Getting The Builders In Ch. 02

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Alison has had a busy day working on her new house. Away from home and friends and starting a new job, she is doing a good job of making her own way in life. However, her first encounter with her new neighbor hasn’t exactly been borrowing a cup of sugar – she catches him, she believes, spying on her. A hard day’s work behind her, she showers and settles in for the evening…

It was starting to get dark by the time I’d showered, pulled on a pair of tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt and settled down in front of the TV. I curled up on the sofa and flicked through the channels to see what was on. Not much was the answer – early evening on a weekday meant documentaries and soaps and I wasn’t really in the mood.

I flicked the TV off and put some music on instead. It was times like this I missed home, or at least being home with my friends. There wasn’t anyone at work I’d made particular friends with yet but it was early days. So, I sighed and resigned myself to another quiet night in. After a hard day working on clearing out the basement that was no bad thing, I supposed. Plus, I had a lot to do in the morning. I needed to make the most of my week off and get as much of the house sorted as I could.

Deciding a drink was a suitable reward for such a hard day I poured a big glass of red wine. Now without a kitchen, having stripped out the old one, I was limited on options for evening meal. I made a sandwich from what was in the fridge, sipping my wine as I put it together. By the time I’d finished I’d got through the glass of wine. It had been an eventful day and I needed it. The thought of the guy from next door leering at me standing there half naked and sopping came back to me. I wasn’t going to let it get to me, I thought. I poured another and settled down on the sofa.

My arms and legs were starting to ache a bit by now after the day’s exertions. Before long the wine started to take effect as I stretched out, listening to the music and thumbing idly through a magazine. It was starting to get dark. Reluctantly, I got up and switched on the side light. I went to the window and looked out on to the quiet street. Right outside the window was a large red van. It was there every night, meaning I had to park my car further down the street.

I wasn’t sure, since I hadn’t been in the house too long, but I guessed it belonged to the guy next door. So, not only was he perving on me, but he had to park his bloody big van right outside my house, too. It was probably the drink, and being tired, but I decided next time I saw him I was going to give him a piece of my mind.

I pulled the curtains closed with a rather sharp tug. Yes, I was going to tell him exactly what I thought of him. No point letting it fester. I had invested a lot in my new home and wasn’t going to have it spoiled by a van and its peeping tom owner.

I must have drifted off to sleep soon after. Not sure what the time was exactly, I woke with a start. Deciding it must have been the music that had woken me, I fumbled on the floor beside me for my glass and finished off what remained. Just then there was aloud knock at the front door.

I’d intended fitting a chain but hadn’t got round to it, so I slowly opened the door. A man stood there on the doorstep – maybe early thirties, tall. It was difficult to see in the narrow shaft of light coming from behind me though the crack in the doorway.

‘Who is it and what do you want at this time of night?’ I said sharply.

‘Hi, I’m from next door. We, urm, met this afternoon,’ he said. ‘You were in your basement. And anyway, its only 8.30.’

I looked at him for a moment. My earlier determination to give him what for had subsided somewhat with the reality of him standing there on my doorstep.

‘And?’ I said coolly. ‘Come back for another eyeful, have you? Want me to open the curtains so you just see in instead of having to knock?’

I’d had more to drink than perhaps I should have and all I’d had to eat was a sandwich. I was probably slurring my words a little, too. He looked down at the empty wine glass in my hand. Self consciously, I hid it behind me.

‘Look,’ he said in a matter of fact tone,’I just came round to apologize and to say it was a misunderstanding – seeing you… like that. I saw you were doing something down in the basement and thought I might be able to help. You’re on your own here aren’t you?’

‘Oh, right! Been spying on me good and proper!’ I slurred.

‘For god’s sake, no!’ He said, I must say looking a little wounded. ‘I’m a builder. I thought I could help.’

‘Explains the van,’ I muttered.

‘Sorry?’ he said.

‘Nothing,’ I replied. ‘So, what do you want now, kurtköy escort anyway?’

‘Same thing – to see of you need a hand. Maybe I shouldn’t have bothered.’

He started to turn away. I wondered if I’d regret it but I called after him.

‘Wait! Maybe I could do with a hand.’

He stopped and turned back.

‘There’s a lot for me to do. Maybe you could try to make up for your perving,’ I said coyly.

‘What is it you are doing?’ he said.

‘Everything,’ I said. ‘The house is a mess. The whole thing wants gutting.’

‘And you’re doing it yourself?’ he asked, surprised.

‘Yep. I’m not some useless airhead, you know.’

‘I’m impressed,’ he said. ‘But if there is anything you want some, urm, assistance with, then let me know.’

‘I’ll bear that in mind,’ I said non-commitally.

‘Fair enough,’ he said and turned to head back next door.

Then I had an idea. Which considering how much wine I’d knocked back was pretty good going.

‘That van of yours – get a lot in it can you?’ I called.

‘Suppose,’ he said. ‘Like what, exactly?’

‘Like a kitchen?’

‘Its not that big,’ he said.

‘Flat pack kitchen, smart arse,’ I said. ‘I want to order one but can’t wait for the delivery slot they’ve got. Its in store for collection, though.’

‘Ripped out the old kitchen a bit too soon, eh?’ he laughed.

‘Ha ha!’ I said sarcastically. ‘Well, what do you think? You collect my kitchen and I’ll not call the police about you spying on me.’

I raised an eyebrow suggestively and, to be honest, tried to look as sexy as I could in my lounging gear and holding a very empty wine glass. If you’ve got it flaunt it is my motto. Well, one of them.

‘How much stuff are we talking?’ he asked.

I hadn’t really thought about that.

‘You’d better look for yourself. You’ll know from what I’m planning to put in won’t you?’

‘I guess,’ he said. ‘Want me to look now?’ he asked.

I thought for a moment and decided he might as well. I invited him in and took him down to the basement. I explained what I wanted where and showed him the brochures I’d picked up from the store.

He seemed okay, on reflection. He was, as I initially thought, early thirties, well built, and not at all unattractive. Not my usual type, though. He went about working out how much stuff there would be to collect, making notes on the back of an envelope he’d pulled from his trouser pocket along with a stubby pencil. After a while he gave a satisfied sigh.

‘Reckon we should get it done in one load. Done a fair few kitchens before. I’ve got a lad helps me out. I’d do it for free – since you’re a neighbor – but he’d want a bit for helping out,’ he said in conclusion. ‘Unless you’re feeling strong and want to help instead.’

I agreed I’d help, given that I’d need to be there at the store to pay anyway and we set off back up the stairs to the lounge.

‘I’m sorry about earlier. Maybe I was a little harsh,’ I said apologetically.

‘No worries,’ he said. ‘Ive been called worse.’

I laughed.

‘I guess you wife or whatever will be wondering where you’ve got to,’ I said.

‘I live on my own,’ he said, without elaborating.

‘Oh,’ I said, surprised. I thought for a moment. ‘Look, I’ve got a bottle of wine open. Want a glass with me? Start again?’

‘That would be nice,’ he said.

He followed me through to the lounge. I took out a second glass from the sideboard and picked up the bottle of wine. To my embarrassment it just about filled the new glass and that was it.

‘Here you go. I, urm, I’ll open another,’ I stammered. I thought I’d probably be better off not having another, but now I had to be sociable. I opened another bottle I took from the sideboard and poured out half a glass.

‘I’m Tom, by the way,’ he said, holding out a hand. I had to assume he wasn’t being funny.

‘Alison,’ I said. I shook his big hand. I could tell he was being gentle. I got the impression he could have crushed my little white fingers if he wanted to. His skin was slightly rough but it seemed to me that he took care of himself – he had a sensitive side, I mused.

‘Nice to meet you, Alison,’ he said, smiling. ‘To your new home!’

We touched glasses. I motioned for him to sit then sat down next to him on the sofa.

‘Sorry its all a bit bare,’ I said, looking round the lounge. Other than the sofa, the sideboard and the TV there wasn’t much there. There wasn’t any point getting the place fully furnished when there was so much stripping out and decorating to do.

We talked about my plans for the house as we drank the wine. aydıntepe escort Before long the second bottle had gone. I’d lost track of how much I’d drunk and how much Tom had had and by now I’m afraid I must have been pretty drunk. Tiredness, little food, nerves, not having to go to work in the morning – they all had an effect. We talked about all sorts and, as usual, no doubt I was flirting terribly. Tom was sinking lower into the sofa while I had my legs curled up under me.

Inevitably, we got on to the subject of being single. I think I even found myself saying how surprised I was when he said he lived on his own. I blushed when he asked why and made me say that he was, at least in my opinion, attractive and funny and whatever else I blurted out. When he asked about me, I confirmed I was unattached, not particularly looking for a boyfriend but always open to finding love. It sounded a little crass but he smiled and said he understood what I meant.

The conversation had got a little heavy. I decided, in my intoxicated state, to lighten things a little.

‘How do you keep yourself occupied then?’ I asked playfully. ‘Good porn stash next door?’

Tom laughed, though I think he was a bit shocked. I have a tendency to speak first and think later. It gets me in to trouble sometimes. I like to think it is endearing..

‘That would be telling!’ he said. ‘Why, want to borrow some?’

‘Actually,’ I said, ‘I’ve got my own, thank you.’

‘Oh?’ he said, sipping his wine.

‘Well, its my ex’s. He had a bit of a collection of videos. He brought one round for us to watch one night. He forgot to take it home after. I’ve had it ever since. Its just been gathering dust’

‘Yeah, right. Did you like it?’ Tom asked.

‘It was educational,’ I said evasively.

‘How so?’ he said, teasing me. ‘Do explain!’

I wasn’t THAT drunk. Still, I was feeling mischievous.

‘Well, why don’t you see for yourself?’

I got up and ran up to the bedroom. Rummaging round in the various as yet unpacked boxes I found the old video cassette in question. Smirking, I returned to the lounge and inserted it in to the player and turned on the TV.

‘You haven’t just put a porn video on, have you?’ Tom said raising an eyebrow.

‘Embarrassed?’ I said, getting comfortable next to him.

‘No!’ he said firmly.

‘Worried about getting a stiffy?’ I jibed.


‘Well, just in case you’d better have this…’ I reached behind me and pulled out a cushion, putting it over his lap.

The film started. It was a pretty hard core European film, still in the original language. The picture was grainy and it looked pretty dated. Before long a nubile blond stripped and was being seen to by two middle aged guys with terrible perms and rather large cocks. We kept looking at each other over the rims of our wine glasses, each trying not to be taking too much interest. The truth was they were doing a pretty good job on her and it was turning me on a bit. I’d fantasized about being with two men at the same time. I’d never thought about doing it in real life, but seeing it on screen was getting me hot.

Tom seemed to be starting to take more of an interest, too. By now the blond had one guy in her pussy while she sucked on the other guy. Then they changed positions and she started to be fucked in her ass and her pussy. The shot cut to a close up, one cock sliding in and out of the blonde’s wet, pink pussy. The other cock plunging in and out of her arsehole. I imagined how my own pussy would look, thinking about when I had fingered myself earlier, watching my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

‘Glad you’ve got the cushion now?’ I said.

‘Not bothered,’ he said with mock disinterest.

‘Not getting you hard under there? I don’t mind. You’re a man after all.’

‘That’s for me to know…’ he said.

‘Aah..and me to find out, eh?’ I said.

‘I guess so,’ Tom replied.

I’d drunk far too much. I put down my glass and sat up on my haunches.

‘Well,lets just see then…’

I moved my hands over his thighs and under the cushion. Tom sat there, a little shocked I think. I thought he’d stop me but he let me carry on till my hands reached the crotch of his jeans. I paused. He gave me an ‘I dare you’ look. I’d bitten off more than I could chew. He was going to make me suffer for teasing him. I carried on, feeling the start of the zipper, then… a very firm and from what I could tell pretty big cock.

‘Mmm – someone’s a little excited, I think,’ I said. I gently rocked my hand over the bulge in his trousers. ‘Is yours as big as theirs?’

‘You know what to tuzla içmeler escort do if you want to find out,’ he replied. Again, daring me.

I pushed the cushion aside and shuffled closer to him. I leaned forward and began to undo his belt. I looked at his face. He looked back impassively, maybe not believing I was going to do it. I finished undoing his belt and started to undo the fly button. I continued to look at his face. Still he stared back.

In the background, the blond was gasping and whimpering as the two men ploughed her holes. My fingers found the zipper and I slowly pulled it down. Still no reaction. I pulled the zipper right down. I was now on all fours, my elbows leaning on his thighs. If he had wanted to he could have seen down my t-shirt where it hung loosely round my neck, my breasts nearly touching his knees. But his eyes stayed fixed on mine.

I peeled back the material of his jeans. The image flashed through my mind of my ass sticking up in the air, my pussy on show, like the woman in the film. Still staring, waiting for him to tell me to stop, I felt for the waistband of his shorts. Still no reaction. With both hands, I pulled the waistband down until I felt something resisting me. I lifted the fabric free and pulled it down as far as I could. I let go with one hand, keeping the fabric taught with the other. I opened my palm and rested it down on him, immediately feeling his hot, thick erection. I curled my fingers round it and held it.

‘What’s this then?’ I said. He smiled. I tightened my fingers and started to gently pull up and down. He was already pretty hard but I could feel him growing in my fist. I increased the pressure and made bigger movements. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I couldn’t stop. He reached forward and put a hand either side of my head. Gently he pushed my head lower till I was looking straight at his thick, long cock. I parted my lips as she pushed me down on to him till his cock was in my mouth, my tongue finding the tip, gently licking round the twitching head.

I closed my eyes and sank his cock deeper in to my mouth. I closed my lips around his shaft and sucked gently, drawing him in and out in little movements. As I bobbed my head up and down on him, I thought about how hot my pussy would look, aching for it to be touched, stroked, penetrated. Then I felt his hand moving down my t-shirt, over my ribs, then under the hem. His hand cupped my bare breast. He gently massaged, then his fingers circling my erect nipple, pinching. His other hand stroked the back of my head and the nape of my neck as I sucked and licked.

I felt him tense. His hand on my neck pushed me down further. I felt the urgency in him. He kneaded my breast with his big, strong fingers, rubbing my nipple with his thumb. In the film the blond gasped and the men grunted. I pictured their big, thick cocks fucking her pussy, stretching her tight virgin ass. My stomach was doing somersaults. I sucked hard, flicking my tongue over the tip of his cock on each stroke. He was so thick that I had to open wide.

As I took as much of his thick, wet cock in my mouth, I felt a hot jet of cum hit the back of my throat. I pumped on him harder as more sticky cum spurted in to my mouth. I felt it on my tongue and cheeks, mixing with my spit. He seemed to carry on for ever shooting his load in to me. At last I felt the spurts subside. In that instant I became suddenly aware of what I was actually doing. I tasted the salty cum on my tongue, on my lips as he shrank inside me. I sucked and licked till he had finished. His hand released its grasp on my breast and he gently stroked my neck.

I let his cock slip from my mouth and self-consciously swallowed hard, then again, brushing my tongue round my mouth to collect his cum. His cock glistened with my spit. I gently pulled up the waistband of his shorts and folded back the material of his jeans. My head was starting to spin. It was a moment before I could look at his face. When I did, he was smiling contently. He pressed his thumb to the corner of my mouth.

‘Missed a bit,’ he said. I parted my lips and tasted the cum on his thumb. I meekly sucked it off and swallowed.

It was all too much. The butterflies I had felt when I was so turned on gave may to a familiar sickly feeling.

‘I’m going to be sick,’ I stammered. With that I climbed off him and ran upstairs. About the last thing I could remember was making it to the bathroom and wretching in to the toilet bowl. The night hadn’t at all been what I had planned. I guess he must have waited around for a while – maybe even watched the rest of the film, waiting for mt to come back down. But I didn’t. When I got up the next morning, my head clanging, mouth as dry as dust, I found a note written on a torn off section of the envelope he’d used earlier.

‘Alison – Will lock the door and put the key back through the letter box. Hope you are alright. See you tomorrow? Tom.’

And so it began.

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