Gin and Tonic

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“Hey, listen to this one,” Jim said, with that funny sort of snicker he had about his laugh. And he began to read a story from the Penthouse Forum. I don’t remember what it was about, but it was hot and Fran and I laughed.

They had come to my parents´ house to join me in raiding the liquor cabinet while my folks were away on a short trip. Not too admirable on my part, for we were in our mid twenties then and we had enough money to buy our own drinks, but free booze is free booze, eh?

Anyway, I had picked them up for an evening together and suggested that we see what there was at my folks´ house, and there we were downing gin and tonics. Whenever someone finished a drink, I was busy at the counter cutting limes and mixing another. We’d been through three apiece when I pulled out a handful of Penthouse magazines and suggested that we look through the forum for stories that we each thought were of interest. Starting on our fourth drink, our inhibitions were lowered and we were having fun.

We’d known each other since early high school and had always made the most of whatever situation. However, apart from the usual sexy innuendoes, we’d never gotten to the point of revealing fantasies. At least, that’s what it seemed we were doing as we leafed through my Dad’s old stash of magazines. Jim and I were “wannabe” musicians and Fran was Jim’s steady girlfriend since forever. At this point, I was divorced and just generally looking for whatever I could find in the gaziantep bayan escort way of company.

After sharing a few stories, each taking a turn at reading one, the tone seemed to change. It was still all in fun, but the stories began to center on those that dealt with threesomes. After reading one in particular, Fran blushed–or so it seemed to me. Maybe it was just the gin screwing with her blood pressure. At any rate, it was a very well-written, highly erotic account of a couple and an old friend getting it on. We lingered on that one and talked about it a bit, joking that maybe that could be us.

Jim looked at me and grinned, and then moved over to the chair where Fran was sitting and grabbed her. She shrieked and struggled with him a bit, laughing all the time. She continued to try to push him off, but not in a way that suggested she was offended. They were playing, and I sat back with my drink and lit a cigarette while watching them. He was tickling her and grabbing at her tits. She was trying to fend him off, but it seemed more a show of modesty than anything else. I knew that at any time she could have put a stop to it, for she wasn’t the sort to put up with much she didn’t like.

Finally, Jim wrestled her to the floor, and they wound up in front of the couch where I was sitting. Fran was still laughing and struggling, and she now was sitting with her back to me in between my legs. Jim was trying to take off her blouse, so I held her for him. She continued to struggle, but in a few moments Jim had not only removed her blouse, but her bra was lying on the floor as well. I leaned down to kiss the top of her head while Jim was playing with her now bare breasts. I didn’t dare do anything else but hold her and continue to kiss her hair. Now that she was naked from the waist up, she became calm and pushed back against me. I started stroking her shoulders and hugging her. While I held her tight against me, Jim undid her pants and slid them off.

“All right,” she said. “If you guys want to do this, let’s do it right.” With that, she got up, dropped her underwear and, now naked, grabbed us both by the hand and headed down the hall to my old bedroom. As we entered, Jim and I both were shedding our clothes like crazy. She lay down on the bed and we took our place beside her, one on each side. At first it seemed a bit awkward, but when we started kissing her breasts and stroking her, everything seemed to fall into place. She turned to me and kissed me deeply, reaching down to grab my dick. We embraced for a few minutes as she slowly stroked me; then she did the same to Jim. I got off on watching her jack him. Then she moved down between his legs and took his dick into her mouth. I began fingering her now wet pussy, and she grabbed my cock and started masturbating me while continuing to suck Jim. I was leaking a lot of precum and she rubbed it over the head of my dick.

I felt as if I couldn’t take much more of her hand job without coming too soon, so I freed myself and moved down to lap at her cunt, then slowly moved upward to enter her. She gasped at the sudden intrusion and said, “Don’t come in me.” I continued to pump her, but respected her wishes and eased myself out. She then rose up and impaled herself on Jim’s dick, bucking up and down wildly. I just sat back and watched as his cock appeared and disappeared in her pussy. He didn’t last long, and when she had finished what appeared to be her third orgasm, she slowly lay back down, leaving Jim’s now limp prick dangling on his stomach. I reached over and kissed her and played with her cunt, enjoying the feel of his come in her. I played with her for some time, and, without letting them see, I sucked their juices off of my fingers, a little bit at a time. Both were lying there, breathing hard, with eyes closed.

When they had recovered, the moment had passed and I never got to come. We quietly got dressed, and I took them home. Fran sat in between us on the front seat and on the sly squeezed my cock from time to time.

About an hour later, Fran was ringing the door bell of my apartment. She came in and we kissed passionately, and grabbing my dick through my pants, she said, “I couldn’t let you take that big thing to bed by yourself.” We quickly stripped down and headed for the bedroom. While I was fumbling through my drawer for some condoms, she was on her knees licking the head of my cock. I nearly lost it again, but I managed to drag her into the bed, and we fucked and sucked until daybreak. It was a night I’ll never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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