Girls’ Night In

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“Mmmmm…ahh!” moaned Sarah. Her head gently rolled back and forth over the top edge of the sofa, scattering strands of long blonde hair all around her. She was wedged into the corner of the sofa at an angle, bracing herself by planting one of her elbows on the armrest. Her blue-and-white maxi dress was hiked half-way up her toned thighs. Her right foot rested on the shoulder of a man kneeling between her legs, and her other foot rested on the man’s thigh. The stretchy, striped material of her dress was wrapped tightly around the man’s head and her free hand rested on top of it: bobbing up and down with the motion.

“Oh fuck!” Sarah shouted breathlessly. Her chest heaved as she panted like an animal. Her eyes rolled to the top of her head and her body convulsed as waves of pleasure swept through her body. She grabbed the bobbing head with both her hands and held it steady, breathing heavily to let her body calm down. After a minute or so, she weakly pushed the head away with her hand and took her foot off the shoulder, sighing loudly.

“Did you enjoy it darling?” asked Claire, the tall redhead who was sitting opposite Sarah in an armchair. She tugged on the leash she was holding, and the naked man slowly backed out from between Sarah’s legs. He struggled momentarily to extricate himself from the elastic material of the dress that was trapping his head down. Then he crawled back to Claire and kneeled by the side of her, facing the room. Claire wrapped the leash around her hand several times to shorten it and rested her arm on the man’s shoulder, keeping the leash taut. She glanced at the handsome features of the face, now covered in a sheen of sweat after having been trapped inside Sarah’s dress, and smiled approvingly.

“Oh god! That was fucking amazing!” exclaimed Sarah. She smoothed out the dress over her thighs and sat up straighter on the sofa. “Was he always so good at eating pussy?”

Claire laughed out loudly. “Gosh, no!” she leaned forward and crossed her legs. “It took months of training, didn’t it boy?” she lifted up the man’s chin with her curled-up index finger and looked at him quizzically. Scott, the leashed, naked man kneeling by her side, grinned and nodded.

“Can you train my boyfriend? He’s fucking useless at it,” Sarah said. Claire smiled and winked conspiratorially.

“How do you train someone to eat pussy?” asked istanbul travesti Divya, a short brunette, who was sitting opposite both Claire and Sarah on a large cushioned chair. Jenny, her slender girlfriend, was perched on the armrest with her hand around Divya’s shoulders, sipping a glass of wine. Divya patted Jenny’s thigh and said, “I should be taking notes, honey.” Jenny blushed and playfully slapped Divya’s upper arm.

“I am actually curious to know how you guys came to be like this. He’s like your slave, isn’t he?” Jenny asked.

Claire laughed and took a sip out of the glass of wine from the table beside herself. “Yeah, kind of… I own him: body, soul and mind,” Claire placed her hand on Scott’s nape protectively. “About a year ago, we were just a vanilla couple. We were planning to get married, but, it turned out that he had run up a huge gambling debt,” Claire paused to take another sip of wine.

“Was it a lot?” Jenny asked, leaning forward inquisitively.

“Well, paying it off would have wiped out our wedding budget. We had to choose between being debt-free or getting married.” Claire cast a glance at Scott, who bowed his head in shame. “We paid off the debt, of course. However, my trust was completely shattered. How do I know that he won’t go back to his gambling habits again and ruin our life? So, I gave him a choice: if we were to stay together, I have to be in charge.”

“So he agreed?” Jenny asked, wide eyed.

“Yeah. He moved in with me. I locked his cock up.” Three pairs of eyes rested on the gleaming metal cage enclosing Scott’s manhood. Claire dangled a small key hanging on a silver chain around her neck: “It’s 24/7 reminder of our agreement. He has to earn his release by pleasing me. It’s the best method of ensuring obedience.” Claire took another sip of wine and looked around the room.

“So locking his cock made him a good pussy licker?” Divya seemed incredulous.

“It helps focus his mind. After a week in chastity, he’s willing to do anything to earn some relief. But, enthusiasm is not enough: I had to train him on the proper ways of pleasuring a woman. Porn had corrupted him.”

The women laughed. “That’s what’s wrong with my bloke,” sighed Sarah. “Jackhammering my clit is not going to make me cum!”

“I had to beat that out of him, literally!” Claire smirked and slapped anadolu yakası travestileri Scott on the bum. He gasped, but regained composure quickly.

Divya arched an eyebrow. “Really, you beat him?”

“Well, discipline is important. He gets a spanking whenever he does something wrong. For instance, this morning he forgot to put sugar in my coffee and I had to spank him so that he would remember the next time around.”

“Wow!” Jenny’s mouth hung open in shock.

Claire smiled at Jenny. “So, the reason he’s good at cunnilingus is because I taught him the technique. He gets to practise it everyday because he has to wake me up in the morning with a good pussy licking and also like me to sleep every night. Of course, I sometimes use him during the day, like when I am reading a book or watching TV — so that’s a lot of experience under his belt.”

“I am so jealous of you Claire!” said Sarah. Divya nodded in agreement. Jenny stared in astonishment.

Claire laughed and tussled Scott’s hair. “Would you girls like to see a trick?” She asked mischievously.

“Go on then,” Sarah replied.

Claire unwound the leash around her hand and let it dangle from Scott’s collar. “Go get the blindfold,” she ordered. Scott stood up and walked over to a closet. He rummaged around it and came back with a black silk scarf, which he handed to Claire before kneeling down in front of her with his back to the guests. Claire folded the scarf several times and wrapped it over Scott’s eyes, blindfolding him. She moved her hand in front of his face to check that he couldn’t see through the fabric and turned back to her guests. “Give me your knickers.”

“W-what?” Jenny almost spit out her drink.

“Come on darling, don’t be shy. We are all friends here,” Claire smiled encouragingly at Jenny. She still seemed uncertain, and glanced at Divya.

“Babe, we just watched Claire’s slave boyfriend lick Sarah to an orgasm in front of us. This is pretty mild compared to that,” Divya squeezed Jenny’s hand to reassure her.

“Yeah, come on Jen!” Sarah shouted, while rummaging around the cushions of the sofa. “Where the fuck is it?” she muttered loudly. “Aha!” she cried out in triumph, holding a rolled up, dark-red thong up in air. She twirled it around her finger and flung it istanbul travesti at Claire, who caught it in mid air with a whoop. Divya laughed out loudly and wiggled in her chair, pulling down her white boy-shorts with her thumbs and tossing them to Claire. Claire held out the two pairs of panties in her hands and smiled suggestively at Jenny. The girl hesitated, but got up from her perch on the chair and shyly pulled down a pair of blue lace briefs. Divya wolf-whistled loudly as she was doing this and the other two women laughingly joined in with cat-calls as well. Jenny hurriedly struggled out of the briefs and handed them to Claire, blushing a deep shade of red as she did so.

Claire placed the three pairs of panties in a straight line across the coffee table. She then wiggled out of her yellow lace thong and placed it at the end of the line as well. She walked over to Scott, hooked a finger through his collar and guided him to the coffee table. “Find my panties,” she ordered, pushing his nose down on Divya’s boy-shorts. Scott buried his nose to the fabric and sniffed loudly. He did this several times before shaking his head to indicate that it wasn’t Claire’s. Claire smiled and guided him to the next pair, which belonged to Sarah. Again, Scott sniffed and shook his head to reject it. The process repeated for Jenny’s lace briefs, before Scott was guided to the final pair. This time he only took a quick sniff before nodding his head, and the room erupted in cheers. Claire beamed and patted Scott’s head.

“Wait! I want to try something,” Sarah got up from the sofa and shuffled the knickers around, this time placing Claire’s pair in the second position. She nudged Claire out with her elbow and took hold of Scott’s collar assertively. Claire threw her hands up in mock resignation and sat back on her chair with a smirk. Sarah led Scott to the first pair, who rejected it after a couple of careful sniffs. He was then led to the second pair — belonging to Claire. Scott took a quick sniff and sat back, nodding his head to indicate that it was the right one. Claire clapped her hands in glee.

“What the fuck?” Sarah looked bewildered. She grabbed Claire’s knickers and sniffed them as Divya and Jenny looked on in amazement. “No offence darling, I thought maybe you had a stinky-ass pussy,” Sarah smirked. “But, these don’t smell of anything. How the hell did he do it?”

Claire laughed, enjoying the astonishment of her friends. “There’s no trick. His senses are finely tuned to my essence,” she winked mischievously.

“Bullshit!” exclaimed Divya. “There’s no such thing!” Jenny and Sarah nodded in agreement.

Claire’s eyes twinkled. “Who needs more wine?” she asked. “It’s gonna be a long night!”

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