Futuristic Misfit: Finishing Early

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My name is Lara. My government name is 99-80. I was born in a “factory” that imprisons us tolurad’s, or
what we used to be known by – shemales, and harvests our cum for the “betterment of humanity.” At a
young age I learned all it’s benefits. It’s used in medicine, make-up, fuel for cars and batteries, and many
other things. It’s become a valuable resource ever since all the oil has been drained from the earth. Barely
anyone knows that our cum is what powers their planet – mainly people on the inside. Everything made
with either has it listed as CM-Extract or CM-Powered. People don’t ask what it means, they just know it
works. They don’t question because there are such little things that work these days. It is April 2nd, 2145.
The planet has pretty much gone to shit: cities crumbled, populations died off, resources are little, however,
we are making a comeback (no pun intended) and finally pulling ourselves together, but it’s all because of
this new harvesting system.
We tolurad’s are treated like trash. Used to extract the cum and then sent back to a cell. We get no free
time. We eat in our cells – alone. The unlucky ones are forced to impregnate themselves to give birth to
more of us in order to never stop the cycles. As I said, almost no-one knows about how we are treated, or
what is actually going on in this prison. The select few that do, and try to protest it, get thrown in here to be
used by us – extracting more cum. They are called the sagiera’s, the traders. The men and women outside
are still aloud to live normally, just as long as they don’t try anything the government doesn’t like.

A loud buzzer sounds

Here we go again… The buzzer means it’s time for us to get back to “work.”

Heavy metal doors slide open, releasing the tolurad’s onto conveyor belts

As I stepped onto the conveyor belt for the 4,522 time – yes I count – I felt the familiar chill of the cold
robotic arm that holds my soft fleshy arms behind my back. I look around seeing all the well-known
features and faces of this place… We finally reach the milking room and I see the ever present “suckers” as
we call them. They do just what their name implies, suck. The suckers are cushioned inside with some
never drying material and it massages our dicks and when we cum, it gets sucked up a tube to where it’s
all held. We all go through this daily, we get milked about 30 times in a row until we’re to the next section.
Today I get to fuck the sagiera’s after the first milking session. Others get more devices to izmir escort bayan do the job for
them. I’m always 19th in line, so whenever I get to the first machine it’s already soiled with the other
tolurad’s cum. It’s so slippery and sticky, I’ve never felt what a clean machine is like.
I’m up… A second robotic arm holds me around the waist and pushes me into the sucker. The tight
fleshy feel consumes my dick and my boobs press against the cold metal railing of the conveyor belt. The
machine kicks on and starts squeezing and loosening. The contractions force me to become hard, which
makes the machine even tighter, and feel ten times better. On average, a tolurad’s dick is over 13 inches
long (crazy, but we were bred for this) and – lets just say, you can barely cross your fingers holding us in
both hands. The sucker is all the way around me, down to the base. My softball sizes testicles are chilled
on the lower bar of the same railing. The sounds are sort of like cartoon plunger noises, only sloppier. I
hear the usual moans of lust from the others as they start cumming, and I’m not far behind them. I close
my eyes and it starts. My cum explodes from deep inside me. A huge gush of it is lifted up the tubes,
followed by an endless stream of my next shots. I came for a good 45 seconds. Just so you can visualize,
me cumming once can fill 2 and a half mop buckets with cum.
Now, the sucker tightens and doesn’t loosen. The robotic arm pulls me out slowly to yank out the last
of my cum. It pushes me back in and this is repeated a few times before the sucking continues. I hate
finishing early because now I have to wait for the rest to be done. After I cum, the machine sends shivers all
over my body and tickles me to no end. After another 4 minutes or so, we all get pulled out at once. Some
cum (maybe not entirely mine) and the suckers juices are hanging in strands from my dick. They sway as
I’m moved down the line to the next machine. This one has more cum in the sucking part than normal, and
it’s dripping out the small hole. maybe someone wasn’t entirely finished as they got pulled out. I am
shoved in, once again. This time, I’m already hard, and the extra cum makes it feel completely different.
Amazing… I cum earlier than last time – all my cum sucked up to storage. I suffer the extra long time of my
tickling sensation, and I’m on to the next machine. This happens 28 more times before I’m finally sent to
fuck the sagiera’s.
Guards lead me and a few others down to the cram rooms (where the sagiera’s buca escort are held.) As we walk,
we pass different rooms filled with loud moans and other sounds. I see the unlucky ones getting filled with
their own cum – they’re crying, but not from depression, these tolurad’s are crying from pleasure. I
constantly see girls with their eyes rolled backwards and tongues hanging out in these rooms, their own
cum erupting inside of them as they cum and fill themselves and it drips from between their lips. Also, we
see the straddle room, where we get to fuck machines that are almost human-like in shape and feel. In this
room, the tolurad’s are left unattended and many are raped by each other. Finally, we get to the cram’s. It’s
basically the same set-up as the conveyor’s, only we walk from captive to captive and take turns fucking
them all. The sagiera’s are locked up and bent forward for us to use. These feel much better than
machines. I especially like the guy’s asses, they feel the best. To stop us from cumming inside their
precious captives, the government threatens to put us back through the conveyor’s if we do. To some, it’s
worth it. Feeling their cum splash inside a live being.
I walked up to the first slave. She was the youngest one I’ve seen here in a while. This girl looked as if
she weren’t even 14 years old. She was so small, couldn’t have been more than 4 feet tall. Maybe 12… The
legal age of sex now is 10, so it’s perfectly acceptable to everyone. I can hear the little girl crying and
whispering “no, no, no…” so I tried to move to someone else, but they were already taken.
“Work!” A guard demanded as he shoved me with the barrel of a large gun.
“I’m sorry…” I whispered to the girl, and then I pushed inside her.
She was definitely a virgin. Her cries of pain almost literally broke my heart. I pressed all the way into
her making my balls rub on her soft skin. I looked away so I didn’t have to see this poor girl get ruined.
When I looked away, not much else was better. Older girls and guys having their asses, pussies, and
faces used as fuck toys by the others. I could actually see a cock expand the throat of the guy next to me,
and he was drooling all over the place. He looked dead, his eyes were rolled back and I could only see
white. His tongue was rubbing back and forth on the bottom of the tolurad’s incredible shaft and she was
moaning with pleasure. Another filled his ass at the same time. Every so often there was an abrupt stop by
someone who ran to the storage tubes and came inside them. izmir escort Their bucket loads of cum was hoisted into
the ceiling taken to somewhere else. It was open season on the sagiera’s.
The little girl I was fucking had stopped screaming in pain, now they were short, soft grunts every time I
pushed into her. The girls tiny ass pressed against me, and it felt amazing. She was so soft and smooth
that I had to touch her more. I laid my body on top of hers, still supporting my own weight but rubbing
against her back with my front. I saw her huge brown eyes, which contrasted vastly with her light blonde
hair. Her mouth was open wide, probably from shock, and nearly silent noises escaped her as I stretched
her preteen pussy. I had to use her asshole. My dick slipped out of her fuckhole slowly and stood fully erect,
held up between her ass cheeks. I prodded her tiny, baby asshole and she whined a few times. After a
couple seconds, I forced myself deep into the little girl. She cried out in pain, louder than before. I couldn’t
help myself, I went to town. Her little asshole was so tight, better than then guy’s asses. I held her by her
small hips and thrust furiously into her asshole, that had to be on fire right now.
I slipped it to her good, pulling out until only my head was inside and then forcing it balls deep very
quickly. She stopped screaming after the first minute and just laid there to take it. Some blood started to
form, but I wasn’t too worried, it’s happened before. I fucked her small body relentlessly, plunging her as
hard as I could. I’ve never felt something like this before. The inside of her asshole felt so soft and wet, like
I was fucking a water-filled sponge, but with much smoother walls. The endless pleasure went on for a
good 10 minutes before I was almost peaking. I couldn’t help myself – so what if I have to do the conveyor’s
again, I have to cum inside this little girls asshole. With my last thrust in, I felt her still incredibly tight ring
hug my base. Her insides felt vast and empty… not for long. I let loose everything I had inside this girl, I
noticed her stomach get fatter as I came in her. She didn’t make one noise while all this happened. Her
body was filled with my goopy cum. I looked at her face and saw cum leaking out of her mouth like she just
threw some up, and the ground in front of her was drenched in the my juice. It was also coming from her
nose and seeping out of her eye sockets, too. Her belly was huge like she was now carrying 3 kids at the
same time.
“Oh my god, are you okay?” I asked her.
The guards ran over.
“What’s wrong?”
I had a look of horror on my face… I just fucked this little girl to death…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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