Girlfriend Wants to Try Facesitting

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It was Friday, she had just gotten off work and was on her way home in the car. She was 5’7”, and was of slightly over average weight, clearly seen by her full-figure. She had long brown hair and average facial features.

She had had a tiring day at work, getting yelled at by customers at her retail job, and was bottling a lot of frustration inside her, which she wanted to vent. She had the perfect victim in mind, her boyfriend waiting at home.

She had always fantasized about using him for her own pleasure, and today she was going to propose it before going to bed.

She pulled up in the apartment parking lot, parking the car and making her way up to their apartment on the 3rd floor. After entering the door and taking off her shoes, she went inside to find her boyfriend in the living room watching tv.

He was 5’8” and with a slightly muscular build, coming from his weekly visits to the gym. Appearance wise, he wasn’t anything special, slightly above average.

He had gotten permission to leave his gardening job early today, since he had to do some chores around the house. He would do this every week, to take some stress off his girlfriend, knowing she was always tired after coming home from work.

As he saw her walk in, he said, “hey babe, welcome home, have you eaten dinner yet?”.

“No, not yet,” she replied, getting ready to change out of her work clothes and into her more comfortable home clothes.

Looking at how tired his girlfriend seemed, he said, “there are ingredients in the fridge, i’ll go and make us something for dinner while you settle down. I’ll call you when it is done.”

He stood up and went towards the kitchen. He was going to cook some Spaghetti Bolognese, since that was the only thing he was good at cooking.

“Ok, thanks babe,” she said, looking at him walking into the kitchen and smiled. This was where her confidence of him agreeing to her proposal later came from.

He always liked to spoil her, especially on Fridays, right before the weekend. Knowing that she was going to fulfill her fantasies tonight got her all excited, and she couldn’t help changing her clothes a little faster than usual.

In her excitement, she even forgot to go to the bathroom, which she would usually do after a long day at work, where there was no access to a toilet.

After some time, they were both sitting at the dinner table eating and talking about each other’s days. After they were done eating, he stood up to start cleaning up after the meal, when she said, “when you’re done with that, meet me in the bedroom.” Then she left the dinner table.

The intent behind her words got across to him clearly, making his heart rate speed up like he was about to walk into a job interview.

It wasn’t like it was a rare occurrence for them to have sex before bed, but something about her extra seductive way of saying it tonight got him all excited. He ended up cleaning the dishes and the dinner table faster than he ever had, surprising even himself at his own speed.

This thought only appeared in his mind for a second however, before he once again got focused on the bedroom. He hurriedly went to the bathroom cleaning and clearing himself, and then he made his way to the bedroom, where she was waiting.

When he opened the door and went inside, he was greeted by the sight of his girlfriend ığdır escort sitting and waiting on the bed. She was wearing nothing except a loose t-shirt and panties. The sight instantly created a tent in his boxers.

As she saw him walk in only wearing his boxers, clearly already excited by the sight of her, she smiled at him and said, “come over here babe and lie down on your back on the bed.”

He did as she asked and when he had lied down, she bent over him and said, “babe, I want to try something a little different tonight. I want to try sitting on your face while you pleasure me, are you alright with that?”. The last part of the sentence was just formality. She knew he wouldn’t refuse.

“Yeah sure babe, that sounds hot. I will give it my best,” he answered, clearly excited by the idea of trying something new.

“Good, i am going to tie your hands to the bed frame and be a little rough with you, so be ready,” she smiled, taking out some rope, which she had bought for the occasion.

He was a little surprised as she brought out the rope and started tying him up to the bed frame, but it only increased his excitement of what was to come. To be honest, he liked the idea of being submissive to his girlfriend, and it was something he had always wanted to try, but never took the chance to ask.

After she had tied his hands to the bed frame and made sure he couldn’t move, she caressed his cheek, liking the feeling of being in total control. She slowly stood up and took off her panties, not missing his eyes following her the entire way, increasingly getting filled with excitement.

She got onto the bed again and slowly backed her ass towards his face, “babe i’m going to sit on your face and use you until im satisfied, and you are going to serve under my ass and do everything I ask you, is that understood.” She looked down at him over her shoulder, straddling his face.

“Yes, I will give it my all to satisfy you,” he said a bit shakily, looking up at her full-figured ass hovering over his head. The feeling of her over him as he was tied up made it feel like he was under her control.

“Good,” she said, liking the way he responded. Then she released her weight and sat down on his face, covering it so that his nose was pressed into her asscrack and his mouth was right below her vagina.

“Then start by sticking out your tongue and licking my pussy. By the way, I haven’t taken a shower today, so I hope it doesn’t smell too bad down there.” She giggled.

After her ass descended onto his face, a sour smell of sweat and shit assaulted his nose, making him squirm a little under her, before he gave in and stuck his tongue out to lick her pussy.

She started to grind back and forth on his face, using all his facial features to her pleasure. She could feel him desperately licking her pussy and breathing in between her ass cheeks, which gave her a ton of pleasure.

She moaned, “mmmmhh… you’re doing good. Breathe a in deeper, I want you to smell the scent coming from my ass.”

As she said this, she noticed that his cock was only getting harder by the second, realizing that he was enjoying his position.

This discovery got her more turned on, realizing she might be able to take this further than expected.

As he was giving his all, trying to please her with his tongue, he could feel her getting more rough with her grinding on his face, ığdır escort bayan making him feel like her pleasuring toy.

As time went on, the grinding got faster and faster, and she started to loudly moan in pleasure. In her ecstasy, she even stopped caring about whether her boyfriend under her was able to breathe.

At this point, he really was just a toy she was using to pleasure herself. She was venting all her build up frustrations on her boyfriend under her.

He also seemed to notice this, and when he realized he could no longer breath, he started to wildly squirm under her, trying to get out from under her ass to catch his breath. His efforts were futile, though, as he was bound tightly to the frame of the bed.

His squirming under her only increased her pleasure, and after a moment and a loud moan, she started spasming, cumming directly onto her boyfriend’s mouth.

He could feel her cum hitting his tongue, and all around his mouth. After she had cum, and stopped grinding on his face, he was able to catch his breath again.

Just as he was about to ask her to release him, he felt a hand grab him by the hair on top of his head. Then he felt her move her ass a little forward on his face.

“Now it’s your turn to serve my ass, make sure you do as good a job as you did with my pussy,” she said in a forceful voice. “Start by cleaning around my ass, I am feeling a little dirty down there after not taking a shower in a while.”

The smell coming from her asshole was as acrid as before, but he didn’t really have the heart to refuse, since after he caught his breath he was again turned on by the situation. Therefore, he stuck out his tongue and began licking her asshole, with the intent to clean her.

Once his tongue touched her ass, an obtrusive taste of salt from her sweat, and something he couldn’t identify, but tasted disgusting, assaulted his senses. This taste caused him to not lick her ass with as much passion as he did her pussy.

Feeling him slacking off under her, she pulled his head into her ass with her hand holding onto his hair and started to forcefully grind his tongue against her ass. “I told you to clean me with your tongue as well as you licked my pussy, now do it!”.

After hearing the anger in her voice, he didn’t really have a choice. Fighting back the urge to choke, he started to lick her ass with more enthusiasm.

“That’s good, it is good that you learn quickly,” she said, letting go of his head and letting him lick her ass on his own, “but you still need a small punishment for not listening to me when I first told you to do it.”

As he heard her say this, he could feel her asshole start to pucker and then a blast of hot air hit him in the face directly into his nose, bringing with it the acrid smell of her shit. As he smelled it, he couldn’t help but choke, as the harsh smell attacked his nostrils.

“Mmmhh… I’ve been holding that one in for a long time, it feels so good to finally release it. I want you to breathe it all in, so I don’t have to smell the stench,” she said in a forceful voice, feeling him choke on her fart.

He once again fought with all his will not to choke from the smell, and started to take in deep breaths, breathing everything in. Tears started to appear in his eyes, because of the smell of the fart attacking his nostrils and the taste of her ass on his tongue, attacking his senses escort ığdır at the same time.

Feeling him deeply breath in the fart she had just released onto his face, the feeling of being in power made her so turned on that she started to once again grind back and forth on his face.

After cleaning her ass for a minute or two, he heard her say, “good, i feel much cleaner down there now. Time for you to also clean inside of my asshole. Stick your tongue in there and start pleasuring me.”

Remembering what happened the last time he didn’t do as she said, he hurried to nod his head under her, and then he stuck his tongue as far up her asshole as it would go, further increasing the taste of shit on his tongue.

As he felt the weight of her ass on his face and his tongue moving inside her asshole, trying it’s best to please her, as well as his still bound hands, making him totally under her control. He couldn’t help, but once again get turned on by the situation.

Seeing his erect dick once again begin to throb, she smiled, knowing he liked to be used for her pleasure. This was definitely not the last time she was going to use him. Realizing that her boyfriend would from now on serve as her toy in bed sent jitters down to her sex, bringing her close to an orgasm.

As he heard her moan louder and louder over him, he started to put more effort into licking her asshole, increasing the pleasure she was feeling.

He was sure she was going to orgasm at any moment now and that’s when he felt it on the tip of his tongue, something firm, yet soft, and tasting a thousand times more of shit than anything has had until now.

He quickly realized what it was, it was her shit that was starting to come out of her. Trying to stop the situation, he tried to warn her, but his mouth was covered by her ass, so only muffled noises could be heard.

As she felt him begin to squirm under her, she started to get closer and closer to an orgasm, beginning to grind roughly on his face, feeling his tongue pleasuring her ass.

And then, she came, the best orgasm she ever had, sitting on her boyfriend’s face and cumming on him. It was so good that all her muscles loosened, and with that the shit started coming out of her asshole.

Once she realized this, it was already too late, so she yelled, “Don’t let any of it hit the bed covers, I don’t want to clean it up after!” And then she stopped trying to hold it back.

He felt the shit hit the back of his throat, assaulting his taste buds with the most awful taste he could have imagined. The shit was filling his whole mouth, but was showing no signs of stopping. Trying to do as his girlfriend had ordered, he began to try swallowing the stool going into his mouth.

He felt the soft shit going down his throat and the taste coming down with it. He couldn’t keep up with the flow of shit, though, and it started spilling over his mouth, covering his face with stool, now also burying his nose in the acrid smell.

As she released everything that had been inside her, she felt her earlier frustrations disappearing, and she was hit by a sudden feeling of sleepiness.

Therefore, she stopped trying to hold herself up, and sat down on her boyfriend’s face, choking him in the shit she had laid on him. Then she bent over and passed out, not moving away from her boyfriend’s face.

He couldn’t breathe anymore, buried in her shit, clocking his nostrils. The taste was still attacking his mouth, as he was still trying to swallow it all, to try to get an opportunity to breathe. He began to feel light headed, and the last thing he saw before passing out, was his girlfriend’s asshole, puckering in pleasure.

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