Gina Ch. 06

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I was lying on my left side when I woke up. Gina was lying in front of me and I had wrapped my hands around her while I slept. My right hand had a firm grip on her huge tit and my cock was erect and pressed up against her ass.

I rose quietly from the bed to not wake Gina. She moaned in disappointment when my cock slid out from between her asscheeks but she did not wake up. I went down the stairs and headed towards the kitchen, my erection proudly pointing the way. I got a beer from the fridge and headed upstairs again. We hadn’t touched the wine I brought up a few hours before, but I preferred a beer right now. I glanced at the clock as I entered the room; 3:30AM. I sat down in the chair in Gina’s bedroom and drank the beer as I watched her sleep. She had turned over on her stomach and kicked off the sheets. I was watching her big, naked ass when I remembered her last words before I drifted up to sleep. I grinned and drank my beer. She had given me many surprises during the last 12 hours or more. It was time for me to surprise her. I finished my beer and walked up to the bed.

I carefully grabbed one ankle and pulled it away from the other, and then did the same with the other, taking my time as to not wake her. When I had her legs far enough apart I silently climbed the bed and crawled up between her legs as far as I could. I laid my hands on her asscheeks and carefully caressed them for a while. I let my fingers touch every inch of her ass before I slid my fingertips into her asscrack. I spread her cheeks ever so slowly. I was sure I didn’t move my hands more than an inch an hour, but finally I could see her beautiful little asshole. It looked so delicious lying just a foot from my face, and remembering how Gina had licked my ass I knew I had to taste hers.

Leaning forward and extending my tongue I had my first taste of ass. I thought that it might taste bad, but the thought of letting Gina feel the way I had felt, before I exhausted had fallen to sleep, made me give it a try. I hadn’t needed to worry. It didn’t taste much at all. But the thought of licking Gina’s ass, the kinkyness of it all, made me hard as steel. Gina was sighing happily in her sleep and flexed her asscheeks a couple of times. I was licking up and down her asscrack, tasting the dried massage-oil.

After a while I got bolder and stiffened my tongue to probe her asshole. Gina’s asshole was tight, but after a couple of attempt to penetrate her ass her asshole finally accepted my tongue. Gina moaned when I started tonguefucking her tight opening, but I was still sure she was asleep.

I decided I wanted to stimulate her even more and released her right asscheek güvenilir bahis to use my fingers on her clit. I slid my hand under her body trying to reach her clit. She was soaking wet.

“Please. Just do my ass. Don’t touch any other parts of me. I want you to make me cum just by stimulating my ass.”

She wasn’t sleeping after all. And she had said “please”. It was the first time I had heard her use that word as I could remember. It seemed that her ass was her weak spot. Maybe I could use this to my advantage later?

I didn’t reply, but put my hand back on her asscheek. I squeezed both asscheeks hard and grinded my face into her ass. No use in being careful now that she was awake. Gina moaned louder and started pushing her ass back at my face. She had placed her hands on the wall, and it seemed as if she was trying to push down the wall, but instead the movements made her ass push against my tongue.

We kept this up for a while before I slid my tongue out of her ass. Gina whimpered her disappointment, but said nothing. I was in charge now.

I got up on her knees and pushed my right thumb inside her ass. My left hand grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her head backwards. She got up on her knees with me behind her ass I pulled her hair. She was moving her hips, trying to make my thumb slide in and out of her ass, but my hand moved with her, denying her what she wanted. I kept pulling her backwards by her hair, making us both walk backwards on our knees until I reached the edge of the bed. Now I was standing outside the bed while she was standing on her knees on the edge of it. My thumb was still in her ass. I released her hair and slid my thumb out of her ass.

She must have thought I was going to fuck her ass then, because she was moving her hips back and forth. Instead I grabbed each asscheek and pulled them apart, looking at her asshole. It was opening and closing by itself. It was all I could do not to ram my cock in her right then, but I wanted to wait a bit before I did that.

I gripped her hair again and pulled her backwards until her ear was an inch from my mouth.

“It’s your turn to fuck my face now,” I told her. Then I pushed her down on all four, grabbed her hips and pushed my tongue inside her ass again.

I guided her hips back and forth to start with, letting her get the rhythm, before I released her hips. My hands found the back of her knees, and I grabbed them to brace myself as she was picking u the speed. My tongue was extended as far as I could and it slid as far in as it could possibly go, before it slid completely out again. Gina had let her upper body rest on her shoulders and türkçe bahis gripped her asscheeks, pulling them apart as far as she could to give my tongue better access.

“Fuck, yes. Shit, this feels so good. I’ve actually never done this before. So this is how it feels to fuck somebody’s face. Your tongue feels amazing! I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum! Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Her whole body was shaking as she said the last three words. Even though I hadn’t touched her pussy it gushed out pussyjuice. Her bed had a big wet spot on the edge of her bed, and some had dripped down on the floor.

Finally Gina let her body slide down on the bed, away from the attacks of my tongue. When she had started her orgasm I had taken over the movements in and out of her ass, and she was now trying to escape from my tongue.

Gina turned over on her back with a big smile on her face. “I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” she told me. “Who taught you that?”

“I kind of made it up as I went,” I answered.

Then Gina saw my hard cock and smiled. “About time we gave your little friend something too, isn’t it?”

I grinned and nodded. Climbing up on her bed I grabbed the back of her knees and pushed them forward until her knees rested on her huge tits.

Gina smiled and grabbed her knees, letting me have my hands free. I was about to slide a finger into her pussy when she suddenly spoke. “My ass, remember. Nothing else.” She bit her bottom lip and actually blushed as she said this.

“Are you sure?” I asked and bent down to lick her clit, to show her what she was going to miss. At the same time I pushed my right thumb inside her ass again. I licked her clit and fingered her ass for a while. Gina was moaning loud the entire time, still gripping the back of her knees.

When I felt I had teased her enough I pulled my thumb out of her ass and put my dick against her now-open asshole. I gave a hard push and had my dick in Gina’s ass for the first time. It slid right in and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. It felt much better than her pussy. Maybe even better than her mouth. I looked into Gina’s eyes as I pushed my cock into her ass, and her eyeballs rolled back into her head as she sighed. I understood at that point that she had been fingering her ass when we had watched the porno downstairs. Her expression was the same as then.

Suddenly she focused her eyes on me. “Fuck me, stud,” she almost shouted at me.

I started to ram my cock in and out of her tight ass as hard and fast as I could. Gina’s moans became louder and louder until she was screaming out her ecstasy.

“Fuck, yes. Fuck my ass, Tommy. güvenilir bahis siteleri I’m your analslut. You can fuck my ass whenever you want, just cum in my ass. I’ll do anything if you just cum in my ass. I want your cum to trickle out of my ass when I go to work tomorrow. Use my ass whenever you want it. However you want it. I wish I could suck your cock right now, but please don’t take your cock out of my ass. I need it in my ass!”

An idea came into my head, and I pushed my right thumb into her mouth. “Pretend this is my cock,” I told her.

Gina started sucking my thumb as if her life depended on it. “I’m going to cum now,” she moaned around my thumb. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming!”

Her assmuscles flexed around my cock, and that sent me over the edge. Spurt after spurt of hot sperm shot into her ass as we both had a huge orgasm. Gina bit my thumb, to prevent waking the neighbours with her screams, as her body was shaking. I slapped her ass hard with my left hand as I watched her big 44E tits jiggle.

Finally my dick went limp and slid out of her ass. Exhausted I fell on top of Gina, resting my head on her breasts. We lay like that for a while, before Gina pushed me off of her and onto my back beside her.

Gina turned around until her face was beside my dick. “We need to clean this,” she told me, and started licking my cock. She took her time, and before she was finished I had an erection again. Gina got on top of me and sat down, trapping my dick between my stomach and her wet pussy. Then she leaned down and kissed me. Our tongues danced for a while before she rolled off me. She was now lying on my left side. She rolled over on her side so that her back was against me, and told me it was about time we got to sleep. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 5:00AM. “I don’t have to be at work until 10:00AM tomorrow,” she said, knowing that I must have thought she was going to get to work late. “We still have 3 hours to sleep until we have to get up. Then I need you to prepare me for work. I might need more cum in my ass if it’s going to be trickling out of my ass.” She turned her head and winked at me.

I scooted closer to her and spooned her. My cock was still hard and pushing against her thighs.

“Put it in here,” she said. Then she lifted her right asscheek, indicating I should put my cock between into her asscrack.

I did as she told me, and then she pushed back so my head slipped just inside her asshole again. Gina sighed and rocked back and forth for a while.

“Now I need to get some sleep,” she said. “Push it all the way in, and let me go to sleep with your cock in my ass.”

It was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard anyone say to me. I pushed my cock all the way into her ass, and laid there listening to her breathing as my hands gently stroked her tits, while she drifted off to sleep.

(to be continued…)

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