Gods and Crowbars Ch. 01

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This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – Prologue

Thursday, April 6th. I was still in the Hospital after my back surgery, but was making strong progress. It was possible that I would be going home over the weekend. After all, I could lie in bed at home about as easily as I could recline in a hospital bed, the food would be much better at home (even Bowser’s food, the stuff not from Carole’s plate, looked good compared to what they were serving in the Hospital), and I would have the sexiest doctor in the world (yes, I’m biased) looking after me.

The only negative was the sex. The night before, I’d gotten an exceptionally good blowjob from the beautiful black Nurse Jones. Her full lips sliding up and down my throbbing, iron-hard shaft proved that the surgery had been very successful in maintaining my ability to get an erection. The pleasure rocketing through my loins and lower body offset the pain in the area of the surgery. And the intense release of my climax when I ejaculated my pent-up semen into Nurse Jones’s hungrily sucking mouth was incredible…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Okay,” said Cindy Ross at a meeting of the MCD Detectives in the MCD room, “we are beginning a new program, tradition, or what have you: each of you will take one week a month and work on a cold case. Unless something really big comes up, that’ll be your primary case for that week. The idea is for you to sharpen your Detective skills on old cases without a lot of pressure on you to solve them. If you do solve one, great; but the idea is to use your skills and see what your imaginations come up with.”

In the room were Teddy Parker, Joanne Warner, Theo Washington, and Jerome Davis. Cindy could see varying degrees of enthusiasm in their eyes: Joanne and Jerome seemed excited, while Teddy and Theo were less convinced.

Cindy continued: “Each of you can find a cold case, then let me know its the one you’re working on. You’ll start on a Monday and work through Friday, and don’t try to get overtime unless you find a hot scent. On Friday, you’ll put it aside until your next cold case week, unless you get on a hot scent, whereupon we’ll decide how to proceed.”

Everyone nodded. “Okay, if there are no questions,” Cindy said, “who wants to go first?”

“I do.” said Joanne. “I’ve got just the case in mind. I heard about it last week; that reunion murder case.”

“Ah yes.” said Cindy. “Happened ten years ago, so the class will be having another reunion soon.” Joanne nodded.

“Ma’am, will we be able to have Myron and Mary work with us?” asked Theo.

“Probably, if they’re not too busy.” Cindy said. “And Mary might be asked to try her hand on a cold case or two. I might also have Lainie or Sonali help you, to sharpen their own skills.”

“Ma’am,” said Joanne, “this is off subject, but… what is Commander Troy going to do about the Police Boxing Matches?”

“We’ve never had a Champion not make it to the finals the next year,” Cindy said, “though some have not competed at all, either through retirement or injury. I don’t see how Commander Troy can recover from this serious back surgery in time… but knowing him… you just never know.”

“Oooh, the trophy is as good as mine!” Joanne exclaimed. She and Cindy exchanged two-finger pointings as Theo and Teddy chuckled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So how is Don doing?” asked the Deputy Director as he and Jack Muscone sat in the DepDirector’s office in the FBI offices in the City’s Federal Building.

“He’s recovering well.” said Muscone. “But he probably won’t return to full duty until the week after next.”

“My God.” said the DepDirector. “I know he’s a tough bastard, but modern medicine has really advanced to incredible levels.”

“Yes sir.” said Muscone. “He says I can consult with him while he’s recovering at home, so that he doesn’t become too bored. His words.”

The DepDirector smiled. “And we’d better take advantage of that offer. We’ve got a lot going on, from Superior Bloodlines, to local crop-ups of White Roots in this State, to internal issues.”

“And Ferrell.” said Muscone. “Don thinks Ferrell is somewhere in the area.”

“Why?” asked the DepDirector. “I mean… why does Don think Ferrell would come back into this area?”

“He thinks Ferrell might’ve been involved in those Domingo Shipping tanker trucks being used to bring drugs into ardahan escort the State dissolved in chemical solvents.” said Muscone. “Don thinks four of those trucks were the ones used to try to removed the waste chemicals from Bexall in the Pine Valley case he cleaned up for us, pun fully intended.” The DepDirector chuckled.

“And also, Sharples’s trial for murder is coming up.” Muscone said. “If Sharples suddenly decides to talk, Don thinks Ferrell will have to be around to choreograph taking Sharples out.”

“And anything else?” asked the DepDirector, peering at Muscone, who peered right back.

“Not that I’m aware of, sir.” said Muscone. “But as you know, Captain Ross is always saying the Iron Crowbar never shows his full hand, but holds things back. So maybe he’s holding something back from me, as well.”

“I had to twist his cap around once when he did that to me.” said the DepDirector. “But it was kind of understandable; we had no idea how brutal Pastor Westboro was, and could be. And Don thinks Les Craig is dirty, so he’s not going to tell us everything he knows.”

Muscone said nothing, which caused his boss to peer at him.

“What, you think Craig is dirty, too?” asked the DepDirector, a bit sharply.

“Sir,” said Muscone, “if the Iron Crowbar thinks he is, then I’ll believe it until I’m shown otherwise.”

“Wow, it’s a sad day when the FBI’s people can’t trust each other.” said the DepDirector.

“Yes sir.” said Muscone. “But you know we have moles, sir. And Don and Laura both think there’s another rogue cell—-“

“I know.” interrupted the DepDirector. “I know. Which is why I’m not screaming at you right now. Okay, I want you to work out of Don’s Town and keep picking his brain… so he won’t get bored, of course.”

Muscone gave what was for him a grin. “Yes sir.”

Part 2 – Goddess In The Night

I had rejected the morphine device after my surgery. For a couple of days, I endured some pretty intense pain. I would concentrate on it, and the location in my back, ‘channeling’ the pain back to the source, thus channeling energy to heal it. This is probably not very sound medicine, but I was getting better.

Laura probably thought that the father of her children had gone crazy, and she might well have been right. Her ‘workaround’ was to ask Dr. Morgan to prescribe sedatives to me to get to sleep at night. The pain was there, but it was assimilated into my dreams. And I generally did not wake up until morning.

“Oh, Commmannnnddddderrrrrr…”

“Yes, Angela… wha?” I gasped. I’d expected to see some sort of black-and-white vision of Angela or the hospital room. Instead, I could see nothing! Then I realized that there was a mask over my eyes.

And then I felt something else over my head. Someone was climbing on the bed. The smell of pussy began to drift into my nose, and I could feel the bodily warmth right above my face.

“Oooooo, stick that long tongue of yours up into that pussy, my darling Commander…” I heard Angela’s voice say. I slid my tongue straight up into the air… and came into contact with swollen cunt lips!

What the fuck was this about? I wondered to myself. I wasn’t dreaming; that was real pussy that I was tasting, and I began licking steadily up and down the woman’s labes. I heard a faint gasp.

“That’s it, stud.” I heard Angela’s voice say. “And now, get ready for the very best.”

“Unnnh!” I gasped as I felt a warm hand grasp my hardening cock. The hand gently jacked my meat to raging hardness as I ate the pussy sitting down on my face. The taste was vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t discern it. But it was pussy, and that meant it was awesome.

I realized that the hand jacking my cock was not the same woman as the one I was eating; it was a left hand, and the angle was just about impossible for a woman on top of me to achieve. Then I gasped as I felt the second woman’s warm, wet lips slide over my taut cockhead and down my throbbing length.

“Oh yeah, bitch, suck his cock!” I heard a voice whisper. As I continued to eat the pussy above me, the woman fellating me was going to town, sucking me gently as her mouth slid down my shaft, then sucking very hard as her mouth slid up my turgid shaft.

Then I felt the bed move as weight was being put on it. “Be careful.” whispered the voice I’d just heard. Then I felt warm lips sliding over my cockhead… cunt lips. The second woman let her weight drop down my rod until I was fully sheathed in her hot, tight, incredibly wet cunthole.

I could not move my arms, either; the first woman, that I was eating) had her hands on my wrists and was putting her weight down on them. I just went with it, tonguing the one hole while the other gently rode up and down my cock, not rocking me nor the bed too much.

After a couple of minutes of this, I felt my cock and balls tighten; my nut was rising. The woman fucking me realized it and slid off. adıyaman escort The first woman slid down and began sucking me, then eased back up as the second woman took my meat into her mouth and began fellating me as her hand vigorously pumped my shaft. I couldn’t hold on, and I didn’t try.

“Mmmmmmf!” I moaned into the pussy above me as I began firing spurt after spurt of thick, ropy jism into the second woman’s hot, wild mouth. I felt her greedily swallowing my semen as she jacked me in perfect rhythm to the pulsing spasms of my cock as I shot my full climax into her mouth and throat.

I was spent as I felt the woman on top of me getting off me. I was going to jerk the mask over my eyes off, but I couldn’t move my hands. And then I heard Angela’s voice again, saying “Go back to sleep, my darling Commander… go back to slee—“

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What is this?” I heard a voice say. Then the blackness was lifted from my eyes. I looked up to see Dr. Morgan and my wife Laura at my bedside. There was light outside the window, it was past dawn on Friday, April 7th.

“Darling, when did you start wearing a sleeping mask?” Laura said, holding up the black mask with no eyelets.

“I didn’t.” I said, remember the previous night. “I was having a dream… that someone came in and put that on my face.” I still was faintly tasting pussy on my mouth, and I asked for some water. Laura handed me a glass and asked Dr. Morgan to give her and me a moment alone. Once he left the room, I slid down the sheets of the bed… yep, my red pubic hairs were matted, and there was a raven black hair mingled in with them.

“Honey,” I said, “did you and anyone else sneak in here and fuck me last night?”

“No.” said Laura. “And Nurse Jones was not on duty last night, so I doubt it was her. I sent Dr. Morgan out so that I could retrieve this camera I left in here in secret.” She got the tiny camera, which was secreted in the fake potted plant in the corner of the room, the storage component under the fake dirt. She plugged the device into her iPhone, which was not an iPhone you or I could get at the local Apple store… this one had CIA technology on it that made me jealous.

“Hmmm, about 2:30am,” said Laura, “the video starts fluttering out… like that Slender Man video game when he’s approaching. Then it blanks out completely, like…” She didn’t finish.

“Like an anti-bugging device?” I said, finishing for her.

“How do you know about those?” my wife asked.

“Ohhh, a little birdie whispered it into my ears.” I said, wondering if Laura knew or not that Cindy and I had these devices ourselves. “But those were women in my room last night, not Slender Man.”

“I know Nurse Jones came in and sucked your cock the other night.” Laura said. “She told me she was going to, then told me that she did before you had a chance to. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Laura went and asked the nurses if anyone had come into my (guarded) room the night before, and the nurses said that none of them had. It would remain a mystery who my secret lovers and benefactors were…

Part 3 – Demons In The Night

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!” shouted the lovely redheaded MILF reporterette at 7:00am, Friday, April 7th, from in front of University Hospital. “Commander Donald Troy continues to recover from back surgery and is reported to be doing very well. He could even be discharged and sent home as early as tomorrow! Commander Troy was shot and wounded while protecting other Officers and FBI Agents from gunfire as a Federal witness was being brought in to the Federal Courthouse in the City.”

“The Town & County Council have taken up the issue of a Purple Order for Commander Troy.” said Bettina. “It is being debated if Commander Troy should receive a Purple Order for being wounded outside the County and not on TCPD business. He was on SBI Reserve duty, and the Governor has already declared that Inspector Troy will receive some kind of award.”

“And in further State news,” said Bettina, “the Proactive Citizens of Greenworld, the PCGW, staged massive demonstrations at the site of the Pine Valley development just northwest of Midtown, but also staged a massive demonstration at the State Capitol, demanding the resignation of Governor Val Jared.

“A spokesperson for the PCGW, George Glass, said that the Governor’s attempts to dismantle the State EPA is the reason the Pine Valley project went forward despite contamination at the site. The Governor’s Office fired back, saying the State EPA took bribes to allow the Pine Valley project to get started while it was contaminated.”

“Meanwhile,” continued Bettina, “State Senator Katherine Woodburn stated that the Pine Valley project as well as the arrest of mobster Jerry Morelli shows why a strong SBI is needed. She and her ‘Wall of Granite’ group in the State Legislature, dedicated to a ‘scorched earth’ karabük escort campaign against anything Governor Jared wants to do, are demanding the Governor call a special session of the Legislature to re-institute and re-fund the State Bureau of Investigation. The Governor’s Office said that, and I quote, ‘Woodburn’s arrogant demands are not worth commenting upon’.”

Bettina went on, unfortunately: “And Channel Two News has learned that Charles Thomas, whose body was found on the hillside just east of the University, was connected to Organized Crime. Sources tell Channel Two News that Thomas may have been a hired hitman, and that his target was the family of Commander Donald Troy. Commander Troy personally ran the Pine Valley samples at the State Crime Lab despite Mob threats against anyone doing so. Police still have no suspects, but said that all Police Officers, including Commander Troy, were accounted for in the timeframe of Thomas’s death.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Sometimes,” said Cindy Ross as the Detectives watched Bettina’s newscast in MCD, “I wish that bitch would keep her mouth shut. The Public does not need to know nor has a right to know that Commander Troy’s family was the target of Good Time Charlie’s assassination attempt.”

“I think the Press does that just to make us mad.” said Joanne Warner. There was general agreement.

“And they’ve succeeded, at least with me.” said Cindy.

“Ma’am,” asked Theo Washington, “will Commander Troy really be getting out of the hospital this quickly, after back surgery like that?”

“Probably this weekend.” Cindy said. “Some of it is him, and some of it is improvements in the practice of Medicine these days. But he won’t be back on duty for at least another week.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So how’s that cold case coming along?” asked Cindy. She, Joanne Warner, and Lainie Everett were sitting in Classroom ‘E’. It was 8:30am.

“Pretty good, ma’am.” said Joanne. “We’re getting the preliminary data, and I pulled the case notes from the murder—“

“Tell you what.” Cindy said, interrupting. “Why don’t you tell me from the beginning, to get me up to speed on the whole thing.”

“Yes ma’am.” said Joanne. “First, most County High School classes have reunions on the July 4th weekend, since we have the Festival and the Triathlon. But some have their reunions at the High School’s Homecoming weekend in the Fall. This one was on the weekend of October 6th, and it was the Class of twenty years ago this year. The reunion was the tenth year reunion, ten years ago.”

“The math makes sense.” Cindy quipped. “So what happened?”

“At the reunion ten years ago,” Joanne said, “A man named Jason Rutledge was found dead on the football practice field behind County High School. He had been shot in the chest by a .40 S he died pretty much immediately. The gun that fired the shot was never found despite an intensive Police search of the area.”

Joanne continued: “The reunion was being held under some awnings in the endzone area of the County High main football field. The practice field was behind the home bleachers and on the same end as the reunion was going on. That practice field is now the baseball field where Slender Man was filmed some weeks ago. According to the case notes, ten years ago and twenty years ago it was just a field surrounded by pine trees, not even a fence, and had two sets of lights on poles that gave some light but not a lot.”

“The reason all this detail is important, ma’am,” said Joanne, seeing Cindy’s eyes about to glaze over, “is because no one heard a shot fired, nor a car backfire or slamming door, or anything that might’ve been a shot. The bullet showed no sign of having gone through a silencer after being fired. There was no stippling to show the bullet was fired at very close range, either, which might’ve deadened the sound of the shot.”

“The Police did tests at the time,” continued Joanne, “showing that even with the music turned up at the party site, a .40 cal gunshot would’ve been noticeably loud from the practice field where the body was found, which was on the near side of the practice field. The lights were not on at the practice field, so it’s not expected that anyone would have seen anything, but the football stadium lights were on for the party, which gave some light over the area.

“The autopsy revealed only a moderate amount of alcohol in his system, and his penis was erect… and according to the autopsy report and the case notes, his penis was very large.” Joanne said.

“Figures, in this Town.” said Cindy. “And half the guys we find dead seem to have hard-ons when they die. Okay, tell me about these people.”

“To do so, I’ll go back the full 20 years to the high school graduation time.” said Joanne. “The dead man, Jason Rutledge, was the Class President, Mr. County High School, the varsity quarterback, played and lettered on the Golf team, as well. Athletic, extremely popular with everyone, especially the girls. He also had been busted for DUI, but that was swept under the drug by the School and Jason’s father, who had been a Town Councilman and a Developer here. He resigned his Council seat in protest of the Merger of the Town and County, and after his son’s death he and his wife moved away.”

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