Gary and Jayne Ch. 02

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Note to readers: I’d recommend starting with Part 1 to familiarize yourself with the characters. Thanks to Snakey3456 for his editorial help on this and part 1. Thanks for the feedback; Part 1 was my first submission. The story involves adultery, so if you find that offensive please skip.


I had spent the past few days since my encounter with Gary teeter-tottering between guilt and elation. I had cried on the way home from our encounter, big self-loathing sobs. When I got home I lay on my bed for quite some time and pondered. I could still smell Gary’s scent on my skin. My husband was such a great guy; he didn’t deserve this at all. He had slipped early in our marriage and had an affair. It was the most horrible and miserable time in my life. I promised I’d never, ever, cheat; the pain was too horrific and devastating. I swore I’d leave him before I’d cheat on him. It took years to get over the pain and humiliation. Why did I stay? Love, mostly. I loved him, second, probably stubbornness, I didn’t want to admit defeat. We patched things up with the help of a good therapist and I made peace with what had happened. I didn’t want it to happen again.

On the other hand, the goose and gander argument went through my head. Hah! Revenge at last. But you can’t fool yourself, I’m not particularly the vengeful type, and that made me feel more ashamed. Well, a bit.

I was ready to never go back to Flatwoods, never see Gary again. I did not need to risk my marriage over a few moments of pleasure.

Then the other warring part of my brain took over. Not a few moments of pleasure, lots and lots of moments of pleasure. Sensations never felt before, screamingly glorious sex. This is what men and women were meant to do together. Screw it, life is short. I could die in a car crash tomorrow. Maybe there would be a way to have my cake and eat it too, as long as no one got hurt.


I was progressing in my marathon training, taking some longer runs, and quite frankly, I was tired of running around my neighborhood. I tried to run on the ground when I could, asphalt next, and sidewalks as a last resort. I didn’t need to add any stress to my legs if I wanted them to carry me, eventually, 26.2 miles at once. But options were few in my neighborhood. I needed to find a better place to run.

I discovered that within the same park system where I bike on a paved surface is a series of off-road trails for hikers and mountain bikers. And runners. It’s called it mountain biking but there are no mountains here in the Tampa Bay area. You can encounter an occasional incline.

Once I figured out the loops and assured myself that I wouldn’t get lost in the woods, I took to doing most of my shorter runs there. My weekly long run I did at Flatwoods because there were water stops. Being in the woods made Florida’s heat and humidity during the summer much more bearable. It’s a few degrees cooler in the shade and it really made a difference on how far or fast I can run, and how I feel afterwards. Once the weather cooled as the seasons changed (Fall starts in mid-November, leaves change on some trees, then all the leaves drop in January; the leaves of the oak trees pushed off by the new ones) it was bliss to run in the cool of the woods (as much as running can be blissful.) There gets to be a point when you forget about your aches and pains and just enjoy the feeling of your body moving on the path; enjoy feeling your breath moving in and out of your lungs, enjoy knowing that this is your body and it is working hard and getting better and stronger with every stride.

Parts of the trail were very narrow and I had to keep my eyes on where I was going, so I didn’t actually look around much. There were stumps and roots dotting the pathway, and I had to use care where I placed my feet. I stumbled occasionally and twisted my ankle a few times and had once taken a tumble when my foot got caught in a root but those inconveniences did not dim my enthusiasm for the trails. The soft sand of the path recorded the footfalls and tire treads of those who came before me, and it was always interesting to speculate about the people who left them. Who, really, runs barefoot? My god that’s a huge dog…uh…hope that’s a dog track, anyway. With my favorite tunes

from my ipod in my ears it was a pleasant way to train.


It was mid-morning when I arrived, the Monday after my encounter with Gary. The weather was perfect, mid seventies, and the sky was a clear, crisp blue with puffy clouds slowly floating by. The parking lot was almost empty. I finished my pre-run ritual (sweatband, hat, ipod, water, watch, heart rate monitor) did some stretches and took off on a five mile loop, starting slowly (not that I run very fast anyway) to get my legs and lungs working. Zonguldak Escort I adjusted the volume on my ipod a bit louder than I normally would have it; since there were only two other cars in the parking lot I wasn’t worried about not hearing an approaching cyclist. Well, that was a stupid assumption. About 10 minutes into my run I approached part of the trail that narrows quite a bit– just barely fitting between two trees– and then right afterwards there’s a series of zigzags between the trees followed by a mound about 5 feet high with a fairly steep slope. I think they had ‘engineered’ this part of the trail to make it more exciting for the bikers. A small plane was flying low overhead, approaching the nearby airport and it was so loud that it drowned out my music. I was running down the side of the mound when I heard a shout. “Look out!” I turned and saw a biker right on my tail as I was coming off the mound. I tried to zag to the right but the biker went in the same direction. I guess the rider must have braked hard, but the bike bumped me and sent me sprawling onto my hands and knees and the cyclist fell as well. I heard a deep angry voice. “Didn’t you hear me behind you? What the hell are you doing?” I had moved from being on my hands and knees to sitting on my rear, examining my bloody knee. My back was to him. “Shit, are you hurt? Are you OK? You scared the crap out of me.” He extracted himself from his bike, propped it up, stripped off his helmet and tossed it aside, and knelt down beside me. I had recognized his voice by this time and hid my smile when he realized who I was. “Oh, fer Christ’s sake, it’s you. Damn, Jay, you gave me a scare. What are you doing out here?”

“What the hell does it look like I’m doing? I was trying to run.” My heart was starting to thump and my blood was starting to quicken just being near him.

“Oh, damn. Let me start over.” He paused, cleared his throat and assumed a more authoritative tone. “Jay, short for Jayne, fancy running into you here.”

I hesitated for a long moment, and then snorted a laugh. “Badda badda bing. That’s right folks, he’ll be here all week.”

“OK, OK, that was pretty weak. How’s the knee?” I haven’t had a skinned knee in years. It didn’t look too bad, blood was not dripping down my leg but had formed about a one inch round red patch. It stung but not as badly as I thought it would. I picked up my water bottle, brushed off some of the leaves that had stuck to my bloody knee, and poured some of the icy water over my wound, trying to get some of the dirt out and blood off. Gary put his hand under my knee and lifted it closer to his eyes for a better inspection, and his hand on my skin was creating an assault on my senses. “Doesn’t look too bad. It should scab over soon.” He kept his one hand under my knee and put my foot back on the ground. He then started rubbing up and down my calf and shin and I was gone. I tried to breathe in but my breath caught in my throat and kinda hitched and turned into a low hiss.

“Uh, you took a pretty nasty fall yourself. How about you?” I inched closer, trying to remove any space barrier between us. “Are you hurt?” I took off my glasses and tossed them over by my water bottle.

“If I am I can’t tell. My mind is focused on this.” He leaned down and kissed me hard. The surge of response in my body was unbelievable. Since our previous encounter I’d been living in a state of heightened sexual awareness– basically aroused 24 hours a day, reliving those moments in my mind–but his kiss blew the lid off it all. He scooped me up and pulled me into his lap, cradling me with his left arm around my back holding me up, which gave his right hand access to all my parts. I could feel him, hard, ready and aroused, under my butt. I groaned and put my hands up to his head, ran my fingers through his sweaty hair, pulling him close, trying to keep from screaming with the feelings of joy that was coursing through my body. He smelled glorious. He was sweaty from his ride and it was an earthy, male smell and it drove me wild. “Pretty Jay, pretty Jay, how are you today?” he murmured into my neck between bites and kisses. Had I ever been this aroused? One kiss from this man had me begging for more. I was mindless with desire.

“I’m good, I’m great, I’m fabulous now.” My body was trembling like a tuning fork. His free hand roamed up my belly to my chest. He fondled one breast, then the other. I could feel my nipples straining through my thick sports bra. He lightly pinched my hardened nipples, then tried to cup an entire breast, which was impossible considering the harness-like structure of my sports bra. We continued to kiss and explore each other with our hands. His right hand moved slowly south and came to rest right between my legs. Zonguldak Escort Bayan He rubbed back and forth, arousing me even more through the thin layer of my running shorts.

He paused from our kiss to whisper in my ear, “Damn, woman, you are ready already.” I tried to suck some air into my lungs to reply, but just managed to moan instead. He stroked me up and down, lightly at first, then applied a bit more pressure, at which point I clamped my thighs around his hand and held his hand in place but moved my hips up and down along with him. It was bliss. It was wonderful. It was glorious. But I wanted him in me, now. But we were, after all, right in the middle of a rather popular biking trail. My mind was warring against my body. On one hand, I wanted him so badly I would have done it with him on the 50 yard line during halftime of a Bucs game, but on the other hand we both had reasons to keep this under wraps. We didn’t need to be discovered by anyone. Reluctantly we stopped our mad make out session. He eased me off his lap. I stood up with his boost, then gave him my arm to help him up. I looked at him. On his arms and legs were patches of gray sand, which had clung to his wet sweaty body after his fall. His jersey and shorts were dirty too. I looked down at myself. My appearance matched his. “Jay, I don’t have much time. I was nearing the end of my ride. I’ve got to get to work. I’ve got a meeting with a client.” I tried to brush some of the worst dirt off my shirt.

“Damn,” I breathed out, “I want you so badly. You’ve gotten me all worked up.” He stopped my arms from their brushing and held them by my side and kissed me between sentences, nibbling on my lips. “You can’t just leave now,” I wailed.

“You want me, I want you.” He nibbled my ear and whispered, “Alright, babe, if you’re up for a quickie in the woods, you’re on.”

“Gawd, yes. But we can’t stay here.” I said.

Gary reluctantly released me and picked up his bike and quickly examined it, making sure it had suffered no ill affects in the fall. He clipped his helmet to the handlebars and wheeled back my way while I gathered my things. “If we just walk a minute or two off the trail we should be far enough from potential prying eyes and have some, ah, privacy.”

“Privacy… privacy’s good.” I agreed. “I’ll follow you. That way I can watch your butt in your spandex.” He set off and I was right behind him, admiring the view. He was walking a bit gingerly; bike shoes aren’t made for walking. “Do you have any idea where we’re going?” I asked while stashing my ipod into my running pouch. I took a slug of water.

“Not really. I just want to get far enough off the main trail. Then I can have my way with you.” He turned as he said that, sent me a wicked, wolfish grin, his even white teeth shining. We dodged trees and thick underbrush. I would have liked to walk side by side but the closeness of the trees made it impossible.

“So, how have you been?” I broached the question that had been weighing on my mind as I pulled back the branches of a tree.

“Not so good, really.” He hesitated for a moment. “But I don’t want to talk about that now. I’m good now that I’m with you. I can’t wait to get you naked again.” He held back a branch and let me pass, otherwise it would have slapped back at me if he’d released it. “Look, that big oak tree up ahead. Think that will work.”

I looked ahead and saw a giant old oak tree; the base was well over three feet in diameter. The tree started branching out about five feet off the ground, it had a huge canopy and it was heavy with dripping Spanish moss. “Looks like a good hiding spot to me. We need to make sure there are no ants, though. That wouldn’t be much fun.” He leaned his bike against the side of the tree where we had come from and I checked the ground on the other side. I couldn’t see any ant hills. I put my glasses inside my running pouch and stashed it, along with my water bottle, in a crook in the tree. I felt him come up behind me, felt his hands on my butt, next my waist then up to my breasts as he closed the space between us. His lips were hot on the side of my neck, kissing and biting softly, his bands on my breasts, and his erection was nestled in the crack of my rear. I arched my back to try to get closer and turned my head for a kiss. While we were kissing he tugged on my shorts. They fell to my shoes and I kicked them aside and he pulled his down. That wondrous cock that had brought me so much pleasure sprang free.

“When I said quickie, I meant it,” he murmured into my ear. He positioned his hard cock between my cheeks and slowly pushed in, his hands on my hips. I felt him–and it felt oh so wonderful–slide over my labia and clit. He was lubricating himself with my wetness. I was Escort Zonguldak slick with excitement. I reached in front and braced myself against he tree and let him slowly stroke the outside of me. My breath started to come in little gasps and I moaned every time he slid back in and hit my by now oh so enlarged and sensitive clit. After a minute or so of this, he stopped and positioned himself at my opening. I spread my legs and moved my ass towards him for easier access, tilting upwards. With a strangled cry he buried himself in me. “Jay! Jay! Jay!” he breathed with each thrust. His left hand moved and rubbed and pinched and fondled my breasts, still encased in their armor. “Touch yourself!” he ordered, whispering into my ear.

“No, uh, no…I can’t. You…you do it.” I stammered, glorying in the feelings he was bringing.

“Touch yourself! I want to watch you, watch your hand…c’mon… I can see you over your shoulder.” He grabbed my right hand in his and, with his hand over mine, moved it down between my legs. I started stroking myself, shyly at first, but with hand right over mine, guiding me, I sped up and was stroking myself rhythmically with his thrusts. “God, yes, that’s soooo hot, you’re so hot!” He moved his hand from mine and was fingering me at the same time. It was too much for me.

I froze as the orgasm rolled over me. I shuddered and bucked and called out with each peak that hit me. “Uh…unh…unh…ah…ah…ahhhh…AAAHHH!!!” I collapsed into his arms. He was still buried deep inside me, and he wrapped both arms around my lower belly to my hips so that I was totally entrapped by his body. He sped up his thrusts and I heard his breathing shift, change.

He quickened his pace even more, I heard him moan. “ARRGGH……oh..Jay…” He pulled his cock out and thrust it down between my thighs and that’s where he came. He held me tight, squeezed me hard while he shuddered his release.

“Oh my God, Gary…that was..that was…my god….uhhh…Wow!”

“God, Jay, that was great! Wow indeed!”

I laughed, delighting in his enjoyment, in knowing I had given him pleasure. It made me feel womanly and sexy and powerful and humble all at once. I turned to face him and we embraced and shared more kisses. “Yes, it was great, Gary. That was some mighty nice boot-knockin’.” He pulled up his shorts and I found mine and managed to get them back in place.

“I hate to leave you but I do have to get to work,” he told me while I gathered my things while he got his bike. “Wham, bam, thank you ma’m and all that.” We set off.

“Well, you know, it works for me. This was just a special bonus added to my day. Hey, is there a female answer to that? Fur, stir, thank you, no…hmmm….lure, stir, thank you sir. I think that works.” I was following him as he retraced our steps.

“No, that is totally lame. How about: flirt, dirt, squirt…thank you sir! That was us today.” He laughed at his own joke.

I giggled too. “Stud, mud, flood, thanks blood.” I rapped and giggled some more. “But we do need to talk sometime, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. Are we still on for Wednesday? Maybe we can talk then, you know, uh, before….” he trailed off.

“Do you think we can keep our hands off each other long enough to have a conversation? I guess that will be a challenge.” We were back where we had started from. “Like, if we keep seeing each other, and at this point I guess we are, do you think we can, uh, maybe, find someplace comfortable to do it?”

“What, you’re not fond of mother nature? I thought you were the outdoorsy type girl.” He grinned down at me.

“Being outside is one thing. Having to check for ticks is another.” I smiled back up at him.

“All right I’ll see what I can do.” He mounted his bike, looked around to make sure no one was around, and pulled me in for a very thorough good-bye kiss. It sent fresh shivers through my body.

“One more request,” I whispered to him. “Can we perhaps find some time for some foreplay?”

“Mighty cheeky and demanding, aren’t you? What, I haven’t kept you happy?” He asked, teasingly.

“No, not at all…don’t be so…” I looked up at him, at the smile on his face. “I…ah…want to taste you.”

“Oh, God!” He crushed me to him. “You’re making me hard again.” He bent me backwards in a kiss, almost toppling his bike. “I’ve got to go, now, or I’ll be dragging you back into the woods again. See you Wednesday, say 9:30?” I nodded in agreement. He gave me one last kiss then rode off. I watched him ’til he was swallowed by the woods and I couldn’t see him anymore. I checked my watch and realized that I had my heart rate monitor on the entire time. Those numbers would be interesting to review later! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to continue running or not. I was supposed to do five miles but had only done one when Gary ran into me. What the hell, I didn’t have to be anywhere for a few hours. I adjusted my ipod, stopped and reset my watch for a new lap, and started running slowly further on the trail. After all, I had lots more to think about now.

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