Getting My Hands On Connor

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In this day and age, guys who are gay should be well out of the closet by the time they reach 18 so it might come as a surprise to you that I haven’t. Well not really. Close friends know but no one else. It has disadvantages but I don’t really want my parents to know and since I live at home they would find out somehow if I started telling all and sundry about myself.

So to keep the myth going that I’m shy and straight, I take out the occasional girl now and then except usually I feign the headache at the end of the night. Working in a call centre there are mixed sexes and mixed ages but, again, living the lie I do, it can become a problem on staff nights out. However sometimes there are advantages too and that’s why I am telling you this story.

I fell in love at work except it was all one way. Connor is 24 and definitely straight. I am 18 and definitely gay except Connor didn’t know and I certainly wouldn’t tell him. Connor, as his name might suggest, was from Ireland, Dublin to be exact, and had met an English girl who was a stunning beauty even if she was a touch on the common side. He doted on her and in return, she let him. For once in a mainly gay story, I’ll describe Lynette (yes that was what she called herself). He was slim and curvy, hips you could balance a pint on, breasts you could also probably balance a pint on and she was blonde, probably! She had a habit of always chewing gum but boy could she turn heads!

Connor, on the other hand was well built, but not in a muscular way. I had imagined he would have a few folds here and there. His short dark hair was contrasted by the most amazing, almost feminine, eyes I had ever seen. They were piercingly blue with long dark lashes that he could actually flutter when he was embarrassed. Despite his dark hair, he actually had freckles on his nose and cheeks. They also spread up his arms. He was about two inches shorter than Lynette at about five feet 7 seven inches. She lived in a flat with a girlfriend and he lived in a flat share with four guys and they seemed no closer to getting engaged or married than they had, it seems over the two years they had been going out.

Rumour had it that Lynette had a high sex drive and that she played a bit on the side, but he would have none of the rumours and assured me she would have little energy left when he had finished with her. My erection when he told me these stories would immediately burst into life. As he spoke about their sex life I would imagine his thick cock stiff with anticipation being pushed against my hole and slowly sliding inside me. I would imagine him nibbling my ear as he hammered his big stick inside me and cumming with such force that I could feel his hot liquid pouring inside me. Then, I would refocus and he dragged on about how beautiful his Lynette was!

I was slightly taller than him by one inch, slimmer than him by the same but I had longish blonde hair, not camp, as least I don’t think it was! I had a reputation for being hard to get for reasons you all know but they didn’t, and it gave me, I thought, a rather “hard to get” image which I thought would be rather sexy to a woman! Of course in the real life, I would let any guy under forty stick his cock in me if I could but that’s another story. I was in love with Connor.

Connor and I sometimes did the pubs together. Thankfully he, like me, didn’t like football so I didn’t have to endure the sporting bars but he rarely looked at another girl. The only time he seemed to get hot and steamy was when he talked about Lynette so I encouraged him and then watched the front of his jeans to see if I could imagine an erection pressing against the fabric. I followed him to the toilet to catch a glimpse but never did and he didn’t do gyms or swimming so that was another cock-watching opportunity lost. My gay friends told me I should get a life and start looking for the attainable but I was enjoying the comfort of following Connor around like a lap dog any time I could.

I met Lynette, of course both on my own with Connor and once on a double date. She took a shine to me and was very gushy and friendly, making slightly lewd suggestions about what I might have lurking in my pants. I put it down to the drink doing the talking. One thing was sure, just as I was following Connor around like a lapdog, he was following Lynette around in a similar fashion. This was a ménage et trios with one person not getting any sex, namely me!

One day at work, Connor was in an odd mood. He was quiet and hardly spoke to me.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he retorted.

“Well if I can help with anything you only have to ask,” I said and left it at that.

An hour before knocking off time he asked if I would go for a drink with him. I eagerly accepted hoping he might tell me all was off with Lynette, he was changing sides and did I know of any will gay guy who might accept him with open arms. Obviously that was not the reason!

“She’s gone funny on me,” he said.

“What, telling jokes?” Etlik Escort I replied trying to lighten the evening.

“She started getting bit…….slutty, when she talks,” he said rather hesitantly.

In my head I thought, “Started getting slutty, I thought she always was,” but instead I asked him what he meant.

“She talks about doing different things, wants to…… experimental!”

My ears perked up. This was sounding quite juicy.

“In what way?” I asked demurely.

“She wants to…..” he looked at me as he hesitated, “try other men!”

“Oh,” I said, “Is this like a trial separation?”

“God know,” he said, “Try other men while I’m there!”

I was a bit stumped for words. “Threesomes?” I enquired.

“How would you know about threesomes?” he asked.

I didn’t get where I was today without having the odd threesome except in my threesomes there were no Lynettes.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

“I can’t think of looking at Lynette naked with another man putting his…thing…in her.”

“Neither can I,” I thought.

“Some guys would find that highly erotic,” I said. “They might like the idea that other men are enjoying her treasures but she prefers to stay with you. Some guys might find watching their girlfriend having wild orgasms with another man’s cock inside her highly erotic.”

I was on a roll now as I continued to paint this erotic picture of his Lynette being pummelled by some bricklayer while poor Connor stood idly by, his limp cock in his hand.

He went quiet again and the night finished before 8 p.m.

At lunch, three days later he came up to me and said, “I fucked Lynette naked in a field last night!”

“That’s nice,” I replied as though it was the norm.

“Fucking ace it was! She started talking dirty as I was doing it, telling me to imagine a queue of guys waiting behind me to finish her off. I remembered what you said and I had one hell of a fucking orgasm.”

He rarely spoke so explicitly about sex so this got my hormones going. I dragged him behind the water cooler and said, “Anything else she’s suggested?”

“When she’s had a drink she turns into someone else,” he said. “She tried to stick her dildo into my arse on Sunday. It wouldn’t fit. She says it proves I’m not a poof.”

“That’s a pity,” I thought.

It was a full seven days when, during lunch break and just as my teeth sunk into a ham and cheese toasty, Connor came out with, “You’ll never guess what she did this week?”

The way Lynette’s mind was running I doubted I could. I subliminally wished she had been a guy as I could have taught her a few things to expand her repertoire! “Tell me,” I said, “I’m dying to know.”

“Asked me to take her out without pants on and wearing a mini-skirt, then she got me in the pub to finger her while we were sitting in the bar. My cock was stiff as fuck. Then we went to see a movie and I brought her off while we were sitting in the cinema. Thank God it wasn’t too busy.”

My cock was a bit stiff too but I asked, “What did you think if all that then?”

“It’s got my mind racing. It’s exciting, it’s scary, I’m jealous and I’m not. I just don’t know where I am.”

“Do you fancy her more or less for doing it?” I asked.

“Oh fuck, more! I want to shag her all the time,” he answered.

“Well go with the flow and enjoy it,” I said.

I was to meet Connor and another work colleague on the Friday following and when the other guy cancelled, he asked if Lynette could come along. I quite liked the idea as I wanted to see her in action, so to speak.

It was a busy wine bar in town and Lynette looked very eye-catching in the way that prostitutes are eye-catching. Her mini-skirt was a pelmet, her top was figure hugging and her nipples were pronounced, the dark areolas clear through the tight white top clearly showing she was not wearing a bra. She tottered in on high heels, Connor looking every bit the manly short-haired little bull terrier I was in love with. He had made little effort to particularly dress up and as a result looked stunning! He looked slightly embarrassed as they entered the wine bar and most girls looked at her, spitting venom while most boyfriends’ tongues were hanging out of their mouths.

“Hi Lewis,” she said in welcome. “Red would be nice,” she continued, addressing Connor.

As he stood at the bar buying a round she said to me, “I hear he has been keeping you up to date with our experiences?”

I blushed!

“Don’t be so daft,” she continued,” I find it quite erotic that you know all we’ve been up to as I can’t tell any of my girlfriends. Connor is so shy but when I get him going on our little excursions, he turns into a lion. I think he loves every minute.”

“It sounds like fun to me,” I said.

“Come here,” she said to me, patting the seat beside her.

I scooted across expecting her to tell me something really private but Keçiören Escort she took my hand. I thought it was a sweet gesture until she pushed it between her legs and finger shot straight into my first ever vagina, and a wet one at that!

I recoiled as though I had had a shock and she laughed. I wiped my finger on my jacket to remove any alien substances just as Connor weaved through the packed bar with drinks.

As he sat down, a wide smile on his face, she said, “Connor, Lewis here has just put his finger in my cunt.”

Connor’s look was of disbelief.

I spluttered, “It’s not what you think, I didn’t deliberately do it, it was an accident!”

“Oh yeah,” I thought, “I accidentally stuck my finger in your girlfriend’s cunt in a public bar.”

Lynette giggled hysterically and told him what she had done and he calmed down and then said, “Nice cunt isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah,” I lied, not having a wealth of cunt – fingering experiences to draw on.

“He’s sexy you know, Connor,” Lynette said, “And I bet he has a decent sized cock.”

Connor started to apologise but she continued. “Would you like to join Connor in fucking me some time?”

“Lynette, he’s my mate,” he said.

“Exactly,” she said. “He’s good looking and the sort of guy who won’t blab around what we’ve done. He hasn’t spilt the beans on our little games up to now has he?”

We gently decided to drop the subject and think about it but my main fear was the thought of having to perform for a woman. Then I thought about seeing Connor naked. Then I thought about seeing Connor naked and as horny as he had told me he was with her and my cock went hard. I was daydreaming when I heard Lynette’s voice.

“Look, he’s stiff thinking about it!”

Connor looked down and I looked down. My cock lay brick hard and obvious under my cotton trousers. Connor looking at my erection overruled my head’s desire to deflate my cock.

“It looks big Lewis,” he said.

“Jeesus,” I thought, “And now he’s talking about the size of my cock. It’s never going to go down.”

“And when you come to visit,” Lynette’s voice continued, “I want you to bring along that video camera Connor says you have, and make a film of it all.”

The rest of the evening along with Lynette’s innuendo and sexual promises to Connor, passed in a haze and when I bade them a surprisingly early goodbye, just after ten, I walked home to clear my head.

That night I had a checklist in my brain. On the plus side, I see Connor naked, randy and hard, I get to film him and, if I play my cards right, can make a copy for me. I might get to handle his cock and, who knows, maybe more. On the minus side, I have to fuck my first woman and stay hard enough to be convincing.

Please understand I don’t find women unsexy. I can see what men see in them. I’m even faintly interested in having a little look or even lick inside if need be. I was just worried if all the trying to please Lynette, might detract from me enjoying seeing Connor. Well three points for the motion and one point against, I decided that if I was asked, I would swallow a box of Viagra and do it!

My head churned with the possibilities and fantasies for the rest of the weekend so when I returned to the office on Monday and Connor greeted me with nothing more than his usual “hello,” I was a little disappointed. I had expected a randy puppy eager to get me into bed with his girlfriend and him. Tea break came and went, lunchtime came and went and finishing time came and went and nothing more was said.

It was Wednesday when Connor came over at lunch break and said, “I’m sorry about Lynette last Saturday. She’s like a bitch on heat these days and I know she embarrassed you. I told her you weren’t the sort of guy to get involved in our sex games though she has been using you as a “fantasy” partner during our lovemaking since Saturday.”

My response was muffled so I cleared my throat and carefully chose my words. “Look mate, Lynette’s a good looking girl and if the thought of me involved worries you then I won’t become involved but if me doing it helps you enjoy your sex life I’m more then I’m happy to do it to help a mate, and I’ll stay discreet about it too.”

There, I’d done it!

“Honest,” he said. “I thought she had scared you off. She’s going to be uncontrollable now until you do it!”

I was scared and nervous and made the date for ten days later on a Friday night to give my heart time to slow down. I cleaned every part of me twice; I hosed out every orifice and brushed each tooth individually. My cock was scrubbed and disinfected and now it was time.

As I sat nervously on their sofa, Connor fetched some wine looking as hunky as ever, and his girlfriend was scantily dressed on the other sofa. Her boyfriend joined her as I fiddled with the controls on my camera.

“I think perhaps you two should start and get going and I’ll start filming, then perhaps Connor could Kızılay Escort take over control while I’m…..involved!!”

“When should we start?” asked Connor.

“Let’s have a few drinks to relax and I can film you two on the sofa then when you’re ready just get started.”

My cock was fit to explode. Perhaps taking a full dose of Viagra hadn’t been necessary. The wine and Viagra made me quite warm but in a nice way. It was halfway through glass number three when Lynette threw her arms around Connor and kissed him. I started filming aware that my panting breath might be noticeable on the soundtrack.

Lynette was dominant. It was she who was lying on top of him; it was she who was stripping him. He was surprisingly docile. She stripped him to the waist and I saw the top of the white band of his shorts. I could just make out top part the words “Giorgio Armani.” She then took his hand and led him to the bedroom. I followed, kicking my shoes off before I went.

She threw him on the bed and dived on top, pulling her own top off and unclipping her skirt. She was in bra and pants. She started to unclip his jeans then unbutton his Levi’s. I got closer. I had to see his cock for the first time. She hauled his jeans down his legs and started to kiss his slightly hairy chest. His nipples were quite large and very erect.

His white boxer briefs hugged his body and the outline of an erection was clear. I zoomed in on it. His cock seemed to be average. Her mouth slid down and she pulled the band of his briefs down, engulfing his cock with her mouth so quickly, I saw nothing. All I could see was a patch of hairs and her bouncing mouth. I needed to see his cock! When she pulled her mouth off, the band flopped straight back up, covering his cock. She then stood up and unclipped her own bra, slipping her panties to the floor so that she stood naked. She turned to me and smiled, cupping her breasts as she did so. She was well developed. I have no idea of breast sizes but they looked about 38 inches to me. She then took her finger and slid it inside herself.

“Of course, you’ve been in there before, haven’t you Lewis?”

“Briefly,” I answered to her, zooming in on both her breasts and then her fingering.

I went closer and zoomed right up to her cunt. She had a neatly trimmed little “V” of pubic hair. Connor lay back stroking the front of his shorts and I zoomed in on him. She saw me and leaned over to slowly strip off his shorts. His cock bounced out as though it had been held by a spring. His balls were quite hairy and tight to his body making them look small. His cock was about six inches long, and quite slim with a slight upward curve. Though he was uncut the foreskin was fully retracted by his erection and precum was oozing out of the slit and causing a gooey string to extend from the tip. He looked at me and I smiled and busied myself zooming in on his cock.

Once more Lynette knelt on the floor between his legs and sucked his entire length expertly. She held his cock firmly in one hand and cupped his balls in the other as she sucked. I decided this might be a good moment to strip. I set the camera facing her and started to strip my shirt, jeans, socks and then briefs. My eight inches was about one and a half times thicker than Connor’s as it sprung into view.

“Holy shit,” said Connor, “That’s a beauty!”

“Fuck that’s gorgeous,” she said as she dived towards me and wrapped her lips around it.

Watching Connor watching my cock being sucked was enough to keep me hard. He took the camera and did some filming of his own as she devoured my cock. I fondled her breasts, hoping it was the right thing to do. Connor came close as he filmed and his warm hairy body pressed against mine as he tried to get a close up of his wife’s oral action. It was like electricity passing through me.

He handed me the camera and lifted her up, laying her back on the bed and went between her legs to lick her gaping vagina. It was quite neat compared to those I had seen on the internet and almost looked edible! Connor noisily slurped and was obviously doing something right as his girlfriend started to gasp and howl. She started to buck up and down before he slowly withdrew his tongue and looked at me.

“Be my guest,” he said.

“Oh, ah, yes, of course,” I mumbled, handing him the camera.

I knelt down and tried to follow his actions, my tongue delving into the wet interior of his girlfriend. The fact that much of it was his saliva helped me enormously and whatever I was doing, her bucking was becoming quite uncontrollable and she started to gasp in short breaths before screaming in what I have to assume was an orgasm.

“God that was good,” she said as she flopped back. “Just give me a couple of minutes and we can keep going. Give me the camera and Connor, you go and stand alongside Lewis, I want to get a shot of you both together.”

He stood alongside me as she filmed away. “Connor lift Lewis’s cock with your hand and you do the same to him, Lewis.”

“No, that’s a bit weird,” he said as I quickly ignored him and gripped his rigid cock with my right hand. He jumped a little then gave small gasp as I firmly grasped it and stroked him up and down.

“Sex is sex,” I said smiling.

He took my cock and gently started to wank me squeezing my cock and feeling its entire length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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