Girl Talk

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This is my first-ever story submission. I’m eager to hear reactions, good or bad, but I hope you’ll be gentle.

It was one of those sticky summer nights, typical in my hometown in August, but premature for early June. The air barely moved and clung to our skins as we lazed on the back porch of my friend Meg’s house. This was our first chance to really spend time together since we’d both come home from freshman years at college.

We’d spent the day shopping for new swimsuits, and catching up on all the gossip with friends at the mall, then headed out to a local bar (now that we were miraculously legal), but got bored and headed to Meg’s to talk in quiet. We were giggly but mellow from the joint we’d already shared, relaxed because her parents were away for the weekend and the house was ours.

“I miss grade school,” Meg fretted. “We had recess, and naps, and boys had cooties so we left them alone.”

I arched an eyebrow, laughing at her wisdom. “Boyfriend troubles?”

Meg made a disgusted noise.

“Craig is a perfect fucking gentleman…til he gets stoned enough.”

I waited for the revelation.

“Then all he wants is to get off quick and get me home.” She sipped her beer and frowned.

“You mean he doesn’t do anything for you?”

“Nope…unless you count ‘oh baby that’s so good’ and grunting a few times.”

We both laughed, but I could hear the bitterness in her voice.

“But, sweetie, what do you do then?” I tried hard not to sound totally incredulous.

Meg snickered and waved her fingers at me.

“That sucks,” I muttered.

“Yeah,” she replied. “If he wasn’t my favorite supplier of all time I’d ditch him.”

The irony rolled over me and I laughed. “Oh, hell, Meg, you could buy all his stash and have enough left over to shop the entire mall! Move on and find someone who knows how to take care of his girl!”

She stared at me with a curious mix of wistfulness and cynicism.

“You’re dreaming,” she scowled. “Guys like that don’t exist.”

I just stared at her for a moment, listening to the crickets’ serenade beyond the screening, considering how to break it to her that her boyfriend was a self-centered prick.

“Meg…honest, not all guys are like that. Donny taught me everything I know, for real.”

“And you know…what?”

My turn to laugh.

“I know how to give blowjobs that make him crazy…and how to make him wait and beg for more. And I know how to get the same from him so I’m happy too.”

Meg snorted. “Riiiight.”

I grinned and crossed my heart with my fingers.

Meg stared.

“Like, with his mouth???”

“Donny’s got great fingers too, but yeah, with his mouth.”

Funny how just thinking about him made me wet.

Meg squished her empty can and scowled at me. “I think I hate you.”

We both porno indir laughed. Meg stood and moved to lock the porch door.

“I’m ready to crash, how ’bout you?” I nodded and followed her inside. I grabbed my stuff and we headed upstairs to her room.

Meg’s home was a magnificent stone colonial; real colonial, almost 200 years old. The thick stone walls kept the house cool, even in this sweltering summer heat. The stairs creaked as we made our way to her room. The old-timey click of her door latch made me smile. We were safe and sound in her room, painted by the soft moonlight. Meg pulled off her T-shirt and slid out of her jeans, oblivious or indifferent to my presence. I pulled my sundress over my head and stepped out of my panties. We stood, gazing at each other, in the softly lit dimness.

Meg sighed. “You’re so damned lucky, having someone who pays attention to you.”

I shrugged. “I dunno if it’s luck or what. I’d share him if I could, though.”

Meg looked at me and laughed. “Oh yeah, I can just see that.”

We both giggled. I stepped closer to her and brushed her cheek.

“You’re so pretty, I don’t see how any guy could keep his hands off you.”

Meg smiled and turned her head to kiss my hand. “Explain that to Craig.”

Impulse control was never my strong suit. I was stunningly consistent tonight. I watched my fingers travel down Meg’s neck and over her shoulder, trailing down her left breast. I cupped her tit in my hand and rubbed her nipple with my thumb. Meg shivered but didn’t step away or stop me.

We stood there in the moonlight, connected by nothing more than skin and fingers for a hundred heartbeats. Meg sighed and her nipple contracted. She reached out to me and pulled me closer. A breath, a moment’s hesitation, and my lips found hers. We kissed softly, slowly, and her hand settled at my waist, pulling me a little bit closer.

We stood locked together for another hundred heartbeats and then she pulled away.

I suddenly felt terribly alone…wet, wanting…wanting something alien, totally new and unexpected. I wanted to give Meg pleasure more than anything else I could imagine. I held my breath, waiting for her to push me away.

She sighed and reached her hand out to me.

“Show me……show me what he does to you…please?”

The student becomes the teacher, just like that.

Meg backed up to her bed and slid onto her back, still reaching out to me.

I followed her and laid on my side, just a little apart from her. I reached out and teased her nipples with my fingers until they were both tight and hard, then trailed my fingers lower. I found her soft curls and raked my fingernails through them until she hissed and wriggled beneath me.

I probed along the folds of her slit and she opened her legs for me. Again rokettube I stroked along her curls and she sighed softly.

“Meg…are you really okay with this???” The last thing in the world I wanted to do was hurt our friendship.

“God, yes! Please, just make me feel good!” Meg wriggled under my touch and I sent my conscience on a long vacation.

I stretched out beside her and settled my left leg between hers, sliding my knee up to bump her crotch. She was damp and warm against me. I leaned close and caught her nipple between my lips, flicking the surface with my tongue. Meg whimpered softly. I traced patterns around the soft skin of her breasts with my tongue, teasing her nipples with occasional licks. I brushed my fingertips along her ribs and down along her hip, then lightly brushed the curls on her mound again.

Meg shifted so she was fully on her back. I watched her face as I carefully probed between her wet pussy lips. Part of me was thrilled to be pleasuring her this way, but part of me was terrified I’d do something wrong. I knew what I liked when Donny did this to me, but would she like the same things in the same way? I held my hand against her crotch, cupping her for a moment, and she thrust her hips against me. I pushed my fingers tighter against her and spread her slippery lips open, scratching them lightly with my short fingernails. Meg sighed as I slipped inside, then gasped as my fingertip found her clit. I circled around it experimentally, and smiled as she whimpered when I found a really good place.

I returned my mouth to her nipples and felt her shudder beside me. I tried flicking her clit and nipple at the same time and she moaned low in her throat. She reached her hand out to rest on my shoulder, her longer nails sometimes digging into my back. I began exploring the rest of her pussy, stroking along her labia, enjoying the stretchy feel of the skin, working closer and closer to her very wet hole. As I brushed my finger across her opening she hissed and arched her back, pushing herself onto me. I slid one finger inside her and began thrusting gently. Meg dug her fingers into my shoulder and whispered “Please, more.”

I added a second and then a third finger and pushed inside her. The walls of her pussy were snug and velvety, hot and wet. I worked my way inside her and felt her open then twitch around my curious fingers. The walls of her pussy trembled like a captive butterfly. In a curious moment of double vision I could see Donny doing this to me, and hoped I looked as sexy as Meg did. Meg moaned again and I started thrusting faster. I could hear her whisper “yesyesyes” and began to wonder when she’d draw blood from my shoulder. My arm began to feel a little sore, and I realized I’d told her about more than just Donny’s hands on me.

I kissed my way around her breasts porno then slowly kissed down along her hip and over her damp curls. Meg slid up as I crawled down her body to the end of the bed. Our eyes locked as I moved to kneel between her legs and I grinnedat her, licking my lips. Her smile was a little glazed-over, and she blew me a kiss.

I settled myself between her legs. Her pussy was right in front of my face. I took a curious breath…she smelled musky and warm, and just a little bit like the creek water we’d gone swimming in earlier…earthy but clean. I placed my fingers on either side of her pussy, catching her labia with my thumbs and pulling her open. Her clit glistened in the moonlight. For a moment I just held her open, and blew gently on her moist skin. She moaned and pushed towards me. I opened my mouth and fastened on her clit, making her yelp and squirm in surprise.

“Oh god, that’s so good!”

I could feel her thighs trembling along my arms. I began licking and sucking her clit, quickly finding the places just like my own that felt the best, or too much, or not enough. I licked all over, dancing around and teasing her a little bit. I nibbled on her lips and licked down to her dripping hole. She screamed when I pushed inside her with my tongue. I tried tongue-fucking her a little bit, but she was so slippery with our mixed juices that I couldn’t really get very far. I began licking her in long broad strokes from her hole to her clit and she started a soft, steady moaning.

I realized I could happily go on and on like this, but more than anything I wanted to make her cum, maybe make her scream again like before. I fastened my lips to her clit, flicking it and finding those really good places again. I shifted a little bit to my side so I could drive my fingers into her at the same time. Meg started panting and fucking back at me, muttering “oh god oh god oh god.”

A few more deep strokes with my fingers and her clit bloomed in my mouth, going hard and then pulsing wildly. At the same time the walls of her pussy squeezed my fingers hard and her legs went rigid. Meg rewarded me with a long scream just as her hole flooded with juices. I thrust inside her with my fingers, fighting against her muscles for a few strokes, until she grabbed me by the wrist and pushed us apart. I let go of her clit and rolled away. She stared at me, wild-eyed, then began to laugh giddily as she pulled me close.

“Jesus, that’s incredible!” she exclaimed once she could find her voice again.

“I told you so,” I answered, more than a little pleased with myself.

Meg pulled me close and gave me a long, soft kiss. She pulled away and smiled. “Is that what I taste like?”

I nodded my head, then reached down to drag my finger along her sopping pussy, making her gasp. I rubbed the wetness across her lips then whispered “It’s even better firsthand,” making her giggle.

“This is better than kindergarten,” she chuckled. “Now I know what ‘who needs boys?’ is really all about.”

We both laughed and then yawned. We fell asleep exchanging little kisses, tangled together.

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