Glory Be

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The past few months I haven’t had the time to write. I have not abandoned “On the Beach” for the few of you patiently waiting.

This is, in essence, a transcription of a dream I had a few nights ago.

Don’t blame LarryInSeattle if, during the last edit, I snuck an error or two back in.

Enjoy. Please comment if there’s something you like or don’t like.


Henry retched. His face turned a deep and worrisome shade of magenta before he accepted the inevitable and pulled back. He took a deep breath, sat further back on his heels to alter the angle of attack, and dove back in. Henry had never been one who was willing to accept defeat. He suppressed the urge to gag and kept pushing. He willed his throat to relax. There was a moment of resistance and then, at last, the man’s cock was in his throat. To Henry, the sensation was not unlike how his ass felt when it finally surrendered to a larger than usual cock. He lost that thought as his nose brushed the closely cropped black stubble that decorated the base of the man’s impressive cock and he inhaled a scent he thought of simply as “Man”.

He held the man’s cock deep in this throat, breathing through his nose. His forehead pushed into the plain white sheet he’d suspended from the top of the door frame. The hotel room on the other side of the sheet was brightly lit. Henry had nodded approval at the silhouette of the man before he’d even seen the man’s cock. The cock, he had to admit, was a surprise. The silhouette suggested a man of average build. Henry was not the finicky sort. He was average himself, average plus an extra 15 pounds when he was being honest. He didn’t mind heavy guys, short guys, hairy guys. He didn’t mind the smell of sweat but he wasn’t into crotch swamp or dick cheese. Uncut was fine, more than fine, but he’d pass on the cheese, thanks all the same.

Henry had kept an ear out for the elevator. When he’d heard it open, he had ducked into the bathroom, behind the sheet. The room’s door was propped open with the safety latch. The TV was on. He had staged the room to give the impression of a new arrival, door propped open so whoever had drawn the short straw could return with the ice or the luggage or the beer. There had been a soft knock on the door.

“Come in,” Henry had instructed in a clear voice. “Close the door please.” The man did so.

As Henry had eyed the silhouette, a very large cock had appeared through the roughly 10″ hole Henry cut out of the center of the cotton sheet. The man’s knock had been soft, tentative even, but when it came down to it he clearly wasn’t shy. With a cock like that, what has the point in being shy?

Henry had gone after the cock with great enthusiasm, perhaps too much enthusiasm, poker oyna which is why he retched. No matter, the mission was now accomplished, he savored the feel of the man’s cock in his mouth and throat. He inhaled the clean musk of the man’s belly. His forehead pressed against the man’s abs. The cotton sheet rasped a sigh of contentment as it brushed over the stubble of hair on the man’s belly.

“Jesus, man. Fuck. Suck that cock. Deep throat that fucker. Fuck.”

Like his cock, the man’s voice was bigger, deeper than Henry had expected. He liked the man’s voice. It was appreciative, not demanding. The idea that one who enjoyed sucking cock had to be submissive was widespread. Not every man or woman who enjoyed sucking cock was a cum pig. Henry found the assumption irritating and off putting in the extreme. He was careful to be explicit about his wants.

Married, bi, downtown hotel. Love to suck glory hole cock. Me: 38, 5’8″, 180, 6″, cut, Br/Br trimmed. Open to all types. Fresh from work or gym is fine but rank and dirty is not. Pushy assholes also definitely not okay. Super overweight a turn off but a few extra pounds aren’t a problem. Uncut a plus. Married a big plus but exclusively gay also welcome. Married, uncut AND a big shooter moves you to the front of the line. Disease free here, you be the same. Ages 21 and up. Not new to this and very careful. If you think I’d be easy to rob, beat up or otherwise fuck with that would be a mistake. Send me your stats and contact info. I’ll send you location, door will be open, you come in, stick your dick through the hole, I suck until you cum, you leave. Warning: at times there may be more than one man here at a time. If that’s a problem, say so. For me, the more the merrier.

Post and wait. The wait was never very long. There were a lot of married bi men in the world. Henry had discovered that long before the Internet.

He was not joking about being very careful. On the floor, beside the door, his Ruger SR9 was loaded and ready. He’d never had to reach for it, much less use it, but he knew how. From the man’s words, and even more from the tone of his voice, Henry was not worried about needing the gun. Henry was very good at reading people. It was one of the secrets of his success.

He pressed his tongue firmly against the underside of the man’s cock as he pulled his head back. Cocks were softer there, the urethra just below the skin. He kept his lips tight, pulling more blood into the man’s already engorged and rigid dick. As his lips pulled tight against the flare the man’s crown, his tongue slid up the groove beneath the head. Henry pushed the tip of his tongue into the piss slit and was rewarded with the sharp taste of pre-cum, a lot of it. Excellent. Plenty of pre-cum canlı poker oyna made for a tasty and slippery cock.

“Oh man, that feels out of this fucking world, dude,” moaned the man on the other side of the sheet. He pushed forward, his thighs tenting the sheet, his cock and balls completely through the uneven and unraveling hole.

Henry, still tonguing the tip of the man’s cock, spared a look at the bathroom counter and the two monitors that perched there. The wireless spy cams were working fine. He’d get some good shots, pun intended, out of this. Henry was not a dick. True, he had not informed the man he was being videoed but he was very careful to position the spy cams so that the face was never included. If the dude had any easily identifiable marks or tattoos he’d delete the footage. He had no desire to cause anyone any trouble. On the other hand, he loved to watch what his mouth could do to a dude.

Satisfied, he began to suck the man’s cock in earnest. He moved his head quickly up and down the shaft taking the entire cock, no gagging. The man began to match his moves with thrusts of his hips. When Henry felt the man was getting too close he stopped, pulling his mouth away so quickly there was an audible pop.

“Dude, I’m so close. Don’t stop, please,” the man pled in a soft pant.

“I know, my friend. I know. Trust me.”

Henry tilted his head to the side and ran his open lips over the side of the man’s shaft, assiduously avoiding the sensitive crown. He worked a hand under the man’s balls and massaged the perineum, on a woman the part of her body referred to as the “taint” as in “taint pussy taint ass just taint”. Henry had never heard the term applied to a man’s body. To him the area remained the perineum. His other hand reached through the hole, and rub the side of the man’s leg and then cupped his ass cheek. He loved the way the muscles in the man’s ass flexed beneath his fingers. He remembered to use the hand on the side facing the wide angle camera. He didn’t wish to obscure the other camera’s close-up of the man’s cock.

He dipped his head and with great care and gentleness, sucked the man’s left nut into his mouth. The man gasped, stilled for a moment, and then began to breath more deeply than before. Henry began to roll the man’s ball and then, ever so slowly, to suck on in it. When the muscles tensed beneath his hand, he paused. Henry used his cheek to move the man’s cock to the other side and, just as carefully, began to suck on the man’s right nut.

When the man’s hips began to buck against the sheet, Henry stopped. He let the man’s nut fall from his mouth and stroked the other side of the shaft with his lips until he felt the man’s excitement subside to a slow simmer.

He took internet casino the cock back in his mouth and deep-throated it, leaving the shaft slick. He wrapped his left hand around the shaft. He sucked the man’s cock as he stroked him. His right hand worked its way back, until the tips of his fingers met the coarser crinkled skin of the man’s pucker. The man did not pull away; he lowered himself, opening himself.

Henry paused, pulled his right hand free and wet the fingers with his mouth.

“Pull out before you cum. I want you to pump your load into my open mouth. Understand?”

“Right on, dude, whatever. Just fucking get me off. I’m fucking dying here.”

Without further ado, Henry reached behind the man’s balls and pushed his middle finger into the man’s ass. The finger tip began to massage circles over the twin lobes of the man’s prostate as Henry’s mouth covered the cock head and his other hand began to stroke.

It didn’t take long after that. The man’s thrusts became sharper, more urgent, quicker. Soon his hand reached through the hole and displaced Henry’s.

Henry sat, mouth agape, tongue extended, his finger pressing and twisting inside the man’s ass, the man’s cock dancing against his lower lip.

Half the first jet went up his nose, the rest landed on his cheek and in his eye. Henry hated that. Cum in the eye burns damn it. He resisted the urge to close his mouth around the cock. He increased the pressure on the man’s prostate and was rewarded with stream after stream of cum. Yet more draped itself across his cheek but, after the first spasm, most landed on his tongue. As the man’s eruption waned, Henry gently sucked and licked the head. He used the head to wipe the cum off his cheek, nose and eye and then cleaned the man’s cock with his tongue. The man’s sphincter tightened and Henry’s finger was expelled. He discretely let it rest beside his leg.

The man’s cock gradually softened, for the most part inside Henry’s cradling mouth. In time, the man pulled away. Henry could see the man’s lower belly, cock and upper thighs through the hole. The man stood there.

“You can stay if you wish,” Henry reminded him. “You can watch. The next guy is due in.” Henry glanced at his watch, “About ten minutes, if he shows that is. Sometimes they don’t. You can stay. Your choice.”

“If I get hard will you suck me again?”

“Of course. Love to. You have a truly tremendous cock, my friend. A beautiful piece of man meat.”

Henry turned his head and looked at his wife, Irene.

“Don’t you agree, my love?”

“Oh yes, I do. It’s a beautiful cock, sweetheart.”

Irene leaned forward and Henry kissed her. Her tongue searched the inside of his mouth and her lips and tongue moved over his cheek and right eye.

Henry spared a peek at the hole. The man’s face, visible now in the hole, wore a mask of surprise.

They all jumped at the sound of someone knocking on the door.

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