and soon filled her twat with what was probably the largest load I’ve ever shot. She continued pumping me until I had to pull out. I was exhausted!! My cock was as limp as a wet rag and her cunt was dripping cum!! I had never met anyone like this before and I wasn’t sure I could keep up with her sexual cravings.

She told me how much fun she had and asked me if I could fuck her again. I told her that I would love to but that I would have to rest and she suggested that we go back to the living room and have some more wine. While we were relaxing she put on a short terry cloth robe and I was still naked. She flashed me and sat in the chair and spread her legs and displayed her cunt and played with it to keep me aroused and kept telling me how much she loved my cock and how much she loved the way I ate her and so forth. Soon she was licking me and fingering herself and succeeded in getting me hard and excited again.

Back to the bedroom. She lay on her stomach and I lay on top of her and slid my cock slowly up and down the crack of her ass. She warned me, “no anal”.

Guess again June!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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