GB Club Ch. 01

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Gang Bang Club – Preliminary

It had been several months since the Erotic Exotic Ball. We had seen each other at work but had not really had a conversation beyond common office small talk. Perhaps people were reluctant to admit what had transpired that night or, while excited by their behavior, not quite sure how others were reacting. All of us had pushed our limits that night.

Irene broke the ice and organized an after work happy hour. California experienced some early spring weather that day and we decided to meet after work for margaritas at a local bar with an outside patio to enjoy the sun. Irene had asked me to meet her earlier than the rest. She had something to discuss. I arrived and ordered drinks for both of us.

Irene is a Japanese-American 3rd generation born in the Los Angeles. She is slim, 5’ 6” tall and possesses a body trimmed from years of competitive distance running. Her smile warmed me as she found our table. She was outfitted in a nice pair of sunglasses, a white silk blouse and black knee length skirt appropriate for work but high enough to accentuate her tanned trim legs. My eyes had just taken in the tight sexy skin of her calf and lower thigh when she spoke.

“I wanted to get your opinion on something before everyone else showed up,” she whisper’s to me. “Remember when we last met as a group?” I nod, briefly reliving the unbelievably experience we had at the ball.

“I received an invitation to the Gang Bang Club and mentioned I was going to go for it! Well, as time passed it got harder and harder to do it and I started making up more and more reasons not to. I was conflicted. I had such a good time at the ball fucking all those guys and being so dirty. If I just focus on that night I’d love to have it happen over again. But something was stopping me. I finally decided to take little baby steps. I realized I didn’t have to commit to anything…. All I had to do was call.”

I nod attentively. The conversation has grabbed my attention. Irene continues, “I called two weeks ago and was impressed by the voice on the other end. She did not seem pushy or sleazy. Any case, she talked me into taking the next step and I had them send me out a package. I have a question and a favor to ask you. Ready?” I nod in agreement. I am catching up with the implications of her conversation.

Irene takes a deep breath and looks me in the eye. “First the favor!” I nod in anticipation. Irene continues, her voice nervous, “I decided I am going to do this with or without the other girls. As part of the deal I am allowed to bring one male friend with me…primarily for a sense of security although you can be in on the fun to. Will you do it?”

I agree. She looks relieved. “OK, next the question! I want to talk it over with everyone. Do you think I should tell them I am going to join?” We decide we need to find the right opening to revisit the Erotic Exotic Ball. If that goes well she might tell them. Only, if everyone seems content with their prior behavior and will not judge her harshly for wanting to get gang banged again.

I had just started to ask her what she had learned about the club when Nancy arrives. A cute mid-western blonde from Chicago, she is always up for a happy hour or party. Once you know Nancy you know her as a fun loving great lady with a wonderful sense of humor. Fortunately for her, she also has two great assets that make a stunning first impression. First, her face is cute with a smile that invites you to kiss her. Second is her amazing rack. Her breasts are easily 38D and she is well aware of their ability to catch and retain a guy’s attention.

Nancy wears a sleeveless blue check shirt and jeans. The simple outfit accentuates her facial beauty. She possesses a fuller figure that Irene but it is well proportioned to her magnificent breasts. Her jeans are not too tight and nicely highlight her curves. Her shirt strategically unbuttoned just above the point her breasts come together. Nancy’s boobs push outwards on the buttons holding them in. I try to catch a peak down her shirt to no avail. Just like everyone else at the bar, I hope that that last button will break and let her breasts out.

Nancy has barely taken her seat when Joan and Cory arrive. Roommates, their style of dress and demeanor make them appear as opposites in many ways. However, as we learned at the ball, they both have a large sexual appetite. Joan’s figure, flirty looks and frankness in sexual discussion make her appear “easier” than Cory. Joan is more uninhibited in her sexual encounters but is selective about who she has them with. She wears casual Friday attire of nice fitting blue jeans and a purple polo shirt. Both articles of clothing are not overly tight but that does not diminish the visual appeal of her outstanding ass and 34D breasts.

Cory presents herself as the young, innocent girl. Shorter brownish blonde hair is nicely cut in a girlish style that accentuates her cute face. She wears a one-piece dress, sleeves about mid arm and skirt just over the knee. We all chat while waiting for Arlene to make gaziantep bayan escort her expected late entrance. She is a stunningly good-looking blonde who knows she can captivate a room. As expected, she enters after a good crowd is present.

Already tan from the tanning salon she finds a seat in the sun and relaxes back into the chair. Arching her back, as if it is her natural position, she displays her breasts before sliding back into the seat. For the closing act of her grand entrance she gracefully stretches out one of her golden legs before crossing it over the other. Her long blonde hair sits gracefully on her shoulder, standing out against her white blouse. Small strands of hair drop over her neckline and fall against the skin of her upper chest and neck where her blouse is open. Again, the contrast with her tan is captivating.

She picks her clothes well. The blouse, unbuttoned to just below her bust, floats opens just enough to expose her upper chest and the top of her mounds. It is only when she leans forward that the blouse drops open giving you a nice view of her 34C boobs and her nice lacy bra. Her skirt is nicely tailored, fitting snuggly over her hips and flat stomach. The fabric accentuates her curves and figure. The khaki color is casual and sexy; the skirt rests at mid thigh when she is standing. As she crosses her legs and pulls the upper one in tight the dress rides up, just enough to expose most of her outer thigh but not enough to give anyone a peak. She knows how to work a room.

We consume several pitchers and discuss work, office gossip, etc. Everything but what happened that night in San Francisco. Nancy gets up to leave. She had a hot date that night and intended to get lucky early. Irene seized the opportunity to steer the conversation towards the events of that night.

“So Nance, did you ever make that porno?” Irene questions, referring to the offer Nancy received for her performance at the charity fuck booth. Nancy blushes and then answers negatively. An awkward silence follows.

Irene pushes the issues, “Arlene, did you ever respond to the gang bang club?” Arlene answers no. But challenges the group back.

“OK, we need to talk about it sometime. The last time we saw each other we all agreed the only regret we had was not going further. I admit it I am not sure how people were feeling after that night. I regressed like everyone else.” Arlene confesses, leading the conversation forward.

“OK, we know Nancy didn’t do the porno shoot and Arlene has not joined the gang bang club. But, are you still curious about it?” Irene probes. Nancy and Arlene pause before confirming they are still thinking about it.

The group now talks in whispers. A new sexual tension has descended upon us. We are waiting for the next step when Cory says loudly, “Nancy, Irene and Arlene weren’t the only ones with an invitation!”

“Joan, did you do the photo shoot?” Cory asks her roommate. Joan nods slowly before explaining. She has everyone lean forward so she can whisper.

“I did the shoot three weeks ago. It was pretty good. The photographer’s studio was in an OK neighborhood, more warehouse than anything else. I wasn’t really sure until I saw the layout looked fairly professional.”

“What was the offer?” Cory asks trying to remember, “It was to pose in your leather outfit from the ball. But didn’t they also offer you more money to perform sex acts on film.” With that she starts to smirk.

“I only did the topless shots. That was really sexy. I was kind of nervous until we started. But the warmth of the lights and the makeup artist’s brush on my nipples started to get me really horny. They extended the offer to go farther. They had a guy on site that would fuck me. I was so horny I almost did it.” Joan pauses.

“Do you regret not doing it?” Nancy asks, the group eagerly awaits her response.

“Actually, yes! The thought of having my privates photographed as I am fucked really turned me on. Just wish it was not a stranger.” With that she looks at me. “I should have asked you to come with me. Would you have done it?”

I confirm I would and she smirks as she says, “Maybe I’ll have to call them back and see if they are interested in another shoot.”

Nancy turns the spotlight back to Irene. “So, we’ve heard for everyone here except for you. Any interest in the gang bang club?” Nancy asks Irene.

“Don’t you have a hot date?” Irene responds. The group presses for an answer. Irene has the opportunity she is looking for.

“Actually, I called them a week ago!” Irene blurts out. The women are momentarily silent which unnerves Irene. What to they think she wonders?

“That’s great!” Nancy says, “Tell us all about it!”

Everyone settles back in his or her chairs. Irene has center stage.

“The deal is how they described it. I have the brochure if you want to see.” With that she circulated it around the group. “The lady on the phone was very nice. Basically, to join the club you send back the questionnaire that is in the package. As a member of the club you get invitations to various activities that involve multiple partner sex. It is your choice to participate or not.

Or, if you don’t see anything you like, you can suggest a scenario you would like and they will try to arrange it. There is no fee for women. All expenses are paid and you are allowed to bring one guest who will be with you at all times. The guest can be either male or female and will be allowed to participate in the activity. You can also bring additional female guests who may be allowed to play if it fits the scenario at hand.” Irene pauses to let it all sink in before she continues on.

“To become a full member you need to participate in one session. They call them member fantasies, not gang bangs. You will be able to pick which one you are comfortable with. The only requirement is you handle at least five males. All expenses are paid for the events, and for the first one you receive a flat gratuity of $10,000.

The men pay handsomely to be in the club. They are well screened and understand the rules well. Any positive test for disease, excessive drinking or disrespect of the female guests results in expulsion. The lady on the phone said the men are handsome and well off, they do not like having riff raff around. The club sounds really high class.”

“$10,000 for doing a gang bang!” Arlene asks, “I’m in!”

“Oh, it gets better. After you have fulfilled your initiation you can chose to participate in others fantasies or make a suggestion and have your own fulfilled. There are various rewards based upon the suggest scene.” Irene continues on.

“Like what?” Joan asks.

“It’s in the brochure.” Irene continues, “But, basically $10,000 per session with additional money for more men, bareback penetration, letting them cum in you, etc. And, best of all, you get $25,000 for having your own fantasy fulfilled.”

With that the group was silent. Each studied different parts of the material Irene had received. Included was a questionnaire that was very extensive and explicit. It covered every type of sexual behavior and asked the woman to provide experience and desire to perform those specific acts. It also asked them to describe their fantasy partner. It had an extensive section for their personal stats. Not just hair color, weight, etc., but breast size, nipple size when erect, size of labia and depth of vagina.

The package was for female participants and only made reference to the male rules. The significant ones were:

Failure to follow the rules of any activity was ground for automatic expulsion

Failure to comply with a females with after using the safe words, regardless of prior commitment was ground for automatic expulsion

The fee was $100,000 to join and pay as you go from then on

All members were subject to monthly tests for STD’s and AIDS. Positive results would result in expulsion.

For females the brochure outlined the benefits of the program:

All expenses paid for you and a guest, including commercial or private air to the location, minimum two nights accommodation at a five star hotel’s suite and all meals and drinks.

Male guests are allowed to participate as a member on the night of your session

Female guests are allowed to participate in your role if the fantasy allows; however, if it would compromise the scenario or lower the female to male participation ratio too much the female guest may be asked to not participate.

All scenarios being planned will be posted on a secure web site. You will only be able to see the scenarios we feel you are comfortable with. As you demonstrate experience in selected sexual activity more scenarios will be made available to you.

Once qualified as a member you will be able to request any scenario you can think of. We will arrange all matters and participants and ensure it follows as close to your original plan as possible. All requested scenarios will be fulfilled.

Female members receive fixed gratuities from our male members.

The group takes five to ten minutes to get through all the material. One by one they finish and look up at Irene. Cory asks if she is going to do it.

“Actually, I already made up my mind that I was. I just was not sure how you would react.” Irene says tentatively as her eyes search for their response.

“I’m dying to know how it turns out!” Nancy stammers. “And, I’m so horny after reading all that I’d join now to if I could.” Nancy looks at her watch and realizes she is late. “Oh Shit! I’m so late. Well, I’m so fucking horny right now I’m going to walk in a give him a good blowjob and fuck. That should make him forgive me! See ya!” She says as she runs out. The bar hushes as people wonder if they just heard what they thought from Nancy’s mouth.

The others depart quickly as well. Arlene has targeted a co-worker and is on the prowl. Joan heads out for her date. Irene, Cory and I exit after finishing our drinks. As Irene and I get into my car we hear Cory on the phone with her old boyfriend talking about friend sex. We went back to my apartment and completed her form and then complete doing each other. Several days later Irene came over to show me the clubs response.


Thank you for your interest in our select group. We know you will enjoy your membership. Attached is your password and membership name along with the URL for our club members. Do not give this out to anyone else. Misuse is cause for instant dismissal.

Several fantasies will be posted for your pleasure. Please contact us to inquire about any you are interested in. As a temporary member you may not be eligible to participate in all that are currently listed; however, once you earn permanent membership and experience you will become eligible for more and more events.

For your initiation we have selected fantasy C2. You are under no obligation to accept this invitation. Should you decide to proceed with our selection, or when you feel comfortable in selecting one of the listed fantasies please follow the directions on-line to register. Further information will be sent at that time.

Thank you for your interest,

The Gang Bang Club.

We quickly booted up her computer and followed the instructions. After some very discreet web pages we entered the member area and browsed the listings. We found C2 and quickly read the suggestion. While tamer than some of the others Irene found it a good start. After some hesitation she hit the yes button, agreeing to participate and requesting two guests. She would not tell me who the other guest was.

Several days later a FedEx package arrived. Included were three first class round trip tickets to Chicago, Illinois, confirmed reservation at the Hilton and instructions for the event. The note attached read:


Included are round trip tickets to the Chicago for you and two companions. We will meet you at the airport and take care of your needs while in Chicago including transportation.

Thank you for agreeing to participate in our upcoming session. One of our male members is hosting a cocktail party. As part of the entertainment for the members of our club at this event we are establishing five staffed “fucking” booths for their entertainment. Only your privates will be visible to the men. They will select which booth they desire solely based upon the visual appeal of your pussy. They cannot lick or fondle you, only penal penetration will be allowed.

This session appeals to fantasies involving exhibitionism and anonymous sex. The only thing the men will know about you will be your genitals. They will not see or know anything else about the woman they chose to enjoy.

Imagine yourself relaxed and reclined in a darkened environment. You can see nothing around you. The only light is a beam focused on your vagina, which is open and wide since your legs are spread wide. Imagine the men examining you in the waiting area, a close up of your pussy being shown on the display.

Enjoy the cool air drifting over your naked torso. Notice how it contrasts to the warmth of the light on your labia. Finger yourself if you like, making yourself wet and keeping yourself prepared for the cock that could show up at any minute to take its pleasure deep inside you. Imagine the eyes examining your pubic hair, labia and clit trying to determine how you will feel? How moist and deep your wet cunt is. Know they are getting harder and harder as they think of fucking your pussy.

Feel the penetration and enjoyment of this total stranger who only knows you through your pussy. Enjoy his cock push deep inside you before it sputters as he orgasms, spraying cum all over you before he retreats. Neither of you knowing who the other person was or able to identify them.

Lay back and wait for the cycle to begin again. When will the next cock emerge from the darkness and pay homage to your wet folds. Are you ready?

You will be able to select whether or not you want them to cum in you, cum on you or only cum in you only on your last penetration. However, we will ask for volunteers to allow multiple men to cum inside them. You will be asked to staff the booth for a thirty-minute session or up to five engagements, which ever comes first. If you would like there will be opportunity for a second shift.

You will arrive at the hotel late Friday night. The event will be held Saturday night. We will contact you at 6 p.m. Saturday to transport you to the venue. Have a pleasant trip.

Irene is shaking slightly as she puts down the note. Our eyes meet but we say nothing. I wrap my arm around her shoulder and wait for her response. “I think I’m ready.” She says. I give her a quick rub up and down her back before we kiss once. “Who is the other ticker for?” I ask. She won’t tell me. I will have to wait to find out the answer.

Friday found me pacing back in forth in Irene’s apartment waiting for the limo to the airport. A standard black airport limousine pulled up and we went downstairs. Unsure of what adventure awaited us. We both trembled a bit with anticipation and dread at not knowing exactly what we were off to experience. We were free to change our minds and both had shared thoughts of abandoning Irene’s adventure.

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