Going Back To School Day 01

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(A Dylan James Adventure)

This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Those of you familiar with Dylan and his exploits will know that after he finished his stuntman apprenticeship in Los Angeles, he went to Europe for a few months to celebrate and just chill out before returning to the rigors of his new profession in Los Angeles. This story is about the beginning of that celebration trip.

If you are not familiar with Dylan and his adventures in Hollywood, please check out all his other adventures. However, this is a stand-alone series. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.

Dylan was standing on the sidewalk looking at the dorm building that he was going to be staying in for the next 5 days. It was so strange to be back on a college campus after all this time. After his time in New York and Los Angeles, he never thought he would be back surrounded by students and living in a dorm, even if it was just for a few days.

Jeff, his old college roommate had just dropped him off and would be back in a few hours to pick him for dinner. Jeff had to run off to his classes that had him busy for the rest of the afternoon. Dylan smiled to himself to think about Jeff loose on a college campus and now a professor. After himself, Jeff was the biggest whore hound that Dylan had ever met. Jeff surrounded by all this college age pussy must be going slowly insane. He would want to fuck everything that walked but Jeff did take his job very seriously, and he would not want to cause a situation with a coed that would affect his career. The pressure must be driving him crazy. Dylan laughed to himself as he hauled his bags up the stairs and down the hall to room 219. This dorm building was a smaller, older building that was not used much during the summer according to Jeff. It had been totally redone about 4 years ago and all the old rooms had been converted into suites. A suite would consist of 2 large separate rooms connected by a shared bathroom. Each room would sleep two – so in a shared suite there would be four people using the bathroom. Jeff had been very clear to tell him that no one else was using his suite. He had it totally to himself.

Dylan unlocked the door and opened it. It was like going back almost 10 years in a single moment. It looked very much like the dorm room that he had shared with Jeff in their undergrad days. The only difference was it was a little bigger and the furniture was certainly nicer, but it still was a modern college dorm room. He threw his bags on one bed and sat down on the other. He was tired from the flight. He had left LA very early in the morning (like 5:30 AM) and had to fly east and change planes to get to this little town that Jeff was teaching in. His plane had been late, so instead of having a nice leisurely visit with Jeff, he had been driven straight to campus and dumped off as Jeff sped away to teach his classes. Dylan looked at his watch and surprised to find that it was only 3 in the afternoon where he was. He was famished. Jeff had told him where the student union was and then he could rest for an hour or two before dinner with Jeff.

Dylan and Jeff had met and been roommates in under grad together both studying theatre. But after school they had gone off to different graduate schools, Dylan to North Carolina and Jeff to Northwestern. After grad school, they had met up again in New York and shared a small apartment in Brooklyn while they continued pursuing their individual dreams, Dylan to be a stuntman and Jeff to be a playwright. Soon after Dylan got his apprentice gig in LA and moved there, Jeff realized that he could write plays anywhere and not be a waiter the rest of his life. He was lucky when he got a job as a professor at Texas Tech in Lubbock. The old friends and roommates kept in close contact, and when Dylan told Jeff he was headed to Europe for a couple of months to celebrate his graduation from his apprenticeship, Jeff had an idea to help him out. Jeff offered him a quick easy job to come to his school and give a week long seminar on stage combat and sword-fighting and stage falls, and Jeff would get his department to pay him a real good check for his time. Plus they could hang out for a week, just like old times. Knowing that he would need a lot of money for Europe, Dylan readily agreed.

That is how he found himself sitting in this Texas dorm room tired and hungry. He got up and unpacked his travel bag and got out his shaving kit. He tried a couple of doors in the room until he found the one to the bathroom. It was a large all tile room with a large glassed-in shower, dual sinks, toilet and lots of counter space. It was nicer then he thought it would be, and it was certainly nicer than the one he shared back in the day with Jeff and 30 other guys back in Georgia.

He washed his face and brushed his teeth. He checked the door to the other part of the suite, but it was poker oyna locked from the other side. He was sure that he had the suite to himself, but to be on the safe side, he threw everything back into his kit and took it back to his room. He quickly unpacked and changed shirts. He grabbed his key to room and his wallet and headed out the door.

As he walked down the hallway, he passed two young coeds ahead back in the direction of his room. The girls could have been mistaken for sisters they were so alike. They were both very slim and petite with nicely formed tits. They both were wearing tops with thin little straps that stopped just about their belly buttons, and very tight shorts. Both their taut bellies were pierced and it was clear that they did not have bras on as their good sized breasts bounced with each step they took. They were both brunettes, yet this seemed to be the first visible difference. One had dark brown hair to her shoulders, while the other’s was little longer falling to just below her shoulder blades. They were both pretty – not beautiful – but their youth and grace certainly caught Dylan’s eye as he passed. He waited a second and then turned to check out their asses, and found he was looking at them look back at him. They started to giggle loudly and flounced down the hall as Dylan smiled to himself. They had caught him, but their asses were wonderful. Round and packed into really tight shorts that hugged the crack of their asses and tops of their brown thighs.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as he came out into the sunshine. Summer was just starting and it was already getting warmer in the afternoons. As he got his bearings and headed for the student union, Dylan was passing young girl after young girl dressed for summer in shorts, and little skirts, and little tops and little dresses that showed skin everywhere. This was going to be a very productive week as he worked at the college teaching some professional workshops for Jeff and his students in the theatre department, and maybe some lovely little horny coed would like to suck his 9 inch cock while he was here. He could only hope.

He had a burger at the student union and afterward took a slow walk around this small campus. He found the theatre building so he knew where to go in the morning. Yet, getting up at such an early hour and the long flight was taking a toll on him, so he headed back to his room. He felt grimy so he decided to take a shower. He again checked the door to the other part of the suite and it was still locked. After his shower, he was drying his hair when he thought that he heard noises coming from behind the same door, but after turning off his blow dryer he didn’t hear anything. Again to be sure he packed up everything, and went back into his room wrapped in just a towel. Exhausted he lay down on the bed and drifted off to sleep. He had set the alarm on his cell phone to ring after he crashed for a couple of hours so he could get ready when Jeff picked him up for dinner.

There was a heavy pounding on his door as Dylan sprang awake. His cell phone was gently beeping like the battery was about to go out. He looked at the time. It was 7PM. The knocking on the door continued, so he got up and opened the door to find Jeff standing there.

“Hey, man, you okay?”

Dylan shook his head to clear the cobwebs, “Yeah, just fell asleep that’s all.”

Jeff pushed past him into the room, “Well, get dressed. I am starved.” Dylan quickly changed into a pair of jeans and dress shirt and put on his boots. And they headed out for a night in Lubbock.

They had gone down to the Depot section of town for streaks and beer, and they got plenty of that. The town was much hipper then Dylan thought it would be with several cool bars and eateries. The night was warm and college kids were everywhere. As the two friends talked, they were sitting outside a local brew pub watching the world go by. Pretty girl after pretty girl came by and Dylan was amazed at the quality of women here in this Texas town. They were stunning. Jeff just smiled and nodded. He had been here only a year, but he claimed to have nailed 10 coeds, two colleagues, and be having a quiet but passionate affair with the wife of his department head. He was pretty much in paradise as he saw it. Dylan smiled as he admonished himself for doubting his old roommate. Jeff had been getting “busy”, very busy.

After dinner, they hit a couple of bars, did some shots and smoked a joint in Jeff’s car on the way back to the dorm. They got back about 10:30 PM. The school day started early for Jeff, plus he was putting in a late-night appearance over at the department head’s house. “The boss is gone, and the wife’s alone,” is how Jeff had put it. Dylan wished him luck, and they said goodnight.

Dylan had a pretty good buzz his he made his way to his room. As he fumbled with the door, he realized he really needed to take a piss from all the beer, plus he could use a shower. He was covered in cigarette smoke from the Texas bars. He threw canlı poker oyna off all his clothes and staggered into the bathroom naked with his pants lizard at almost full length from his piss hard-on.

The bathroom was full of steam and there was movement in the shower. Dylan caught by surprise said, “Excuse me,” and was about to leave the bathroom when a head came out from the shower door. “Who the fuck are you?”

Before Dylan could answer, another head appeared from behind the shower door. “Hey, it’s the guy from the hallway. Fuck! Look at that cock!”

Dylan realized that he was looking at the two young girls he saw in the hallway earlier that day. Both of them were in the shower together and the way they were holding the door now allowed him to catch a glimpse at two of the most gorgeous sets of breasts he could remember.

The first girl to appear asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I am staying next door.”

The second girl said, “Fuck, they gave that room away again and didn’t tell us.”

The first girl said sternly, “Close the door, you are letting all the heat out.”

Dylan started to leave then decided to see what would happen if he stayed. So he shut the door and he was still inside the steam-filled bathroom. He walked over to the toilet and started to take a piss. The shower door had closed and both girls were giggling and whispering on the other side. He thought he caught something about “he stayed” and “a really big dick” and “stud.” Dylan smiled. At 6’4″ and the way he looked from working out every day, he was used to those kinds of reactions from women. He finished his business and flushed the toilet, and he heard a cry from inside the shower. “Oh fuck! That is hot!”

He laughed to himself and was washing his hands, when the shower door opened again. The second girl stuck her head out, “Are you finished?”

“No, I want to take a shower,” Dylan said nonchalantly.

“Well, just don’t stand there. Get in. The hot water will run out soon.”

Dylan walked over and quickly got into the shower between the two girls. The water was nice and hot as he sandwiched between the two giggling coeds. Their tits were big and firm and full. Their pussies were shaved. One girl had a tattoo just over the top of her crotch and the other had one on her right buttock. They both began to rub their wet bodies against his.

“I am Megan and this is Kasey,” the first girl said as she ran her hand across his six-pack abs.

“I am Dylan,” he sighed as Kasey ran her soapy hand over his tight butt and squeezed. “Hi Dylan, it is very nice to meet you and your rather large friend,” Megan spoke enthusiastically as she grabbed his now full grown cock with her soapy hand and started to stroke his thick stalk up and down. Kasey pressed her soapy breasts across his back and reached between his legs and started to fondle his large, sperm filled balls.

“So what were you girls doing in the shower together,” Dylan groaned. As he spoke, Kasey slid down and began licking him right between his ass cheeks, her flitting tongue tickling and working its way inside his asshole.

“We were going to spend an evening muff diving, but we both prefer a hard cock. Especially a nice long one like this,” Megan said as she continued to stroke his thick cock in her soapy hands. Dylan moaned in pleasure at the sensations these vixens were giving him. He reached out and touched Megan’s round tits for the first time. She arched her back a little to drive the mounds into his hands.

“Relax. You are going to enjoy this,” she said as she got down on her knees and began to lick around the head of his big thick cock. As Megan started to sucked his prick into her mouth, plus Kasey’s tongue was going to town on his ass and squeezing his balls, the feelings that these naked coeds were giving him almost made his knees buckle. He spread out his arms from the tiled wall to the frosted glass wall holding himself in place while the girls worked him over. Megan started fingering her own heated cunt and clit as she got more and more turned on while trying to devour his thick throbbing member. He watched as the cute young girl swallowed most of his 9 inches of hard muscled prick. She took him like a pro, sliding his cock deep until he hit the back of her throat, then slowly sucking his pole and pulling it throbbing out of her mouth. Meanwhile, Kasey had reached farther between his wide-spread legs and was stroking his cock as Megan’s mouth withdrew. The duel stimulation on his pulsing cock was driving Dylan crazy. He felt himself close to cumming much faster than he intended or desired too.

When Kasey slipped a finger into his slick asshole, Dylan knew that he wouldn’t last long especially with Megan sucking the life out of his cock. He kept himself from cumming by grabbing Megan and pulling her on her feet and kissing her deep.

“I don’t want to cum that fast, let’s do something else.”

Megan opened the shower door, dripping water everywhere as she pulled Dylan out internet casino and made him lay down on the bathroom floor. Kasey joined Megan on the floor beside the outstretched Dylan. He looked up as the two soaking wet girls kissed each other over him. Megan then climbed on top of his face in reverse cowgirl and shoved her wet pussy into his face. Her thighs closed around his head as her wet cunt was pierced by his long tongue. Megan’s shaved pussy slide back and forth across his tongue and nose as she eagerly rubbed her wet cunt lips against his face. Her hot hole tasted sweet with a lingering tartness. He was almost drowning from all the water coming off her body and wet hair that ran down between her thighs and onto his face.

Kasey was equally busy as she kissed her way down and across Dylan’s wet stomach and abs toward his towering prick. Wrapping her hands around his throbbing dick, she began to lick the large engorged mushroom head. Then she began to sink her mouth over his meat tube taking about half his length into her throat. Whatever she lacked in technique she made up in sheer enthusiasm. As she attacked his fat cock with her hot mouth, her hands were busy roaming over his large balls and playing with his sensitive asshole.

Dylan had hold of Megan’s swinging tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples while she rode his probing tongue. She seemed to like the effect that this producing as she started to moan in long quivering cries as she drove her leaking cunt back and forth across his face. Kasey had him on the edge again with her oral attack, and Dylan was moaning into Megan’s soaked pussy as Kasey drove his lengthy cock deeper and deeper into her tight throat. He was so close to orgasm and he had decided to just pour his cum down Kasey’s gullet, when she pulled her hot mouth off his agitated prick giving him a few seconds breather, then she straddled his shaft slowly sinking her spicy pussy down his broad length inch by excited inch. Dylan was sure he had fucked a tighter, wetter cunt than Kasey’s, but he couldn’t remember when as she started to fuck his cock with long and slow strokes. Megan and she began to kiss each other passionately as Dylan’s excitement grew. He channeled his desire into working Megan’s drooling cunt with his tongue. He grabbed her hips and held her in place as he found and flicked her hard throbbing nub with his tongue repeatedly. Megan began to moan and tremble while she flipped her hips in earnest at his face as Dylan continued his attack on her pulsing clit. When he twisted her hard nipples, she broke her kiss with Kasey and let out a loud scream as a massive orgasm rocked her. At the same time, Dylan’s mouth was flooded with a thick cream of pungent girl cum as he continued to lick and suck her hot squirting cunt.

As Meagan came all over his face, Kasey had picked up the pace and was moving up and thrusting down hard on Dylan’s soaring tower, impaling herself on it completely again and again. While bouncing up and down on his rigid prick, her gorgeous tits were swinging wildly as water cascaded down over her hot body. Her breathing came hard and deep as she impaled herself again and again on his hard cock.

Meagan just about exploded again when Dylan’s tongue started to lick her asshole. As his long tongue started to explore her rosebud, she franticly started to kiss Kasey and groaned in a high whining voice. She shoved her ass back him wanting more. When his finger slipped inside her tight hole and began to fuck her while he licked around it, she cried out another orgasm and his face was flooded with another wave of pussy juice. Kasey forced Meagan’s gaping mouth on to her rock hard nipples as she bounced up and down on his great hard-on. Meagan was in overload with Dylan’s tongue on her vibrating clit, her mouth filled with a generous helping of succulent tit and a finger pushing deep into her sensitive asshole. When Dylan slipped another finger inside her rear tunnel, she moaned around Kasey’s tit and came hard for a third time. Her ass bucking and jumping, she flooded his face once again as she began to scream in pleasure from this orgasm, “Oh God, I’m cumming!” Thick juice poured from her leaking hole and dripped down the sides of Dylan’s face and onto his tongue. Surge after surge of girl cum poured from her covering Dylan’s face and neck. Finally completely spent, she rolled off his mouth and finger and slumped to the side on the floor.

Kasey was having a great time riding Dylan massive cock as it slid in and out of her tight hot cunt. Her tits were bouncing in all directions as she rode him, and he reached up and cupped her breasts. She grabbed his hands and held them tightly to her bouncing milk glands. A slowly building moan began to build deep Kasey’s petite body as she fucked herself faster and harder. From the way that her cunt was gripping and fluttering along length of his thick cock, Dylan knew that she was about to cum. She put her hands against his chest for support and began working her ass overtime as she tried to drive more and more of cock into her clutching sheath. Again and again, her stretched pussy rode to the top of his great big pipe leaving only the large head in her wet twat, than she would slam her cunt down taking his thick rod to the base.

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