Geek Sex Ch. 10

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Believe it or not, undergraduates have more to do than just party and fuck, at least those of us who hope to get real jobs one day do. There are papers to write, tests to study for, projects and presentations to prepare, plus I have to make a little money. For the next week I hardly saw Nick or Renee, and I only saw Amy in the dorm. I did have a little mid-day tryst with Renee one day in a hidden corner on the top floor of the library, and Amy spent one night with Renee. Nick and Renee were spending some time together, too. We kept talking about having a threesome or a foursome, but that also means more schedules to work around. Amy and I began sleeping in her bed together, I just left my bed unmade so that if anyone came in they would think I was sleeping there. We didn’t really care much if people thought we were lesbian or bi or whatever. But we didn’t want creepy guys asking to watch, or holy rollers telling us we were going to burn in hellfire for our “sins.”

Me and Amy were both swamped at that point. We’d come home tired, maybe give each other a massage and have comfort sex. Not that there is anything wrong with comfort sex. It’s wonderful to have someone you care about and lust for to come home to and fuck. But sex is like food. You can survive on the university cafeteria buffet, it’s filling and nutritious, but sometimes you need to go to a restaurant for sushi, or a five course French meal, or an expensive steak dinner. Nick knew what we were going through, he had been an undergrad not too long before. We ran into him in town on a Friday afternoon, the week after Amy came back. I guess we both looked a little frazzled.

“You guys alright?” he asked. We both rattled off a list of test and papers we had to do, along with complaints about half the faculty. “It sounds like you need some relaxation.”

“What exactly did you have in mind?” Amy said flirtatiously.

“Well, one day soon the three of us and Renee are going spend about four days fucking, but unfortunately that can’t be this weekend. I have to drive to New York tonight, for a conference, I’ll be there until next Thursday,” he thought for a moment, “But I was about to go into Keri’s for a manicure. I’ll treat you two to anything you want.” Keri’s was a little salon off of the main street in town. Somehow it was both fashionable and friendly without being too expensive. I had gotten my hair done there once the previous year. Amy usually had her hair done there, but hadn’t had time in a couple months.

Me and Amy looked at each other, we didn’t have anyplace to be just then, we could certainly take a few hours off. “Sure,” we said in unison.

“Thanks Nick…but a manicure?” I said poking him in the ribs, “Won’t they kick you out of the Ecological Society?”

“Hush, I’m a gentleman of means now, it’s about time I looked like it,” he said with a false air of importance. “Besides, I’ve never had one, I’ve always wondered what it was like.” We went across the street to Keri’s. It was a slow day, we were the only customers. Nick got a manicure from a cute Korean girl who barely spoke English. Keri did our hair. Amy got her hair cut short and spiky, not much more than a crew cut, she looked even more boyish. I had my shoulder length hair cut into a bob, similar to Amy’s old haircut, but shorter.

Keri was one of the most stunning women I’ve ever seen. She was in her early thirties. Her face reminded me of Catherine Zeta-Jones, her dark hair was cut stylishly, very short in back and longer at the sides of her face. She had a wonderful figure. A thin waist that accentuated her wide, full hips and an ass you wanted to grab with both hands. She dressed with style, a tight, black knee length skirt, and a Japanese pattern silk top. As if that wasn’t enough, she was exceptionally intelligent, she had a degree in anthropology. I went first, Keri was cutting my hair while Amy was sitting in the chair next to us. Once, Keri bent over to get some hair gel from a lower drawer. I was fascinated by her ass, I didn’t even realize I was staring. Then I looked at Amy, she was staring too and biting her lip. We just looked at each other, smiled and resumed ogling this goddess.

When we were all finished it was close to five, Nick asked Keri if she wanted to meet us at the coffee house across the street. A little while later we were all chatting at the Jumpy Goat Café.

“So you two are roommates?” Keri asked.

We looked at other and giggled a little, “Well…” I started.

“We’re more than just roommates.” Amy finished.

“And Renee?” Keri inquired looking at Amy. I surmised that Amy had told Keri all about her relationships. The things women tell their stylists.

“Oh, we still fuck, whenever we can,” Amy answered.

“And this guy too, when he can get it up,” I added and threw the end of a biscotti at Nick’s shiny, bald head.

I wasn’t surprised that Keri and Amy had chatted before, but she seemed to know Nick well also, obviously he hadn’t needed Büyükesat Escort a hair stylist in a while. “So how did you meet Nick?” I asked her.

“Well…” she paused and glanced at Nick.

“It’s alright you can tell her,” Nick said.

“I used to be a dancer at the Oasis lounge,” Keri said, looking directly at me. The Oasis was a strip club just outside of town.

“That’s a lie,” Nick injected, “She was THE dancer.” Keri laughed and looked a little embarrassed. “I used to go there a few times a month, just to watch her.”

“I danced to pay my way through school, but I also like to cut hair, so after college I worked there long enough to get my business started. I quit dancing last year.”

“That’s a shame, I would’ve liked to have seen that,” Amy said, biting her lip again. Keri smiled slyly.

We chatted for a while longer until Nick had to go. Nick left and Keri said she had to go back to the salon before she went home. I gave her a friendly hug and peck on the cheek. Amy did the same and said “I wasn’t kidding when I said I would like to see you dance.”

Keri smiled at her. “Ya know, sometimes I do give private shows.”

“Really?” I said.

“Some of my regulars from when I danced at the club contact me from time to time.”

“Hmmm…Well, maybe we could meet somewhere, maybe Nick’s house, and you could dance for me… and Jan, just the three of us.”

“It would be more convenient if you just came over to my place, its right around the corner. Is tonight good for you?” We both just nodded. “Be there at eight, sharp, here’s the address.” She wrote down the address, and left.

We had a couple hours before we were to meet Keri. I was so excited I was bouncing, Amy was almost as bad. “She is so hot,” I said when we returned to the dorm.

“I know, her ass is just luscious, I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Amy added.

“What exactly do you think she’ll do?”

“Dance, get naked, maybe let us touch her some, why?”

“You don’t think maybe she’ll do something like they do at that club in Montreal?” I had told Amy all about Pussy Brigade and everything else that had happened in Montreal. In fact, she had made me tell her several times.

Amy put her hand over her mouth, “You don’t think she’s planning on doing more than just dancing?”

“Well it’s not like we’ll be at some strip club, we’ll be in her apartment, she can do what ever she wants, and she’s obviously into girls.” Amy’s eyes got wide.

“Don’t get my hopes up, but…um…either way we’re going to have fun tonight, a lot of fun. I think maybe I should introduce you to my strap-on when we get back.”

“Really?” I got wet just hearing the words.

She came closer and kissed me, “Go take a shower, make sure you’re clean, everywhere.”

“What exactly do you have planned?”

“You’ll find out.”

I showered and fingered my asshole deeply. I gave myself an enema, just to make sure. Amy opened the door as I was drying off. I started to tidy up. I went to put the enema bottle away but Amy said, “Oh you can leave that out, I’ll need it.”

I wore a spaghetti strap top and the red mini skirt that Nick had bought me in Montreal. Amy wore a translucent peasant skirt and one of those backless shirts that just has ties in the back. At eight o’clock we were outside the door to Keri’s spacious apartment. She had the entire third floor of one of the older buildings in town. “Hello,” she said, “I’m glad you could make it.” She leaned alluringly against the doorframe like a lingerie model. She wore a silk kimono, her feet were bare. “Come in, you can hang your coats there, would you like a glass of wine before we start,” she sounded completely cool, almost businesslike. We each had a glass of Pinot and chatted about school, jobs, and relationships both with men and women. She seemed to favor women, but mentioned a couple guys. An hour after we got there we were still sitting around the kitchen table.

“Well, you don’t want to just sit here and listen to me talk all night, why don’t I put on some music and we can get started.” Keri got up and led us into the living room. There was an overstuffed leather couch, a couple chairs, and some large, velvet throw pillows. The room was decorated in dark wood and red and yellow tapestries. It had the feel of a sitting room from the 1920’s. There were probably a dozen candles burning and the lights were set low. She put on some ambient electronic music with a vaguely Indian feel and a nice, but not overwhelming beat.

Amy and I sat close together on the couch. Keri walked in with feline grace and a stare that could burn your clothes off. She bent over us and touched us each on the cheek, her legs brushing against ours. She danced slowly in front of us, then untied the belt of her kimono. She did not take it off right away, but only let us peek at the beauty beneath. She turned her back to us and bent over, letting us glimpse her white, lace Beşevler Escort thong. She dropped her robe slowly down her back as she looked at us over her shoulder. We watched in awe as her kimono dropped to the ground and she stood before us, swaying to the music in a thong and strapless bra. She turned around and bent over us, brushing her body against each of in turn. She had a way of tucking the strands of her dark hair behind her ear, then leaning her head forward in an expression of tentative curiosity. She turned around again, now sitting on our knees.

“Unclasp my bra,” she said softly, almost shyly. Amy and I both reached for it and somehow our fumbling hands undid the clasp and the bra fell from her body. She stood and put her thumbs under the side straps of her thong, “Undress me,” she instructed. I took the left side and Amy the right, we lowered the last of her clothes over her hips.

She wore a scent that I had come to associate with strippers, smoky and sweet with a hint of watermelon and maybe mango. Both of us were staring at the flesh revealed as we took off her thong, the crack of her ass, her brown anus, and her shaved pussy. When she was nude she danced before us again. I had never seen a body like hers. Though she wasn’t much taller than us, Amy and I looked like girls in comparison. She had strong shoulders, large, slightly pendulous, breasts, and a thin, toned stomach. Her hips were wide, and full, and her thighs well muscled. She was tan all over, and her pussy was shaved except for a square patch above her clit. She rubbed her breasts across my face and the wetness of her crotch touched my knee. She moved to Amy and did the same. I pulled her dress up to her hips so she could feel Keri against her leg.

Keri put a hand around each of our heads, “Do you want to touch?” She asked. We nodded in unison. “OK,” she said, “but I’ll get to touch too.” My hands began at her thigh, moved up over her silken hips, to her breasts. Amy caressed her ass with one hand and moved the other up her inner thigh. As Amy approached her pussy she looked into Keri’s eyes. Keri nodded yes, and Amy touched her slit, playing tenderly with her lips. I looked at Amy in disbelief, then began to do the same, rubbing my fingertip against her clit. But I had become obsessed with more than pussy, and I knew Amy was too. I got my finger wet with her juices and traced them back, past the folds of her twat to her taint. Keri moaned in approval and leaned forward a little more. Amy saw what I was up to and bit her lip. I put my finger against her anus and made a tight circle. I felt her cheeks flex.

Suddenly, she stepped back. “Alright,” Keri said, “This show isn’t for free, its time for you two to dance for me.”

“Us?” I asked

“Yes, both of you, stand up,” we did as she told us. Keri lay down on her side on the couch. Amy put her hand around my waist. “Alright, go ahead, start. Dance for me, undress.” We started to slow dance, with Amy’s hands at my hips, and mine around her neck. Amy nuzzled my neck and bit my earlobe. I put my hands around her back and undid the ties of her shirt one by one, then it fell off between us. Amy pulled at my skirt as she turned me so that my ass was about a foot from Keri’s face. She pulled the hem of my skirt up, revealing my panties, then unzipped it and pulled it down. I pulled my shirt off over my head. We kissed there in front of Keri, our bodies pressed together. I looked over my shoulder at her, she lay on the couch like an empress, commanding us to pleasure her.

Amy squatted down in front of me and pulled my panties down. She massaged my ass, spreading me to present my pussy and asshole for Keri’s approval. I took Amy by the shoulders, stood her up and turned her around, so that she faced Keri with me behind her. I caressed her body from behind, cupping her breasts and fondling her pussy through her thin dress. I put my hand under her clothes and felt her soft wetness, then pulled both her dress and thong off together. I forced Amy’s knees apart, her cunt was right in front of Keri, and spread her lips and flicked her clit with my finger. I turned her around and bent her over, so that her ass was on display for Keri. Keri was watching intently, masturbating with one hand. I put my finger, with Amy’s scent, to Keri’s lips and she licked it. I held it there so that she could thoroughly wet it, and brought it to Amy’s anus, rubbing it then putting the tip just inside.

“You two must be horny by now, I want to see you lick pussy, Jan you lay down, Amy sit on her face.” I wasn’t going to argue with that. I lay on the rich Persian rug. Amy lowered her pussy to my mouth. She was wet, as wet as I had ever seen her. I eagerly licked her, savoring the salty taste. Amy did the same to me. I wrapped my legs around her upper body. I love to 69, but it can be a little frustrating, you both get really hot, then one of you starts to come and then she can’t please her friend. We mimicked each Cebeci Escort other, both concentrating on the others clit, sucking at it in quick, powerful strokes.

“Alright, that’s enough, I don’t want you to come yet,” Keri said, “Both of you face me and kneel.” We did as she said. “Amy, tell me about your friend, does she like to eat pussy?”

“Yes Keri.”

“Just pussy?”

“She likes to give rim jobs too.” I blushed a little when Amy said this, Keri raised her eyebrow and looked at me.

“Is this true Jan? Do you like to lick asshole?”

“Yes Keri.”

“Good,” Keri stood up, she seemed to tower above us, as she touched our hair, “Amy, you lick my pussy; Jan, you lick my ass.” I put both hands on her ass and spread, I had wanted to do that ever since I saw her. Amy was lapping at her pussy, for an instant her tongue met mine at Keri’s taint. Then I started loving her brown hole. It wasn’t large, and seemed smaller because of the width of her hips, and it was dark brown. Girls with skinny little butts, like Amy, had assholes that were easy to get to. Keri’s asshole was nestled in her ample cheeks, in this position, with her standing up, I had to press my face in her crack. My tongue found its target and I licked it with quick strokes, then sucked at it. Keri put a hand on each of our heads for support. I could hear Amy tonguing her cunt. Her hips bucked, but whichever way she went she pressed into either my mouth or Amy’s.

“God you girls are good,” she moaned. She had a minor orgasm, a kind of preview, then pulled Amy’s face from her crotch. “You want my asshole too, don’t you?” My face was still in her luscious derriere, so I can only assume Amy nodded yes. She pulled away from me and knelt on some large throw pillows on the floor. She put her elbows and chin on another pillow. Amy and I kissed, and for the first time I tasted another woman’s pussy on her lips. “Do like my ass?” Keri asked.

“Yes Keri,” we responded.

“Good, kiss it,” and we did. “Now, worship it, love my ass.” Keri arched her back a little more, presenting for us. Amy kissed her left cheek and I her right. It seemed like we kissed it a hundred times, moving slowly inward. I let Amy rim her first. I had felt her tongue me there, but I had never seen her give analingus before. She had an expression of supreme contentedness on her face as she drooled on Keri’s lovely sphincter. We took turns demonstrating our lust for Keri’s asshole. She groaned her approval. She was getting closer to climax and I wanted to give her all the pleasure I could. “Can I lick your cunt Keri?” I asked.

“Yes, eat it,” she replied. I lay on my back with my mouth under Keri’s pussy. Amy was still enjoying her ass, and she put her body on top of mine. I ran the tip of my tongue along her slit, then concentrated on her clit, sucking at it and brushing my teeth against it. It didn’t take long before Keri was shaking with pleasure. When she stood up, Amy and I kissed, I savored the taste of Keri’s body on my lover’s tongue. I rolled over on top of Amy so I could press my pussy into her. I couldn’t believe what we had just done together.

Keri wasn’t gone long. Suddenly I felt her lips on my ear. She kissed us both and said, “So, are you ready for more?”

“What did you have in mind?” Amy asked.

“Well first I want to fuck you pretty little girlfriend,” I felt a little slap at my ass, not from palm, but something plastic or rubber. I looked back and saw that Keri was wearing a strap-on. It was a well made harness, not one of those rubber ones that flap around when you’re fucking, this one was all leather and fit snuggly, but left her cunt and ass exposed. She had a nice purple dildo in it, eight inches or so. It was smooth and tapered at the end, not one of those ones that are supposed to look like a real penis, with veins and all, those might look nice but most women say they don’t feel that good. This one was made for pleasure, more than one kind.

“Stay just like that,” Keri said. She wasted little time. I kissed Amy and looked into her eyes as I felt the tip of the dildo rub against my slit. Keri eased it in with one smooth motion. She bent over me and nibbled on my ear and neck as she fucked me, I could feel her breasts on my back. This was different than being fucked by a guy, having living flesh inside you is better than plastic, but the strangeness, the perverse feeling, of being fucked by a woman made up for that.

I was really getting into it, slapping my hips back into her, then she pulled out. I wasn’t sure what she would do next, then I saw a look of surprise and pleasure on Amy’s face and I knew that Keri had penetrated her. I kissed her and bit her nipples as Keri fucked her. Then she stopped and mounted me again. Amy played with my clit and I returned the favor. Keri did this several times, getting us hot then switching between us. As she was fucking Amy, I felt Keri’s finger inside me, first one in my pussy, then two, then one in my ass. I knew by the expression on her face that Amy was going to cum. Then she shook and shivered and yelled as Keri thrust into her. Keri kissed the tears and drool from Amy’s face, then said to me, “You haven’t cum yet, we’ll have to change that…Amy, the lube is in the bathroom cabinet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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