Girls’ Night Out

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The evening promised to be an exciting one. Two friends and myself had gotten tickets to see a blues-rock concert in this small but great venue, called the Showbox. It had been a long time since I had gone out with just the girls and we were all looking for some excitement. Before the doors even opened we had managed to down several drinks and were feeling ready to go. At eight sharp the doors opened and, after some sweet-talking to the bouncer at the door, we landed ourselves the best table in the house.

I was really looking forward to seeing this artist perform. Not only was he an excellent guitarist, but he was very hot. As people filed into the venue we people-watched and chatted, sipping drinks. My friend Sonya pointed to a photo booth against the wall. It was the kind you put some change into and pile inside for a strip of photos. Immediately I told them we should pose for some photos to remember our night out. Together, we headed over to the booth.

Our first shots were just fun photos of us grinning with that “getting plastered look.” When we stepped out of the booth there was a line forming and other people were waiting to get in. As we waited for our photos to develop one of us got the brainy idea to “get back in the booth and show our tits for the camera!” We all thought this was a superb idea. Piling back into the booth, lifting our shirts, pulling down our bras and squishing our boobs together in unison. When the photos came out, there was no mistaking our boobs proudly displayed! Laughing, we passed the photos around, giggling at our silliness.

A few minutes later the concert started. I wanted to see the band as close up as possible. I urged Sonya and Kelsey to join me but they hesitated, so I headed down without them. I love concerts and hadn’t been to one in so long. I was not going to miss out. It didn’t take me long to make it to the front of the crowd just a couple of feet from the stage. The music was blasting and everyone was grooving to the rhythm. God, the two guitarists were beautiful. Johnny, the singer and main guitarist, had blonde hair that was curly and hung partially across his face. Occasionally he tossed it back, and just the intense expression on his face as he ground out the notes made me want to move my hips and shake my ass. The music was jamming, and soon I was dancing with a couple of girls next to me. Bumping and grinding our hips together, our arms over our heads, we sang along. A couple of times the blonde guitarist, Johnny – or the other whose name I found out was Derrick – would stick their hands out into the crowd, smacking people’s hands as they strutted around stage. Derrick was almost as hot as Johnny. He had dark wavy hair that was a bit shaggy. He wore a black Harley Davidson T-shirt that hugged his arms, showing off his well-defined biceps.

Pretty soon I felt a tug from behind. Sonya and Kelsey had finally made it down onto the floor. Sonya was really into the music and in moments she had her arms around my waist. Sonya is a great dancer, so I stuck my ass out to rub against her. God it was exhilarating. I couldn’t help but giggle when the next song began and Sonya put her hand over my breast and began to knead it. For a moment she stopped, worried I might mind, but I grabbed her hand and returned it to my breast. God this was great!

The first time my eyes locked with the dark haired guitarist, (I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it or not) he looked right into my eyes, grinning. And then winked. It was hard to tell if it was for me or just to no one in particular, but the current I felt was amazing. Several times he stuck his hand out and I was able to grasp it for a second. The music was making me crazy. For the remainder of the concert I stayed in front of the stage taking in the beautiful sight of the two hot guitarists.

All too soon the concert was over and an announcement was made that the band would be signing autographs, but they would only be signing newly purchased CDs or T-shirts. My friends and I purchased our items and got in line. Somehow we ended up last in line, but we figured this would just give us more time to chat with the band.

When we finally got up to the table I presented my CD to Johnny. He asked how I had liked the show. Of course, I ended up gushing like a teenager and told him how great they were. The second guy at the table was Derrick. He also asked how I enjoyed the show. All of a sudden I had an idea. I pulled out our strip of pictures with our boobs hanging out and said, “Would you mind signing this as a memento for us?”

He stared at it for a moment and chuckled, “Nice tits ladies.”

At the mention of tits the other band mates perked up. “Who is showing tits?” the next band member asked. Derrick then held up the pictures for them to see. They all scrambled in closer to get a better look. Kelsey started to blush. She had sobered up a little since the concert had ended and was shyer than Sonya and me. Amongst hoots of laughter, each of the band members signed the back of the pictures. As soon as the band had finished signing the strip of pictures, the bouncers ankara escort ushered us out as quickly as possible. They had a job to do, and it didn’t include allowing people to linger.

As we made our way out to our parked car, I said, “Look, it’s the band’s tour bus.”

It was parked directly across the parking lot about twenty feet away.

“You know what I’m going to do?” I said to no one in particular. “If they come out in the next minute or so, I’m going to have them sign the rest of the pictures.”

Neither Sonya nor Kelsey were listening – they were busy discussing the guys that had been hitting on them during the concert. Just then, the band members began to walk by.

This was my chance. I opened the door to the car. This got Sonya and Kelsey’s attention. “What are you doing?” They asked in unison.

“I’m going to have the band sign the rest of our pictures.” I sprung out of the car and made it to the door of the tour bus as Derrick was waiting for it to be opened. He looked up in surprise as I held up my pen and the photo strip. “Could you sign these too?” He grinned, “Sure. More photos huh?”

I nodded. After signing the photo strips, he passed them to the guys behind him and proceeded onto the bus. One of the band members said, “We should put these on our website.” The drummer said, “Yea, I’m sure my wife would love it.”

Everyone had signed the photos but Johnny. I had really wanted him to sign them too, so as the last member filed onto the bus, I stuck my head in. “Hey, is there any way I can get Johnny to sign these?”

The driver, a big burley man frowned at me, “We’ve got to get rolling. You’ve got your autographs, now I need to close this door!”

Crestfallen I began to back away from the door. Just as he was closing it I heard, “Hey, open it up, George!”

I looked up. It was Derrick. The bus driver slowly opened the door, scowling as Derrick stuck his head out. “If you want to have Johnny sign the photos, you can come on board and wait for him.”

I couldn’t believe my ears! Come on board? What the hell, it wasn’t like anything was going to happen. I glanced back at Sonya and Kelsey who were waiting in the car. I held up my hand, motioning that I would be a minute.

Then without a second thought, I climbed onto the bus. I smiled at George who did not smile back. I had never been on a tour bus before, but it was just how I would have imagined one might look. There were no windows as I began to walk down the aisle. There was a table and some couches along the aisle. I stopped about half way, not sure where I was supposed to be going. Derrick stuck his head out from around a partition, “Back here!” he waved to me. I paused. He held up a drink and offered it to me as I approached. I started to tell him that my friends were waiting for me, but instead I accepted the drink and took a gulp. Woo, it was strong, but good.

He smiled, “Give me a second and I will have Johnny sign your photos.”

He disappeared behind a door and as I waited, I flipped open my cell phone. I hit the speed dial for Sonya’s cell phone.

“What the hell are you doing, girl?” she shrieked.

“I am getting their autographs on the rest of the photos! I’ll be out in a minute.”

Sonya then calmed down, “Well, we don’t have all night, and we need to get home.”

“Alright,” I said, “I’m just finishing the drink Derrick gave me.”

“He gave you a drink?” Sonya yelped.

“Quit freaking out.” I said, “I’ll be out in a minute or two.”

At that moment the door to the back of the bus opened and Derrick motioned me back. I made my way to the door, pausing before passing through the narrow doorway. The pungent smell of incense and weed filled my nostrils. The light was dim, and as my eyes adjusted, I could see that no one else was there but Derrick, who was kicked back on a bed with a few pillows scattered around.

“Have a seat.” He patted the bed beside him.

I glanced around and said apologetically, “I’d love to hang out, but my friends are waiting for me and I was just hoping to have Johnny sign these photos.”

Derrick shrugged, “Sorry, but Johnny hasn’t made it out to the bus yet. If you have to go, I understand, but if you want, you can hang out here for a bit. I’m sure once he gets out here he will be more than willing to autograph them for you.”

Shit what should I do? I had finished my drink, and on cue Derrick offered me another. While he made the drink and I tried to decide what to do, my cell phone began to vibrate. This time it was Kelsey. “What’s going on? Are you coming or what?”

I hesitated. The alcohol was working its magic and then from behind, I felt strong firm fingers begin to gently rub my shoulders. A tingle went down my spine, turning my legs to jelly.

“Jana? Are you there?” Kelsey asked.

“Yea, I’m just waiting for Johnny to get out to the bus so I can get his autograph.”

“Forget about the autograph!” Kelsey said.

Then I could feel a light kiss on my neck, and I knew if he did anything else I would be a goner. “Why escort ankara don’t you just have your friends join us?” Derrick said, like a purr into my ear. I repeated the offer into the phone. Kelsey choked, “Are you crazy? My husband will kill me and so will yours if we don’t get home before too long.”

Kelsey was loud enough for us both to hear. At that, Derrick began to kiss my neck in earnest, and before I knew it had reached around and was gently rubbing my breast.

“Hold on a minute, Kelsey” I sputtered into my phone. Holding my hand over the receiver, I turned to face Derrick. God he was sexy, and when had he stripped off his shirt? Throughout the show I had caught glimpses of his bulging biceps but now I got a full shot of his upper body, and there was nothing but pure beautiful muscle. My eyes followed a narrow trail of dark curly hair from his pecks down his especially well defined abs until it disappeared inside his jeans that rested low on his hips.

I bit my lip; it had been a long time since I had been this turned on. My resistance wavered. Derrick could see it. He placed his hands on my shoulders. “If your friends can’t join us, then that’s their loss. Tell them to go ahead without you, and if you need a ride, I’ll personally make sure you get home.”

The little voice in the back of my head made one last attempt to save me from myself, but at that moment, I made my decision. Lifting the phone back to my ear, I said, “Kelsey, you and Sonya go ahead, I’m going to wait, Derrick said he will get me home.” Before Kelsey could protest I flipped the phone shut.” Immediately she called back, but I opened it and shut it off.

Derrick raised his eyebrows, “Wow, you’ve got some persistent friends.”

I smiled, “Yea, I think they are freaking out or something.”

Derrick smiled, “You know you have very pretty eyes. I think they are the bluest I have ever seen.”

He was not the first person to ever tell me this, but suddenly my mouth felt dry and though I had just downed two fairly potent drinks, I felt nervous. I knew there was only one reason why he had asked me to stay on the bus, and it wasn’t for some autographs.

Derrick leaned in closer till I could feel his breath on my face. I could smell him, a mixture of fruity cologne and salty sweat. His lips touched mine surprisingly soft and gently. It was almost like a whisper of a kiss. I gulped, not believing that I was doing this.

A moment later I heard the engines of the huge bus turn over and there was an immediate knock at the door. Derrick broke away from the kiss. He ignored it watching for my response. The second knock was more persistent, and at that, he swung it open. I couldn’t see who was there but I heard them say, “Paul says she needs to get off!”

“Screw Paul,” Derrick said, “he’s not calling the shots. If I want to let her stay, there is nothing he can say about it. Where is Johnny? Has he come out yet?”

The faceless voice said, “He is up front with Paul.”

At that, Derrick turned to me, “I’ll be right back.” He then stepped outside and closed the door. Suddenly this whole thing did not seem like a very good idea and besides I didn’t even know where they were going. Kelsey was right; my husband would go bonkers if I just didn’t show up.

Not more than a couple minutes passed and the door opened. I was ready to tell Derrick that I should just go, that this was probably more hassle than it was worth, but it wasn’t Derrick who stepped in the door, it was Johnny. He smiled, “So you have something for me to autograph?”

I nodded and fished around for it in my jacket.

“Oh, it’s the titty pictures.” He looked at them with a big grin on his face. “Tom said we should put these on the website.” Johnny winked, “but I guess you probably want them back.”

I smiled and handed him the pen, but he set them aside and made no motion to sign them. I waited as he poured himself a drink, “What are you drinking?” he asked.

I shrugged, “I think it’s Jack and Coke.” He handed me another and kicked back on the large couch opposite the bed.

“Where are you guys headed next?” I asked.

“I think we play in Vancouver, British Columbia tomorrow night.”

At that moment the bus began to move, and I knew that if I was going to get off, I better do it now or I would just have to roll with the punches. At that, Johnny stood up, “I’ll be back to sign these.” And then he closed the door behind him.

The bus was leaving the parking lot and I took one last gulp to finish my drink. My head was buzzing. I was surprised at how sober I felt for the amount of alcohol I had consumed. As I felt the bus begin to accelerate, the door swung open and Derrick was back. There was a shit-eating grin on his face as he plunked down on the bed next to me. “Well, I got it all worked out. Johnny will sign the photos and I’ll get you home before too long.” The “too long” kind of ran off into a groan as he began to kiss me and gently but firmly push me back onto the pillows. I groaned and fell back without resistance. There was no turning back. ankara escort bayan And besides, I couldn’t have asked for a hotter man.

His tongue snaked into my mouth and he wasted no time in slipping his hand under my shirt. He wasn’t rough but he was clearly on a mission and seconds later he pulled my shirt off. “You won’t need that on,” he said, tossing it aside. He pulled my bra down and rubbed a calloused thumb over my nipple. I arched my back to encourage him. He lowered his mouth flicking his tongue across my pink bud, which was now quite hard. I ran my hands over his back as he teased me. I could feel the dull aching in my pussy, and I knew I was getting wet. As Derrick began to suck on my nipples his hand began to work on undoing my jeans. He was laying half across me and I could feel his erection through his jeans against my leg. Out of pure instinct I began to move my hips back and forth against him. Like a pro, he had my jeans undone and had slipped his hand inside. He paused for a moment, slowly parting my lips with his fingers. He slipped them inside and then out again. “You’re very juicy,” he said, between kisses to my breasts. “I want to taste you.” Then he slipped his fingers out of my trembling pussy and outlined my lips with my dampness. I could smell my desire and taste my juices; he smiled down at me before sticking his tongue out to lick my lips. His tongue tickled, and I squirmed a bit under him before he slipped his tongue back into my mouth.

“Lift your ass,” he said slipping my jeans down. I complied and kicked off my heeled boots at the same time. I began to pull at his jeans that were still fastened around his waist. He pulled back to undo them for me, and they were barely undone before I could see his throbbing head peaking out from the waistband of his boxers. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch him. He pushed his jeans down, and then his boxers, revealing a hard cock that protruded from a nestle of closely trimmed dark curly hair. I leaned forward ready to suck his beautiful cock, but he said “I want you to taste yourself when you suck me.”

I needed no prompting and I scooted back and spread my legs, knowing that in a second I was going to feel that big beautiful cock inside of me.

I felt his cock pause for a moment, then slide right into my waiting wetness. I let out a sigh of pleasure but he only slid his cock in part way before he pulled out and straddling me, moved up until his cock, glistening with my wetness, was at my lips.

“Lick me, taste your pussy juice.”

I stuck my tongue out and licked his cock. I took him into my mouth and sucked and licked him till his cock was clean. Then he brought his lips down on mine. “You taste like pussy,” he said, nudging my legs apart with his knee. “Spread your legs for me.”

I opened them quickly – I needed to feel his cock inside of me again. This time he didn’t tease me and plunged his full length into me in one big thrust. As his cock thrust into me I bucked up to meet him. Grabbing my ass, he held me up giving him such an angle I let out a yelp.

“That’s right, tell me how it feels,” Derrick said between grunts. “I think your pussy deserves a good fucking and that is exactly what I plan to give it!” His cock throbbed inside of me with each thrust, then he pulled out and said, “Get on your knees.”

I rolled over and was up on all fours with my ass facing him. I could feel the stubble on his chin as his tongue began licking my pulsing lips. He pushed his tongue in as far as it could go before he drew it out and licked a trail from my pussy to my ass hole. Putting his hands on either side of my ass cheeks, he spread them so that he had better access to my hole. His tongue darted in and out as I groaned with pleasure.

“Do you like it in your ass?” Derrick asked between licks.

I groaned again, “Yes, yes,” I said sticking my ass even higher into the air.

At that, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back to the edge of the bed. He gave me one more swipe with his tongue before he plunged his cock back into my waiting pussy.

“You are a great fuck,” he said, slapping my ass and then holding onto my hips for leverage as he began pumping in earnest. His cock felt so good I didn’t want him to stop. I could feel myself beginning to reach the brink of release. I clenched onto his cock each time I felt his balls smack against me. Then I felt his fingers at my asshole, and I knew that if he continued, there would be no holding back. Just the thought of how good it would feel was almost enough to send me over the edge. Without pause, he slipped one and then two fingers into my ass. At that, I felt the first spasm of my cum. “I’m cumming,” I moaned. Then his cock twitched and I felt his cum squirt into me as he buried it deep in my core.

We stayed like that for a moment or two, but then he started moving again and I realized that he was already getting hard again. “I want you to suck me.” Derrick said, pulling out of my pussy. I could immediately feel the warm fluid begin to run down my leg as I turned to face him. His cock was not fully hard but it was covered in cum. I took him in my hand and sucked him intently. With my other hand I began to rub his balls. He moaned as he buried his hands in my hair pulling it back from my face. I sucked and licked till he was rock hard.

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