Garage Therapy

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Garage Therapy
By Denuded Man-berries

I have been living with my girlfriend for 20 years and we have always had a great sex life. Every now and then we like to spice things up to get out of the routines we fall into.

We have been thinking more outercourse would be called for so when the time came to get busy, we went to the bedroom. Once on the bed, I gently guided her smooth feet in the air, rocked her sensuous body back by the shanks, and made my way between her lush, peach-pink thighs; French kissing her supple pussy until she came several times.
I then slithered along her luxuriant ventral curvature, sliding myself in, our prepared genitals interlacing stiff and wet. We hard fucked missionary for some time, I was kissing her neck and squeezing her butt as I thrusted her to another orgasm, and then I pulled out and she took hold of my cock and heartily jerked on me. The problem was, I never came. Two hours went by trying and she just had to stop.

This has happened a lot over the years when she sucks and jerks me, which is why we usually have sex and I eat her pussy, but since I seem to have trouble cumming from her manipulations, we mostly skip it and I go for a vaginal explosion. She has several orgasms, I generally have one big eruption from intercourse, filling her with cum, and it is all very hot and sexy none-the-less.

I had figured after all this time I might not still have my problem though. I remembered one time we were camping in the woods and she sucked me and I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life… so I knew it could work but something was apparently still blocking me from extra vaginal climax.

Then the next afternoon, she asked me to come with her to the garage because she wanted me to help her with some things out there. We walked in and I thought it was weird that she shut the door, especially since the only light was the sun penetrating the boards.

As soon as she turned around, she ordered me to undress. ‘What?’ Without another word she came over and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down… my genitals dropped out and then she pulled off my shirt. I was going to leave my shoes on but she wanted those off as well.

“Take the socks off, too,” she said. “Now stand up on the riding mower with your right foot and this sawhorse with your left.” I had one bare foot on the grimy engine of the mower and the other on the dirty sawhorse and I had to reach my hands up to the beams above to balance myself.

It was hot out and my bobbers were swinging low from between my legs right in front of her. I could hear neighbors in the distance. I was a little nervous and so not very rigid yet, being exposed in the garage, standing up on stuff, and sort of hanging from the rafters. She didn’t waste any time, though, in lustily lapping up my soft cock in her mouth and swishing it around. At the same time she was clutching my ball sac and pulling it out away from my body!

She fumbled and slobbered me like that for a while and I thought I was going to go insane. My legs started shaking. It was even hotter in the garage and sweat was streaming down my back and legs already but I still wasn’t really close to cumming.

She palmed my jewels and slurped the end of my penis, then the head popped out of her mouth with a sound, waving about all pink and upright. She still had my balls in her fist. She gripped and ordered, “Take it!” and started sliding my foreskin back and forth along the shaft with her other fist, pulling my hips along by the scrotum and squeezing the cock head at the apex of every stroke.

My hands almost slipped off the board above me and one foot blundered off the sawhorse, waving in the air by her shoulder. “Take it! Take this and be grateful!” My eyes squeezed out a tear drop; my mouth was shut tight holding back muffled exclamations of lustful frenzy.

Then I could hear voices closer by outside and I pulled back from her but she wrenched me forward, almost yanking both feet right off the mower and sawhorse and kept pumping with a purpose. Every now and then I blurted out in response and quickly got quiet—worried someone would hear me out there.

I was closer now; it felt good getting gripped and drawn so passionately and I was quite turned on being handled like that. Varyingly pumped and sucked on, she fisted my sheath up and down along my solid penis and slobbered it into her hot mouth, drooling liberally and then sliding the skin back and sliming the head in her squashing clenched fingers.
Despite the ecstasy of her hungry eating and mauling of my dangling ripe fruit from below, I could tell my penis was holding back from blasting. I flexed my whole body taut and went up on my toes on the mower. I tried to squeeze the orgasm out by bearing down real hard as she worked over my privates. I wanted to cum for her so badly—so bodily.

I heard a noise just outside the garage which made me jump a little and pull against her grip, but I realized it was just one of our dogs running around outside the garage. She pulled me back by my balls and wrung my jumble some more, palming and palpating to express my glands and extract my stubborn jism.

Then she let go and my swollen assortment swung between my spread legs. I was still standing on the balls of my feet and hanging from the rafters by my fingers as I watched her get a drink.

I was panting and the airy swing whispered echoes of sensation on my gobbed genitals of gooey pawing and tonguing suction. Sweat was pouring down all along my naked flesh; rivulets were training about across my skin and I could feel drops tracking along the crack of my ass, teasing my anus and the back of my legs, falling to the floor.

She turned back around, drew me forward by my testes again, slapped my stiff penis with her open palm, and just stared up at me. It flopped around from the smack so she held my balls and gathered the foreskin with the tips of her fingers, pointing my shaft off to the side to steady it and soundly slapped my erection again .

She paused looking up at me as I bucked from the blow and swallowed my yelp trying to keep quiet, then resumed pumping like it was just the normal thing to do. She industriously worked my hard dick for sperm, all the while latched onto my scrotum and wrangling me forward.

I arched my back and thrust my pelvis toward her as she continuously wrung my engorged equipment. “Take it!” she ordered. I was on my toes again, still dripping sweat. She looked up, “Take it!” I clenched my butt and could feel something starting to happen in my penis…. I knew I didn’t want this to keep going for two hours; I didn’t think I could stand up there like that for very long anyway!

Focussing on the edgy tickle, I bore down again as she worked my fevered cock and balls like she was trying to shake them loose and then my whole body seized up with a spark; I let out a stifled moan and my pecker blew its first lob inside her swallowing mouth.

She let the pulsing erection slip out and lapped at it as the second spurt discharged in her hair. She just kept right on kneading my nuts like she was squeezing out every drop while slavering and milking the shaft until I was completely dry and most assuredly empty. This had me shaking so bad I almost lost my footing!

After a minute I was struggling to step down, my knees shaking and my joints stiff from standing up there for so long… but at least it was a productive session this time. I was a mess, naked and dripping with sweat and cum. She stood there still fully clothed looking at me pityingly.
Garage Therapy
She finished her drink, “Now go mow the lawn.”

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