Game Show

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“Welcome ladies and gentleman to another wonderful game of Rich or Rutting!” The stage lights flooded upwards and revealed a cheering audience. In the center of the circular room, a man in a grey suit with a too-white smile looked directly into the camera as the pencil thin microphone wavered in his hand. Behind him, two figures sat shrouded in darkness in raised chairs. “I’m your host Vince Garrett, and I have to say we’re glad to have each and every one of you with us, both in our live studio audience and at home. Last week we all saw the stunning conclusion of contestants Nick and Susan’s run when they decided to double down on a high risk question. Gotta say folks, we were all on pins and needles as the answer came on my display, but lo and behold they got it right. They received the full antidote and an additional two hundred thousand dollars. But enough about last week, let’s talk about this week. Joining us from Little Rock, Arkansas are Amy and Reed!”

The audience roared with applause as the lights came up on the two seated figures on the stage. They were a young couple with wholesome smiles tinged slightly with the signs of nervousness. Amy had a slim build, blonde hair, and a simple face. Reed had a darker complexion with jet black hair and sunken eyes, belying his cheerful character. They happily shook Vince’s hand as he went from one to the other. Vince went to his own chair on the other side of the digital display and took a few seconds to situate himself. Amy looked at the cameras out of the corner of her eye. She knew it was live to tape, but she still felt as though millions were looking at her. One way or the other, the cameras themselves were disturbing, moving around on long gimbals to get shots ordered by the control booth. They seemed like giant, half hidden spiders analyzing their prey before striking.

“Welcome, welcome! We’re so glad to have you both with us. As usual we want to get to know a little bit about you. And, I think, this week, ladies first. Amy, tell us a little about yourself.”

She cleared her throat. “Well, Vince, first off I’m thrilled to be here, both of us are. We could hardly sleep last night for how excited we were. Like you said, we’re from Little Rock. I’m an obstetrics nurse with Bolton Regional Hospital –“

“Obstetrics, that’s maternity, right?” Vince interrupted.

“That’s right.”

“So you help deliver babies?”

Vince’s calm voice eased her nerves, and she appreciated the direction he gave her. “Not directly. I spend most of my time with the mothers before and after the delivery, making sure everything is going well for them.”

“That’s important work, I think. I remember when I had my little ones. The doctor appears like a rabbit out of a hat and was gone in the next minute. Nurses are the ones who do all the work in my book.”

Amy laughed. “I know a lot of them would be glad to hear that.”

“Fantastic, what else do you do back in Little Rock?” Vince glanced down at his screen and for a moment Amy saw through the facade. His smile flashed once again, and her worries dissipated. Vince exuded a charm she couldn’t quite gauge. She’d seen him on television many times before meeting him, but while the charisma translated through the screen, the charm was reserved for in person interaction.

“As far as hobbies go, I like to bake. It started out as a necessity after we got married, but now it’s become more of something I do for fun.”

“What kind of things do you bake? Like bread, cakes?”

“Sure. Whatever I can find a recipe for really.”

Vince turned in his chair slightly. “Fantastic! Alright, Reed, what’s your favorite thing that Amy bakes?”

Reed sat up straighter in his chair, surprised by the sudden shift of conversation. “Uh, probably her pecan pie. That’s hard to beat.”

“I bet it is,” Vince said with a wink which neither Reed nor Amy thought the cameras saw. “Now, Reed, I see here that you’re a construction foreman, but not just that. You’re working on the new Walton Tower. Boy, and I’ve seen it, that thing is going to be big.”

Reed nodded enthusiastically. “I’m one of about two dozen foremen working on different sections. Once it’s done they say you’ll be able to see it from Memphis.”

Vince leaned back in his chair. “If you win big here today, are you going back to the job?”

Reed had run that question through his head a thousand times. He knew the real answer. Win or lose, he didn’t think he’d be back at the job site on Monday. “Of course. I couldn’t just abandon my crew like that. We’re set to finish our section by the end of next year. If we’re lucky enough to win, then Amy and I can start talking about where to go from there.”

“Oh, I think you’ll be lucky all right,” Vince said with a broad smile to the camera. “You two sit tight, I’m going to go over some things for the folks at home.” Vince’s chair swiveled to the right so that he faced directly into one of the big cameras. “Our contestants are in the hot seats. All waivers have been signed, and all parties fully briefed on the possible outcomes of our game. Connected to their arms are the altındağ escort drip feeds currently running a neutral line of saline, keeping them hydrated and energetic. Once the game starts, I will ask them each questions. For each question they get right, they move up the ladder you see to my left on the screen. The first five questions are worth one thousand each. At tier two questions become worth ten thousand each. At tier three, each question doubles in value. And at tier four, each question is worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. All twenty questions together are worth over 1.3 million dollars.” He paused as the audience cheered. Vince took a slow drink of water. “Of course, it wouldn’t be our game if there weren’t the other side of things. For each question our contestants get wrong, the drip feeds add twenty percent of the special B-188 formula. At twenty percent, women and men will feel increased libido and greater sexual stamina. At forty, women will see increased breast size and increasingly sensitive erogenous zones. Men will experience increased genitalia size and ejaculate volume. That’s at only forty per cent. At sixty percent, women will start lactating! Men will experience increased muscle mass and hair growth as well as a thickening of the skin. And as you all know, folk, that’s as far as we’ve gotten. We can only speculate as to what happens at eighty or one hundred. Maybe this is the week we find out. Everyone ready?” Amy and Reed clapped along with the rest of the crowd. “Then let’s play Twenty Questions!”


The lights went down on the audience as Vince swiveled back to face the contestants. “Alright, Amy, the first question goes to you. First tier is always easy. There’s no penalty, but you only get two wrong answers. Nothing to worry about, right?”

“No, I’m feeling pretty confident, Vince.”

“How about you Reed?” Reed gave a thumbs up. “Ok then, first question. Amy, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous stories of Sherlock Holmes are told by which character?”

Amy’s heart jumped. “That’s Dr. Watson.”

“Correct! And good for the first one thousand dollars.” The audience cheered. “Now, Reed, your turn. You ready? Of course you are. Which planet’s moons, including Io, are collectively known as the Galilean Moons?”

Amy turned to look at her husband, unable to quell her nerves. The producers had told them to embellish answers whenever they could, and Reed seemed to be doing his best to provide. Finally, he answered, “Jupiter.”

Vince clapped along with the audience. “Another correct answer for another thousand dollars! Back to Amy, in 2023, the signing of what document signaled the end of the Ardent Conflict?”

“Well, Vince, my father served during the Conflict, and we were very glad to have him home. The document was the Adder Accord.”

“Correct! Another thousand in the bank. And that’s wonderful to hear about your father. Everything we are today is thanks to men like him. Now, moving right along for the four thousand dollar question. Reed, what novel details the experience of a caretaker and his family during a long winter at the Overlook Hotel?”

Reed clapped with a big grin on his face. “Vince, I’m a big fan of horror so I can tell you with no doubt that the novel is The Shining.”

Vince hesitated. He gave the audience a nervous look before his wide grin returned. “Of course it is. That’s four thousand in the bank, and we have one more question for Amy. Amy, what is the notation for the noble gas, Helium?”


Vince nodded as the lights flared upwards once again. “Correct again. That’s our first five questions out of the way. Amy and Reed have banked their first five thousand!” The audience cheered as Vince reclined in his chair. “So, how did you two kids meet?”

Amy looked to Reed, but he gestured for her to answer. “Oh, well, it was in our second year of college. Neither of us were big in the sciences so we took these sort of easy labs to get credit. Reed was actually assigned to the table in front of me, but his partner wound up injuring himself when he dropped a beaker and tried to pick up the glass. After that, Reed got put on my table. A few classes later, he worked up the courage to ask me out. We’ve been together ever since.”

“Fantastic. Is all that true Reed? Are you sure that original lab partner didn’t have his accident a little on purpose to get you matched with the pretty girl behind you.”

Reed laughed, “I dunno. Maybe.”

“What made you two decide to come on our show?”

Reed cleared his throat. Amy thought she saw the color fade from his cheeks, but his smile widened as he answered. “We talked a lot about it, of course. We’ve been fans for a while and just thought it would be fun. The extra money could help pay off some debt, and we’ve always wanted to go out of the country.”

“And are you worried about getting some questions wrong?”

Again, Reed’s face drew tight for a moment. “We’ve studied up pretty hard, and I don’t think anyone’s complained about getting just one wrong. After that though, we’re ankara anal yapan escort prepared to walk no matter where we’re at on the ladder.”

Vince turned to Amy, his calm demeanor protruding around him like a warm blanket. “Is that true, Amy? Are you both ready to walk away knowing you might be leaving money on the table?”

“Yes, Vince. We had a long talk about it last night. We agreed on one wrong answer, but after that. Unless we’re absolutely certain, we’re gonna take what we have and walk.”

Vince frowned. “At least you’ll have your convictions. But right now you also have five thousand dollars, so let’s start round two!” The lights came down once again leaving only Amy, Reed, and Vince in the light. He turned to Reed. “The next question is for you, Reed. Remember, we’re in the second tier now so a wrong answer means you get the juice, but right answers are worth twice as much. Here’s your first question. Prior to 2027, what stood guard at the entrance of the Pyramids of Giza?” Reed’s eyes narrowed. Amy felt a knot growing in her stomach. She’d never heard of Giza and doubted Reed had either. As much as they’d talked about it, the sudden realization that the drip would be a reality frightened her. Reed shook his head as the seconds rolled by. “We need an answer, Reed,” Vince insisted in his insidiously polite tone.

“I’m not sure. A statue of King Tut?”

“Ooo, I’m sorry, that’s incorrect.” The audience let out a groan. “The correct answer is ‘the Sphinx.’ Not familiar with that? The statue of course, predated the modern definition of Sphinx, but they more or less were the same. Destroyed during the Egyptian Siege in July of 2027. Well, that is unfortunately our first wrong answer. You know what that means. You’re going to feel a little different as the solution starts, but let’s put it on the board.” Between them, a display lit up with a bar filling up the lowest fifth with bright red neon. Amy felt a little tingly as the drug entered her system. She’d read all about it and seen what it had done to people who overdosed. She had no intent of becoming like them, but a single low dose could feel amazing. It was even sold recreationally at a very high price. Her body felt alive and warm, but more pressingly her panties grew wet with her arousal. Looking over at Reed, she could see the bulge in his pants, and her stomach fluttered. She thought back to all the times they’d been together. She pictured him on top of her, his heavy weight pressing down as he thrust into her.

“Amy?” Vince asked.

“Yeah? Oh, yes! I’m ready.”

“Sorry, I know the first dose can be a little disorienting. We can give you a minute if you need one.” Vince’s voice remained cool and collected. He’d watched this happen a hundred times before. Amy tried not to think of him too much. Despite their age difference, she couldn’t deny his sexual appeal. She shook her head and waved for him to proceed. “Ok then. Second question, still worth two thousand. Last year, this ‘king’ sold to its leading competitor, McDonald’s for a record sum.”

“Burger King.”

“Correct! That’s another two thousand in the bank, bringing your total up to seven thousand. Over to Reed. Had a little trouble with that first question, but we’re back on track. Right? Right. Now, Reed, what classic comic strip detailed the adventures of a little boy and his imaginary tiger?”

“Peanuts,” Reed answered.

Amy felt a blow hit her in the chest. Did he misspeak? Did he answer too fast? She heard the dull drone of Vince talking as the display behind her rose to two fifths and the drug flooded into her veins. Her breasts swelled in her shirt as her cheeks flushed. As her nipples pushed against the stretching shirt, she thought she might cum from the stimulation. Her whole body felt on pins and needles, and the ache in her pussy was growing too strong to ignore. She wondered if they could stop filming for a while so she could take Reed in the back and fuck him. No, they wouldn’t, she realized. Once the game starts, contestants are prohibited from discussing anything with one another. Some damnable thing about game theory. Looking over at Reed, he was smiling. The bulge in his pants had increased and he’d even unbuttoned his pants, letting his swollen cock stick up from between the folds of his fly, hidden only by his loose fitted boxers. His legs were spread wide. Most likely to accommodate the fat sack Amy imagined swelling between them. She imaging his cock lying against her face as she bathed those cum filled balls with her tongue. She could hear Vince trying to get her attention, and the stinging thought came back. Reed had known the answer. He answered incorrectly on purpose.


“Alright, Amy, you’re two doses in. You’ve only managed seven thousand. I know that’s not where you wanted to be right now. Do you want to continue or do you want to walk away?”

Amy tried to focus. The saturation of hormones made it difficult, but she could make out the cold facts. They had not been entirely truthful in their questionnaire. They needed at least ankara escort twenty five thousand or they would lose everything. The debt repayment had overwhelmed them, and they would never catch up without the extra money. She’d seen it happened to so many others. “We can keep going.”

“Are you sure? This is the first time you can refuse. Next time it will be up to Reed.” Vince tapped his screen. Amy wondered if he was bored.

“Yes, I’m sure. What’s the next question?”

“Ok then, the 48th president got his start in entertainment. What television show did he start on?”

Amy grinned. “That’d be on Parks and Recreation.” Her grin faded at the sight of Vince’s grim smirk.

“Oh, that’s incorrect. While he did gain most of his popularity on that show, his first appearance was twelve years earlier on a tv show called E.R. That’s your third wrong answer, and we all know what that means.”

The meter rose again. Amy wanted to yell or scream, but something stopped her. She focused on Reed who seemed to be in some discomfort. Then the next level hit her. Her body felt like it had ants crawling all over it for a few seconds. She felt an immense pressure in her chest. Without hesitating, she pulled her shirt off and scratched at her back until the bra fell away. Reed gawked at her, but the audience was dark and silent while Vince casually looked at his panel. Her heavy breasts jutted out from her as her hands came up to feel her newly engorged orbs. As soon as she touched them, her body shivered with pleasure. Instinctively, she squeezed her nipples and smiled as a slow stream of warm milk dribbled over her fingers. Vaguely, she knew that hundreds of people were watching her milk herself, not to mention the millions who watched from beyond the camera’s dark lens. She’d seen the women before, turned into milky cows by the serum while their husbands became big beefy hunks.

She looked over at Reed. He’d taken off his shirt to reveal a broad, hairy chest. He’d never had so much as peach fuzz before, but now he wore an almost fur like patch of hair on top of his muscular chest. He leaned back in his chair, and Amy saw why. The boxers had grown uncomfortable, and he’d stripped them away. Between his legs, a cock twice the size of the one she had known stretched up painfully above a leathery pouch of swollen balls. Amy’s mouth watered as she looked across at her changed husband. She imaged that fat cock sliding between her new tits, precum and milk lubricating her hypersensitive skin as he fucked her titties. Maybe getting the question wrong wasn’t so bad, not if she got to have that cock to play with.

Vince continued, not paying the slightest bit of attention to the state of his contestants. Amy began to wonder if he could see them at all. “Reed, how are you holding up. To have a sixty percent dosage this early in the game is worrisome, even for the bravest. Are you ready to continue?”

“Yes,” Reed answered, his voice flat.

“Ok then. Here’s your question. In a normal game of baseball, how many outs are there per inning?”

Reed turned his head to look at his wife. She was half a mess. Her pussy had soaked through her underwear and made a damp spot on her pants. Her bare breasts continued to leak over her hands and down her stomach to her thighs as she kept rubbing them. The sight made Reed’s cock ache. He imagined sliding inside of her sopping wet cunt and slapping her ass as he claimed her as his own good cow. “Three.”

“I’m sorry. That’s incorrect. Six per inning. Three in the top and three in the bottom. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re crossing into new territory. With that wrong answer, the dosage is raised to eighty percent.” The world blurred. Amy felt as though she had fallen asleep on a cloud and floated away. The bliss faded as the serum normalized in her bloodstream and she became aware of her body changing. There was a commotion on the set, and Vince was gone. In his place was a large cushion, a bed without the frame. Technicians moved around her quickly, unhooking things and prodding her gently. She heard Vince’s voice again, “Amy and Reed, thank you so much for participating in our game. As you are the first couple to cross to the eighty percent threshold, we’ve elected to stop the game. Do not worry though, you have earned the first seven thousand and as a show of good faith, we’re going to raise that to ten thousand. Now, when the contestants lose, the audience wins! Enjoy the show everyone!”

Amy saw him getting to his feet. Reed, her husband, stood up to his full height muscle rippling up and down his body. Between his hair covered, bulging thighs, a cock almost as big as Amy’s arm stuck out at full length, oozing precum from its tip. Amy moved over to the bed, understanding its purpose and stripping the rest of her clothes away as she moved. Her breasts leaked a constant stream of milk and yet the pressure remained. Leaning forward gave her some relief. Letting her udders dangle underneath her, she crawled onto the bed on all fours. Her pussy felt different too. Her hand moved down from her slim belly to feel the soaked folds. She shook with pleasure as her hand brushed over the engorged nub at the crest of her pussy. As she quivered, she felt her ass shake from side to side. Looking over her shoulder, she saw two enormous globes of lily white flesh, much bigger than she’d had earlier, and beyond that the hulking form of her changed husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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