Further Diary of an English Chick

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Wednesday 25th June 2014

Ben has been away for a few days. I had another note through the door first thing Monday morning. He just said that he would be gone a while to run some errands and then collect his dog from quarantine.

I have spent the past three days just marvelling at what happened with him! I feel confused, I feel lustful, and I actually crave the company of another for the first time in ages. I go to work, try to concentrate, but become distracted by the thought of him seducing me slowly, by the memory of his lips in my most intimate area, the delightful feeling of being carried impaled on his cock into the garden and then the loving. What is happening to me?

I must pull myself together. My friends and work colleagues have noticed that I am less focussed than usual, and a couple of them have asked if I am okay. I have not told anyone. This is my secret, my pleasure. If I tell someone, the spell might be broken.

Friday 27th June 2014

Okay. I now miss him. I was a little sore to say the least until about Tuesday, but felt fulfilled and delightfully ‘catered for’ for some time after my lovely Saturday night. I confess to wanting more, but will have to be patient. I had not really thought about sex a great deal for several months until my new neighbour Ben arrived. It is a good job I now keep a diary in which to record both my thoughts and this new experience or I would simply have to tell someone about it.

Today I did something that I have not done for as long as I can remember. Upon returning from work, I decided I must do some housework, laundry and ironing. As I vacuumed, my mind drifted to matters of fucking. As I ironed I pictured myself taking his lovely cock out of his trousers and gently licking him until he became desperate. As I washed my dishes, I idly pondered the logistics of him taking me over the kitchen worktop. I tried playing music whilst I carried out these mundane chores, tried singing loudly to try and drown my thoughts, but it was no good.

I climbed the stairs, went to my room, opened my underwear drawer and extracted my ancient dildo from its hiding place. This was something an ex-boyfriend had bought me in the past. It hadn’t had a great deal of use as it had always struck me as being something that looked a bit silly. I turned it around in my hands. Yes, a pretend ‘willy’ – a rubber one at that. I found myself looking at it differently however and wondered if I would be able to imagine that it was Ben if I shut my eyes and fantasised. I took batteries out of my spare alarm clock, inserted them, and to my delight found that the dildo still very much worked.

I laid myself down on my bed and shut my eyes. I remembered Ben looking at me with a grin, asking me if I wanted to play, then him pushing me down onto his kitchen table on my back, easing my knickers down, and gazing at my exposed pussy. I sighed at the memory, sat up to undress, and lay back down on the bed now completely naked. I shut my eyes once more and recalled his tongue on my nipples as he fed me pieces of fruit. I knew I would already be moist at the memory, reached a finger to brush myself between my legs, and encountered slippery wetness and swollen pussy lips.

I began to slowly spread my own juices over my little clit, imagining that Ben was doing this for me. In my mind, Ben was murmuring in my ear, telling me what he wanted to do to me, telling me I was beautiful, telling me that he intended to make me desperate again for him before finally filling my empty void with his big hard cock.

I continued to stroke myself and at the same time just began to run the tip of the dildo in and out of my soaking pussy entrance as though he was teasing me. I imagined him asking me to get on my hands and knees, exposing myself to him, allowing him the opportunity to look at me fully before resuming the teasing. I knew that as I was indeed in control of this fantasy, I would not have the willpower to make myself last, but continued to play with the tip of the dildo with my eyes shut.

In my mind, Ben began to sigh, began to want me more urgently. I sighed loudly as I allowed myself to fully but slowly insert my toy, filling myself, imagining that it was him. I switched the dildo to a setting that pulsed steadily inside me, continued to stroke my clit at the same time and just lost myself in the gorgeous memory and the new fantasy of Ben fucking me, now with great urgency and enjoyment. I wanted this to last, but could feel my pussy walls gripping the dildo more fiercely and knew I couldn’t stop! In my imagination, Ben was now breathlessly repeating my name as he fucked me hard, gripped my hips, pulling my ass towards him, making me tighten further, making me lose myself with him. I reached behind me, felt his balls shrinking, knew he was close, let myself go, let myself cum hard……

Oh dear reader. I actually cried out when I did cum! I lay panting for several minutes, my body twitching, my pussy having little aftershocks against the dildo, my mind selling the hamptons izle utterly blown! I could not believe I had just done this to myself with such delicious success! Once I had recovered sufficiently, I rose from the bed, washed, dressed and was able to continue my mundane chores with a higher level of productivity!

Wednesday 2rd July 2014

Ben has now been gone for a week and a half. I have sort of got used to being on my own again. Was he ever really here, or was it just a dream? I feel a little sad and also a little angry with him for just vanishing. Logically, I should not be at all angry. He is a nice man and we had a fun night together. I had initiated things after all by exposing myself to him on my hammock. I wondered if anything bad had happened to him. I wondered if he was in fact married.

Yesterday I had another little think about him using my dildo again with very satisfying results, but let’s be honest – there’s nothing as good as the real thing!

Friday 4th July 2014

I returned from work and then a food shop, and felt my heart flutter in my chest at the sight of Ben’s monstrous truck parked outside the house. He was nowhere to be seen, so I went indoors and made myself a cup of tea. Would he call round? Would he want to see me?

Half an hour passed and there was no sound from next door. I looked at myself in the mirror. Would he still find me attractive? I made myself another cup of tea (the English answer to everything), and tried to busy myself putting shopping away.

At 7.00PM, I heard a dog bark and then heard his front door slamming. Was he going to knock at my door? I held my breath and then felt disappointed as I heard his truck engine start and then move away. The least he could have done was say hello.

Saturday 5th July 2014

The sun was shining again this morning, but I was not in the mood for lying on my hammock. Instead after breakfast, I went to my small shed, got out a trowel, pruners, gloves and a kneeler and went out into the garden to do some tidying.

The weather perked-up my mood and I soon became engrossed in my gardening, and even began to hum a little as I weeded a section of flowerbed close to the dividing fence. I was just deciding whether a particular plant was a weed or a wild flower when a movement from above startled me. I looked up, gasped, and had to do a double-take! Just above my head, protruding through a knothole in the fence was a very familiar looking ‘willy’! It looked very, very pleased to see me. I felt both amused and also annoyed at the same time.

“Come over here Mum,” I shouted. “There is an unusual plant I need you to identify. I think it needs pruning!”

The protruding member was whipped out of the hole in the fence like lightening! I heard him stumble, knock something over (maybe a plant pot), and heard a groan and a thump! I tried to laugh quietly, but the quieter I tried to be, the more my mirth increased, and I had to clutch myself to stop myself from bellowing with laughter. I had tears rolling down my cheeks. In the end I couldn’t stop myself. I tried to stop as I heard him pick himself up on the other side of the fence, but it was no good.

A slightly anxious-looking face appeared over the fence. I assumed he was standing on something to be able to see over. The thought of him balancing precariously just served to ignite my amusement once more, and so the sight he encountered was of me rolling on the floor, giggling hysterically at his expense.

“I suppose you think that was funny,” he said with a sort of wounded expression on his face.

“Not at all,” I replied, dissolving into another fresh set of giggles.

“I can’t see your Mum here with you,” he observed.

“No, she’s just gone,” I cackled.

He looked at me with the same slightly hurt facial expression. I looked back at him smiling and could tell that he was trying to maintain his dignity, but was also beginning to smile too.

“I’ve missed you honey,” he grinned. “I got back yesterday and wanted to see you but had to go to a 4th July party.”

Of course. Independence Day. This had not occurred to me.

“Was it good?” I asked.

“No,” he replied. “The food was dreadful. Your steak was better.”

I threw my gardening glove at him and he ducked. It hit the fence anyway as my throwing skills are not good.

“Do you fancy coming over here for dinner later?” he asked in safety from behind the fence.

“I would love to but I can’t,” I replied. “It is a friend’s birthday party and I will never hear the end of it if I don’t go.”

I could have wept, such was my disappointment, but I really did have to go the party. This was an old school friend who would become sulky if she were to be let-down.

“Okay. Later,” was his reply. I heard him walking back up his garden and then the back door shutting.

I finished up my gardening with a heavy heart, had lunch, went out to buy my friend a birthday sense8 izle present and card, then washed, changed and went out for the evening.

Sunday 6th July 2014

I woke this morning with a very slight hangover. I had drunk more than I usually would the night before to get me through what was quite a tedious evening. I thought of Ben with a pang, and felt a little guilty at teasing him and laughing at him the day before. I mentally cursed the fact that I’d had to go to the party the night before, but then pondered and decided that perhaps it was no bad thing. I didn’t after all want Ben to think that I had put my life on hold for him.

After a hot shower, three cups of tea and a good breakfast, I decided to be brave and call on Ben. It would be lovely to see him and catch up. I peered out of my front door, but he was obviously not in as the truck was not there. Oh well. I decided I would take myself out to a garden centre instead and treat myself to a few new plants.

I was just parking my car (which was now loaded with plants), when Ben’s truck rolled up. I got out, lifted a tray of Petunias from my car boot, and started to walk towards the house. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ben get out of his truck and begin to walk over to me. I wrestled with the tray of plants and my front door key, realising that I was making a ‘pig’s ear’ of the job. The keys were gently taken from my hand and the door opened.

“I thought women were able to multitask,” he chuckled.

“Humph,” I replied, walking inside and bending to set the tray down on the doormat.

I stood up, realising that I was probably giving him a great view of my bum, turned and looked at him feeling a bit shy.

“Hello Ben,” I whispered.

“Hello Anna,” he replied, leaning in to kiss me on the lips.

I kissed him back gratefully, then pulled away to look at him properly. I noticed a slight bruise on his forehead.

“Oh, darling, was this from you falling yesterday,” I enquired?

“Might have been,” he answered, not making eye contact with me at all.

There was a pause. He resumed eye contact.

“My dog Betsy was ill in Quarantine,” he said. “They wouldn’t let me have her for days.”

“Is she okay now?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied with naked relief in his voice. “I am so pleased to have her with me once more. Come to dinner tomorrow evening Anna. I want you to meet her.”

I put my arms around him, held him tightly, stroked his short dark hair and whispered to him that I would just love this. I think I felt his body tremble just a little. He must have been through a lot of worry over the past fortnight. He quickly composed himself, smiled, said goodbye, and headed for the door. As he departed, I’m sure I heard him say something, but I didn’t quite catch all of it.

“Going to…….a lesson…….girl,” is all I made out.

I happily spent the remainder of the day planting my new purchases and watering them in, accompanied by the old familiar sounds of drilling and sawing coming from next door. It felt good to have him back next door.

Monday 7th July 2014

I confess to getting my work done during the day, but probably not to my usual high standard. I was so excited at the thought of spending time with Ben once more. When home time arrived, I had to compose myself to not sprint to my car, such was my desire to get back, get washed and get changed.

I decided to make an effort, put on a tight black dress, heels and even a spot of lipstick. I selected a bottle of wine from the fridge which fortunately I had remembered to put in to chill before work, and left the house to knock on Ben’s door.

He answered with a smile and beckoned me in. The front room had been tidied I noticed. There were still stacks of tools along the walls, but he had made room for a table and chairs, and the table was laid for two. He took the wine from me with thanks and returned with two glasses and a stunning golden Labrador who hurled herself at me!

“Anna meet Betsy,” Ben laughed.

“It’s the dog from the toilet paper advert!” I cried out, stroking her soft head and making a fuss. I then realised that Ben would not have a clue what I meant as I’m sure he would not be familiar with British television adverts! I had to explain.

I sat down at the table, was handed a glass of wine, and Betsy settled herself on my feet.

“She likes you then,” Ben remarked, and returned to the kitchen.

He returned with two plates of food.

“I tried cooking vegetarian for you,” he admitted with a shy grin.

“How sweet you are,” I replied genuinely and looked at my plate.

“It looks terrible doesn’t it,” he sniggered.

“It looks great,” I returned picking up my knife and fork and digging in.

It did indeed look awful, but had clearly been made with thought and effort. I drank large sips of wine to be able to swallow the mushrooms in the pasta dish which I loathe, and somehow the pasta itself was a bit sewer divers izle wet and overcooked! Betsy sighed in sympathy for me, still sitting on my feet as I forced down each mouthful until my plate was cleared. Ben took the plates through to the kitchen and interestingly returned with a handful of neck ties.

“I have to meet a client tomorrow,” he announced. “I will have to dress smartly. Which tie do you like best?”

I looked through the ties and selected a blue one.

“Good. I will wear that,” he said.

He looked at me with desire in his eyes. I couldn’t help but stare back helplessly.

“I could eat you gorgeous lady,” he murmured.

“Please do,” I replied breathlessly.

“You laughed at me yesterday,” he went on. “I wanted you to suck my cock through the fence.”

“I’m sorry,” I giggled. “It just looked, well, so comical!”

“You do realise I will have to punish you Anna,” he whispered, leaning to gently kiss me.

I pulled him towards me as best I could seated in my chair with a heavy dog snoozing on my feet. I melted as I felt his tongue against mine. Once again, I felt helpless with this man, but utterly desiring of him.

“Do you trust me Anna?” he asked breathlessly between kisses. “You must realise you have cast a spell on me. I would never, ever hurt you.”

“Yes Ben,” was all I could manage.

“Betsy. To your bed!” he commanded.

Betsy looked at him reluctantly, and slunk off towards the kitchen.

“Anna, take your dress off,” he ordered.

I stood, looked at him with big slightly pleading eyes and peeled my dress off over my head leaving me in just a white lacy push-up bra and a matching thong. He looked at me, undid his jeans and showed me his very keen hard cock. I moved towards him instantly, but he pushed me back in the chair.

He leant to kiss me once more, and I gave a gasp as I felt him grab my left arm and tie it to the chair back. I looked at what he was doing and sure enough he had selected the blue tie.

“What is your second choice of tie?” he asked.

I pointed mutely to a grey striped tie and sat helplessly as he tied my right arm with it.

He stood back and admired his work. I looked at his cock and watched him as he undressed slowly to reveal his lovely familiar hardworking body. I wanted to devour him once more, but could not move from the chair.

He looked at me, naked and very erect. I felt my thighs tremble, both with desire for him and with anticipation as to what he might do next.

“I want to fuck your beautiful face,” he announced. “You laughed at me yesterday.”

I trembled with anticipation and played along.

“I want your cock so badly,” I replied from the confines of my chair.

“I know you do,” he smiled, reaching for another tie.

I sat feeling a little scared, but also very excited as I knew this man would not hurt me. I let him blindfold me with the third tie, and then just waited.

I felt him bring the tip of his cock to my mouth. I trembled again and started to work on him with my tongue. I ran it round the tip, flicked it underneath, heard him sigh and continued to lick him gently.

“Are you sorry Anna for laughing at me?” he asked.

“Not at all,” I replied between licks. “It was funny.”

I nearly gagged as I felt him grab my long hair; pull it into a ponytail to hold my head in one place so he could thrust his whole cock into my mouth! I could not reply as he again asked me if I was sorry, if I was enjoying this, if I wanted him! I could not reply with a mouthful of hard manhood.

He continued to mouth-fuck me until I could hardly breathe!

“Darling, are you okay,” he asked gently?

I nodded as best I could, gasping for breath at the same time.

He began to lick and kiss my thighs. I could not see anything, but groaned with pleasure as he mouth worked its way upwards. Without being able to see and anticipate his every move, each sensation seemed magnified. To my dismay, every time he got close to my scantily covered pussy, he stopped and worked his way down again, kissing my thighs, my calves, my feet. In the end I pleaded with him, begged him to take me, begged him to fuck me, but he just carried on teasing, licking, building my desire.

“PLEASE,” I screamed! “PLEASE!”

I felt his fingers carefully undoing my blindfold; saw his sweet face looking at my own tearstained face, and pulled him towards me desperately. He kissed me once more, and then to my surprise made sure my arms were on the inside of the chair back, tipped the chair backwards onto the floor, pulled the crotch of my knickers to one side and buried his face in my pussy, licking and kissing me there until I begged him not to stop, pleaded with him to never ever stop, howled as I went into spasm, came on his face, cried out, told him I loved him, needed him!

He sat up, stroked himself whilst looking at my smudged face and came hard all over it with a cry, then collapsed against the chair and its victim panting and recovering.

“Do you love me?” he asked.

I looked at him and replied,

“I think I could do with time. Clean me up and take me to bed Ben. I have work tomorrow and I am tired.”

“Yes Ma-am,” he whispered, leaning first to kiss me. “I am glad to be back here with you.”

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