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Glory holes seem to be a man’s game – straight, bi, or gay. The first pictures I saw of the concept were B&W, from the 80s, published in Der Spiegel in the early 90s. Till then, the glory hole idea was not really clear, nor particularly erotic. The Spiegel picture showed a man pressed against a wall with holes, and it is pretty obvious his hard cock is being well serviced from the way he is arching against the wall, and holding on to a couple of other lower holes on the side to thrust his hard cock better. But this seemed to belong to the same past as erotic late 70s/early 80s hardcore porn. The idea of simply pleasuring someone without any other contact, and the thrill of surprise each time became a tempting thought over time.

I had spent a period between 14-18 jacking off to porn, from Playboy/Penthouse to hardcore, often with a best friend or sometimes with one of his friends too, though never touching each other (nor at the time, any desire to). I have occasionally jacked off over the years thinking about how hot it is to watch a hard cock being stroked as I stroke mine. My friend’s cock was cut, maybe bigger than mine (both average enough), and definitely pinker and whiter than mine when hard. He stroked more of the length of his cock as he got harder, while I tended to stroke closer to the head of my cock the hotter I was. We would stroke ourselves, share magazines, and sometimes watch each other, neither openly nor furtively – sometimes the stroking is so good, there is no way to avoid looking, especially when stoned. Sex is pretty universal, whether stiff cock or glistening pussy. A hard cock being pleasured is something men enjoy – they want their hard cock to get off, and when hard enough, nothing matters but how good it is. Probably many men won’t admit this, unless they are hard themselves, but simply cumming with no contact except the sexual is a temptation hard to pass up, which is why glory holes are unlikely to fall out of male fashion.

Porn shops with private videos have been around for decades – combined with a glory hole and some good dope, the idea of watching porn with the chance of sharing the experience offers much the same attraction as the old porn theaters – men getting off, alone or together. I have talked Lara Travesti to enough women about this to think the idea of a glory hole is pretty one sided – simply cumming for its own sake seems something all the women I’ve met find very male, especially when your partner is competely unknown. Porn and dope is not so gender specific – there are women who definitely get off on it, in my enjoyable personal experience. But getting stoned and cumming watching video porn has been a long term habit of mine, with or without a woman. Until today, without a man, either.

Findng a glory hole at a local video store was oddly tempting, not that anything happened for the last several years. The store’s cabins often had very good porn, slightly kinky, enough to make me hard and cum repeatedly so that coming back to enjoy them again was a foregone conclusion, though no one ever shared the other cabin who was interested in sharing cumming.

Today, after watching some hot MMF porn (one guy ass fucking a man with a woman sucking his hard cock and fingered her hairy pussy), and almost cumming before the tape ended, I started switching through the other programs. Someone rattled the door, and then went into the next cabin. After the shock left its rush comfortably behind, with my half erect cock being pumped in my hand watching a women being asked about porn and her first experiences, I heard him open the other door, close it, and then pull down his clothes, and thought about him getting hard, while the slot between us was closed on my side. The idea of being the one deciding when to open it was a sort of erotic defense – when I wanted to, but waiting until there was no way to help myself was part of the attraction which was turning me on. This time, it seemed as if the glory would be shared, and my cock felt so good there would be no way to resist what I wanted to happen.

After a couple of minutes, it seemed to me he was obviously playing with his cock, and while still stroking mine, I opened the slot, and almost came then, I was so hot about my first time actually getting off at a glory hole. He seemed to appreciate the view, and was probably as hot as I was. It took me a couple of minutes to really notice him – my cock was Manavgat travesti so hard that I wasn’t really paying attention to much else, since this was the first time in decades another male had seen me stroke my hot cock and balls, or I watched a man stroke his. I got much harder, almost cumming but then slowing the rhythm, listening to how much he seemed to enjoy watching my cock, as his hand moved faster pumping the length of his turned on cock, rising out of his curly cock hair. I then started looking through the glory hole for a better, longer view. Watching him stroke his cock, seeing his balls and bush, just watching his legs move while his cock was stroked was directly wired from my eyes to my cock, my brain doing nothing but getting off, knowing/hoping better would come. We were both stroking the whole lengths of our cocks, legs spread, leaning back because we were completely focused on our stroking, and we both knew we were. At this point, there was no way I could stop stroking, and no reason to. A hard cock being stroked is always sexy, especially with the thrill of what may come hovering in the future. And the uncut cock I could see was as hard as mine, straight in the air, a fist pumping it. Again, maybe bigger, but average – now I felt the memory of how hot a hard stroked cock is to watch. The best gay porn is this way – hard cocks are hot when your own cock is hard too. And the public aspect of the private cabin added a certain horniness – this was somewhere new with someone unknown.

Imagining the glory hole, and then experiencing the reality is like sex itself. Unimaginable, but irrestible when it occurs. Stroking my cock, watching him stroke his, I almost came several times, and I was so hard, not simply getting off was making me harder. After watching him play with himself while stroking my own pulsing hot cock, a finger came through the opened hole. I stroked it with a finger – I have no idea what the etiquette for a glory hole is, but we were both so turned on, it was obvious we both wanted to cum. I then stroked several of his fingers curled around the opened slot with my left hand, stroking my cock with my right, which was becoming the center of our attention. He put his hand through the opening. Side travesti There was no way to stop stroking my own hard and heavy cock, and as he reached for and touched my cock hair, I almost came again.

His questing hand was better than any fantasy while stroking me, though I could no longer see his cock. But at this point, my eyes were pretty much unseeing, except when watching his hand, though I could still hear him stroking his cock even harder as he touched me. For the first time, a man was touching me, turning me on so much I couldn’t stop stroking myself, nothing was so good as being stroked by a man, a hand hotter than any before, forbidden since it felt so good, for the first time. I was simply losing all control, my cock being stroked with another man touching me- cumming was impossible to stop at this point, which he seemed to understand so much better than I, since he was the one making me cum. And cum so good and hard – he wouldn’t let me slow down to enjoy a longer plateau, but his hand kept forcing me to keep pumping my cock. I hadn’t come in days, and my balls were certain to be full after such good stroking. And the idea that a man with a cock as hard as mine had done this was a horny truth my cock kept centered on itself, pumping hot come from my horny balls.

His hand was such a kinky thought to my cock. He smelled differently from any woman – definitely male, a cologne of some type, and definitely sexy for my hot cock. Pure hot sex, a fantasy of stroking coming real while stroking myself – luck (or fate?) is always a part of great orgasms. I started cumming, and then really pumped hard, his hand on my cock while I came, my cum pumping so good from my full sac. It was so hot and the ‘kinkiness’ was a large part – another man had made me come. There had been no way for me to stop it from happening from the second I saw his hard cock, but his touching and stroking my cock was glorious.

After cumming, but very soon after, his cock came through the slot, and spurted in just a few seconds. He came in the time it took me to figure out what was happening, but I started touching another man’s cock while it was still hard and dripping come, with velvet hot skin. As I stroked, the cum kept pumping steadily, not spurting but it still must have been very good.

This was the hottest thing at a video store since the mid 90s, with a pregnat woman being fingered, sucked and fucked by a very aroused man – somehow, I doubt this kink will tempt many who enjoyed this first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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