Glorious Hole

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My name is Rick. My girlfriend Janey and I love traveling. It was her first time in New York. I’ve been one other time, but this was her first.

We had just finished dinner and not a few drinks at some sports bar near Times Square. We wandered through the Square laughing at all the weirdos and dodging the tourists.

We were looking for some Irish pub someone on the subway told us about.

“I think it’s this way,” Janey said as she yanked me down a side street. I was more than a little tipsy, so I stumbled that way. We were having fun wandering the streets and laughing and kissing and touching each other in public. Being a little naughty.

That’s when she saw the video arcade.


I knew what the big neon 25-cent sign in the window meant. Glory holes. I already started to feel myself get a little hard.

Janey reached over and rubbed my dick through my slacks. I pulled her hand away. She gave me a devilish grin that made me even harder.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. I stopped her.

“What are you doing?”

“I know you fantasize about glory holes.” I was instantly embarrassed, but my dick stayed rock hard. “If you don’t clear your browser history, you’re essentially telling me what you like.”

I started to think I might be in trouble.

“We’ll go in here. You go in one booth and I’ll go in the other. I’ll blow you while you watch nasty gay porn on the video screen.”

I couldn’t believe this. It wasn’t anything I’d ever imagined before, but I loved that my girlfriend thought of it.

“Probably the closest you’ll ever get to whatever it was you were fantasizing about?”

“You’re serious?”

She rubbed my cock, which was so hard it would be impossible to hide my thick 8 inch pole from anyone who passed by.

“Fuck it.”

She cheered.

We went inside. If I were here alone, I’d do the whole ruse of looking throughout the store before “discovering” the door to the glory hole booths. But Janey wasted no time. She dragged me right up to the counter, my hard-on visible to the half dozen or so men wandering the store and the cute tattooed woman behind the counter.

“Gimme two rolls of quarters,” Janey said.

My eyes bulged. “That’s a lot.”

Janey just grinned.

She paid, got the quarters and led me through the door.

It was dark in the small hallway and it took a second for my eyes to adjust. Only blacklights provided any visibility. Once my eyes adjusted, I could see that there were 5 doors on either side of the hallway.

Janey went for the first door. She motioned for me to go into the next booth. I did and then I shut and locked the door behind me. Well, I tried to lock it, but it seemed Tokat Escort to be broken. I shut the door tightly. People don’t want to share booths, that’s what the hole is for. Anonymity.

I could see light flickering through the glory hole from Janey’s booth. She was already picking out her porn.

At that point, I realized that there was another glory hole on the other side of my booth. Oh well, I guess some guy will get to watch my ass while Janey blows me.

I turned on my screen and pumped in all the quarters. I didn’t want to be distracted or out of reach of the TV later.

From Janey’s booth, I heard the porn she was listening to. It was a cuckold porn where a woman had her husband sucking her lover’s big black cock. I was instantly at my maximum hardness. I loved how nasty Janey was getting. This was a side of her I’d only seen hints of before tonight. I found the same cuckold porn channel Janey was watching and put it on. I could hear the echo. It enhanced the experience.

I took my clothes off and stroked my cock a few times. I was already ready. Precum oozed from the tip. I rubbed my hand over it and stuck them in my mouth. I liked the taste.

I stepped forward and stuck my cock through the hole to Janey’s booth. I heard an excited squeal and her hand immediately grabbed my cock. Behind me, I heard the door to the next booth open and close. I didn’t care if somebody stared at my ass. Janey licked the tip of my cock and I moaned loudly. She giggled.

Then she deep throated me. I almost came, but I didn’t want the night to be over that quickly. Janey gave the best head I’d ever gotten and she could deep throat me almost instantly any time.

I think I’m in love.

I felt her start bobbing on my cock. Back and forth. Her juicy mouth sucking me, her amazing tongue playing with the head. It was everything I could do not to cum.

I heard the door in the booth behind me open again. I guess the guy got tired of looking my ass. I didn’t care, I had never been more turned on than Janey blowing me through the glory hole. Fantasy fulfilled.

Or so I thought.

I froze when the door to my booth suddenly opened. I guess the lock was actually broken. I couldn’t say anything or act surprised, because I didn’t want Janey to know. She kept sucking me and I was still hard as a rock.

I looked up to see an average looking man in his 40s standing there. He stepped inside and shut the door behind him. I wanted him to leave, but I couldn’t figure out a way to get him to go without alerting Janey.

He eyed me hungrily as he looked at my ass. He was wearing very loose running shorts and I could see his hard cock tenting them in the front. He wasted no time Tokat Escort Bayan and pulled the shorts down below his balls.

I’d never seen a guy do that in person before, but I always thought it was super hot when guys in porn did it. If I weren’t connected to my girlfriend in the next booth, I might just have dropped to my knees and started sucking him.

He jerked himself a couple of times and he was at least 6 and a half inches hard. Nice size. Nice head. My mouth actually started watering. My cock swelled in Janey’s mouth. I wasn’t going to cum yet, but I was growing more excited every second. Janey sucked me harder. I moaned again.

The man stepped closer and started rubbing my ass. I didn’t stop him. I don’t know why. It felt good. But I wanted him to touch me.

He rubbed me a bit more and then he wet his finger with his mouth, sucking it in like a cock. He took the wet finger and worked it into my ass. It felt so good I had to close my eyes not to explode in Janey’s mouth.

He worked another finger into me and it started to feel really good. Then he pulled out. I opened my eyes to see him lining up his condom-covered cock with my asshole.

He was going to fuck me.

He rubbed some lube onto his cock. I’d never had anything bigger than a few fingers up there, but that was very much about to change. I didn’t stop him. He plunged into me, easily going balls deep. I could feel his balls hit mine. I yelped and Janey giggled. She started sucking harder.

The man pulled out and then pushed back in. He started going faster. In mere seconds, I unloaded in Janey’s mouth. And not just a little bit of cum, a lot. She swallowed it all as I moaned.

The man kept fucking me. Not rough, but fast and hard. I loved it. I stayed hard as a rock. Janey took her mouth off my cock.

I freaked out. The man whose cock was pistoning in and out of me had been completely quiet, but he wasn’t close to coming yet, and nothing was going to stop him. Janey was going to find me out.

All of a sudden a felt the wetness of her mouth surround my cock again. I sighed with relief and started to relax again. The man’s cock was rubbing my prostate and I was feeling about as much pleasure as possible.

That’s when the door swung open and Janey was standing there. Her eyes went wide when she saw that cock push into my ass, but she kept her mouth shut.

Who was sucking my dick? It couldn’t be Janey. She walked up to us. The man fucked me harder as she came closer. He wanted to put on a show.

Janey reached up and grabbed me by the back of my head. She pulled me down to kiss her. The second her tongue went into my mouth, I could start to taste my own massive load Escort Tokat as she fed it back to me.

I came again, filling the mouth of the… it had to be another man. That made me spurt several more times.

Janey pulled back and a string of cum slipped from her mouth to mine. The man fucking me saw this and his orgasm began.

He pulled out and whipped off his condom. I spun around and dropped to my knees.

Janey pulled up the front of her dress and jammed her hand into her panties. She vigorously started rubbing her clit. That got both me and the man hotter.

“Go baby, go.” She said with jagged breath.

He jerked himself a few times and he came. The first spurt hit my cheek and I loved the feeling, but I lunged forward because I wanted all of his cum in my mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Janey said as she rubbed her self to the first of several orgasms over the next few minutes.

The man’s cock pulsed over and over, filling my mouth so much my cheeks bulged out. I started cumming again.

“Fuck yeah! Take that cum!” Janey hissed.

The man forced his cock towards the back of my throat, but I backed off because I wanted to be able to taste it. He kept pulsing shot after shot of cum into my mouth. Janey came again. I was in heaven.

The door opened and two more guys were standing there.

“Hell yeah,” Janey said. These guys already had their cocks out and were wanking themselves as they stared and watched me lick the tip of the first guy’s cock clean.

The next guy through the doorway waved his cock and me, questioningly.


He shoved his cock in my mouth and I sucked as hard as I could. Janey came again.

The new guy pulled out and started cumming, his 7-inch uncut dick exploding on my face. He pulled the foreskin back and hot white cum hit my face over and over again. I loved the feeling of it raining down on my face.

The last guy pushed his way past Janey to get to me.

“That’s so hot,” she said.

The man shoved his 8 inch cock in my mouth and instantly came. I swallowed every bit as I moaned. I couldn’t get enough.

Janey came over and dropped to her knees. She kissed me directly on the mouth and tried to lick the cum off my lips and face. I fought back and tried to keep as much as I could, including licking it back off her lips when she got some all over her now-messy mouth.

The guys moved out of the room to give us privacy. The guy who fucked me stuck his card in my pants pocket.

“Thank you.”

“You are the hottest man I’ve ever met,” Janey said. She hiked her dress up, pulled her frilly pink panties aside and plunged her hot, moist cunt onto my cock. We both came as we continued to share the come of the men who had enjoyed me.

“Let’s do this again,” I said.

She nodded vigorously as she rode my cock. “And other things.”

I got excited. “Like what?”

“No spoilers.”

She laughed. We kissed. And I licked a big drop of cum from her bottom lip as she grinned.

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