Golden Pleasures Pt. 03

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Friday night. That meant date night for Jackson and Reese, and Reese was excited. They had plans to go see a new movie coming out, which they hadn’t done in ages.

“Are you about ready honey?” Jackson asked, coming out of the bedroom to where she was in the bathroom. He looked positively yummy tonight, wearing dark tight jeans and a simple tight fitting t-shirt.

“Uh-huh. I just need to finish my mascara and then I’ll be ready to go,” Reese said.

“Okay, just let me use the bathroom and I’ll be ready too,” he said, trying to squeeze past her to get to the toilet. She blocked his way.

“Why don’t you…wait?”

“But I’ve needed to go since I got off work,” he started to protest. Reese gave him a sad look.

“But it’s date night…”

“Okay okay,” Jackson sighed. “For you,” he knew she had a plan up her sleeve. Reese smiled. Indeed she did.


The two arrived at the theatre, and Jackson bought the tickets and then walked up to the concession stand to buy a large coke. He had an idea of what was going on in Reese’s mind. Jackson headed into the theatre while Reese went to the restroom. While she was gone, he devoured nearly half the drink. She came back and reached for the cup. She realized there wasn’t much left and raised her eyebrow at Jackson. He just grinned.

Almost an hour into the movie, Reese noticed Jackson wiggling around a bit. She reached for her cell phone.

Reese: Are you okay honey?

Jackson: Yeah…I just drank too much and now I really have to pee. I’ll be lucky if I tandoğan escort can make it through the movie.

Reese: Ohh. Should I help you try to hold it?

Jackson: Sure honey. Go for it.

Reese: By the way…I’m not wearing any underwear…and I’m already wet. 😉

With that, she put her phone back in the seat’s cup holder and discreetly put her hand in Jackson’s lap. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, she unzipped his pants with one hand and slipped her hand inside. His cock was slightly hard, and she wrapped her hand around it, stroking gently. She kept at this and felt him begin to grow in her hand. Soon, he was rock hard.

She looked over at him and whispered, “Are you okay?” He merely nodded. She took it as a sign to keep going, and kept casually stroking and squeezing her husband’s cock as she watched the movie.

Not long later, she heard him inhale sharply. “Honey? What’s wrong?”

“It hurts. I think you need to stop,” he whispered. She removed her hand and started to zip his fly back up.

“No wait, stop. I’ve gotta piss so bad. I can’t wait any longer. I’m gonna burst,” he groaned.

“Do you want to go in this cup?” Reese reached for the now empty drink cup.

“Yes, please. I can’t even stand up!”

Reese looked around. Luckily the only people in their row were all the way at the other end, and no one directly in front of or behind them. She leaned over slightly and put the cup in front of Jackson’s crotch and pulled his cock out of his pants.

“Okay honey,” türbanlı escort Reese said. Jackson gripped the arms of his chair and leaned his head back. He exhaled as he began to slowly let go, the hot piss spilling out of him in spurts. Reese squirmed slightly in her seat, the sight of relief and pleasure on her husband’s face always turning her on.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finished and opened his mouth in a silent shout of pleasure.

“Better?” Reese smirked as she replaced the lid on the cup and put it in the floor away from their feet. Jackson nodded and grabbed the back of Reese’s neck to pull her in for a deep kiss. She moaned softly and subconsciously spread her legs. Jackson took the opportunity to slide his hand between her thighs where he could feel her hot wetness.

“No, no. Not yet. Not here,” she groaned. “C’mon, let’s go,”

“Wait, what? You want to leave? I thought this was part of your fantasy?”

“It is, but… Just come on. I’ll explain in the car,” she said, grabbing her purse and standing up. Jackson followed her and they made their way to the car where Reese explained, “That IS part of my fantasy, but I need to go too. Pull behind the building,” Jackson did as she said without asking questions. Once he had parked the car, Reese got out and went around to his side, where there was some shrubbery separating the theatre from another business. Jackson got out and stood in front of her. She lifted her skirt and got into a squatting position. After a moment’s hesitation, she felt the golden liquid begin to flow out of her.

“Ohh, that’s hot,”

“Yeah?” she blushed.

“Yeah. That turns me on,” Jackson said.

Reese finished quickly and grabbed a towel from the car to wipe off with.

“Ready to go?” Jackson asked.

“Nuh uh. Let’s just stay here for a little bit…”

“Mmm, okay, I understand,” he reached over and slipped his hand under Reese’s skirt. His fingers immediately began to work their magic and she could only lean back and moan.

“Was that hot baby? You like seeing me desperate in public? You like the idea that anyone could have seen us?” he murmured.

“Uh huuuh…” she groaned.

“You gonna come for me?”

“Uh huuuh…”

“How close are you?”

“Cl-close!!” she gasped.

“Good. Come for me baby,” Reese could only moan and make intelligible noises. With a few gasping breaths, she felt herself tumble over the edge into complete pleasure. “Oh!! Yes, fuck yes!!”

Jackson withdrew his fingers and smiled. “My turn?”

“Yes. Definitely your turn,” Reese straightened up her dress as Jackson leaned his seat back.

She quickly undid his pants and greedily began to suck her husband’s stiff cock.

“Ughh, oh yeah. God baby your mouth is perfect!” he groaned. Reese only moaned and continued to swirl her tongue around his dick.

“Oh god yeah, I love that sound baby!”

“Mmm, yeah?” she hummed.

“Fuck. Yeah. Shit, you’re gonna make me come!”

“Already?” she asked around her mouthful of cock.

“Yeah!” With that, he exploded into her mouth. She swallowed it easily and looked down at her panting husband.

“How was that?”

“Amazing. I love you,” he said.

“I love you too. Now clean up and let’s go get some food. I’m starving!”

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