Gloria and Cousin Darin

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Thanks to honeywldcat for a great job of editing!


Gloria had always liked her cousin. Darin and she had gotten into all kinds of trouble together growing up. He was the person she could depend on to have adventures with. She could tell him her secrets and he would keep them. She would keep his too.

When she was little, Gloria couldn’t pronounce his name right, so she just called him “D”. She and D had explored each other’s bodies as only children can. It never got past that, and she didn’t know if she was happy or sad.

Gloria and her boyfriend had quit college and gotten married. They had been in love, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean a happy ending. She and her husband were trying to work out their problems, but losing his job added another major obstacle. They had to sell their house or lose it. The one good thing that had happened was that D had invited them to live with him until they got back on their feet.

Gloria heard D in the hot tub. Well, she heard the “oldies” he played whenever he got in the hot tub and figured that is where he was. She stuck her head out of the back door. “Mind if I join you?”

“I’d love the company.”

Gloria had already known D wouldn’t mind and had put on her swim suit. She walked over to the hot tub with a towel wrapped around her. She could feel his eyes on her as she removed the towel. Even though she was in love with her husband it made her feel good that another man found her attractive.

Darin watched his cousin get into the water. With short blonde hair and pale blue eyes, she was nice to look at. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous or anything, but there was something about her he had always liked. “Where’s your better half?”

Gloria eased herself into the water. “I don’t know about my better half, but my husband is at class.” A soft “ahh” escaped her as the hot water eased the worry out of her. “I want to thank you for getting him to go back to college and get his degree.”

The two just sat there with their eyes closed enjoying the water. “I must admit he was against it until I said that you two could stay here while he got it.”

“Now if only you could just get him to stop acting like a jerk.” She couldn’t believe that she had said anything. Gloria opened her eyes wide, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“I think I’m hurt. We could always tell each other anything.”

Gloria started to cry, she had kept her problems inside for so long. “I’m uncomfortable talking about it.”

“That must mean it’s about sex.”

“Good guess.”

“If I remember right, you and I have fooled around a little.”

Gloria stared at him, but it was like a dream. She watched him reach around her and unfasten her top. She felt him slowly take it off. She knew she should stop him, but was unable to move. She saw D staring at her breasts and was surprised at how she felt. She liked it.

“You’ve gotten a lot bigger on top than I remember.”

Gloria sucked in her breath as she felt his fingers on her nipples, they got hard instantly. “I’m not 10 anymore and you aren’t 12.”

D continued to explore her breasts. “So, what’s the problem between you two?” Her nipples stood out from her proudly. He could see her bite her lip each time his finger rubbed across.

Gloria felt wonderful. His fingers were making her nipples feel pleasure that she had not felt in a long time. Closing her eyes, she knew he should stop him; instead she gave in to the moment, “Please use your mouth.” She begged.

She Betturkey heard him moving in the water and let out a soft moan as she felt his lips on her flesh. Her arms cradled his head and pushed him into her. Damn! She pushed him away, she really needed to talk. As D sat back, Gloria couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his swim trunks. She reached for him without even thinking. Her hand slid over his front and rubbed. Feeling the hard cock under the swimsuit fabric sent electricity through her. “You definitely aren’t 12 anymore.”

Darin laughed and pushed her away, “Want a beer?”

“You wouldn’t have any wine would you?”

“I have some wine coolers.”

“That would be great.” Gloria couldn’t help stare at the bulge she had help make harder as he climbed out of the hot tub. She watched him as he returned with the drinks; her cousin was a nice looking man.

They relaxed in the hot water and she closed her eyes again and lay back. The water felt so good. She felt his lips on hers. She opened her eyes and was looking into the eyes of her cousin as he gently kissed her. Gloria was confused, she should have been embarrassed or something, but she wasn’t. She was kissing him back. Gloria was warm all over and she didn’t think it was the hot water causing it.

Darin sat back down, “I have been wanting to do that for a long time.”

Gloria wished he hadn’t waited. “Where to begin?” and let out a soft sigh. “When we started dating we didn’t fool around or anything. As it started to get more serious, we did a little, but I was determined to be a virgin on our wedding night. So I got him off with my hand and he got me off with his. It was kind of nice. Eventually we got to oral sex and that is the problem between my husband and me.”

Darin was perplexed, “I haven’t any idea what you are talking about.”

“I found that I like having a guy get off that way. I would still like to get him off that way every now and then, but my husband only wants real sex, as he calls it. He wants me on my back and him on top until he gets off inside of me. He won’t even consider a different position. All we do is argue about it. We haven’t done anything for months.” Gloria started to cry, she stopped suddenly when she realized that her cousin was laughing.

Darin saw that Gloria was getting mad, he bent over and placed his lips on hers. He gently kissed her as his hands cupped her breasts. The nipples were warm under his touch and he felt her respond. Her lips parted and he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Gloria let her tongue dance with his. Finally, she pushed him away, again. “This isn’t helping.”

Darin stood up. “Of course it is. You can go back to having sex with your husband the way he wants, no more arguments.” He pushed his trunks down freeing his semi hard cock. “You can get together with me anytime you want and we will do anything you can think of.”

She was frozen in place. Her cousin leaned toward her and she saw her hand reach up and wrap around his cock. She hadn’t even realized she was doing it. Gloria opened her mouth and guided his cock in. Her lips closed around it and she let the shaft slide until her nose buried itself into his pubic hair. Gloria released his cock slowly, a little at a time. As he got harder and larger, she would let out just enough so she could breathe, but she never let it escape. She wished she had done this to him when they were younger. The only other man she had done this to was her husband. She Betturkey Giriş started sucking him in and out, allowing herself to remember how good it felt to give pleasure this way.

Darin pushed her away. He wouldn’t be able to take much of that before he got off, and he didn’t want to cum yet. Damn she was good at that, her husband was an idiot. He made her stand up and pushed her swimsuit bottom down to land at her feet. He sat back down and using his arms on each side of her, he pulled her pussy to his mouth.

Gloria let out an “mmm” as she felt his tongue slip into her. She hadn’t felt that in a long time. She looked at her cousin as he licked and nibbled her sensitive flesh. She giggled, “I’ve never done this standing up.” Her breathing started getting faster. D was doing things with his mouth, lips and teeth that she had never felt before. “Oh man!” Even with her hands on the back of his head, Gloria was having a hard time standing up. Her clit was being abused in a most delightful way.

Darin took his mouth away from her. He guided Gloria, slowly lowering her onto him. He stopped her so that his hard cock was just at her pussy lips. He looked into her eyes, “Please, I want you to do this.”

Gloria could see the desire on his face; she could barely feel his cock. She realized that her cousin wanted her as much as she wanted him, but felt that his need wasn’t just passion.

Gloria used one hand to guide his cock into her pussy. A long “aagghh” escaped him as his cock slid in slowly. It went deeper and deeper bringing a warm pleasant feeling. When she had it all the way in she started to raise herself back up, to her surprise he stopped her and just held onto her. They shared a long kiss with his cock buried deep in her pussy. She laid her head on his shoulder, “I thought you were going to let me suck you off.”

“I’m going to; I know that’s what you want. This is for me; I have wanted this since we were teenagers.”

She pushed herself off of his shoulder which made his cock go in deeper. “You wanted me all this time?” She kissed him. “You never said or did anything.”

Darin placed his lips back on hers, “Of course not, I love you too much for that.”

“How come you never got married? Come to think of it, you almost never dated.”

Dan kissed her, deeply. He looked into her eyes, “The girl I love got married to someone else, plus the family would have never approved.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You can’t marry your cousin.”

She sucked in her breath. Gloria felt a tear flow down her face, and she bit her lip. “How does it feel? Was I worth the wait?” She was rewarded with the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face.

“It feels like liquid velvet. You are definitely worth the wait.”

With her lips on his, Gloria sent her tongue into his mouth and started to fuck him. His cock slid almost all of the way out then she pushed herself back down hard, hot water splashed. She was somewhat awkward having sex for the first time in a new position, but it didn’t take long for her body to get into a natural rhythm. She made his cock slide in and out, the water sloshed back and forth. Her pussy was getting all new feelings with her being on top. Months of nothing was ending in the best fuck she could remember. His cock was touching places that had never been touched before, all because of a new position.

She was getting high on a drug of sex and power. She controlled how fast or slow they fucked. She determined how far he went in her. She could move left or right sending his cock into parts of her pussy that had never been touched before. It almost made her pass out with pleasure. The best thing of all was that D liked her being in control.

Her orgasm hit her hard. Wave after wave of pleasure was sent through her body by her cock filled pussy. She tingled all over as her pussy grabbed at his hard cock. She slammed herself down as hard as she could and his cock rammed into her. On and on it went, faster, harder, water splashing everywhere! Wrapping her legs around his body she held onto him for dear life. She cried with the pleasure of it all. She laid her head on his shoulder, “Hold me, please, just hold me.”

She felt him remove his still hard cock. His arms went around her in a warm embrace. Slowly, she moved, “That was awesome.” She gently kissed him and wondered why in hell she hadn’t done that with him when they teenagers. “I think I will enjoy making you cum that way.” She let her tongue trace a line on his lips, “Some other time, not now.”

Gloria rose up and had a gleam in her eye. “I want to go into the house.” They got out of the hot tub and wrapped towels around themselves. Walking hand in hand they made their way to his bedroom. She removed his towel and pushed him onto his back.

She positioned herself so that she was over his cock. Lowering her mouth she started to lick him, starting at the head and flicking the sensitive flesh under it. She smiled when she got a moan from him. She started to talk to him even as she continued to lick. “I think I will have you cum in my pussy next time.” Her tongue licked around his balls. “When I was dating and this is all I could do, I discovered that I like doing this,” she took his cock into her mouth and let it slide in as far as she could take it.

Bobbing her head, she slowly moved his cock in and out of her mouth. She loved this and had missed it so much. She knew a lot of the girls back in college only did it because the guy wanted them to. Most of them didn’t let the guy cum that way because they didn’t like the taste of it. She had only done this with one person, and he became her husband. Ok, maybe she was strange, she didn’t know. She liked the way a hard cock felt in her mouth. Her tongue kept discovering new things to do with it. She liked the taste of cum. “You know, I think I will make you cum in ways that you haven’t even thought of, or me either for that matter. I want us to do everything two people can do.”

Darin watched his hard cock disappear into her mouth, she was totally into this. She would vary the pressure of the suck and the speed and depth his cock went. One of her hands was gently playing with his balls. This went on until he knew he was close to getting off. “Gloria, I think I’m going to cum.”

She heard the words that she had tried to get her husband to say, but he refused. Her cousin cared enough to let her know, just in case. Placing her lips around the head, she used her hand to pump his cock. She let her fingers slide up and down as she tasted the salty fluid that flows from a cock right before ejaculation. She wanted to smile, but it was hard to smile with a cock in your mouth.

Gloria felt Darin arch his back. Suddenly, his cock exploded in her mouth. Hot sperm slammed into the back of her throat. She pumped her hand and swallowed at the same time. Hot thick cum coated her mouth, tongue and teeth. More and more shot out of the end of his cock. She kept sucking until the flow ended. Letting his cock out of her mouth, she laid her head on his stomach, her fingers played with his pubic hair. She saw a few drops of cum flow from his cock and her tongue shot out and brought them back for her to taste. She couldn’t wait until the next time.

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