Getting Laid The Mature Way

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The previous summer my friend and I had set up a goal: To get laid.

We had had a lot of fun with two maids from the manor house of the estate where my parents leased a summer house. Although there had been very heavy necking and great intimacy on several occasions my cock hadn´t been let in through the pearly gate. When the summer ended I was still a virgin although a rather experienced one.

During the two semesters that followed I dated a couple of girls. They were real nice but although they were keen on necking they didn’t allow the final step. They liked and really took advantage of my knowledge about the sensitive areas of the female body and the importance of the clit when giving pleasure. I worked hard with their boobs and pussies but was never allowed inside. The necking was pleasurable though and they always made me come, no shyness or fussing about that. With one of them my erect cockhead was so close that it got wet between the pussy lips a few times but she was well aware of the danger and closed the thighs just when I was about to break in. With another I guess that I made a big mistake. I introduced her to titfucking. She had a big, sensitive pair just made for it. She got really fond of making me cream between her boobs and to take some of the spurt also on her face. But she liked it so much that my cock never came close to her pussy. Lovely but still not the real thing.

The semester ended and another long summer at the estate lay ahead for me before I should join the army for my military service. I took a job as a gardener to fill my days and earn some money working from seven in the morning to four in the afternoon.

My friend and I tried to make friends with the two maids hired for the summer in the manor house. But they had little interest in us. They were older, in their mid twenties we guessed, but the main reason was that they already had boy friends, two men that came on motor bikes to see them.

My friend and I spent long, lonely evenings discussion life and especially how to get laid.

I was assigned to work in the manor garden. I was told I had to take care of it all summer while the other two gardeners were away on vacation or took care of the vegetable gardens and the green houses.

Then my friend got a job in town and rented a room there. There was no daily transportation available.

I was alone and one evening tried my luck as a peeping Tom hiding in the bushes at the back of the wing house.

And I was lucky. I hadn’t waited for more than fifteen minutes or so before the light went on in the room and the same woman as last summer appeared. Of course I knew of her. She was a lady companion to the consul´s wife, or Madame as she wanted o be called by the servants. I had seen them often enough in the garden.

She didn’t disappoint me. She undressed, moving around the room with the light fully on. Most of the time she was in plain view. I had already my cock out when she took her blouse off. But there was no need to worry. She gave me ample time undressing slowly and when she was stark naked stood for quite a while at the window looking out. If I remembered it right she had lost quite a few pounds during the winter and that made a lot for her looks. And she had trimmed her pussy bush. It was still very rich stretching far up and to the sides but was not the wild forest I remembered. It looked lovely to me and I longed for sifting through it.

I came easily while looking at her and she was generous enough to stay in the window even after that giving me a very good look of her mature body. But I also noticed that she looked sad and her shoulders low.

I was back in the bushes the following night. And the night after that. Every time she gave me plenty of time to marvel over her naked body and to jack off in my own pace. It was nice but it added to my longing to get close to a girl again.

In the afternoon I was on my hands and knees weeding one of the flower beds. A shadow suddenly fell over my head. I looked up and saw the woman standing close by.

“Hi, I am Rosie and you are Eric. I recognize you. You have been in the bushes outside my window the last three nights, haven’t you? Shamelessly jacking off,” she blurted out breathlessly. She got quiet for a little while then went on more slowly and thoughtful. “Well, spunk might be good for the bushes I don’t know about that. . . But I don’t like it. . . . I don’t like it at all. . . . It’s such a terrible waste. . . . In my opinion anyway. . . When there is so much better use for where it comes from. . . . This evening I will withdraw to my room at ten at the latest. . . . I always sleep in the nude . . . The door will not be locked, not any door.”

She looked me in the eye for a little while then a smile flickered over her face and she turned and walked away.

I was flabbergasted to say the least. I tried to figure out what had happened.

That she had seen me in the bushes was awfully clear. She had caught izmir escort me red handed. And she was angry about it. But wait. She was angry because I jacked off, not because I was in the bushes, wasn’t that what she had said? Or meant anyway, she hadn’t put it that way directly, had she? And what did she mean that I should do instead? . . . Wait a minute, was there an invitation? A hidden invitation, very hidden but it was an invitation wasn’t it? To come to her room after ten? No doors would be locked she had said. But locked is one thing, open is another, isn’t it? But well, if unlocked they can easily be opened?

I sat back thinking hard. I felt an enormous urge to go there. It was risky but she could do little more than throwing me out. Well, she could tell Madame, who ruled everything with an iron hand. . . . But if she wanted to report me she would have done it already. And I would probably have lost my job by now. And if she felt like reporting me why had she stood in the window three nights in a row?

I argued in my mind the rest of the day but couldn’t decide what to do. Or rather, I made up my mind and then changed it again minutes later.

But at ten o’clock sharp that evening I was at the entrance to the wing house. I had watched from a distance that the light went on and saw the woman inside. But I wasn’t close enough to see any details. I didn’t dare to be caught in the bushes again. It was like a strong magnet pulling me towards the door.

I took a deep breath and tried the handle. The door wasn’t looked but creaked a little when it opened. I stepped inside. There was enough light for me to find the way up the stairs. A faint light around one door told which room was Rosie’s. But I had known anyway. And I also knew that she was alone in the house that had several guestrooms. I draw my breath again and knocked softly on the door.

“Come on in, Eric. The door isn’t locked. I told you, didn’t I?” was a deep, husky reply from inside. I let out my breath and relaxed. She was expecting me to call in. I opened the door and went inside.

“Hi there,” Rosie greeted me. “So, you understood my invitation and dared to come. That’s promising. Come here my boy.” She came forward and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the mouth. She was wearing a thin robe that clung to her body and she smelled very nice from perfume. I wondered right away if she was naked underneath. It looked like she could be. That turned me on and gave me an instant erection which she discovered when she hugged me.

“Well, well, that’s even more promising,” she said and brushed over my erection. “Show it to me. It was hidden by the bushes and I want to see what you have got.”

She didn’t wait for me to react but tugged at my shorts pulling them down. I had nothing more on and my cock sprang free when the shorts came down. Rosie took it in her hand and squeezed it.

“My my, that’s a good looking thing. Just what I want. Take your shirt off now. I want you naked.”

I pulled the shirt over my head and when I could see again she had got rid of her gown. I had been right. She was stark naked and looked marvelous. I just stood there with gaping mouth taking in her lovely mature body. My gaze went back and forth from her heavy boobs to the rich black bush. I heard a low throaty laugh and reached out and touched the breasts. I didn’t hesitate now, I was sure she wouldn’t stop me.

“Come my boy, I want you now,” she said and lay down on the bed. I suddenly saw that the bedclothes were already pulled away. “Come here my dear boy,” she called softly and spread her legs.

When I got close to the bed she pulled me down over her. I lay between her spread thighs with my cock touching her slit. It was warm and moist.

“You haven’t done it before, have you? Been into a woman I mean. Never mind, you will learn soon enough. Take me right away, don’t knock, the door is not only unlocked it’s wide open and ready. I want you in me now. Come my boy, come into me,” she called urgently.

Rosie moved her ass and my cock head suddenly was in place at her entrance. It was as far I had come once with one of the girls but now it was very different. With the girl I had had to work my way to get there but this woman had voluntarily placed me at her opening. At the point where the girl had quickly closed her thighs this woman instead spread them even more.

“Push my boy, push hard and come inside, you are welcome, be my guest, don’t be afraid, it won’t bite, no it will be squishy and cozy in there, I promise,” she called again.

When she felt that I started to push she heaved her pelvis upwards and made a screwing motion that brought my cock inside her. As she had said it was all warm and squishy inside. My cock was totally engulfed by warm, soft flesh. It felt heavenly. The thought struck me that I hadn’t been in her room for more than a couple of minutes and I had already got my dreams fulfilled.

“Feels nice, huh? Like in your dreams alsancak escort I hope. But don’t go to sleep in there. Move. Push in and out, it will feel even greater I promise.” She talked in a hush voice filled with emotions. She put her hands on my hips and pushed. I withdrew from her warm heaven but she quickly changed the direction of her hands and pulled me back in. She showed me with her hands a couple of times but then I understood what to do and on my own started to bang into her. As she had promised it felt even better. She cried out when suddenly I bottomed out in her. I got scared that I had hurt her and stopped banging.

“No, no go on, you are doing great. It doesn’t hurt, on the contrary. It was a cry of pleasure,” she yelled and her hands were back on my hips urging me to go on. When I started banging again she pulled her knees up and to the sides as far as they would go. She moaned highly each time I pushed into her.

Suddenly I started to come. Several gushes welled into her and my movements froze. I was unable to move. When the gushes ended I fell forward on top of her resting on her ample breasts.

“Felt good, didn’t it? Just as I promised,” she said softly. “And much, much better than jacking off in the bushes I am sure,” she added giggling. “Well, not bad for being the first time. It can be improved though, I am sure.”

She let me rest on top of her for some time but then rolled me off her. She rose and stood by the bed.

“Wait for me. I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t go away,” she said and went outside to the bathroom.

She came back in, proud in her nakedness and even more proud when she noticed that I stared at her with admiration. She was so different from the four much younger girls I so far had seen in the nude although I couldn’t describe the differences. She had a damp cloth in her hand and leaned over the bed and started to clean my cock. Her heavy breasts swung just above me and I grabbed and fondled them. She liked it and held her position long after she had finished the cleaning.

Eventually she lay down on her back. I put my hand on her belly to test if she would stop me but there was no reaction. I moved the hand further down and cupped her fleshy mound. I sifted through her exuberant bush dividing the hairs and making paths. My finger trailed down into the slit and searched for the knob but couldn’t find it right away so I searched further down. The slit widened and my finger slid into her opening. Rosie didn’t stop me as the girls had done and I pressed my finger as deep inside as I reached. Her depths were warm and a little moist. I slid out again and caressed the whole of her slit. Suddenly I felt the knob under my finger and it grew rapidly and started to harden. It felt big, much bigger than the girls’ as I remembered them. I massaged the big knob now and then going down into the slit to moisture my finger. It was something my last girl friend had taught me. Rosie started to moan and her ass bounced slightly. Suddenly her pelvis heaved upwards and she cried out. Her body shuddered for a while. It had happened often enough with the girls so I understood that she had had an orgasm.

She rolled over on her side and watched me smilingly.

“That was nice doing,” she said. “But didn’t you say that it was your first time? How come that you know how to fondle a woman so nicely?”

“Oh, . . . well . . . it was my first time to be allowed to go all the way. When I have been necking with girls they have never let me get into their . . . their . . .their thing not even with a finger. I guess they have showed me though what they like and don’t like. So, well, I thought I should do the same things with you.”

“Very clever of you. Yes, I liked what you just did. May I show you some enhancements that make it even better for a woman? By the way, that woman thing you can call a pussy. “

She didn’t wait for an answer but took my hand and put it on her pussy. She repositioned herself to give my hand better access and her hand guided my finger into her pussy. After a little while she wanted another finger inside her.

“Now search on the front wall for a rough surface. A little more to the left I think. Yes, yes you are right on the spot. Can you feel it? Good, now caress it but be gentle. Oh yes, . . . yes, . . oh my goodness, that’s nice . . very nice . . move in wider circles . . . yes that’s right oh my god . . . a little harder please . . .” Her voice broke and she moaned highly. She put her hand on her knob and massaged it wildly. I kept caressing her inside until she got frantic and cried out.

She fell back on the bed and smiled happily when I put my hand on her breast.

“Now that was nice too. A good thing to do to a woman to start with or when you can’t do it again the normal way. Remember that internal spot. It’s very sensitive and lovely to get caressed.”

“Yes I will. But I can do it again. With my cock I mean,” I said and squeezed buca escort her breast. “If you want to of course.”

“If I want to? There is nothing in the world I want to do more just now than to get a hard cock into me. Are you really apt to it? Let me see.”

She leaned over me and took my cock in her hand. It started to swell immediately and she cried out of pleasure. Then she did something extraordinary. She leaned deeper over me and suddenly I felt her lips on my cock. With a swift movement she pulled the foreskin back and her mouth closed around my cock head. It was suddenly warm and wet all around it and her tongue swirled all over the head. I grew hard in an instant and she had to withdraw to avoid choking.

She left my cock abruptly and lay down on her back.

“Come and take me. Put that lovely thing in me. You know how to do it. Come, come my darling, come and fuck me,” she called softly but with great intensity.

I moved quickly to get between her legs. As soon as I was in place she pulled the knees up and spread her thighs. I stood kneeling for a little while looking at the goodies I was going to enjoy.

She got inpatient and hooked a foot behind my thigh and pulled forward. I got the message and moved forward. Her hand was ready and with two fingers put my cock in place. I pressed forward and entered her easily. Her pussy was very wet and welcomed my cock. I kept pushing until I was totally buried in her with my balls pressed against her skin.

Then I started to fuck her. I had no plan and did just what came naturally and felt good to me. It was so lovely to slide in and out of her pussy and she met my every thrust eagerly. At first her knees was drawn up and her thighs spread wide but after a while she planted her feet on the bed and heaved her ass up to meet me. She had started to moan shortly after I had entered her and the moans went up and down. Suddenly she cried out and fell back on the bed shuddering. I nearly slipped out of her but succeeded to follow her down. After a little while she looked up smilingly.

“Lovely, just lovely my dear boy. Now go on, fuck me again, a little harder if you feel like it otherwise it’s just fine they way you just did it, “she whispered.

I started to bang into her again and she again met my thrusts. I wondered what she had meant that she wanted it a bit harder and started to experiment. My thrusts shortened and got quicker and I tried to push forcefully into her. I must have done it right because she started to moan again and now and then let out a small cry. I suddenly felt a tingling in my loins but wasn’t really aware of the meaning before I felt the first gush of come rushing out of my cock. I pushed my cock deep inside and stiffened when the second blast came. I stayed like that until the eruption stopped.

I had vaguely heard that Rosie cried out under me towards the end of my eruptions and now felt that her body shuddered and her pussy held my cock in a firm grip. Suddenly it started to ripple along my cock, a completely new sensation. I looked down at her face and saw that she had her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Suddenly she looked up and her smile broadened.

“Now that was an improvement I must say. Impressive isn’t to exaggerate. To make me come twice and this is only the second time you are doing real fucking. That’s promising to say the least.” She chatted on happily.

She rolled us over and lay on top of me for quite some time. Eventually she lifted her upper body and caressed my chest with her heavy breasts.

“You like my breasts, don’t you? I can see it on your face that you do,” she said smilingly and increased her efforts. Suddenly she rose and went to the bathroom.

When she came back she didn’t come to the bed but moved around in the room. It became a small show where she let me enjoy her naked body from all angles. She made sure that her breasts bounced and swung when she moved or bended over.

At last she approached the bed. She took up the cloth from the floor and leaned over my body to clean me. But she changed her mind. She let the cloth fall back on the floor and instead leaned deep over me. I felt her breath on my cock and suddenly she started to lick all over it cleaning it. She also gave my balls a good working over. Suddenly she took the whole cock into her mouth and started to suck on it. Now that felt real good and after a while it started to swell. It took a little while before she reacted but when her mouth got filled up she had to withdraw. She looked up at me with astonishment.

“Is it true? Is it really true? Do you want to fuck again? It has never happened to me before that a man wants to take me three times in a row.” She went back to my cock taking the head into her mouth.

I fondled her swinging breasts doing it a more roughly than I had ever done before. When she didn’t object I pinched the nipples. She squirmed but didn’t leave my cock so I pinched and squeezed even harder. She let out a moan but kept sucking on the cock so I continued.

Suddenly she straightened up.

“Lovely. Oh my goodness how lovely this is. Are you sure you want to fuck again? Goodness gracious me, I will love it. But wait, I want to show you something different if I may.”

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