Golden Lust Ch. 11

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Shit… Shit, shit, shit!! What have I done…

In the deafening silence of my living room, I INSTANTLY sit up, to see both Cindy and Victoria BOTH standing naked before me. Cindy with her arms folded, and Victoria placing her hands on her hips, a shock runs through to my heart, as their ice cold expressions let me know, that I’ve royally fucked up.

Slowly coming out of the trance, I was so deeply placed into, from having my entire FACE buried in my teacher’s ass; It dawns on me, that Victoria and Cindy must’ve physically PULLED ME out from underneath of Ms Tasha’s soaked behind. Dazed, I begin to focus a little bit better, and with both of them still looking at me, the thought suddenly sinks in. Oh no… OH NO! How much of what we’ve did, did both of them actually see? More importantly than that, how much of what was said, did both of them actually HEAR? The conversation between Ms Tasha and I, was probably WORST than the nasty sexual acts themselves.

Fuck!! This whole situation just got 10x worst, now that I’ve added those thoughts, on top of this already explossive situation. I’d almost forgotten, that Cindy Hell I’d almost forgotten, that Victoria and Cindy were honestly even HERE. They already get agitated over the fact, that both pairs of their tits are… well… let’s just say Ms Tasha is the Queen in that regard no doubt. Though I certainly think ALL of the girl’s breasts are beautiful in their own unique way. Damn it..!! I can see they’re fucking furious, by how piercing their eyes are fixated upon me. They obviously must have seen a lot. What do I do now…?

I suddenly feel a warm and soggy sensation, that is trailing all the way up my face. It’s going messily from my soaked mouth, my left cheek & my eye, and running all the way up past my forehead into my hair. I attempt to wipe Ms Tasha’s soggy juices off of my face, but am cut off instantly from doing so.

” Don’t even touch it Danny… “

Victoria haunting says, breaking the silence that had taken over the apartment, but still keeping her irritated gaze upon me. I stop instantly from wiping the evidence, of what I did with Ms Tasha off of my face; And put my arm back down, before resuming my guilty glance up towards the two of them from the couch.

Fuck… I may as well TRY at least, to cool the situation down a bit. This can only get worst, if I stare at them looking stupid & guilty as hell right? I begin to crack a confident smile, and speak up towards them.

“Hey! Good morning Cindy. Good morning Vic-…”

“YOU are the most gorgeous woman, I have ever seen!?”

Cindy cuts me off immediately.

“I wish you would have spent the night instead?”

Victoria then chimes in. Causing me to look to the side, knowing I have screwed myself by blurting those things out, in my horny honesty with Ms Tasha. And they heard EVERY… SINGLE… word of it. Yep, I done goofed… big time, this time around.

I hear Ms Tasha giggling behind at me. She sounds so cute when she does that, I’ve gotta admit. It calms me down a bit, for a brief moment, before turning back to face my judge and executioner.

“What are you even wearing Danny!?”

Cindy then blurts out.

“You did not wear that for us last night. Where did those come from?”

Victoria then steps in. Shocked, I look down to see the bow-tie and underwear Ms Tasha had brought over for me to wear, during our romp. I immediately look back up at the two young girls, then scramble to strip the items off of my body, and hurl them at the wall, disposing of any secondary evidence.

All of the girls burst out laughing. Then Cindy and Victoria extend their hands out, and work together to pull me up to my feet. I tower over both of them wondering ‘What could these two possibly have in mind NOW, seeing that they’ve heard everything that I’ve said?’ Suddenly, their expressions go from cold & extremely agitated, to looking up at me longingly and completely innocent in demeanor.

“Danny. I’m the one, that needs you right now, not her!! Leave that old lady alone, and forget all about her. I REALLY REALLY have to PEE! Can you help me with it? You can TASTE it, all that you want.”

Cindy says. Looking up at me, continuing her cute/innocent expression, while still holding me by one of my hands. My heart almost melts, as I look down at the cute nerdy blonde girl, that I’ve always liked for so long.

“Old Lady?”

Ms Tasha then says. Irritated in her voice, by what Cindy had just called her. I try to turn back and look at her, but Victoria immediately pulls me by the other hand. Stealing my attention away from Ms Tasha, not letting her get it again. Victoria stands on her tippy toes, as then begins to wisper into my ear.

“Prince? My hot nether waters, are starting to leak from my pussy. I only wish to share them with you please. If you put your face between my legs again, you can swallow as much of it down, as you like… “

Victoria hauntingly says. Then pulling backwards, addressing ataşehir escort me with her own innocent expression, she pulls my hand in between her thighs, right underneath her pussy. I IMMEDIATELY feel the searing heat, radiating off of her pussy. But more than that, her pussy feels absolutely soaked, and her inner thighs feel very moist as well.

I startle at the feel, that Victoria has just shared with me. Her expression switches to her patented unreadable demeanor. God… what have I been doing? I really… need… to have my face back between Victoria’s legs. I WANT to get my tongue between her legs, when she pisses once again.

“Leave the Witch by herself my prince. Your very important time, should be spent with me instead.”

Victoria then says, as my cock begins to throb over and over gently. These two young girls innocense that they portray so easily (even if it is false), simply overpowers my senses.


Ms Tasha then blurts out. I attempt to offer a glance in her direction, but Cindy and Victoria, have already begun dragging me into the bathroom of my apartment.

“Danny… Aren’t you going to clean up, the mess you’ve made, on the side-cushion of your couch here?”

Ms Tasha calls out to me. But it is too late. Victoria and Cindy have my cock’s FULL undivided attention.

“Clean it up yourself Ms Tasha. Danny is all ours now!”

Cindy yells out to our teacher. Then giving an annoyed pout.

“You can lick it all up if you’d like.”

Victoria then says over her, in her calm yet vindictive voice.

“Hehehe… maybe I will. But only if Danny watches me do it.”

Ms Tasha calls out intentionally. Seeming like she’s trying to get me to STAY with her, in the living room and not get dragged off by Victoria and Cindy. Wait… did Ms Tasha just SAY, what I THOUGHT that she said? She wouldn’t actually LICK my jizz off of the side-cushion of the couch would she?

I don’t even get five seconds to think about it, as Cindy and Victoria quickly take me away into the restroom, with Victoria pulling me from the front, and Cindy pushing me from the back. Once inside, Cindy practically slams the door shut behind us. I can’t help but look back at the door, still wondering slightly, was Ms Tasha serious that she’d actually lick my cum off of the couch cushion, only if I stood there and watched her do it.

“Geez… Who does she even think she is!! Everytime I turn around, she keeps trying to steal Danny, with those STUPID enormous things of hers!”

Cindy pouts aloud. As she marches past my side, and back up to the front of me, taking hold of my one free hand.

“The succubus is… trying to tempt my prince away from me. I will not allow it to happen. Never. So long as I live.”

Victoria says. As she looks down briefly, then back up into my eyes, while she’s still holding tightly onto my other hand.

Both of them look up into my eyes, as I’m simply trying NOT to look guilty as fuck. I can’t even think of anything to say. With my teachers cum running all the up my face, it’s blatantly obvious these two, are more concerned than I realized.

“Do you… are you… are you IN LOVE with her Danny?”

Cindy instantly lets out. My eyes widen in shock, and my mouth drops from surprise. Shit… this situation just got even deeper. Both Cindy and Victoria, want to know how I REALLY feel about my teacher. Their expressions tell me, they’re seriously worried about what I’m about to say.

Maybe it WAS a mistake after all, to do those things with Ms Tasha, having Victoria and Cindy so close by to her. I can’t help but be awestruck a bit. Once again having these two side by side, the contrast of these two smaller girls, and me practically towering over them; God I feel like the biggest jerk, for hurting them the way I did.

Both pairs of their blue blue eyes, with Cindy’s being more deep, and Victoria’s being light like icicles; It’s obvious I’d better come ABSOLUTELY clean, as they won’t stand for anything less at this point. I sigh out a bit, then take deep breath to deliver how I honestly feel.

“No Cindy. No Victoria. I’m not IN LOVE with Ms Tasha or anything. I mean… um… we WERE kinda goofing around bit, when you caught us though. I admit that. But as far as my feelings go, how could I not have EQUALLY as strong feelings, for both of YOU if not even STRONGER. We all go to school together, and we have a lot of fun RIGHT? You two are kinda the best things, that’s happened to me this year.”

I saw to them both, as I crack a slightly nervous smile. They both wrinkle their noses to me in response, like they didn’t buy anything that I just said. Both girls look at each other, then back up to me while shooting me a suspicious smirk.

“You’re going to have to do better, than that with us Danny.”

Victoria says up to me. As she still noticably twitches her legs. Oh God I forgot… I got so caught up in the question they had just asked me, I stop realizing Victoria ataşehir escort really has to pee.

“You’re going to… have to PROVE it to us BOTH right… right NOW, you big cheater.”

Cindy then says, as her legs begin to twitch a bit now too. Both of them let go of my hands, then march over to my shower together. They both bend over, and lean onto the tub, trying to fiddle with the knob to try and turn the bath/shower water on.

I INSTANTLY notice, how both of their asses open up, as they lean onto the tub. A shock runs through my heart, as I can’t help but witness, the soggy line running down Victoria’s pussy lips and down her raven black pussy hair. Cindy’s dirty blonde pussy hair is utterly starting to drip. Is she about to pee? Are both of them aroused? My attention goes COMPLETELY onto their pussies, and nothing more.

Fuck… my dick can’t help but to throb. Both of their legs begin to tremble a bit harder, and they now both look back towards me sinisterly.

“Danny? AH… I told you I have to piss. Didn’t you believe me? Look!! My pussy’s smelly and sticky, from my pee and my cum. Don’t you want a drink it right now for me?”

Cindy innocently says, while looking back at me with her usual bright cuteness. My dick instinctualy raises to FULL attention, as her words hit me like a both of lightning, while I stare standing behind them both.

“Umm… Prince? My pussy water feel REALLY HOT now. I think I let some of it run down my leg. I was serious, when I told you, my piss needed to escape in the living room. I almost peed out onto your caarpet. Please come, and lap up all this bubbly liquid right now for me.”

Victoria says in her haunting demeanor. Causing me to begin marching forward without question, to service every droplet of golden nectar I would be so LUCKY to receive. They both quickly stand up, then turn around, and point at me signaling for me to stop right where I am. My dick rampaging with throbs, I can’t help but wonder what the hell are they doing.

Don’t they need to piss? I mean I’d have no problem, drinking it for them. Why do they want me to stop?

“If you want to taste MY piss, you’re going to have to say it Danny. Say it loudly towards the door, so that old woman can hear it loud and clear. And say how much better it tastes than hers.”

Cindy quietly utters, while smiling seductively.

“Vanquish the evil witch for me Danny. Confess to her, how a young girl’s piss like mine, has much better flavor. Tell her how much more, you enjoy slurping the pee out of a YOUNG girl’s pussy, instead of hers. If you do this, I shall reward you deeply. Your mouth will overflow, with all the hot bubbly urine that’s coming from my pussy.”

Victoria says quietly. Giving me her static, unreadable expression. That’s all I needed to hear. I spin aroud, and rush frantically, practically splatting against the door. In a severe hormonal rush, I blurt out towards my teacher from inside.

” Yes…!! A younger girl’s pussy, is INFINITELY better than an older one. Young girl’s piss is rich, warm, salty, and SO delicious. The flavor of young girl’s pee, absolutely mesmerizing. It is something I CAN’T live without. No older woman’s pussy, will EVER taste as good as you two’s.”

“What!? Danny..?”

I hear Ms Tasha respond. But I ignore it, as I instantly turn back around, to be greeted with smiles of approval, from Cindy and Victoria. They turn around putting their backs again to me, and bend over, placing boto pairs of their hands onto the edge of the bathtub.

“Taste it a little Danny. Come on I’ve got to PEE. I’ll try not to let any out on the bathroom floor here. Just a little, clean my pussy and my asshole for a few seconds first.”

Cindy says to me. God she makes me so happy. I never would’ve guessed, that my childhood crush would be doing this in my own bathroom.

“My ass feels dirty Danny. Could you come, and wet it with your tongue? Clean it temporarily. Lick off some of the scent. I’ll try not to pee on your face right here.”

Victoria murmurs back towards me. I know my place. This is my mission. I want to taste, both of my young girlfriend’s nether reigons. This is an opportunity too good to waste. Ms Tasha’s… probably… mad a bit right now… WHO CARES. Who cares about that.

I rush over to the two young girls. They both shake and wiggle their asses, as I INSTANTLY get on my knees just as quickly as possible. I look over at Victoria’s ass to my left, and then to Cindy’s ass over to my right. FUCK… FUCK… who do I choose. The smell of one of the girls taints, instantly hits my senses in the nose. Which is it? I can’t even tell. I notice Victoria’s legs are shaking a bit harder than Cindy’s. She really REALLY must need to pee right now. I take both of my hands, and pull her ass open.


I hear Victoria exclaim. I sniff at her asshole, and then sniff frantically at her pussy, before opening my mouth. I can’t even control the drool, that anadolu yakası escort comes out the second that it’s open. I take multiple long licks of Victoria’s asshole. GOD… her ass DOES tastes extremely musty. It must be the natural morning smell and flavor of her down below. I lap at her puckering booty hole a few more times, still seeing her legs shaking really hard.


Cindy cries out to me. I let go off Victoria’s ass, and rush apologetically over to my childhood crush. Grabbing at Cindy’s soft ample ass, I pull it open as well, and the smell of Cindy’s pussy and butt practially blast me now in the face.

“Danny wait…”

Victoria calls out to me. I look over to her briefly for a moment, before feeling Cindy’s hand reach out, and hold me by the back of my head. I face is instantly brought back to face Cindy’s vagina and ass. The beautiful view of her dirty blond public hairs, entice me with their view. Cindy’s hand guide me down to her pussy. I willingly accept it. I guess her ass, isn’t as musty as Victoria’s in the mornings. That’s perfectly fine with me.

“Sucks to be you Nasty goth! He’s all mine right here.”

Cindy says over to the young Gothic princess. I eagerly trace my tounge, of the soggy slit of Cindy’s pussy. Her cum feels extremely oily. The taste is dirty, yet feminine… Wow Cindy’s magical elixir tastes GREAT. I get the musty, slick, pussy liquid on the tip and middle of my tongue. I try to hook it in, to bring it inside of my mouth to swallow. I stick my tongue again, and lap deeply and the line of pussy cum, Cindy still has remaining. The mixture of the flavor of Victoria ass, is begining to mix along with the taste of Cindy’s musty vagina. Not to mention reminisces, of the pussy water Ms Tasha had left on my face and in my mouth earlier.

“Danny… I have to pee!! I can’t… I can not… It is coming. Please… my piss… will you for me!?”

Victoria says practically whimpering, with a dark urgency in her voice. I can tell that she’s serious this time, and I let go of Cindy’s ass cheeks, making them jiggle causing her to cry out.


As I reach towards the operation knob, to get the water started the shower. I know just the location, to make sure the water is warm and tolerable. So I turn it on, and open up the shower curtain fully, sliding it all the way. With the water on, I then quickly stand up, and reach out to Victoria.

Reacting to my first basic instincts, I squat down to next the young Gothic, bringing her up to her feet. Then suddenly I hoist her up like a princess with both arms, and step VERY carefully into the shower while holding her close to me. Victoria placed her head on my chest, I have to admit she smells pretty good. While I stepping inside as I carried her, I couldn’t help but notice, that she fixated her gaze upon Cindy the entire time I was carrying her. Standing while holding Victoria inside of the shower, I begin to put her down…

“Don’t Prince…”

Victoria then says calmly, while still looking at Cindy strangely enough. Her usual unreadable expression, then turns into an mischivous grin.

“Put her down right now Danny! That nasty damn GOTH is playing tricks again. Pick me! Pick me! I want to be carried inside too ok?”

Cindy cries out to me. The expression on her face is extremely cute, but showcasing an annoyance by the stunt Victoria had just pulled. I place Victoria down inside of the shower, her back is facing the warm running water from the shower head. She looks up at me, in her usual innocent yet unreadable fashion, but there is a hint of sadness in her eyes this time. I freeze for a moment as I look at Victoria, but my attention immediately gets given back to Cindy, who seems excited that she’s stolen it away..

I step out of the shower, and scootch downward a bit, so I can princess-carry Cindy, in the same way that I did with Victoria. I pick her up, and carefully hold her in my arms, as I prepare to carefully carry her inside. I can’t help but notice, how Cindy smells up close as well. Her natural feminine scent is intoxicating. She really DOES smell extremely good. The feminine scent of her skin, and even her hair TOO, in extremely satisfying for me to breathe in.

I see Cindy fixate her gaze upon Victoria, as we both cross into the shower together. Cindy sticks her TONGUE out defiantly at her, it’s obvious these two justwon’t stop with each other, as I roll my eyes at their antics.

“You should put her down Prince.”

Victoria softly says up to me, while I’m still holding Cindy in my arms.

“No! I told you, you FILTHY Goth… Danny’s MY boyfriend. And we’re going to be together forever!”

Cindy blurts out, as she sticks her tongue out yet again. My dick still being hard from these two’s sexual temptations earlier, Cindy’s words honestly make me happy in a different way. She IS the girl that I’ve always wanted to be with. Seeing her behave in this way, strangely makes my heart fill warm for the moment.

Victoria obviously not content, with what Cindy had just said. She inches over closer to me, and gently starts to fondle with my hardened dick. I jump slightly at Victoria’s touches, as I can feel her starting to tug back and forth, at my throbbing dick in the shower.

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