Game On Ch. 02

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Thank you to my readers. This is the second chapter in a new series. I thought it would be fun to open this up and welcome suggestions for Sam and Danielle’s next adventures. Please feel free to email scenarios you’d like to see as they take their mutual submission to next (unlimited) levels.

I also welcome your positive constructive feedback. Fair warning, please do not read or leave negative feedback if you do not enjoy stories involving mutually consenting open marriages or submission. The nature of most of the stories on this website are fantasy for entertainment. They are enjoyed most with suspension of disbelief. Enjoy!


Danielle and I drove home from our unusually eventful Friday evening dinner date at the elegant French restaurant. Our marriage would never be the same. We made a pact of complete surrender and submission in our sex life, recommencing our old sex games. The only difference is there would now be no limits. We were both turned on by the unexpected covenant and its possibilities.

I foolishly made a high stakes bet with my seductress wife after the pact. The crazy wager was on who could seduce one of the wait staff first. Who does that? We not only did, but also gambled on it. Whoever won would own the other for the weekend. We agreed that the loser would submit as their sex slave until Monday morning. There would be no limits on what would be asked and required. Danielle’s engrained competitive resolve made her indomitable to win. She now owns me for the weekend.

The sexual energy between us was higher than either of us had felt for years. It reminded us of our college days, but now on steroids. The anticipation for the new turn of events and what it now meant for this weekend made us both insanely aroused. I had no doubt Danielle would take full advantage of this to make it a weekend we would never forget.

“Lock the door and take your clothes off,” she commanded as soon as we walked into the door of our house. “You won’t be needing them again.” She smiled deviously. “This would also be a good time to text Carl and let him know you won’t be joining the guys for your monthly poker game tomorrow night,” she ordered. “You can let him know you are unexpectedly detained.”

I dutifully removed my clothes at the door and put them on a chair near the entry of our house. My dick was still hard, desperate for relief and in anticipation for the weekend. I then obliged with the unprecedented text to Carl that I would be missing our monthly epic guys night. Without clothes or plans, I belonged to Danielle for the weekend.

“Now its my turn to get more comfortable for what I have planned. Take my dress off,” she ordered.

I reached down and slowly pulled the tiny cocktail dress over her head. As I saw during dinner, she was not wearing a bra; and as she said in the restaurant, she was also not wearing panties. Her gorgeous statuesque body was as naked as mine except for her tall red high heels. She stood before me like a vision with her firm 36D tits pushing her inch-long thick dark nipples upward. Her heels elevated her tiny ass, accentuating her long perfect legs.

“Now the fun begins,” she said. “I won the bet and you now belong to me. My own hunky sex slave for the weekend,” she announced with firmness as she ran her index finger down the lines of my muscular chest. “Starting right now, there are no limits to your complete submission until Monday morning. Am I correct?”

“No limits,” I acknowledged. The words made me feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

“Good. Then starting now there are two rules you will follow without exception.”

“What are they?” I asked.

“Number one, your purpose this weekend is to pleasure me at my beck and call,” she said with a resolute tone and sultry smile, reaching her long fingers to take hold of my rock hard dick. She slowly methodically stroked my desperate member as she talked. “You’re going to take me again and again, every time and way I ask.”

“It will be my pleasure,” I answered.

“Which means, you will do whatever it takes to make sure your dick is always hard and ready for me. I will not wait. If I do, there will be consequences.”

“What do you mean? Like always hard, for the entire weekend?” I asked.

“That’s exactly what I mean,” she said. “If I catch your dick soft at any time this weekend, it will cost you dearly,” she said with a smirk. “And number two,” she continued before I had a chance to respond. “You will not cum all weekend until and unless I expressly allow it. No matter what happens or what I make you do or how many times I cum, not one drop from you.”

“Oh gawd. Please Danielle. That’s torture.”

“Yes it will be,” she mused devilishly. “Especially with what I have in mind for you.” She ran her index finger seductively up my abdomen. “I am going to tease you all weekend to the absolute limits of what a stud like you can possibly resist. It will be virtually impossible, but that’s the point. Because the penalty kocaeli escort for breaking my rule will be to have our little arrangement this weekend be extended to an entire month. Imagine. You being my sex slave for an entire month,” she said, savoring the thought. “Of course the same two rules would continue to apply.”

“Wait, that’s not fair,” I began to protest at the unilateral change of agreement.

“Have we not already established you are my sex slave for the weekend Sam?” she interrupted.

“We have,” I answered, “but…”

“And you’ve agreed to complete submission,” she continued. “No limits?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then, I’m not asking your permission,” she said with a glint in her eye. “This is not a proposal. You will do whatever you must to keep your dick hard and ready for me at all times; you will not allow one drop of your liquid gold to escape until I tell you. If you fail, there will be consequences,” she declared with pride.

“You are wicked,” I said playfully.

“You have no idea,” she said. “I’m just getting started.”

“My dick is already aching for relief.”

“Not like it’s going to,” she said before lowering herself to her knees in front of me. With my manhood still in her hand, she began to rub it against her soft ample perfect tits.

“Oh gawd,” I said, helpless to her torture. “Please, Danielle,” I begged.

Danielle couldn’t resist taking advantage of the opportunity to further torment me. She lowered her mouth to my pulsating purple head, carefully licking it to savor the glistening precum. Without warning she dropped her mouth over my dick, swallowing it until it completely disappeared between her bright red lips. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

My knees buckled at her skill. She felt so good. She continued to ascend and descend the long shaft until I felt the orgasm approaching the point of no return.

“Oh gawd,” I shouted. I pulled back to prevent the very desire I was desperate for, to drench her throat with my cum. Danielle smiled at my torment.

“You are that close?” she asked. “But I want more,” she playfully insisted.

“I’m going to cum,” I pleaded. “Please Danielle, take me.”

“Not a drop,” she insisted, cruelly licking my head with her tongue. “But just because you can’t cum, doesn’t mean I can’t,” she said teasingly as she stood up.

“Cruel,” I said.

“I think it’s time to go to the living room to play our first game, don’t you Sam?” Danielle picked up her purse, reached down and took my dick in her hand. “Come slave,” she said as she led me down the hall to our living room. Her hand gently stroked my dick as she walked, furthering my torment. I was on the edge of orgasm.

“What’s the game?” I asked.

“You’re going to like this,” Danielle promised. She pulled her iPhone out of her purse, before tossing the small bag onto the floor. She clicked open the stopwatch app on her phone; zeros lined up across the top of the screen. “When I hit start on this stopwatch, you’re going to drop to your knees and begin licking my pussy until I give, soaking your face with my cum.”

“Sounds good,” I said.

“Yes, but then the real fun begins,” she continued. “The time the stopwatch tells me it takes you to make me cum, is the amount of time I will then take my turn to suck your dick. I won’t stop until I get equal time.”

“Wait,” I said in protest.

“And you know the rules,” she said devilishly. “You better keep your dick hard while licking my pussy, and you better not cum when go down on you.”

“Oh gawd Danielle. I don’t have a chance.”

“Exactly,” she said mercilessly. “You have everything to lose; I have everything to gain. I have you right where I want you.”

“You’re merciless,” I said.

“And horny has hell right now,” she confessed. “I don’t know how long I will be able to resist your tongue,” she added. “Let’s do this.” She turned the face of the phone toward me and hit start. Numbers began to speed across the screen.

I dropped to my knees and licked her box like I knew she likes. My hands reached around to take hold of her bare ass to pull her pussy into my face. My tongue danced an elaborate choreography across her tender skin.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, encouragingly. Her pussy was already soaked from arousal. “Oh yes,” she said. “Gawd yes!” she continued.

The stopwatch continued to climb. The first minute passed quickly.

“Mmmmmm,” she continued to moan. “I can’t wait to take that dick in my mouth,” she said. “It better be ready.”

My tongue continued to work its magic up and down her soft soaked pussy, focusing on her hyper-responsive button while I also gently stroked my dick to maintain firmness.

“Oh shit, it’s been forever since you’ve taken me like this,” she cried. “Oh gawd.” Danielle’s hands reached down to run her fingers through my hair as she pushed my face against her. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

The timer climbed past two minutes.

Danielle’s body tremored as her pelvis rocked against me. My tongue worked kocaeli escort bayan her familiar pussy with erotic determination.

“Fuck yes!” she yelled. “You’re going to take me! Oh gawd. Oh gawd!”

The timer raced past three minutes and continued its climb marking the passage of time. My dick ached for relief. I stroked it just enough to keep it hard but lightly enough to keep my own orgasm at bay.

Danielle suddenly screamed with euphoric bliss like a college girl. Her pussy gushed. Her body quaked, causing her to drop the phone on to the couch behind her as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her body and drenched my face.

“Oh shit,” she said as she stood with her long legs spread, and her juices dripping from her pussy. “I’m fuckin dizzy,” she said. “That was crazy.”

“Where’s the phone?” I asked, seeing her hands empty as she stood with a broad satisfied smile across her face.

“I must have dropped it,” she said looking down at the couch. The bottom edge of the phone barely peeked out, wedged between two cushions.

I reached over and grabbed it. The numbers were still flying across the screen. I pushed the stop button. “4:55,” was emblazoned across the top.

“Wait,” I said. “You dropped the phone when you came,” I said. “The clock was still running. I kept going because you were having a crazy orgasm.”

“That was awesome,” she said. “You’re blaming me because you made me cum so hard? You were amazing.”

“That’s not fair,” I complained.

“Who said anything about playing fair?” she taunted with a devious laugh. “Fair doesn’t exist in a game without limits. The clock says 4:55. I get your cock for 4:55,” she said. “I will love every second of it.”

“Shit,” I said,” knowing I didn’t have a prayer of lasting that long with her oral skills.

“I love this game, don’t you?” she said. “Now lay on the floor on your back,” she ordered. “All that cumming made me very thirsty,” she teased. Her knees straddled my chest to position her head over my dick while teasingly lowering her soaked pussy over my face. Her bright four-inch red heels anchored her feet behind my head. She set the countdown stopwatch to five minutes.

“Wait,” I protested again. “It is supposed to be 4:55.”

“What does it matter,” she giggled. “With what I am about to do to you, you’re not going to last half that,” she said.

I knew she was right.

Danielle pushed the start button and lowered her lips to my vulnerable throbbing dick. She laid the phone on the floor next to us, dug her fingers into my legs, and then unleashed her irresistible oral magic on my dick. My entire body buzzed in almost immediate response to her driven affection.

“Aaauuuggghhh!” I cried, helpless to her assault. It felt so good, but I knew the consequences of being taken would be limitless, as she promised. She would relish endlessly taking advantage of me over the next month. I moaned wordless groans in ecstasy and bliss, knowing it would all lead to my undoing.

After only two minutes, I turned my head in certain defeat, yet desperate for pleasurable release. I knew I would never last five minutes with what she was doing to me. I saw Danielle’s small red small purse laying open next to us where she had thrown it earlier. I desperately reached into it in an attempt to save myself. My hunch was right. I found her favorite powerful silver bullet vibrator. She always kept in her purse for secret opportune times of self-stimulation. Danielle didn’t see me reach into her purse, nor was she interested. All of her focus was on her sexual determination to win me as her slave for a month. I wondered if it was too late.

“Oh gawd! Yes!” I cried out, as the fast approaching orgasm grew in its intensity.

I pulled the small silver bullet from her purse and raised it up near to her still soaked unsuspecting pussy gyrating above my head. Her ass hovered with the rhythm of her oral choreography. I pushed the small button at one end of the silver bullet. It immediately buzzed with a power of a device four times its size. Danielle heard its familiar sound just before she felt it’s powerful vibration against the sensitive skin of her vagina.

“Aaauuuggghhh!” she cried out in immediate response to its touch. The force of its erotic stimulation caused her to involuntarily release her mouth from my desperate shaft. No wonder she liked this little vibe so much, I thought to myself. Danielle threw her head back, causing her gaze to move from my dick to the ceiling. Her mouth gaped open. She was paralyzed in ecstasy from its powerful physical seduction. “Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd!” she screamed. Her pussy was still hypersensitive from just being taken. Her ass began to buck in response.

I pulled her pussy down toward me, while keeping the small mighty vibrator pressed against her. My tongue reached for the surrounding areas of her pussy complementing the dynamic work of her bullet.

Danielle instantly gasped. She was vulnerable to its touch. Her wet pussy magnified the force izmit escort of the bullet. “Oh gawd! Oh gawd!” she continued. “Oh shit!”

The numbers on the timer raced with the passage of time. The intensity of her arousal distracted her from her mission to take me.

“Oh gawd, you’re going to take me again!” she cried. “Fuck yes!” she yelled as her ass bucked above me. “Oh yes! Oh gawd! Aaaauuuugggghhhh!” Danielle’s pussy poured pure liquid pleasure down my tongue. “Yes! Yes!” Danielle squealed in euphoric pleasure as the bullet ravaged her body. Her right hand reached down to hold my hand in place with the vibrator against her. The first orgasmic rush from the vibrator rolled into a second on its heels. Danielle’s body shook from the consuming quake. “Oh fuck YES!” she screamed, completely disoriented by the thundering orgasm. “Oh gawd, you’re taking me again! She screamed. Her body rocked with pleasure. She worked to catch her breath. Her head was dizzy with delight.

The countdown on her stopwatch raced past the four-minute mark, leaving less than a minute remaining. The vaginal ambush with Danielle’s vibrator bought time for me to recover a little while leaving her drained of cum and energy. She was in heaven.

Danielle looked at her iPhone and realized her time was almost up. “You clever son of a bitch,” she said with a broad smile. “But I’m not done with you. Two can play this game,” she said. She rotated her body on top of me, pushed the high-powered vibrator into her soaked pussy before consuming my dick inside of her.

“Aaauuuggghhh!” I yelled.

Her pussy enveloped my shaft, with the vibrator inside pressed against my dick. She unleashed her magic, fucking me with glorious vengeance. She was determined to make me cum in the remaining seconds of her little game.

“Oh yes. Yes!” I squirmed. I had been so close for so long. The force of the vibrator multiplied the intensity of her fuck. Danielle quickly brought me toward to the point of no return. Danielle’s ass pounded my body as she rode my shaft like a piston. It felt as time had stopped. After my sly move, my wife was all the more determined to win. “Oh gawd! Oh gawd!” I continued, as the orgasm rose toward certain eruption.

Her phone suddenly blared an alarm, signaling that her five minutes were up. I quickly pulled out, to save myself from filling her already soaked womanhood with my cum. I still wondered if I was too late. My dick throbbed in agony for relief. Danielle had my body pinned beneath her. She playfully tried to lower her pussy again over my shaft. The vibrator buzzed inside her with threatening resolve to take me like it had taken her. It also made her vulnerable again to it’s powerful seduction, especially as it hummed fortuitously against her g-spot.

“Time’s up,” I said, as I reached up and took both of her large firm tits in my hands and rotated her body over onto her back as I rolled on top of her. My engorged purple dick throbbed above her abs.

“Oh gawd,” she said, as her ass began to buck underneath me. I realized her vibrator was still working its enchantment, bringing her to another orgasm. Her attempt to use it on me had backfired and was now betraying her in the best way. She started to move her hand down to remove it. I smiled as I silently grabbed her wrists with my hands, pinning her to the floor. I lowered my ball sack to the opening of her vagina to prevent the vibrator from escaping.

Danielle’s body writhed in ecstasy, helplessly restrained to the floor beneath me. Cold chills covered her gorgeous body. Her nipples swelled from heightened arousal. “Aaaauuuugggghhhh!” she cried as her body squirmed uncontrollably. I held her down as the tidal wave of pleasure swept over her. She was helpless to its consuming power. Her hypersensitivity magnified the force of the climax as it rocked her body. Tears of pure carnal pleasure rolled down her face. “Ohhh shit,” she said in dizzying disbelief.

“I think I won,” I whispered into her ear, seeing the deep satisfaction on her face.

“You cheated, but I’m pretty sure I’m the one who won that round,” she said, still in the blissful aftermath of back-to-back epic orgasms.

“Cheating?” I asked playfully. “Someone told me no limits means anything is fair game,” I reminded. “There’s no cheating, only winning.”

“You remember that,” she said competitively. “This is just a wonderful warm up for our next game,” she said with a devious smile. “Time to move to the kitchen.”

Danielle and I played her sex games deep into the night, making love again and again, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Something magical clicked between us. She relished me serving as her sex slave devoted to her every pleasure while she tormented me at the continual agonizing brink of eruption. Many times I wanted to give in to her torture, and cover that amazing body of hers with a thick blanket of cum. Our mutual competitive resolve on this first night of our new arrangement made me determined to do everything I could to keep her two rules. My dick throbbed in blissful agony. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to turn the tables. I would first have to get through the weekend. It was impossible for me to know how hard that would be with what she still had planned.

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