Geran and Nicole Ch. 07

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A quick inbetween chapter with plot progression and sex. Usual disclaimers – story contains incest and multiple partners. Everyone 18 or over. If not your thing please move on. It is also sci-fi / fantasy and the main characters are not human and do not behave according to human norm. Sections framed by * are telepathic conversations. Comments (constructive) welcome!

Sunday Morning:

Sunday morning we woke around ten-thirty a.m. I asked everyone if they would like to go out for a Sunday brunch – my treat. Everyone thought it was a good idea so we got dressed and into Mom’s car. She made us act normal as much as possible. She said it was protective camouflage. I pretty much thought it was bullshit because anyone who was interested in us already knew about us. The normal didn’t matter.

Nicole sat up front with Mom and I was in the back. *Geran?* Nicole tapped me.


*I can feel you and Mom tensing up. It’s like putting two predators in a small cage. You two just can’t spend a lot of time together until you figure out why you rub each other the wrong way. I suggest either we go do something on our own after brunch or you two find a secluded place to have it out.* I could feel her concern.

I sighed deeply mentally, *Nicole, I don’t know what to do. I love her very much and I know she loves me. We keep trying to make it work and we just never seem to click. Most of the problem is I don’t trust her. She keeps so many secrets and hides so much from us. I want us to get along but I don’t know how to make it happen.*

*I’ll help you any way I can. You know that. After brunch you go play with Celeste. I’ll hang out with Mom. See if I can get her to open up a bit about you. Sound like a plan?* She was always so positive.

*My gut tells me it should be the reverse; me and Mom; you and Celeste, but I trust your judgment and I will do my best to be calm today.* I told her.

We got to the restaurant and maintained very civil behavior. However, it wasn’t fun. It felt forced and I was kinda introspective most of the time. After brunch we went different ways. They had decided to go shopping. I ‘ported home. I called Celeste, but she was out so I left a message.

I dug into my supply of secret tomes and worked on deciphering them and seeing if there were any hints to our powers. After three hours I had discovered a whole bunch of zilch. Well, that’s not entirely true. I learned a handful of minor spells. If nothing else I was becoming a half-assed sorcerer. Add that to the potential arsenal. I imagine if I ever get access to the full array of my powers and I get into a battle I’ll get my ass whooped because I can’t make up my mind what ability to use.

I looked inside my mind and tried to feel or see where my powers were or what was locking them. Like always, I didn’t find anything. Maybe I didn’t have any other powers. Maybe this was it. Except I knew there was more. I knew I could solve this one day, but I needed it to be soon enough to be able to protect Nicole and myself from the inevitable attacks that would come. She had to be safe. She was my life and my obsession. It didn’t help either I was physically addicted to her. I literally, physically would die if I was away from her for more than five to six days. Nicole had no such addiction and we didn’t know why.

I pulled a little card from my wallet and compared it to the wristwatch I had on. The watch was magical and hi-tech and although it did tell the time of day, its most important function was as a counter. It told me how long Nicole and I had been apart. It also contained six concentrated vials of her blood and vaginal secretions containing her pheromones which extended my lifeline by a week per vial. I needed to corner Mom and make her tell me how she mixed and concentrated them.

I looked at the card even though I knew it by heart.

24 – 72 hours – slight fever, some sweating, mild headache

72 – 144 hours – mid range fever, heavier sweating, moderate headache

144 – 168 hours – high fever, blurred vision, difficulty speaking, heavy sweating, severe headache

168 – 216 hours – loss of cognitive abilities, animalistic behavior, internal bleeding, bleeding from ears, nose, eyes, plus the above

216 – 240 hours – coma, catatonic state

240+ hours – death

I made certain the little vials were still intact and tightly sealed.

All I had to do if I needed an emergency dose was hit the watch against my wrist and the fluid was injected directly into my veins. Otherwise it acted automatically when the symptoms were at the 168 hour level. Mom had told me there were factors which could affect the times. A marathon oral sex session would delay the effects considerably. Sex with Mom would delay the effects although she had much less impact on me than Nicole did. Drinking Nicole’s blood was a big delay factor. Maybe I should make some more and put them in a bracer or necklace or something. Nicole had the watch and first vial made for me. It was a gift from her. My presents görükle escort for her paled in comparison, but how do you compete with someone who just gave you a backup plan to help you live?

I sighed and put the card away and refastened my watch. I looked at it. Five hours and some change. She had a similar watch that would let her know when she needed to get back to me. She didn’t always wear hers. She figured small periods away from each other didn’t warrant it. My addiction / dependency was our most closely guarded secret. An enemy who knew that wouldn’t have a very hard time taking me out of the game.

I practiced a few of the spells. They were easy and seemed to be second nature for me. Maybe I would be a three-fourths assed sorcerer. I decided I wanted a break. I went to the FROG and powered up the TV and computer. I accessed one of my favorite home videos, got comfortable, and pulled out my cock and began stroking it while the video started.

It was the one of Nicole and Celeste cat-fighting at school a while back. It was one of my perverse pleasures watching two hot girls fighting. Clothes were ripping and flying. I was getting into the action when a soft hand reached over my shoulder and began stroking me. I looked over my shoulder. It was Celeste and she was nude. “Hi, Sweets! Glad you showed up!” I said.

“Hmmm, me too. Is this because of me or her?” She asked squeezing my dick.

I got up and walked around the sofa to get behind her. “Both. Now we’re going to have some fun watching this.” I grew my second dick, bent her over the back of the sofa and entered her. We were watching the video while I pumped into her. We both commented on the catfight while screwing. I made sure to cum in her when the action stopped. “That was really fun, I’m glad you came over Celeste.”

She disengaged herself from me and gave me a kiss, “Me too. Although I really came over to kick your ass on some games.” She pulled on a g-string and hopped over the sofa into a crossed legged position. “Gimme a controller and put in a game!”

I put in a game I was decent at playing and tossed her a controller. I sat beside her and slid a finger inside her.

“Hey! No distractions!” She yelped.

I pulled my finger out with a nice glob of my thick goo and wiped it on her face from her forehead to her chin. “No problem! No distractions.” I told her laughing.

“I can still kick your ass with your slime on and in me!” She told me starting the game. Twenty minutes later she had made good on her claim. She did a petty victory dance shaking her tits in my face and mocking me. I reached out to grab her and she pulled away, “Uh uh loser boy. You don’t get any ’til you ain’t such a loser!” She laughed and kept dancing. There was some applause behind me. I turned and looked.

“Hi, Nicole! This isn’t what it looks like!” I exclaimed.

She smirked, “You mean you weren’t just thoroughly defeated by an almost naked chick with obnoxiously large boobs and your cream drying on her face?”

“OK, well, maybe it is exactly what it looks like. You have fun?”

She shrugged, “I bought a couple things for you and a few new panties for me.” Mentally she added, *Mom avoided all my attempts to get into a real discussion. Sorry.*

*Thanks for trying.* I noticed the time. “How about going out for a pizza? My treat? But you need to get dressed.” They both put on shorts and t-shirts and we ‘ported to the alley behind Little Roma, our favorite pizza joint. We all went in and each of us ordered a pizza. We got a pitcher of beer and a pitcher of Coke and six glasses. We have never once been carded for booze. I think we have an aura that says we’re older than we look. We chatted about usual teenage stuff keeping the conversation light. We gossiped about teachers, students, who was fucking whom, plans for the week, new movies coming out, and more.

The pizzas arrived with a second pitcher of beer. I looked at the waiter, “We didn’t order that.”

“Yes sir, it came from the two gentlemen over there.” He gestured at two guys who looked like they were in their thirties. Celeste grabbed the pitched and filled our glasses.

She said while taking a drink, “I ain’t turning down free beer no matter what they think they’re getting.” We were about halfway through dinner when they decided to come over and see if they could get some action. Nicole and Celeste were colder than dry ice with their replies and sent them on their way.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and we got a pizza for Mom and teleported home. The three of us watched some TV and Celeste invited herself to sleep over. I got to be in the middle. Life was good.

Undisclosed Location:

There were only two entities in attendance. The first and third had decided the second’s approach wasn’t serious enough and thus had omitted it from the invitation.

The first entity was hissing like a boiling tea kettle. “They are still alive! They haven’t even been inconvenienced by the ‘high tech’ attack. I think it played us bursa escort bayan for fools.”

The third was shaking in agitation. “We need to form more attacks on them. They could find the other two and start the Apocalypse any day. And who knows what SHE is planning. SHE is the one we should eliminate!”

The hissing replied, “We do not have enough allies to kill HER. Yet. She is a god compared to our abilities. However, haste is needed. The boy is becoming stronger every day. Soon he will rival even us in just mystical ability. Already he is learning how to combine spells to make more powerful ones. The girl is even worse. She is like a bomb ready to explode in power. We must strike now.”

There was silence for several minutes. Then the third broke the silence. “We each plan an attack and execute it. If it doesn’t work we think of something else and keep hitting. Continue to use other agents. We do not want to attract HER attention.”

They agreed.

Nicole’s Story:

One week later.

The afternoon before we were due to start college I was curled up on the sofa watching Bugs Bunny cartoons in just my shorts when Geran came home from his rugby game. He was a sweaty mess. He yanked his shirt off and tossed it on my head and plopped down beside me putting his arm around me and kissing the top of my head. “Hey, Shrimp. You look productive.”

I was halfway goofy smelling his sweaty shirt. I pulled it off my head and put it on the other side of the sofa. “This shirt belongs to me now, dipshit. And the only reason I’m so petite or Shrimpy is so your flea fucking pencil dick would have at least one pussy that felt tight.”

Shit, I loved smelling him when he was all sweaty. I began rubbing my face and hands over his chest. “Get these pants off so I can put my nose in your crotch!” I began yanking them off. Once they were down I began sniffing his sweaty cock and balls. His scent was addicting!

“You’re one sick chick!” He told me.

“Hey, that’s not fair! You love smelling my pussy.” I protested, licking and inhaling him. I wrapped my hands around his dicks and started jerking hard. “C’mon jerk! Show me what you got!”

He grabbed me and flipped me on my back on the floor. We started wrestling and playing. Then more serious wrestling. “Fight you fucking pussy! This isn’t an excuse for you to get some!” I really started letting him have it. He defended himself and started giving me almost as good as I gave him. Then I cheated and grabbed his erection and tried to pull it off. He can really scream when he wants! I let go of it when he tried to ram his fist up my ass.

“You miserable brats!! You’re wrecking my furniture!! I knew I should have bought some dogs instead of having kids!” Mom was shouting at us.

We began giggling. I grabbed Geran’s dick and pointed it at her and made “Pyew pyew” noises. She started laughing too. Then I put a finger in Geran’s ass and pressed his prostate and reached into his mind and made him cum. The next Pyew smacked her in the face with a sticky glob of his cum.

Now there were three of us wrestling. After a few minutes we were all nude and began fighting hard. Quite a bit of blood was drawn before we all collapsed on each other in a panting sweaty pile. Naturally, it became a threesome of each one trying to make the other one pass out from climaxing. Mom and I finally double teamed Geran and sent him to sweet oblivion after he soaked us with his semen. Mom and I engaged in a violent sixty-nine until she beat me.

I woke up in bed next to Geran. He was staring at me and had been watching me sleep. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for some very intense kissing. Before I knew it I was impaling myself on his erections and grinding into him hard. I pulled my mouth away from his and pulled his head to one of my nipples and held him there while I climaxed on him. I was moaning and grunting and completely lost in the physical pleasure I was getting. “Geran! Cum inside me! I want to feel you cum! Fill your sister’s pussy!”

He groaned against my nipple and thrust up into me as far as he could go and let loose his cream deep inside me. I collapsed on top of him panting and caressing and kissing his chest. His hands were roaming all over me.

I slid off of him feeling empty after his cocks were out. I straddled his face and shoved my pussy into his mouth and lowered my mouth to his cocks. I was stroking one and sucking the other while he tongue fucked my slit.

I was having nonstop orgasms and kept it up until he gave me another large load to swallow. I swallowed everything except one last spurt which I let him shoot on my face.

“Come on Gorgeous. We have to get ready and start our classes today.” He told me shifting me around.

“I’ve got a better idea! Let’s stay right here and pleasure each other all day. And all night. And maybe tomorrow.” I replied giving him my best sexy look.

“You’re not playing fair,” he complained. “Seriously, first day and all that. We have to bursa escort go in. And we need a shower unless you want to smell like sex all day.”

“I wouldn’t mind because it’s our sex.” I reluctantly got up and headed for the shower making certain to swing my ass for him. We showered, ate, got dressed. It was still warm so I chose a pair of tight short shorts and a halter top. I made Geran wear some tighter clothes to show off his physique and the outline of his dick (I made him alter his crotch to only have one big dick). I wanted the other coeds to see what I got to have whenever I wanted.

Of course, I also wanted every guy there lusting after me and seeing what Geran got to have whenever he wanted. I was really becoming obsessed and addicted to sex.

We rode his bike into the college with no issues and did the whole wait in line and wait in another line over and over until we had our classes and books (seriously, books when there are laptops and tablets everywhere?) and everything else squared away. We had two dorm rooms and an off campus apartment as well for use when we needed.

We hooked up at the campus canteen for a late lunch to compare notes.

I was munching on some sloppy Joe’s and yakking with my mouth full. “You wouldn’t believe how many times I got asked out and invited to parties. I also got invited to pledge to a bunch of sororities.”

Geran looked at me patiently, “You know, if you’re gonna talk with your mouth full you could always mind speak to me. But yeah, I got asked out and to parties too. I think we need to talk to Mom about how to control our pheromones. Although, I think mine is a bit more than that. I can focus on one girl and make her horny for me. I can also do it in a mass radius of about twenty feet. I think if I keep working at it I could make a girl climax by just touching her.”

I smiled, “Wanna try it on me?”

He reached across the table and held my hand. It felt warmer than usual and after a minute or so I came. “That is a cool trick! I bet you can’t wait to try it out on some hotties around here.”

“It really worked? You climaxed?” I nodded. “That’s intense. Yeah, I’m going to try it out on a bunch of girls. It may help create the harem Mom was talking about.”

“Shouldn’t I get a stud farm if you get a harem?”

“Fine with me. Speaking of Mom – what’s her name?”

I think I gave him a really goofy stupid look. “I have no idea. Wait, what did you ask me?”

“Uhm. I think I was asking you about your classes.” Geran’s face had a mask of confusion over it. Then it cleared. “I was asking if you wanted to check out our apartment later.”

“I’d love to!” Then I felt two hands cover my eyes and a familiar voice say, “Guess who?”

“My gut tells me it’s some pervy freshman trying to get into my pants. My ears tell me it’s a pervy freshman, period. Hey Vince.”

He sat down beside me. “Hey Nicole, Geran. How’s the class line-up going? Mine look like they all suck.” He grimaced.

Geran spoke up first, “Yeah, I got battle tactics with Wilson. She’s archaic and not at all up with what type of tactics it takes to win battles. I have a feeling I’ll end up failing that class because I’m better at it than she is.”

“Sucks to be you, Dude!”

I piped up, “I think my classes will be better, but I will have the same issues as Geran. I mean, who knows warfare better than me? It will be helpful to get the multiple viewpoints I think.

“By the way, don’t you owe me a restroom fuck?” I leaned over and whispered huskily in his ear, “I sure could use your big cock fucking my tight pussy right now.” Then I licked it sensually.

Vince stood up quickly and looked around. “There’s one over there. Let’s go!” He grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the men’s room.

I looked back at my twin, “Geran you’re coming with us!”

There were a couple of guys taking a leak in there as we piled in. I led them into the handicapped stall because it had the most space and had my top and shorts off before they got in the stall with me. I hung my clothes on the hook and helped Vince get his pants down. “You don’t need to take them off. Just down is fine,” I told him stroking his erection.

I jumped up on him, hooked my knees over his arms, got his dick into position, and slowly lowered myself onto it moaning the whole way down. I rode him for a few minutes and looked and Geran. “What are you waiting for? I want both of you in me at the same time.”

I felt him get behind me and shove his cock into my ass. His hands were all over my boobs as I bounced up and down on my two lovers, enjoying the feeling of two men existing to satisfy my urges. I loved the sensory overload I was getting: the smells, sounds, feelings, taste, sights, the mental input from Geran, and still something more. Some part of me was almost feasting on the sensuality of the whole experience. I could feel it growing with every delicious orgasm.

There were several guys and even a couple of girls in the restroom watching us. My exhibitionist streak went wild and I began putting on a show for my audience. Unfortunately for everyone I had promised a quickie and not a marathon session so after about ten minutes of their thrusting into me I gave Vince a quick bite on his earlobe. “Quickie time is over Loverboy!”

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