Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters Chapter 6: Futa-Mommies Love Their Daughters

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Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters

Chapter Six: Futa-Mommies Love Their Daughters

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Jolene Harland had a great time with her new futa-dick, but she was eager to see what her sexy mother had gotten up to. She wanted to compare notes with mommy dearest. Humming to herself, she left eighteen-year-old Ingrid Morales to scamper upstairs with a tummy full of cum.

That girl was eager to see what her futa-mother was up to.

Dressing quickly, Jolene Harland stepped out into the growing evening. The street lamps were flickering to life as the shadows deepened, sodium bulbs spreading that yellow light. Jolene figured her mother was across the street at the Holts.

She would be correct.

Kayleen Harland, Jolene’s mother and a former chemist, hadn’t intended to make futas, but she was enjoying the hell out of her discovery. She had made Autumn Holt and her eighteen-year-old daughter into one. And said daughter had just fucked her hard with her new clit-dick.

“So,” Autumn Holt said, pulling her girl-dick out of her eldest daughter’s asshole. Christine shuddered and smiled. “I was wondering about that perfect, lavender scent that you have around you. It would make a perfect candle for my business.”

As her daughter approached the house, the wickedest idea popped into Kayleen’s head. The scent was an aphrodisiac, what her true goal had been. The futa-cocks were just a side-effect of creating pheromones that would turn women into lesbians.

Or futa-sluts.

“I think I can help you with that,” Kayleen said as her daughter rang the doorbell.


Laurita Morales

Two down, one to go, rattled through my mind after I pulled out of Angélica’s asshole. I had fucked my youngest daughter in the cunt, possibly breeding Ingrid, and now I had taken my middle daughter in the asshole.

My eldest needed to fall.

That disgusting gangster rap she listened to echoed through the wall. It was some South American group now. I could tell by their accents. Uruguayan or maybe Argentinian. I don’t know if it was better hearing the crap in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

I threw open the door and almost ran into Ingrid.

“Ooh, Angélica, huh?” Ingrid asked.

“I left your sister’s asshole swimming in futa-cum,” I said. “Have fun. I have to speak with our older sister. She needs to learn there are some rules.”

“Ooh, you’re the best, Mom.” Ingrid grinned at me, her brown pigtails swaying about her cute face. She was named after my ex-husband’s mother, a German-Mexican. It was a pretty name despite being from the asshole’s family.

She slid past me as I headed to my final daughter’s door. My futa-dick throbbed. I would punish Rafaela. She would be Mommy’s good girl from now on. I reached her door and twisted the door handle. It clicked. Locked.

I shook my head and reached up to the top of her door frame. A small key was there. There was one on every door frame, not that any of my daughters ever realized it. It was just a thin wire with a flattened end. The other end of the wire was bent into a triangular handle. I inserted it into the pinhole in the door lock and found the release mechanism.

Her door lock clicked. I doubt she heard it with how loud the music played. I replaced the key then threw the door open.

Rafaela burst up from her bed, glaring at me. She wore a low-cut crop top that showed off her large breasts and the tattoo of an angel on the inner slope of her left tit. If I found the bastard who tattooed my seventeen-year-old daughter…

“Mom!” she gasped. Then she blinked. She arched an eyebrow as she stared at my naked tits. “What is this? Some new form of torture? You think I’m going to be grossed out by seeing you naked. I’ve gone down on women as old as you before. Yeah, I like pussy as much as dick, Mom. Fucking deal with it.”

“So do I,” I said and turned off her speakers. “I have one of my own. See.”

I grabbed my girl-dick and shook it at her.

That made Rafaela’s jaw drop.

I couldn’t help but smile as the insolence spilled off her face. From the other room, I could her Angélica squealing as her sister feasted on her asshole, sucking out all my cum. I favored Rafaela a dangerous smile.

“What the fuck is that?” gasped Rafaela. “Is that some sort of sex toy?”

“That’s a futa-dick,” I said. I breathed in, that wonderful, lavender scent filling the air. I grabbed my cock and lifted it. “See.” I lifted my cock so she could see my pussy folds. “That’s my clit turned into a big mommy-dick.”

“Okay, I’m clearly smoking some bad shit,” muttered Rafaela. “There must be acid or salvia or something in it because… Damn. I’m tripping.”

“You’re smoking?” I growled in a low and dangerous voice.

“You didn’t know.” Rafaela shrugged. “Yeah, and? Going to spank me with a slipper again.”

“No,” I said and stroked my cock. “I’m going to stroke my cock and cum right in front of you.”

“Eww, gross,” she said, wrinkling her nose. She breathed in, her breasts rising and then falling. Her brow furrowed. “What sort of punishment is that?”

“A simple one,” I purred. “You don’t get to feel me cumming in your pussy. No sliding my big dick into that whore cunt, puta.”

“I am a whore, Mom,” she said proudly. “I tell Father Rodriguez every time I go to confession all the filthy things I do with boys and girls.”

“But you won’t get to do them with your mother’s big dick,” I purred. “You have to stand there while I pleasure myself.”

She shrugged as I stroked my cock slowly, pumping my hand up my long shaft and then back down it again. I shivered as I did it, this heat rushing through my body. It felt amazing. My precum spilled from the tip of my futa-cock. My pussy clenched.

“Mmm, you’ll miss out on the shuddering delight of the biggest dick you’ve ever felt sliding into your cunt.”

“I’ve had dildos,” Rafaela muttered. She rubbed her hands on her stomach.

“Is a bit of rubber comparable to this?” I shook my cock at her.

She swallowed.

“No, it’s not. Mmm, you want to feel my big dick slowly sliding into your cunt, don’t you? Inch after inch of my mommy-cock stretching and stretching and stretching out your cunt. You’ll want to shudder. Gasp. Cum. You’ll want it all and won’t get it ever. You know why?”

She shook her head.

“Because only good girls like Ingrid and Angélica get to enjoy mommy’s big futa-dick.” I drew in a deep breath. “Girls who are polite. Respectful. Who don’t fuck boys because their mother has a far, far bigger dick? No pot smoking. No staying out all hours. A good girl comes home to be bred by her mother’s big dick.”

Rafaela swallowed.

I stroked faster, pumping my hand up and down my girl-cock. I shuddered, my toes curling. A whimper rose from my throat. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. My tits jiggled. They swayed back and forth.

“A good girl greets her mother with a loving kiss instead of rebellious sass.”

She moved towards me.

“Are you a good girl, Rafaela?”

“I… I…” She licked her lips. Then she darted forward and kissed me on the mouth. Her lips were hot and delicious. I tasted her strawberry gloss. I groaned as her tongue buried to the hilt in my mouth. She swirled around. I sucked on her.

Then I broke it. “Mmm, that’s how a good girl kisses. But… Where’s your pot?”

She darted for her music box her father bought her for her quinceañera. She opened it up. The song tinkled through the house. She pulled a few bags of weed in them. I nodded and then arched my eyebrow at her.

She darted past me and headed to the bathroom. I wished I had a futa-dick years ago. I could have stopped her from getting that tattoo. Though… I bet it looks gorgeous on her naked tits. I knew I was about to find out.

The toilet flushed. Then she burst out of the bathroom and raced back. She licked her lips as she stopped before me. She quivered there, her hands pulling on the bottom of her shirt, stretching it tight over her large breasts. Her nipples poked hard at the material.

“Show Mommy those sexy tits,” I purred.

“Yes, Mommy!” Rafaela groaned. She hadn’t called me mommy in so many years. I smiled at her.

She ripped off her top. Her big boobs spilled out. They were dark and lovely, her nipples the same shade of brown as mine. They were as fat as mine, but her areolas weren’t nearly as big. The angel on her inner slope made them look so sexy.

Then, without prompting, she undid her shorts and shoved them down. She wore a thong beneath. She peeled that off. I had seen her shaved twat before. I always spanked my daughters on the bare bottom.

Now, that twat excited me.

“Please, please, I’ll be a good girl.” All the sass had vanished from Rafaela’s voice. It filled with pleading. With need. “Let me have that cock in me. I’ll do anything.”

“Even though this dick is fresh from your sister’s asshole?” I asked.

A shiver ran through Rafaela. “Do you need to clean your dirty dick in my pussy, Mommy? You can do it. I’ll be a good girl.”

I reveled in the changes to my eldest. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. This was such a wicked delight to hear. I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. My cunt dripped with all the possibilities. I shuddered, wiggling my hips and waggling my cock.

Oh, yes, yes, I would have so much fun with my daughters.

“On your bed, on your back, legs spread and fingers holding your pussy lips apart,” I ordered. “Then beg for your mommy to fuck your whore-cunt with her dirty dick.”

Lust burst in my eldest’s eyes. She flew to her bed, throwing herself down on it. Those big tits heaved, the angel tattoo rippling. For a moment those white wings looked like they flapped. Then she spread her legs wide pulling apart her pink cuntlips. She used her fingers to open them up even further, her pink depths juicy.

“Fuck my whore-cunt with your dirty mommy-dick!” she moaned. She bit her lip, staring at me with such lust in her eyes.

I moved to the bed, my cock aching and throbbing. My knees struck the edge. My cock bobbed. I crawled to her, so eager to slide my cock into her cunt. I ached to fuck her hard with my dirty dick. This would be a delight. A treat of the utmost rapture to enjoy. My futa-cock ached and throbbed.

My pussy clenched.

Juices ran down gaziantep escort kızlar my thighs as I came closer and closer to ramming into her. I would fuck her hard and fast. I brought my dick to her pussy lips held open by her naughty fingers. I could see her inner depths clenching and relaxing.

Then my shadow fell over her.

My big boobs dangled over my daughter. Her eyes locked on them. Such lust shone in them. She shivered as I brought my cock to her spread open cuntlips. My pussy clenched, the heat swelling in me. I would ram into her so hard.

I licked my lips and then I pushed my dick into her cunt. I shuddered at the heat that engulfed my cock. Her silky twat spread over me. This amazing bliss swept through me. I groaned, loving every moment of it. I went deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh, my god, that’s good,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s amazing.” Her face contorted in delight. “I love it.”

“Good,” I groaned and bottomed out my dirty dick in her snatch.

Her pussy clenched around me. She slid her hands up my stomach and gripped my big boobs. She squeezed and kneaded them. Her eyes were so wild. They shone with her wicked passion. She had this hungry gleam that would explode out of her.

I drew my hips back. She gasped. Her pussy squeezed about my cock, buffing my futa-dick clean of her younger sister’s asshole. The incestuous thrill of being inside another one of my daughters rippled through me.

It was outstanding. Fantastic. Amazing. I groaned as I thrust back into her. I buried to the hilt in her snatch. I slammed deep into her. Hard. Her cunt clenched about me. She held me with such a wicked grip.

I would explode in her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she moaned. “That’s good. That’s fucking really good. My mommy has a huge dick”

“And you have such a tight cunt,” I groaned, my hair swaying about my face. “For a puta.”

“I’ve never had a dick this big in me! I feel like a virgin, Mommy!” She shuddered. “If you had taken my cherry, I would have been your good girl.”

“You are now,” I purred and leaned down.

She kneaded the sides of my tits as they pressed into her big, soft boobs. My lips met hers, I kissed my daughter with hunger. My lips sealed over hers. My tongue thrust into her mouth. She groaned, kissing me back with hunger. Her arms wrapped around mine.

So did her legs.

She held me tight. Her pussy squeezed about me. This wonderful delight rippled through my body. I groaned and drew back my hips. Her cunt continued to polish my dick clean of Angélica’s ass. The pleasure rushed through me as I slammed back into her,.

She groaned. Shuddered. I held my daughter tight, our big boobs pressed together. It was so hot to fuck my oldest. I had enjoyed all three of my daughters. They all felt delicious in their own ways. It was amazing. Magnificent.

I thrust into Rafaela’s cunt. I buried hard and fast. I fucked her with passion. My hips pumped away at her cunt. She groaned into the kiss, squeezing her cunt around my dick. She held me tight. I loved it. Savored it.

This was the life. The bliss. I groaned, pumping away at her cunt. I buried my cock into her twat again and again and again. It was fantastic. Amazing. My tongue danced with hers. I kissed her with such hunger.

I reveled in her pussy’s grip.

Her hot cunt’s massage.

My daughter’s twat loved me. I savored her pussy’s embrace.

My orgasm swelled and swelled with every thrust into her cunt. I buried hard and fast into her. I plunged my girl-cock into her while she moved. She gripped me. Our nipples brushed together. I groaned at the zap of lightning down to my cunt.

Her tongue danced with mine. She kissed me with such wild passion. I shuddered, enjoying this bliss so much. I slammed into her with passion. I plunged my dick into her juicy depths over and over again.

I broke the kiss and gasped, “Rafaela! You’re being such a good girl!”

“Oh, thank you, Mommy!” she moaned, utterly tamed and transformed by my futa-dick and that wonderful, lavender scent. “Mmm, I’m cleaning it. My naughty, dirty cunt is cleaning your futa-cock. I love that you fucked Angélica up the ass. Will you do that to me?”

“Mother of God, yes!” I gasped, pumping into her hot cunt. “I’ll sodomize you so hard. You and Ingrid and Angélica. You’re all my good girls.”

“So we’re all getting your mommy-cock?” she asked, her cunt squeezing down so tight and hard on me.

“Oh, yes,” I purred. I rubbed my nose into hers. “Mmm, I’m going to spurt my cum into your cunt. Just flood you. I’ll breed you.”

“I’m on the pill!”

“Birth control is a sin, young lady!” I gasped, burying my futa-dick to the hilt in her cunt. “We must be fruitful and multiply!”

“Oh, yes yes!” she gasped, her cunt squeezing down hot around my girl-cock.

The pressure in my pussy grew. My ovaries brimmed with a load of cum to fire into my daughter’s cunt. I would pump her full of all that jizz. Just flood her with load after load of spunk. I groaned, my clit-dick throbbing in her twat.

She felt incredible. Amazing.

Just the treat that I needed to experience. I groaned as I pounded her hard and fast. I buried my clit-dick to the hilt in her cunt again and again. Her pussy squeezed so tight about me. The pressure swelled. I trembled, on the verge of exploding.

I buried into her.

My daughter gasped.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock with hungry need as she squealed, “Cum in me, Mommy! We can practice you breeding me!”

“Yes!” I gasped and erupted into her cunt.

Incestuous bliss shot from my girl-dick and flooded her cunt. I groaned atop her, bucking from my bliss. Rapture blazed across my thoughts. It was this incredible ecstasy that burned over my mind. I groaned through it, whimpering, groaning, loving every second of this bliss. I trembled as it consumed me.

My eyes fluttered. My cunt writhed and spasmed, adding to my ecstasy. All while her twat milked my futa-dick. She worked out all the cum with her delicious snatch. I reveled in the jizz I pumped into my daughter. Spurt after awesome spurt of cum flooded her snatch. I trembled at the bliss of this moment.

The utter rapture of this ecstasy that slammed through my mind as I pumped my eldest daughter, my firstborn, with all the cum I had in me.

“Oh, Mommy, yes!” she gasped as she quivered beneath me. “Oh, Mommy, that’s incredible. amazing.”

“Right?” I groaned as her pussy worked out the last drops. My mind brimmed with euphoria.

“Ooh, that looked hot!” Ingrid flung herself on the bed beside us. She had cum on her lips. She darted in and kissed Rafaela right on the mouth. My eldest daughter kissed my youngest, hot pussy clamping around my dick.

“Mmm, that does look hot,” Angélica purred as she slid in on the other side. She nuzzled in and kissed me on the lips.

I groaned, kissing my middle daughter while the other two made out. I shuddered, my futa-dick so hard. This was a wonderful gift. I was so thankful that Jolene chose me to fuck with her girl-cock. That she had given me that amazing solution so I could be a MILF-dickgirl.

I smiled from ear to ear in delight.


Autumn Holt

Just as I was getting somewhere on that wonderful fragrance, the doorbell rang.

I pulled my girl-dick out of my eldest daughter’s asshole. She shuddered as I slid my big dick out of her bowels. I breathed in that wonderful, lavender scent. I hoped it wasn’t a man at the door. I didn’t want to have to find something to put on.

My youngest said something, but not loud enough for me to catch it. The words did sound kinky. Knowing Anabella, they were.

I reached the door and peered through the peephole. Jolene, Kayleen’s daughter, stood on the porch. Even distorted by the fish-eye lens, she looked cute. My futa-dick throbbed. I knew she and her mother had an incestuous relationship.

Every mother should with her daughters.

I opened the door unashamed, my big breasts heaving. My futa-cock bobbed before me. The look of delight that appeared on Jolene’s youthful face was delicious. Twenty, the same age as Christine, Jolene had brown hair and hazel eyes that gleamed in delight. She flicked her gaze up and down my body. She bit her lip.

“Nice,” she said. “Mom has been here. Do you mind?” She grabbed my cock and stroked it.

“Go ahead and suck it,” I told her. “I don’t mind at all. But just be warned, it was just in my daughter’s asshole.”

“Oh, god, yes,” Jolene moaned, her body trembling.

I stepped back enough for her to enter the house all the way and close the door. Then she fell to her knees before me. The girl boldly licked the tip of my girl-cock. Her tongue flicked over my crown and brushed my slit. She shuddered, tasting the sour delight of my daughter’s asshole and reveling in the dirty flavor.

“What a naughty daughter you raised,” I said loudly. “Mmm, Kayleen, I hope you’re proud.”

“While I can’t attest to her cock-sucking skills,” Kayleen said, sauntering to me, “I did teach her how to lick pussy.”

“Mmm, Mommy-pussy is a treat,” Jolene moaned.

“Yes, it is!” squealed Anabella. “And so is Mommy-cum! I’m coming for that butt, Christine.”

“Eat away, you dirty pipsqueak,” my eldest said.

Kayleen hugged me from behind. Her cum-matted tits smeared that delightful jizz across my back. I shuddered, her nipples hard and delicious against my back. My face contorted as I enjoyed the feel of her hard nipples rubbing on my back.

This was a delight. A treat. I smiled and enjoyed every second of those fat nubs caressing me. Her cock thrust between my legs. Her spongy crown smeared precum up my inner thigh. It slid higher and higher until it nuzzled into my bush. I gasped as she pressed it against my pussy lips.

“Enjoy my daughter’s blowjob,” Kayleen husked in my ear and thrust.

“I will!” I moaned as that big MILF-dick filled me up. I trembled, loving having her in me. It was such a kinky delight. My cunt clenched down on her invading cock. My hips wiggled from side to side, savoring every inch of her futa-dick that penetrated me.

My toes curled. I groaned and shuddered. I whimpered at the delight. It was amazing to feel. To enjoy. This delicious heat rushed through my body. I closed my eyes and savored every bit of it. She penetrated so deep into me. So far.

“Oh, god, yes!” I moaned, squeezing down on her cock. The pleasure was intense. A heady rush. I would have such a big orgasm on this dick. Just a mighty explosion of bliss while her daughter buffed my cock clean with her mouth.

Jolene’s tongue swirled around the tip of my dick as I enjoyed her mother’s big cock filling me up. The girl’s glasses gleamed as her head moved. Her lips smooched right on the tip, sucking for a moment. My shaft twitched. My pussy clamped down hard on that thick delight buried in me.

Kayleen’s hands slid up and cupped my breasts. She squeezed them as she drew back her hips. My pussy clamped down on her girl-cock. I reveled in the bliss of this big shaft working in and out of me. Her spongy crown rubbed along the top of my pussy, focusing the pleasure in my cunt.

Her daughter’s lips slid over my futa-dick at the same time. She sucked my dirty cock into her mouth. Her lips sealed about it. She moaned her delight. Her eyes smoldered with such intense bliss. She sucked hard.

I groaned, “Yes!”

The naughty futa-mother fucked me while her kinky daughter buffed my dick clean with her hungry mouth. She worked her lips up and down, her eyes trembling. She moaned her delight as she loved the taste of Christine’s asshole.

She wasn’t the only one. Anabella feasted on her sister’s butthole, cleaning out the cum I had fired into the girl’s bowels. It brought a smile to my lips knowing that such delight happened in my house. It made me shudder.

Kayleen’s fingers massaged my tits. She kneaded them. Her fingers dug into me. She jiggled my boobs as she thrust her cock in and out of my cunt. She rammed it in deep. Hard. She buried with force into me.

I shuddered, loving every minute of it. Every last second of her plunging into me. It was incredible to enjoy. I loved it. Her daughter sucked hard at the same time, her tongue dancing around my futa-dick. These were the blisses that I needed to enjoy. The raptures that my body begged to experience.

My cock throbbed. My pussy ached.

“Oh, god, yes!” I moaned.

“Mmm, so my Jolene’s a good cock-sucker, huh?” purred the MILF thrusting into me.

I glanced down at Jolene. She slid her mouth further down my cock, my dick rubbing against the roof of her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed. “She’s amazing,” I moaned. “Oh, Kayleen, she’s such a delight.”

“Then spill all that cum into her mouth,” panted Kayleen.

“I plan on it!” I groaned, clamping my cunt down on that big dick plunging into me.

It was such a wild delight. I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. The pleasure swelled in my cunt. My pussy gripped that big cock while Jolene polished my shaft. She bobbed her head, sucking the entire time.

My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. My orgasm built and built in me. I would have such a huge cum. Just a mighty blast of pleasure that would shower over me. I smiled, loving every second of it. My cunt squeezed down her girl-cock. My pussy melted from the delight of this moment.

I wiggled my hips, stirring up my cunt around Kayleen’s cock. She thrust harder and faster into me. Her crotch smacked my rump. Her fingers stroked up to my nipples. She seized them. Pinched them. Pleasure shot down to my twat stuffed with her dick then up to the pinnacle of my cock buried in Jolene’s hungry mouth.

“Oh, god, yes!” I moaned.

“Mmm, that’s it!” Kayleen purred. “Build towards that orgasm. Spill that cum in my daughter’s hungry mouth. She deserves it.”

“Yes!” I gasped, my dick aching in that sweet, warm mouth. “She’s cleaning my dick. She’s sucking all that ass off my cock.”

“Good!” the MILF groaned, thrusting her cock hard into me. Fast. She buried to the hilt in me. I groaned, loving every second of it.

Jolene nursed with passion, bobbing her head faster. My nipples throbbed, pinched by Kayleen. Everything they did to me drove me wild. I whimpered and moaned. My face contorted in wondrous bliss. I hurtled towards my orgasm.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, a shiver rippling through my body. “Oh, that’s amazing. That’s perfect. Keep thrusting into me. Keep fucking me. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop! I’m going to explode! Yes!”

My pussy went wild around her girl-cock. My futa-dick spurted jizz into Jolene’s mouth.

Dual delights rushed through my body. I groaned, savoring the bliss and rapture that washed and jolted into my mind. Jolene sucked down my futa-cum with hunger, swallowing my seed with noisy passion. My cunt writhed around Kayleen’s girl-cock.

“Oh, Autumn, yes!” she gasped, thrusting hard and fast into my climaxing twat. “Dump your cum into my daughter’s mouth. Feed her.”

“She’s gulping it down and loving it!” I cried out.

“Yes!” Kayleen gasped, thrusting her cock to the hilt in me.

She erupted.

Hot futa-jizz spurted into my snatch. I shuddered, my twat rippling and writhing around her clit-dick. The pleasure rushed through me. I trembled in her embrace. Her daughter guzzled down my futa-cum while the mother dumped load after load of spunk into my cunt.

It was an amazing rush. I hit the peak of my rapture, the naughty girl sucking out the last of my cum. I groaned, savoring the bliss. The heady delight that swept through my body. My toes curled as Kayleen pumped my pussy full of jizz.

In the background, my daughter happily munched away at Christine’s asshole.

“Mmm, that was delicious,” Kayleen purred. “Now, I bet you want to see what my baby girl’s packing beneath her skirt.”

“She’s a futa, too?” I asked, a smile crossing my lips.


Jolene slid her mouth off my dick and winked up at us. She licked her lips, cleaning up the loose futa-cum that had spilled over her chin. Then she grabbed the hem of her t-shirt. She ripped that up and off, her boobs bouncing out.

She shuddered and winked up at me. She was clearly eager for some wild fun to come. Her small breasts jiggled with quivering perfection. They were a little bigger than Anabella’s boobs. Just a treasure to enjoy.

Then the girl stood up. A noticeable bulge thrust out at the front of her skirt. I bit my lips, my cunt clenching down on the big dick in my pussy. It felt incredible in me. I knew I would have so much fun with mother and daughter.

“So…” Jolene said as she shoved down her skirt. Her futa-dick popped out. “Do you want me to lick your pussy clean of my mom’s cum, or do you want to suck my dick?”

Anabella popped her mouth from her sister’s asshole. “Ooh, Ooh, suck her cock, Mom. Then I can fuck your asshole while Christine licks your pussy clean of all that yummy MILF cum. And while she’s doing that, Ms. Harland can fuck her daughter in the pussy.”

“Well, I can’t say no to that,” I moaned. “Not when my daughter is so eager for it.”

“No, you can’t,” Kayleen purred and slid out of my cunt.

I shuddered, my futa-dick throbbing. A flood of her spunk spilled out and matted my bush. Kayleen moved around her daughter and the pair embraced and kissed. The MILF’s pussy-lubed dick pressed into her daughter’s hardon. It was such a gorgeous sight. It made me shiver in delight. A huge smile spread on my lips as I witnessed it.

Then Christine slid beneath me. It was clear what I needed to do. I sank down and planted my red-furred muff right on my daughter’s mouth. My futa-cock bobbed before me, wet with Jolene’s saliva.

Kayleen broke the incestuous kiss with her daughter and glanced at me. “Mmm, enjoy her.”

“Getting another MILF blowjob,” cooed Jolene. “But this one from a futa.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Oh, Mrs. Morales. She’s got a cock now. I’m sure she’s busy shoving it in all her daughters’ holes.”

“Yum,” Christine moaned and then licked at my pussy.

I shuddered as she lapped Kayleen’s futa-jizz out of me. My daughter feasted on my mature cunt, enjoying that MILF-spunk. It was so hot. My futa-dick throbbed as Jolene stepped up before me. She pushed up her glasses.

I grabbed her girl-cock and yanked her to me. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in her futa-cock. I sealed my lips around the young girl’s dick and sucked with passion. She moaned, her entire body trembling.

“Oh, Mrs. Holt,” she moaned as I nursed on her. “Mmm, yes, yes, put that MILF mouth to use.”

“Mmm, yes, do it, Mommy!” Anabella said from right behind me.

Her futa-dick pressed into the crack of my ass. She had to be sitting on her sister’s tits to fuck me like this. I couldn’t look. Not with a mouth full of Jolene’s girl-dick. I just shuddered as my daughter slid her cock down to my asshole.

She drilled into that naughty hole. I groaned at the feeling of her pressing on my sphincter. I shuddered as she pushed and pushed against my naughty backdoor. I had already taken Kayleen’s shaft back there. Now it was my daughter’s turn.

“Mommy!” she squealed.

“Mmm, fuck your mother in the ass,” purred Kayleen. She hugged her daughter from behind.

The girl gasped. “Mom!”

“Yes, yes, your pussy is as tight as I always imagined it would be,” groaned Kayleen.

I nursed on the girl’s dick as her mother slid to the hilt in her pussy. At the same time, my asshole surrendered to my daughter’s cock. I squealed in delight at the velvety friction blazing in my anal sheath. My bowels swallowed inch after inch of my daughter’s shaft. Christine feasted on my cunt, licking, lapping, scooping out jizz.

Giving me pleasure.

Anabella moaned as she delved deeper and deeper until she bottomed out in me. Her bush tickled my rump. I groaned, squeezing my bowels around her dick while sucking so hard on Jolene’s cock. I trembled.

My pussy ground on my daughter’s face. This was incredible. Three young girls all playing with my mature body. All enjoying some bit of me. Christine thrust her tongue into my cunt while Anabella drew back her hips. I moaned around Jolene’s girl-dick, her salty precum staining my lips.

“Oh, Mom, yes!” she moaned, her futa-dick throbbing in my mouth. “That’s good. Ooh, yes, yes, just fuck me hard while Mrs. Holt sucks on my dick.”

“She’s a good cocksucker, isn’t she?” the MILF groaned.

“Uh-huh.” Jolene shuddered. Her mother massaged her little titties.

“My mom’s asshole is amazing!” Anabella gasped. She thrust away at my bowels, hammering me with her naughty cock. I shuddered at the rush of pleasure that surged through me. It was incredible to enjoy.

I squeezed my eyes shut. I groaned, my hips wiggling to grind my cunt on my eldest daughters’ licking mouth. That stirred my daughter’s cock around inside my bowels. I reveled in the bliss my daughters gave me as I nursed on Jolene’s cock.

Christine scooped more and more cum out of my twat. The pleasure she stirred in me met the heat melting out of my cunt. Anabella fucked me hard. She drove her girl-dick into me with powerful strokes.

“Oh, my god, yes!” Jolene moaned, her dick twitching in my mouth. “That’s it. Fuck me, Mom. Pound me. Just ram that dick into me while Mrs. Holt sucks me off.”

“Yes, yes, fuck her hard, Mrs. Harland,” my youngest moaned, ramming her girl-dick deep in my bowels.

“Oh, Autumn, it is such a treat to fuck my daughter,” gasped Kayleen. “Mmm, you know what it’s like.”

I did.

I squeezed my bowels around my daughter’s futa-dick. My other daughter lapped at my cunt. I swelled towards my orgasm. My big boobs jiggled as I trembled. Such pleasure surged through me. I sucked, drool running down my chin.

Jolene’s face twisted. Her glasses slipped on her nose. She whimpered as her mother drilled her with hard strokes, just ramming that girl-dick into her cunt. I could hear the wet glide of that mommy-cock reaming young cunt.

Christine’s tongue danced in my cunt. She swirled around, teasing me. The pleasure rushed up to the tip of my cock. I shuddered, my bowels clenching on Anabella’s hard cock. She hugged me tight, rubbing her boobies into my back.

“Mommy! Mommy!” she gasped, her hands squeezing my tits. “I’m going to cum in your ass! I like fucking you in the ass!”

I liked it, too. I loved it. I would have said it aloud, but I nursed on Jolene’s cock instead.

The young girl shuddered. Her face contorted. Then she gasped in delight. Her futa-dick erupted in my mouth. Her mother moaned, plunging into Jolene’s hot cunt. She buried that dick hard and fast into her daughter’s cunt.

“Mom!” gasped Jolene as I gulped down her salty jizz.

“Oh, Jolene, honey!” Kayleen groaned. “You’re… Yes!”

“Oh, god, flood me, Mom!”

I’m going to flood you, Mommy!” Anabella gasped. She slammed her dick hard into my bowels. “I’m… I’m… Love you!”

Her hot futa-cum fired into my bowels. She spurted blast after blast of jizz into me. Her girl-spunk splashed into the depths of my asshole. My other daughter’s tongue danced in my cunt. The two blisses were too much.

I exploded, too.

My pussy gushed juices into Christine’s mouth while my bowels writhed around Anabella’s cock. My asshole worked out every last drop of cum that she had in her. My big boobs heaved and jiggled as I savored the dual pleasures rushing through me.

Ecstasy exploded from my cock spurting cum across my carpet. It mixed with the rapture gushing out of my cunt. Christine lapped at me, gathering up all the mommy cream as it flooded out of me. I groaned, savoring every last moment of this bliss.

It was so exciting to share this with my daughters while I sucked out Jolene’s cum.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Kayleen moaned.

“Mom!” gasped Jolene. “Oh, pump all that cum into me. Yes, yes, you’re just flooding me, aren’t you? Just pumping every last drop of jizz into me. I love it.”

“All for you!” groaned the MILF. “Enjoy it. Oh, yes, yes, just enjoy every drop of Mommy’s cum.”

“I hope you breed me!” the girl moaned, firing a last blast of cum into my mouth.

I drank it down as I shuddered through my own rapture. Anabella’s cock went dry. She hugged me and kneaded my breasts. I loved the feel of her embrace. I savored the way she gripped me. It was so relaxing. Such a peaceful thing for a mother to feel.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“I hope you bred me, too, Mommy,” cooed my youngest. “Futa-mommies should breed their daughters. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

I could only moan around Jolene’s futa-dick.

“Sounds hot to me,” Christine moaned. She slid out from beneath me. “Mmm, I’m so glad you all got fucked, but you want to know something, I need to have a dick in me.”

I slid my mouth off Jolene’s girl-dick and moaned, “Let Mommy attend to that, Christine. I’ll fill your pussy with so much spunk.”

“Yes!” Anabella moaned. “And you can suck my dick clean of your asshole while Jolene fucks her mommy. I think Ms. Harland needs to experience your cock in her, Jolene.”

“Definitely,” Kayleen said. “Why don’t we go home and let the Holts love each other?”

“Sure, Mom,” Jolene said, smiling. “I have a few ideas on the naughty things we can do.”

As they left, I settled between Christine’s thighs and aimed my girl-cock at her shaved pussy. Her round breasts jiggled, brassy hair spilling around her flushed face. I pushed my dick into her folds and thrust into my eldest daughter’s tight twat.

She moaned in delight, her face twisting. I joined her in bliss, loving the silky glide of pressing my girl-cock into her pussy. It was sheer joy. Something amazing and wondrous. I shuddered, my cunt clenching.

“Here you are, Mommy!” Anabella said. “One dirty girl-dick to clean!”

“Mmm, let Mommy take care of you, dirty girl,” I moaned.

She beamed at me and thrust her cock towards my mouth. I opened wide and swallowed her girl-dick. I sucked her right into my mouth. The sour flavor invaded all my taste buds. I groaned, my asshole aching. Her cum bubbled out of me.

I loved the flavor.

She groaned as I nursed on her dirty girl-cock. I bobbed my head, buffing her dirty dick clean of my asshole. At the same time, I pumped away at Christine’s cunt. I loved the feel of her tight, taboo cunt around my clit-dick.

“Oh, that’s it, Mom!” she gasped. “Ooh, ram that clit-dick into me. That’s so awesome. Oh, yes, yes, I’m going to cum hard on this dick. Fuck, yeah!”

“Cum in her, Mommy!” gasped Anabella. She trembled, her little titties jiggling. “Breed her.”

I thrust harder into Christine, aching to do just that. Her silky flesh massaged my girl-dick. The pleasure swept over my aching flesh. The pressure built and built at the tip of my dick. I would have such a huge orgasm.

Christine humped into my thrusts. Her breasts jiggled at the bottom of my vision. I nursed on Anabella’s cock hard. I buffed off that sour flavor, my tongue dancing around her shaft. She trembled, gasping and groaning as I pleasured her.

“Mommy! Mommy!” she squealed. “I love you so much! You’re the best! Ooh, clean my dirty dick!”

“Yeah, you’re awesome, Mom!” Christine moaned. “Oh, god, so awesome. I’m going to explode on this big dick!”

I thrust my mommy-cock hard into Christine’s cunt, reveling in her silky delight. More cum leaked out of my asshole and matted my butt-crack. I felt so kinky. So naughty. I nursed hard on Anabella’s dick. The sour flavor faded.

But the salty flavor of her precum grew.

I whimpered, my boobs heaving. I hurtled towards my next orgasm as I pleasured both my daughters. Our incestuous passion was such a wonderful delight to engage in. I was so thrilled that we could share this rapture with each other.

Anabella gripped my hair and threw back her head. “Mommy!”

Her hot cum spurted into my mouth. The jizz splashed at the back of my throat and swirled around. My taste buds burst with salty joy. I groaned and slammed my mommy-dick into Christine’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck, Mom!” Christine moaned. Then her twenty-year-old pussy went wild around my clit-dick.

I gasped at the wild spasms that engulfed me. I gulped down that wonderful cum. I savored my youngest daughter’s futa-jizz while my eldest daughter’s naughty cunt sucked at my clit-dick. I drew back and rammed in.

Squealed around Anabella’s futa-dick.

I pumped my daughter full of jizz. Christine’s spasming pussy welcomed my cum flooding her fertile depths. I ached to breed her. I shuddered, my big boobs heaving and smacking together. I groaned around Anabella’s dick. I sucked down all her cum.

“Oh, Mommy, yes!” she purred, her spicy pussy musk filling my nose. “You’re amazing.”

“She is, pipsqueak!” Christine gasped, her pussy working out all my jizz. “Oh, my god, Mom, breed me!”

I was.

My orgasm hit that wonderful peak. I nursed on Anabella’s cock while I savored my other daughter’s juicy embrace. I buzzed from the rapture of this moment. It was such a heady delight. I groaned, so glad I had been given a clit-dick.

That soothing, lavender aroma filled my nose. I had to remember to ask Kayleen to help me out on that. We had just been starting talking when we were so wonderfully interrupted. But that was for later. Tonight was for my daughters.

I slid my mouth off Anabella’s cock. “So, let’s order something off DoorDash and spend the night fucking.”

Both my daughters squealed in agreement. The first time in my household they agreed on a family activity. Futa-cocks had brought us together. I could not be happier. For the first time since my husband’s death, I felt whole and alive.


Kayleen was excited by Autumn Holt’s request to use that “delicious and relaxing lavender scent” in the candles. The aroma was, of course, the pheromones that were the original intent of the solution that made the futas to begin with.

But if she could work the chemical just right, those same candles would produce the pheromones that stimulated lesbian passion. Especially between older women and nubile girls. Between mothers and their daughters.

With Jolene’s help, it took six weeks of testing and reformulating. Of course, in that time a rash of pregnancies happened on the street. Mrs. Morales and all three of her daughters were pregnant as were Mrs. Holt and her two daughters. Jolene and Kayleen had both had positive pregnancy tests themselves. They were hopeful that a few other MILFs on the street and their daughters would find themselves in a family way.

But what was important was the successful candles. They had a new flavor for Autumn Holt to sell: “Licentious Lavender” would soon be making a stir amid the hand-crafted scented candle market.

Kayleen and her daughter were just thrilled to have all the young girls and MILFs to enjoy. They were happy. Their friends were happy. And soon, a lot of women around the country who tried out the new and exciting product would be very happy.

Humming, Kayleen pulled her daughter to her and the pair melted together in an incestuous kiss. Futa-mother and dickgirl-daughter would soon be doing their favorite bonding exercise.


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