Goddess of Beauty Ch. 01

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Sachin had been on the job only a few years and he was already at the top position in his company. His monthly income was in 7 digits, he recently purchased a penthouse apartment. He has an Aston Martin DB10, a. He knew the business rules but more than knowing the rules He know how to exploit the others to make profit. Sachin knew everything about entertaining his clients He was young, good-looking and rich Women loved him. His colleagues were in awe of him.

Sachin was bit stressed this week due to heavy work load, finally he left the office and came home, he badly needed a long drive for relaxation. It was already 8 PM when he left his apartment for a long drive. After struggling for 1 hour in the city traffic, finally he was out. At 10 PM he entered the forest area which was pitch dark with almost no vehicles on road. Sachin opened his car windows for fresh air, he felt the coolness of the wind, forest smell calmed his head, total silence of forest filled his head, as he started to relax and enjoy the drive.

Sachin heard a loud noise he felt that his car speed started to go down after few seconds he realized that the noise came under car hood. His car halted in the middle of forest. Sachin opened his hood try to figure out something but he failed to do a thing. He continued to stare at the engine for nearly 30 min

As he was turning towards the forest side, he saw a white thing at distance it was so white that he can see clearly in that dark forest. He moved towards it out of curiosity the thing become much visible. Sachin couldn’t believe what he saw white thing was a half naked woman showing her beautifully curved back figure to him, he was not close enough to see the smoothness of her skin. His view got interrupted by a large bulge in his pants as he looked down and corrected his dick’s position.

Sachin realized that she is moving deeper into the forest, out of excitement to see her from the front, he started to move closer to her but she was so fast that he was not able to catch her. She was very far now so he started running behind her, after 10 mins of running his foot got stuck to a stone and he fell on the ground. When he got up she was already gone he couldn’t see her in any direction.

Sachin got little scared he was in middle of no where. He started to walk in a chosen direction he saw many fire torches it looked like some kind of tribal village, he was exhausted like hell. When he tried to move into the village to look for some one that might help him, Someone hit his head from back and he fell on the ground closing his eyes.

It was already morning when Sachin felt the warmth of sunlight on his face, he opened his eyes suddenly escort ankara as he remembered the scary incident of yesterday. He realized that he is in a hut laying on a large leaves bed, he looked around and saw some pots of different size and shape, hut roof was made up of coconut tree branches woven nicely, and hut’s walls were made up of bamboo sticks, while he was looking at the hut interior he heard a voice from behind. Shaman said “Oh it is good that you are awake.”

Sachin looked at shaman and he got surprised to see a man in that style, shaman was totally naked even his dick was visible, his body has strange tattoos on his chest, he has some text written on his fore head saying “Property of Goddess of Beauty” Shaman again opened his mouth “How are you feeling now?”

Sachin angrily said “Horrible.”

Shaman tried to calm him and said “I know you are scared and have many questions to ask but first you need to rest.”

Sachin asked “who are you? What is this place? Who hit my head?” started to ask series of questions impatiently.

Shaman said “Calm down young man.” he said and staring at sachin he continued “I am shaman of this village this is my hut.” at last h said “I was the one who hit your head in the night.”

Sachin said “why did you do that for You idiot” furiously continued “why the hell are you naked” he screamed.

Shaman said “I hit your head because you would have woken up the whole village with your scream.” After a brief pause shaman continued “In our village people are not allowed to wear clothes and be happy that you are still wearing one.” He said calmly and proudly

As soon as shaman finished his talk, sachin heard a strange horn sound, just like a war horn in movies going for battle, within seconds shaman grabbed his hand and tried to pull him up out of his bed.

Sachin screamed “Hey Stop pulling my arm you retard. Why do you want to pull me up for?”

Shaman said “Now is not the time for clarifications hurry up.” Shaman forced sachin to get on his feet, and dragged him out of the hut.

As Sachin came out of the hut, he saw an elevated area at a side of the village which has some 15 to 20 steps to connect it to the ground level he is standing, there were few men at top of that elevated area and rest of the people were at the ground on both sides in front of the elevated area steps.

Astonishingly to Sachin everyone was naked except him, everyone had tattoo on their chest and same wordings on their forehead. Everyone was male there was not a single woman, sachin thought to himself “how the hell do they reproduce in this village without females.” He also observed esenyurt escort that the steps and the whole elevated area is filled with petals of various flowers.

All of a sudden Sachin heard the roar of a tiger which sent shiver through out his nerves. The whole crowd got silenced. few seconds later he saw the Tiger at some distance, it was a White Tiger and it was quite big its size was 1.5 times more of a normal Tiger. As the Tiger came close He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, it was the same girl he chased last night and now she is sitting on a White Tiger and riding it. she came close to the crowd riding a tiger and stopped at some distance from the elevated area.

As she was getting ready to get down from the Tiger, three men near the Tiger get down on their hands and knees, made two steps so that she can keep her foot on their back and get down easily. As soon as she her foot on their back everyone fell to the ground on their knees and bowed completely touching their head to the ground. Shaman forced Sachin down to that bowing position as well. She stepped down from the human steps and walked towards the elevated area. He wasn’t able to see anything now. After sometime everyone stood up as she reached top.

Sachin was very curious to see her as looked at the top of the elevated area, he was like a man struck by the lightning. First thought came to his mind was ‘How is it possible for a girl to be this much beautiful’. Her skin tone was as white as milk, her skin was so much white that as she was drinking a red fruit juice and he can actually see red colour outside her throat. Her skin looked so smooth and eyes were of perfect size so does her nose. Lips were looking like pale red rose which doesn’t need any lipstick. Her hair was long, silky, a perfect black background for her beautiful white face. She was half naked, looked just like a woman wearing bikini but it was not bikini at all, she was wearing some natural green ropes to hide her nipples and her sex organ (pussy) and surprisingly she was wearing high heels which looked like made out of hand.

Even though Sachin has dated so many beautiful girls, they were nothing when compared to this goddess he felt. She was inch perfect from every angle and every aspect, as a proof to her beauty when he saw naked men around him, their dicks were giving salute to her beauty as well and he felt the bulge in his pants too.

She was actually sitting on the throne chair, which was formed by the men present on top of the elevated area. They have hold one another to make perfect human throne. She was sitting on those men, crossing her legs and sipping eskişehir escort her juice. As two other men were waving the hand made fan at her to give her cool fresh feeling.

Some men came forward bowed down before her at the bottom of the elevated area and were saying something about preparation, after an hour a dance started to entertain her which lasted for one more hour, as Sachin grew impatient soon after the dance he jumped in front of her at the bottom of the elevated area and started screaming.

Sachin screamed pointing hand towards her “I don’t know who you are or what this village is called.” “what type of circus you run here I am being kept here.” all the people around him was stunned by this new man’s reaction.

Sachin continued “I was at the road when i saw you, I ran behind you so that you’ll give a helping hand to repair my car.”

Sachin continued “but you ran into the woods and I ended up here it was all your fault”.

“so now I demand you to send me back with some men so that I can repair my car.” Sachin said in a demanding tone.

She was staring at him while he was shouting at her, she made a simple hand gesture and the men around him jumped to hold him down. sachin tried to fight them but it was useless. Men held him tight and tore his clothes including his underwear, now he was totally naked like rest of them, they made him go on his knees and held his head touching the ground. Then she made another gesture to a man on the top. In a few seconds he felt something harsh struck his back “PPPPTTTTSHHHHUUUUU” it was a sound of a whip.

Sachin thought to himself “is she whipping me”? The pain of the first whipping confirmed it to him. That Whip was like a special one which had thorns attached to it. It was completely natural one which was like a super flexible long rose plant with out leaves and rose. The second blow came and it was so painful that he started screaming loudly. Third blow from the whip made his eyes wet and tears were rolling down. With every blow he started screaming “arghhh ..h..hh” whipping stopped at 50th blow. And he was hearing foot steps of her coming down.

A Man holding him in position hissed “crawl towards her by kissing the earth she walk as soon as we loosen your hands.”

She came close to him, and stepped on his whipped back, he screamed in pain she get down and walked towards the Tiger, Then she stopped near the Tiger and made a hand gesture his hands got loosened sachin turned around to crawl towards the goddess, as turned another blow came to remind him of his position, he started kissing the foot marks on the earth she just walked and crawl towards her slowly, she was still whipping him but slowly. Finally he reached her feet and kissed it. She kicked his face out then she got up on her Tiger and called shaman.

Goddess said “Teach this man our rules.” Shaman knelt down and kissed her foot. She ride her Tiger and disappeared. People took Sachin back to the hut.

To be continued…

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