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Ginger McCoy was every parents dream come true. She was beautiful, intelligent and a straight A student all the way thru school. She was 18 and president of the high school student body. From the time she was 9 years old, Ginger had wanted to go to college to become a lawyer. But recently, her parents had been fighting alot so she wasn’t quite sure if college would be in her immediate future plans or not.

On the eve of her high school graduation, Ginger’s mom had called the house and said she would be working extremely late and would not be home until at least 3 or 4 a.m. So Ginger took the message, told her mother that she loved her and hung up the phone.

“Daddy?” said Ginger as she walked into the living room, “That was mom on the phone, she said she won’t be home until at least 3 or 4 a.m., she’s working late.”

“Yeah I bet she’s “working”, said David, Ginger’s father as he flipped thru the channels on t.v.

Ginger had known for a long time that things weren’t right with her parents, but it really seemed to be taking its toll on David.

“Daddy, I’m going upstairs to lay out my graduation gown for tomorrow, do you need anything before I go?” she asked.

“Stay here and keep Daddy company, baby,” he said, turning off the tv and tossing the remote across the room to another chair.

“Sure, Daddy,” said Ginger, taking a seat next to her father.

The father and daughter sat there speechless for several minutes until David finally broke the silence.

“My little girl is graduating high school tomorrow,” he said, stroking her long red hair.

Ginger’s face began to burn with embarrassment, “Daddy, jeez, it’s not THAT big of a deal.”

“Oh, you’re wrong, baby, it IS THAT big of a deal,” he answered, “I’ve watched you go from a baby in diapers to a geeky early teenager and now to a gorgeous young woman.”

Ginger crossed her legs and began looking around the room, “So, Daddy, what shall we do for dinner?”

David just sat there with a blank look on his face, “I don’t know, I’m not really hungry. We can order pizza, if you like.”

“Sounds good,” she answered, “Extra cheese and pepperoni?”

“You know it,” said David, smiling and watching Ginger walk into the kitchen.

For weeks, David had been emotionally withdrawn, he couldn’t shake the feeling that his wife was fucking around, but he had no clue who it was. Lately she was “working” late and going in on her days off, and forgetting important things. Then when she was home, they were miles apart, often spending hours without exchanging a single word.

“They’ll be here in 45 minutes, Daddy,” said Ginger, jerking David from his thoughts.

“What?, Oh, ok, thanks baby,” he said.

Ginger took her place on the couch next to her father again, she could tell he had been thinking about her mother. His eyes were so sad, yet so angry. She wished there was something she could do to bring her father out of this slump.

“Daddy, don’t be sad, maybe there’s some way you and mom can work this out,” she said, placing her hand on her father’s leg.

“I doubt that, your mother’s fucking around, baby, I can feel it,” he answered.

“Don’t say that, Daddy,” she whispered, slowly rubbing the warm jean material from her father’s pants.

David looked into his daughter’s eyes, she seemed so sure of herself and so sympathetic to him. She looked so beautiful at that moment. The light from the table lamp was highlighting her gorgeous red hair and her eyes seem to have a different look to them tonight. Before he knew what he was doing, David leaned in and kissed his beautiful, seductive ataşehir escort daughter.

Ginger was surprised, at first, but did not make any moves to try to stop her father. Instead, she continued rubbing his leg, eventually moving her hand to the large bulge that had now popped up behind his zipper. The pair each moaned into the sinful kiss as David brought his hand down and gently began massaging his daughter’s breast.

Ginger kissed her father harder, feeling her body tingle and her panties slowly become moist.

After a few minutes, they ended their kiss, both of their hands remained exactly where they were.

“God help me, Ginger, I need you baby,” he whispered, staring into her eyes.

“I know, Daddy,” she responded, slowly getting up from the couch and taking her father’s hand, “Come with me.”


Within minutes, the lust filled father and daugther were standing inside Ginger’s room, only lit by the moonlight making the pair appear as nothing more then 2 shadows in the darkness.

Ginger turned around, facing her father and leaned in to give him another kiss. Again, David moaned into his daughter’s mouth as his large hands slid down her sides, coming to rest at her waist. He felt his cock jump when Ginger’s fingers slid inside the waistband of his jeans, gently popping the button open.

“This is so wrong, baby,” he whispered after breaking the kiss.

“It can be our secret, Daddy,” she whispered back, sliding the cold zipper down and pulling her father’s jeans down to his ankles.

David moaned into the darkness, knowing his daughter was knelt before him.

“I want you so bad, baby,” he whispered, stepping out of jeans.

Then there was silence.

What was she doing?

David’s question was answered when he felt his daughter’s warm mouth wrap around his aching cock.

“Oh, Godddd,” he moaned, throwing his head back and placing his hand in Ginger’s thick red hair, “I haven’t had my cock sucked in so long baby.”

Ginger placed her hands on her father’s ass, kneading the tight muscles as she slowly worked her tongue into and around the small slit in his cock tip. She could feel her father’s fingers twisting her hair and slightly yanking. Slowly, she flicked her warm, hot, wet tongue around her father’s engorged cock head, occasionally slurping up the pre-cum she could taste.

“Oh my God, baby, where the fuck did you learn how to do this?” he groaned, slowly pumping his hips, trying to slide his cock into his daughter’s mouth.

Ginger answered her father by wrapping her lips tightly around his cock tip and working the swollen shaft into her mouth. Using 2 fingers on her right hand, she ran the tips up and down her father’s ass crack causing him to groan in a deep throaty growl. With her left hand, she cupped her father’s tight, warm nut sack, feeling how heavy it was, knowing it had been awhile since it had been emptied.

David began pulling his daughter’s hair, twisting it around his thick fingers as his hips bucked a little harder now, “Oh god, Ginger, finger fuck Daddy’s ass.”

Ginger looked up, although all she could see was her father’s dark shadow hovering above her, she couldn’t help but smile. Past boyfriends had always told her she had a knack for sucking cock, but she never believed them. She wasted no time massaging the right nut, then the left nut, squeezing them gently as her 2 fingertips slid inside her father’s warm, tight asshole.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned breathlessly, “That’s it, baby, suck Daddy’s cock and finger his ass, you sexy little slut.”

Something ataşehir escort about being called a slut had always turned Ginger on beyond belief, but to have her father say it to her, almost made her cum without ever touching her perfectly shaven pussy.

She began to suck her father’s cock fiercely, deepthroating and swallowing around the swollen shaft, making loud slurping noises when she slid her lips to his cock tip.

David couldn’t take this much longer, he was about to blow at any second.

But Ginger never relaxed, she kept fondling her father’s balls and fingering his asshole, slamming her small, skinny fingers inside the hot hole, knuckle deep, then wiggling them around inside him.

Suddenly, David released his grip and ordered his daughter to bend over her bed …….. NOW.

Ginger smiled in the darkness, satisfied that she had made her father so horny and hot for her.

“Bend over, baby,” he hissed.

Ginger obeyed and bent over her twin sized waterbed, climbing up on the padded sides and getting on her hands and knees.

David wasted no time stepping up behind his slut daughter, raging cock in hand and placed his right hand on her ass, giving it a swift slap a few times. When he was satisfied that his daughter’s ass was burning enough, he slammed his huge cock into her, feeling his cock tip bump her sexy womb with the first thrust.

“Oh God, Daddy,” she moaned, leaning down further and placing her head on the warm blanket covering her bed.

“Shit, that’s it, baby, head down and put that sexy ass in the air for Daddy,” he moaned, fucking her so hard the water in the bed was making a loud sloshing sound.

She worked her small hips side to side, grinding her steaming pussy around her father’s huge dick, knowing this would only drive him crazy.

“MMMMM, I wanna fuck you like this every night, Ginger, tell Daddy you want him to fuck you every night and be his secret slut,” he moaned, fucking into her pussy like a jackhammer.

“OOhhhhhh yesssss, Daddy, yesssssss,” she squealed, “Make me your secret slut!!!!”

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum, baby,” he groaned, plowing into her hot teen cunt, “Daddy can’t hold out much longer.”

“Cum inside me, Daddy, I’ve wanted you inside me since I was a little girl,” she moaned, using her leg muscles to fuck back against her father’s cock.

That was all it took. One final thrust and David dumped his hot load into his daughter’s cunt. He screamed so loud that it echoed all over Ginger’s room. It had been so long since David had cum, he felt as though he would never stop.

Ginger quickly slid her hand down beneath her tummy and began rubbing her swollen clit wildly, needing to have her own release.

“Stop, baby,” her father whispered, slowly sliding his spent cock from his daughter’s cum soaked cunt, “Get on your back.”

Ginger wasted no time flipping over onto her back.

“Spread your legs for Daddy,” he whispered, quickly getting on his knees between his daughter’s thighs.

Without another word, David lowered his mouth to his daughter’s swollen clit, sucking and nibbling it wildly. He slid his tongue up and down her sloppy wet slit, inhaling the aroma of his cum inside her.

Ginger reached down and ran her fingers thru her father’s thick, dark hair, gently pushing his mouth closer to her cunt. She opened her legs more and brought them up, wrapping them behind her father’s neck. She was in a zone she had never been before, no one had ever sucked her clit like this before. Her eyes began to water and she raised her hips up, forcing anadolu yakası escort her father to eat her completely.

David brought his hand up and began molesting Ginger’s clit with his thick fingertips as his tongue dove inside her cum filled fuckhole. He moaned into her as the taste of his cum began to fill his mouth. Ginger began bucking her hips wildly, screaming into the darkness, “OOOhhhhhhh God, Daddy, Mmmmmmm, I’m so close, Daddy, I wanna cum all over your mouth!!!!!!”

David rubbed his daughter’s engorged clit harder, mashing the fleshy button into her pubic bone, circling it and rubbing harder. His tongue dove in and out of her like a snake during its mating dance. She began to pant and grunt wildly, babbling in a lust filled haze.

“OOhh, Oohhh, ohhhhhhh Goddddddd, Daddy, I’m cumminnnnnnnnnnnng,” she screamed as her eyes rolled into her skull and her cunt released some of the sweetest nectar David had ever tasted.

He growled into her cunt as the mixture of his cum and his daughter’s cum created a delicious cocktail in his mouth. He felt her quiver and her hips were bucking like a wild stallion for what seemed to be ages.

Finally, Ginger’s body calmed down and began recovering from this massive orgasm which had just shook her body like an earthquake. Her mouth was dry and words escaped her. She felt her father climb up on the bed with her and bring her head to his chest.

The father and daughter laid there in the darkness, holding each other tightly, finally falling asleep. But, before sleep found him, David thought to himself ……… no more fucking the wife when I have a hot teenage slut who sucks cock like my daughter does.


The morning came quickly and David awoke very nervous, unsure if his wife had come home and saw him laying naked with their daughter. He looked over and saw it was 8:42 am and gently slid his arm from under his sexy, naked daughter. He made his way down the hallway and into his bedroom.

The bed had never been slept in, immediately calming David’s fears.

He walked into the kitchen to make some coffee, laughing to himself remembering they had ordered pizza last night, but were to occupied to answer the doorbell.

Around 9 a.m. he returned back to Ginger’s bedroom to wake her up. Her graduation ceremony was in an hour.


Four months later, David received a letter from Florida State University, from Ginger, it read :

“Dear Daddy,

College is awesome, I’m meeting alot of new people and learning more then I ever dreamed possible. I miss you terribly and I think of that night we shared alot. It gets me thru some lonely nights here in the dorm. I can’t wait to come home for Thanksgiving so we can repeat that night. By that time I should be at least 7 months along. Yes, Daddy, I’m pregnant ……… with your child. I love you.”



David stood there stunned for a moment. He felt his cock harden inside his boxers, knowing he had impregnated his daughter turned him on beyond belief. He took the letter over to the couch and sat down, pulling his huge cock from his boxers. He kept reading the line, “Yes, Daddy, I’m pregnant …….. with your child.”

As he read these 7 words over and over, he stroked his cock. The idea of fucking Ginger at Thanksgiving while she was pregnant, sent David over the edge. Within minutes, he was shooting his thick creamy cum all over the letter, screaming out his daughter’s name as he came.

A few minutes later, David was very happy. Not only had he gotten rid of his cheating wife, he had fucked his gorgeous slut daughter and now they were expecting a child together. He knew when she came home from college in November, there was no way in hell she was going back to school. He decided the 3 of them would move away and begin life as husband and wife, raising their child.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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