Giving In Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — It’s A Girl Thing

38-year-old Denise Watkins stood naked in the corner of Ted’s bedroom, her damp panties draped over her head, her buttocks red from the spanking she’d just received from her 20-year-old lover. It was nearly two o’clock on Friday afternoon. That was the problem.

She’d told Ted she was taking the afternoon off to spend with him, that she’d be home no later than one o’clock. That would give them about 4 hours before Ted’s mom, Martha Baldwin, arrived at the home the 3 of them temporarily shared. And when Denise didn’t show up until almost 1:45, Ted decided some punishment was in order.

After Denise had suffered enough, Ted quickly shed his clothes and approached the dark haired beauty from behind. It was then that they heard the front door open. Mrs. Baldwin was home early!

Denise tore the panties from her head, looking quickly at Ted. The panic in her eyes was obvious as she dashed out the bedroom door. She barely made it to the guestroom in time, leaving the door open as she dashed for the bed, diving under the covers just as Martha rounded the corner.

Ted, meanwhile, had gathered up Denise’s clothes and tossed them under his bed. He dressed as quickly and quietly as possible, then waited by his bedroom door, listening.

Ted had a dream relationship with Denise. A relationship where she was completely subservient to him. A relationship where he could demand anything from her he desired, and she would give it. It was a relationship that worked for both of them, and he had no desire to fuck it up by letting his mom catch on.

So he waited, and he listened.

“Hello, anybody home,” Martha called out. Denise was supposed to be at work, and Ted would normally be out with his buddies, but both of their cars were home. ‘Curious,’ she thought.

“In here,” Denise answered from the guestroom.

“What’s the matter?” Martha asked as she entered the room and saw her best friend in bed. “Are you sick?”

Denise hesitated, trying to control her emotions. Less than a minute ago, she’d stood buck naked before her young lover, her ass in flames from the spanking he’d delivered. And now, she was trying to conceal everything from his mother, her best friend. Unfortunately, her body wasn’t buying it. Her body was still hot from the spanking, and her pussy was on fire.

Then she remembered what her young master had said the other day. That she was free to do anybody she liked — anytime, anywhere, and anyhow — just as long as she told him all the details.

Quickly, Denise put an impromptu plan in motion. “No,” Denise said in a sad voice, trying to sound depressed. She sat up, holding the sheet over her breasts, swinging her feet over the side of the bed. “It’s just . . .” She paused, as if searching for the right words. “Oh, I don’t know,” she said exhaling and lowering her head.

A million things went through Martha’s head as looked at her friend. Was she okay? Was she sick? Was it serious? Why wasn’t she telling her?

“Please, Denise,” she said as she sat down beside her friend. “I’m your best friend. You can tell me anything.”

Denise hesitated briefly, squeezing her eyes shut to hold back the fake tears, then threw herself into Martha’s arms, allowing the sheet to fall free in the process.

“There, there now,” Martha said, recovering quickly from the shock of having a naked woman fall into her arms. “It’s okay.”

She held Denise tentatively at first, gradually becoming more at ease. She stroked her hair gently and lightly rubbed her back, very much aware of the naked breast pushing against her own. And she waited until her friend was ready to talk.

“I’m sorry,” Denise said after a while, pushing herself back from Martha’s embrace. She took hold of her friend’s hands and held them in her hd porno lap, seemingly unaware of her own nakedness. “It’s just that, sometimes, I get to feeling so lonely, and so sorry for myself that I can’t stand it. I miss my husband, Martha. I miss him something awful.” And then she hesitated. “Look at me,” she said, squeezing her friends hand tight and trying to smile. “Of all people to be telling this to. You’ve been alone so long. How do you do it?”

Martha smiled at her friend, the hint of tears sneaking from the corners of her eyes, before reaching her arms out and pulling her close, oblivious, now, to her nakedness. “Oh, baby, you’re not alone. Neither one of us is. We’ve got each other. We’ve got Ted. And we’ve got our friends.”

Denise pulled back slightly, just enough to see Martha’s face. “But don’t you ever miss having a man?” she asked softly.

“Sure I do,” Martha said as she slowly stroked the wavy brunette locks. “Sometimes.”

“Stay with me awhile,” Denise whispered after a moment. “I don’t want to be alone.”

“Of course,” Martha responded in an equally soft voice. It never even occurred to her not to stay with her best friend when she needed her so. Without another word, the two women fell into each other’s arms. They rocked each other slowly, before Denise rolled onto the bed, bringing Martha down with her. And they lay there together, holding each other gently, one woman naked, one woman dressed.

Meanwhile, Ted crept quietly down the hall, straining to hear the women speak. He could understand just enough to confuse him. ‘What’s she doing,’ he thought to himself? ‘It shouldn’t be this difficult to get rid of her. What’s going on?’

He reached the guestroom door and hesitated, before carefully peeking around the corner. What he saw flabbergasted him. There was his naked slut, lying on the bed in the arms of his fully clothed mother. And his slut was looking right at him, a devious smile on her face.

Ted withdrew around the corner quickly, took a deep breath, and tried to regain his composure. When he again peered around the corner, nothing had changed.

“By the way,” Denise said. “Ted went camping with the guys again and won’t be home until Sunday evening. He apologized for the lack of notice, but promised to call tonight with all the details.”

“Oh,” said Martha, pulling away slightly.

“Don’t worry, mother,” Denise smiled. “Teddy’s a big boy now, or maybe you haven’t noticed.”

Martha looked at Denise for a brief moment, before burying her head in her friend’s shoulder and snickering out loud.

“And just what’s so funny?” Denise asked, allowing her hand to wander aimlessly over Martha’s back and buttocks.

Again Martha snickered, before finally raising her head to look at Denise. “You’re going to think I’m awful,” she said.

“Never!” she responded, purposefully pulling the woman closer. “Tell me!”

“Well,” Martha started out. “Well, a couple of months ago, I accidentally saw Ted getting dressed. Believe me, Denise. Ted is going to make some woman very happy some day.” And then she burst out laughing, clutching at her naked friend.

“Martha!” Denise feigned disgust. “I never!” And then she, too, broke out laughing.

Ted, on the other hand, stood at the bedroom door in shock. His own mother, in the arms of his naked slut, talking about the size of his manhood! He couldn’t believe what he’d heard with his own ears.

And when Denise looked back at him again, she ran her tongue suggestively around her lips, and allowed her hands to gently squeeze his mother’s ass.

Ted withdrew quietly around the corner to catch his breath. ‘Could it be she’s seducing my mother right before my eyes?’ he thought. He took another deep breath, knowing that was exactly what she was doing. And then quietly, he poked his sex izle head back around the corner.

“Martha,” Denise said, breaking several minutes of silence as she released her friend and rolled flat on her back. “Tell me about Gloria Swanson.”

Martha hesitated, rolling onto her side next to her friend. “How do you know about Gloria?” she inquired uncertainly.

“It was the New Year’s Eve party just before your husband, died. As you remember, he was a bit drunk . . .”

“Shit-faced, you mean,” Martha interrupted, giggling slightly to ease the temporary tension.

“Okay, shit-faced,” Denise agreed. “Anyway, that’s when he told me.”

“I see,” Martha answered, making no immediate effort to respond to Denise’s original request. For almost 30 seconds, she lay on her side, looking at Denise, but not really seeing her.

“We were lovers,” she said at last, once again focusing on Denise. “It started on my 20th birthday when my boyfriend dumped me. I was crushed.” As she spoke, she moved her hand to Denise’s tummy, softly tracing little lines with her fingers.

“I’d known Gloria for years. She’d just recently been dumped, also.” Her fingers moved up to Denise’s breasts, circling first one nipple, then the other, bringing goose-bumps to the gently rising and falling orbs.

“That night, we were there for each other, body and soul.” She took Denise’s left nipple and gently twirled it between her fingers.

“After that, we moved in together. We were lovers for 6 months.” She moved to the other nipple.

“It was during that time that I met my husband. Those were good times for me, Denise, until Gloria met a man and took off.” She pulled gently on one nipple, then the other.

“After that, Martin and I started dating. We were married around my 21st birthday, and Teddy was born just before my 22nd.” She leaned over slowly, taking Denise’s right nipple between her teeth, biting and tugging gently, as Denise squirmed slowly beneath her.

As she switched to the other nipple, she allowed her hand to wander freely over Denise’s tummy, lightly tickling her new lover. When she was finished with the breast, she raised her head. And then the two women’s eyes met, and that one look told the story. This was something they both wanted, but they wanted it slow. They wanted it tender. And they wanted the moment to last.

Then they melted into each other’s arms and kissed.

Ted watched the two women as they lay together, not believing what he’d heard, or what he was seeing. Here was his lover, naked, in the arms of his mother. And there was no denying the excitement he felt as he studied the contrasts between them. Where his lover had long brunette hair, brown eyes and stood 5’8″, his mother was a short haired, blue eyed blonde standing no more than 5’6″. While both women looked fit, his lover had a hint of baby fat, where his mother sported a slender build. And where his lover had a beautiful 36C bust that would drive a man crazy, his mother was a smaller 34B that seemed the perfect fit for her frame.

And still the women embraced, each sending their tongue darting into the other’s mouth, while their hands were free to wander. With Martha on top, Denise reached for the bottom of her lover’s top, and slid it up her frame. The two broke their embrace just long enough for the top to be removed and discarded, before diving right back into each others mouth.

While their tongues were dancing together, Denise fumbled with the clasp of Martha’s bra, quickly succeeding in unhooking it. She rolled Ted’s mother onto her back, again breaking the embrace just long enough to relieve Martha of the article of clothing.

Slowly, Denise allowed her kisses to stray from her lover’s lips, nibbling on her ears, biting lightly on her neck. She slid down her body and kissed her way altyazılı porn over her shoulders and down her chest, arriving at last at her breasts.

Ted watched in fascination as the woman who’d given herself up to him began kissing his mother’s breasts, her hands massaging them tenderly, gently. He heard his mother moaning softly as she gave in to the eroticism of the moment, and he watched as she squirmed atop the bed. Unable to stand it, he freed his manhood from his pants and took it in hand.

Denise raised her ass into the air, her legs straddling Martha’s, as she began sliding her tongue down the quickly rising and falling stomach, effectively shielding Ted from his mother’s eyes. She raised herself to her knees and paused, looking down on the prone body beneath her.

She moved her hands to the belt on Martha’s slacks and undid it. Next, she unhooked the slacks themselves, sliding the zipper slowly down its track. Raising herself slightly, she began sliding the slacks over the hips as Martha arched her back and raised her buttocks from the bed, silently encouraging her best friend to continue.

As Denise inched down the bed, bringing the slacks with her, Ted eased back around the corner and out of sight. Closing his eyes, he leaned against the wall, and continued to stroke his cock, the sight from the other room etched indelibly in his mind. He heard the bed creak as feet softly hit the floor, and he knew that Denise had finally reached his mother’s feet. With the sound of something softly landing on the floor, Ted knew that his mother, too, was now naked. And he waited anxiously for the sound of the bed telling it was okay to look again.

As Denise eased back onto the bed, eager to rejoin her now naked lover, Ted peered once again around the corner. He spied his lover’s ass as she moved her leg across his mother’s legs and lowered her body until once again, the two were locked in each other’s arms, lips pressing gently, but urgently, together.

Denise felt like she couldn’t get enough of this woman as they lay locked together, rolling freely and frequently across the bread. Their hands wandered everywhere, exploring everything as she felt her passion rise. She marveled at how different it was with Martha than it had been with Suzie; patient instead of frantic, tender instead of rough.

She moaned as Martha wedged one leg between hers and began rubbing her pussy against her legs. Quickly, she followed suit, both women rolling across the bed, grinding their pussies on each others thighs. She could feel the tension in her lover as she neared her climax, and as their grinding took on a greater urgency.

The two women clutched desperately at each other as their orgasms hit, even as Ted was emptying his sperm into his shorts. Finally, as the last of the waves passed, they relaxed their hold on each other, content to lie together until sanity returned.

* * *

Knowing that the time had come, Ted slipped back to his room. He gathered his things quietly and crept back into the hall. He passed the quest room bent low, praying he wouldn’t be caught, and made his way to the garage, where he grabbed his backpack and tent and headed out the back door, wondering just how he was going to spend the rest of the weekend.

He certainly knew how his mother and Denise were going to be spending it.

* * *

“I wasn’t entirely honest with you,” Denise said as the two women lay in each other’s arms, still basking in their sexual pleasure.

“Oh?” Martha said, rolling away from her naked friend slightly.

“I haven’t been entirely alone, lately,” Denise explained. “I’ve had an occasional fling with a certain gentleman. It’s not an exclusive relationship, but it is a very special one. Are you mad?”

“Should I be?”

“Well, I misstated the truth just to get you into bed.”

Martha leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. “Why should that bother me? It worked didn’t it?”

* * * * * * *

Thanks for reading. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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