George’s Oral Fantasy

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His fingers gripped the arms of his chair tightly. He couldn’t hear the activity of the people outside his door. He couldn’t see the sunshine pouring in through his office window. All his attention was focused on the full figured, young blonde kneeling on the floor in front of him. Her small hand had released his throbbing cock from the confines of his pants. Her fingers wrapped tightly around the base, her sweet red lips were positioned just above the head of his rock hard cock. The tip of her wet, pink tongue poking through her parted lips. She tilted her face down towards the head, parting her lips more, preparing to devour him. He closed his eyes anticipating…

“Hey George, see the game last night?” His eyes popped open when he heard his name and he was forced out of his fantasy. He blinked his eyes several times then grinned sheepishly at his co-worker. “Caught me napping, huh Jake?” he said by way of explanation as he inconspicuously slid his chair further under his desk trying to hide his raging hard on. Jake laughed heartily. “Hey man,” he said, “better me than that bitch, Sarah. She would have reported you to the boss!”

“That bitch Sarah” was the attractive, auburn haired woman whose office was just down the hall from George’s and across from Jake’s. Ever since the Christmas party when Jake tried his “never fail” moves on her and subsequently failed, she went from goddess status to bitch overnight. Not that George blamed Jake for hitting on her. She was about 5′ 2″ tall without her “hooker heels” (Jake’s expression). She had that extra padding on her tush that made you dream of squeezing and biting those voluptuous cheeks and oh my god, her breasts. Not too large (Jake, the self-proclaimed boob expert said she was a 36C), but perky and firm. He thought himself a lucky man that he had the opportunity of seeing her walk past his office every morning on the way to hers. Even luckier that she would poke her head into his office and say “Good Morning George.” her mouth, with those full, pouty lips forming perfect little O’s.

“Hey now, Jake,” George stated with a reprimanding tone. “She’s going through a rough time right now with the separation and all. Take it easy on her.” Jake lowered his voice to almost a whisper. “Yeah, yeah. Rumor has it she doesn’t like cock. Imagine a hot lookin’ woman like her and she doesn’t like cock,” shaking his head as he turned to leave. “What’s the world coming to, huh George?” and left the office as quickly as he had entered.

Left alone now, George’s mind went back to his fantasy. He was a 51-year-old man, slightly graying but in pretty good shape. He’d been married 26 of those years to his college sweetheart. Now, Mavis was a good woman, a loving and caring wife but sex had become boring to George. Oh she wanted it often enough but it was always the tuzla escort same old. The one thing he most desired was the one thing Mavis most opposed – a blowjob.

He sat there wondering how many other men his age had never received oral sex. It was no longer just a desire it was a quest. He didn’t just WANT a blowjob he craved it, fantasizing about it all the time. It had become an obsession intruding into every waking moment of his life. Hell, it even crept into his dreams.

He leaned back in his leather chair and remembered with embarrassment the time he fantasized about the choral singer at his church. The way her lips had formed an “o” when she sang “Glory Be the Lord.” He imagined standing on the level behind her and tapping her on the shoulder. When she turned around to face him her mouth was in perfect position for him to insert his cock into it on the next “glory.” He was glad he had brought an overcoat that day.

He picked up his car keys from his desk and looked around to make sure everything was in order before he left the office. He was particular about things like that. He reached into the bottom drawer and pulled out the plain brown paper wrapped package he had placed there after returning from lunch. A discreet visit to the video store and he was now the proud owner of a copy of “Breeze Blows Through Chicago” detailing the sexual escapades of 20 year old Breeze Miles, a college student whose major appeared to be “Blowjobs 101.” How he wished there was a Breeze in his office. He walked down the hall to the elevator calling out a good night to Lisa, the cute receptionist with the lavender painted lips. He got on the elevator and pushed the button for the lower level.

As he entered the underground parking garage he came upon Sarah standing over the open hood of her car, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks. She was leaning over looking under the hood, her short, black, skirt stretched tightly over her round, firm, bottom.

“Need some help?” he asked as he walked up to her. He couldn’t help but notice how her sobbing made her breasts rise and fall under the tight-fitting, low-cut red sweater. “Fucking CAR” was all she said as she slammed the hood down. George couldn’t help but chuckle at her use of profanity. “Well,” he started in his most comforting tone, trying desperately to hide his amusement, “I don’t know much about cars, but I could give you a ride home if you like.” His offer was rewarded with the prettiest smile he had ever seen. “Thanks, George. You’re the best.” and she followed him to where his navy blue, Lexus sedan was parked.

After getting directions, George headed towards Sarah’s condo. “So Sarah, how ARE you doing? Mavis and I were sure sorry to hear about you and Cliff.” He glanced over at her but she made no response to his comment. “Sometimes tuzla escort bayan things just go wrong in a marriage and there is no one to blame, it just happens.” This time she laughed almost gruffly. “I know what everyone is saying, George,” she said with just a trace of anger and disgust, “about me being frigid. But let me assure you it isn’t true. It was Cliff who failed in the marital bed, not me.”

In the 20 minutes it took to arrive at Sarah’s home, she shared with George the most intimate details of her marriage. Beginning with her wedding night when Cliff rebuffed her attempts to go down on him, preferring instead to eat her pussy till she came, mounting her and fucking her till HE came, then rolling over and falling asleep in minutes. From that moment on her and Cliff’s sex life was mainly his performing oral on her and penetration in missionary position, WHEN they had sex.

“Just one time couldn’t he have let ME go down on HIM?” she wondered out loud. George’s face flushed with excitement as he thought he would have let her go down on him EVERY time. As he pulled into her driveway, Sarah let out a deep sigh. “Thanks George, for listening. Sorry if I embarrassed you,” she said, having noticed the redness creeping into his cheeks and mistaking it for embarassment, “but I just wanted you to know the truth. You’ve always been so nice to me I didn’t want you to think it was me that caused the break-up of my marriage.”

George had no idea what to say so he chose instead to pat Sarah’s knee in consolation, feeling slightly guilty that he was using her vulnerability as an avenue to feel her soft skin. She placed her hand over his and gently squeezed his fingers. When he didn’t pull his hand away, she raised it to her mouth and licked the tip of his index finger. “You’re quite an attractive man, George. Have I ever told you that before?” she cooed softly just before slowly sucking his finger into her mouth.

George was utterly speechless. Apparently he had not been the only one aroused by Sarah’s detailed description of her and Cliff’s sex life. He thought about Sarah’s sweet mouth, so warm and moist; he thought about the video on the back seat and his cock responded to both thoughts.

“Oh my, George,” she cooed as she became aware of the bulge in his pants. “Is that for MEEEEE?” He could do nothing but nod his head in agreement as Sarah continued to suck his finger into her mouth. Slowly she reached out with her other hand and began to stroke his cock through his pants. Her hand moved up and down his hard member, occasionally stopping to squeeze it. George thought he was going to die and when she released his finger from her mouth and with both hands began to undo his pants he began to wonder how Mavis would react when the police informed her that her husband escort tuzla passed away just before he got his cock sucked. “Time to let that bad boy out,” Sarah spoke in a deep lusty voice. George turned slightly in the seat to allow her better access and waited with bated breath.

She undid the button first then slowly began to unzip with her right hand as the fingertips on her left hand trailed down his cock following the path of the zipper. She was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear. George was always prepared. Just in case a blowjob came his way he wanted to make sure NOTHING impeded its progress. His cock didn’t require much help escaping the confines of his dress slacks. It had been standing at attention for a while now, pressing against the zipper waiting for its release. Once the barrier was taken away it leapt forward into her face and she lowered here mouth to greet it with a light kiss on the head.

Her tongue poked out between her soft, painted, red lips and pressed against his slit, licking at the pre-cum that had already escaped. George gasped as she began her assault on his cock. She started licking at the base, long, hot, wet licks from top to bottom. He lay back a little and slid his ass forward to give her access to his balls, which she gladly licked and sucked. Gently taking one then the other into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue, bathing it in her saliva. He moaned loudly and this seemed to excite her even more. She licked up from the base and when she reached the tip she slowly sucked in just the head, her right hand tightly gripping the base of his throbbing cock. Yes, George was positive now that he had died and gone to heaven and Sarah was the cock-sucking angel assigned to him to make his stay most pleasurable.

He looked down so he could watch all 8 inches of this thick, throbbing cock slide in and out of her hot, wet mouth. She took it all deep into her mouth, her throat. Her lips pressing against him left smeared, red lipstick rings. He couldn’t believe how excited it made him to know she had left her mark on him. He raised his hips towards her and began to fuck her pretty little face as his hands pressed down on the back of her head. He didn’t want it to end but he didn’t think he could hold back any longer. “Can I feed my little cock slut now?” he murmured and Sarah just nodded her head in consent as she sucked harder, faster, her cheeks imploding from the exertion.

Streams of hot, sticky cum shot into her waiting mouth. She swallowed and slurped like a hungry animal. George was sure he had never cum so hard before in his life. He witnessed the dribbles of cum leaking out the corners of her mouth just before he fell back against the door of his car, completely spent. He could hear the mmmmmmmmm’s escaping her throat as she licked up the dribbles. He closed his eyes.

The elevator finally started to move again after its long stall and when the doors opened in the parking garage, there was Sarah, leaning over the open hood of her car, cursing like a sailor. George just smiled.

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