Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 07

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This is the 7th and final chapter. Would it work out to life a menage a trois?

This chapter includes pegging. Just saying.

I thank Dale and LaRascasse very much. They have accompanied me through the whole process of writing this story and I can imagine that my unique way of using English had put them to their limits more than once.

Thank you so much!

Have fun



Golf-India-Romeo-Lima – Chap. 7:


“So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.”

? Ernest Hemingway, Death in the Afternoon

The semester was about to end. I had missed many classes while counting the fly spots on the ceiling of my hospital room and learning everything about their family relations and biographies. But that meant, the summer break would be me and a lot of books having many serious appointments. As I made a timetable about what to learn in which period, I was close to despair. I set my mind not to freak out before I had given it a try. I would likely lose one semester but at least I had to give my best to avoid this. My professors were quite understanding and agreed that I could catch up on the laboratory during the break too.

That meant in fact no break at all, but this did not bother me as much as I would have thought. I was alive and still standing. I was clear with Sasha again and with Manuel too. So what about the small inconvenience of studying during the break? Not worth mentioning if it would not mean being home alone. Sasha would stay with her family and Manuel would visit his parents too. Before we had to separate, we decided to celebrate my resurrection.

Sasha and Manuel arranged everything so I was completely out of the game. All I got to know was that we would doll up to the nines and spend an exciting evening together. Well, what would be special about that? An evening with them was always very exciting. Being with them was the only time I really felt complete, and it was the only thing that could stop me missing them. While everyone was looking towards the break with eager anticipation, I did not. We would not see each other for a pretty long time. This scared me more than the piled up mountain of workload ahead of me.

But that was still ahead. Right now it was more important to think about the special evening that was about to come. And as much as I knew about evenings in which Sasha and I took part, it was quite probable we would end up with less clothing than we started.

That was putting me in a jamb. My tattoo was not yet finished and I did not want anyone to see it only halfway done. I had to call Vinny to find a solution. I explained everything to him and told that our special evening was less than two weeks ahead. I was already thinking about a way to bribe him, but I found out that I did not have to.

He proposed I could be there the next Friday and stay for the weekend. He would finish my tattoo then. I was so relieved that I told him I could have hugged him to death. He laughed and let me know that a simple ‘Thank You’ would do.

I gave Rose a call and asked if she would let me stay for a night. She did, but she let me know that she would not be at home because she was going to visit Richy for the weekend. But I should make myself at home at her place nevertheless. She would leave the keys at Vinny’s shop. I felt disappointed because I hoped to hang out with her again. She laughed and agreed that it would be nice but she made no secret about Richy being her favorite when it came to hanging out.

I had to buy a train ticket to Rose’s place and back and I had to go and buy a special dress for our special Saturday evening. I made an appointment with a hairdresser for the morning of the day of our celebration because I felt dressing up to the nines would include that.

After I settled the time frame I took the subway to Dr. Evans for my session there. It was a hard hour as she made me point my finger exactly to the spot where it hurt most. But it was the right thing to do. She was stabilizing and strengthening me and I was so thankful that I had found her to be my therapist. As I left her again, I was tuned-in and optimistic mood. Even more than when she said, we had already made good progress.

I spent the rest of the day wasting a fortune on a new dress, shoes and lingerie. So what? I only live twice. And we were about to celebrate my second birthday so I could not care less. I wanted it to become a memorable day we all three would never forget and this special day needed special staging.

After things had been arranged, all that was left to do was wait for next Friday to come. I told Sasha and Manuel I was going to visit a friend. I fed their curiosity and left without further explanations.

As I arrived at Vinny’s studio he had already prepared everything and we started the work right on the spot. My part of the work was laying still and gritting my teeth while beşiktaş escort he let his machine hum over my skin. He was very focused working, and every time I started to talk he just frowned at me.

“Stay calm,” he murmured and was deeply involved in his work.

Staying calm was easily said – if you are not pierced several times a second and forbidden to distract yourself with talking. But I had a strong will to get it done and therefore I just gritted my teeth harder. At the end of this session I was sweating out of exertion. It can be really exhausting to just lay still.

It was worth it. Vinny said we were almost done and the session tomorrow would be not as hard. Just some more colors and shading. I was happy again as I heard him telling this. It was strange but since I started not to fight against myself anymore, things were going to work out fine. I just hoped it would not be temporary effect only; and not the quiet before a storm.

Vinny and I had a pizza at a bistro around the corner and afterwards I went to Rose’s place. She was so kind and thoughtful! I found a card and a bottle of my favorite Rioja. She had changed the bedding and had done everything to make me feel at home. I had a glass of wine and felt really sorrow for having it only on her, instead of with her.

To fall asleep was not easy as my side was burning. After a dose of acetylsalicylic acid – which I had not synthesized myself this time – it worked better though and I did get some rest.

The next day we continued early. I had told Vinny about our special day lying ahead, but he only nodded smirking. When he was done with the tattoo he refused to let me have a look. He greased me up with Vaseline and wound me up with plastic wrap again. Then he gave me a slap on my bum and smiled satisfied.

“So Chris, we’re done. It is one of my really good works, I suppose. It’s so good, that I even signed it. Something I do not do very often. It is swollen and has to heal before it reveals its true beauty. So I want you to promise me something. Will you agree?”

I quirked an eyebrow as I never liked the idea to agree to a promise I did not know what about: “Um, maybe you will give me a chance to know what to take into consideration before I promise?”

He chuckled: “I see, you’re cautious. Not the worst trade but you can trust me. Will you give it a try?”

I heaved a sigh. “What else can I do? Okay, I promise.”

“Great. You’ll keep this wrap for three days as usual. But then you won’t have a look. You promise not to have a look until the day of your celebration. That’s what I want you to promise me. I don’t want you to see my present for your second birthday before the party. That’s all.”

I stared at him, stunned with surprise. “I cannot accept this, really. That’s much too much.”

He knitted his brows at me: “If you’re looking for trouble, I’m right here for you. I just made you a present, so we won’t discuss it any further.”

There was no way to object without insulting him. “I don’t know what to say, Vinny. Thank you so much. But the meal today is on me, no objections. And if you will ever come down to the ‘Base’ I’ll treat your drinks.”

“I’ll take your word on that,” he smiled reconciled and snapped out of his surgeon gloves.

We had a late lunch out and separated with a hug. He was pretty careful as he knew well about how tender my side was. On the way to Rose’s place I bought a bouquet for her. Some delicate purple roses. I placed them on her kitchen table together with a card thanking her. Then I left and walked to the station to catch my train in time.

Riding the train home it became more obvious to me what I had agreed to. I was already close to ripping my wrap off because I was so damned curious about the tattoo. How could I stand this torture for almost a week? But I knew I would have to manage it somehow. A promise is a promise.


Finally the day arrived. As I woke up the first thing I did was to strip off my panty and t-shirt I had worn for the night and to rip off the first aid dressing I used to cover the tattoo after I was allowed to remove the plastic wrap. I needed something to cover it further, because I trust myself only to a certain degree and I did not want to risk, having a look accidentally. Curiosity is a mighty force as far as I am concerned. But today I was allowed at length.

I rushed in front of the mirror and examined the tattoo in all its details. I could not get enough. The colors were so brilliant that the Phoenix seemed to blaze. The shading of the flames were so delicate, that they vanished seamlessly like real flames would.

I could not believe my eyes how wonderful this tattoo was done. The bird had a keen expression like saying: “Burn me as often as you want, I’ll rise again.” I just wondered where he had signed. I could not find it at once. But then I saw it inside of one of the long tail feathers which swung around my hipbone. He had written there in a slightly darker şişli escort color so you would not see it at first glimpse.

Whenever you may fall, I know you to rise again. Vincent.

I fought with my tears but I lost. It was too awesome. I called him while still drying my eyes.

“Magic Ink – Vinny here.”

“I just had a look at your present, Vinny. I need to tell you how touched I am by your words and its beauty. It is so awesome. You are the grand wizard of tattoos, there’s no doubt about it. Thank you, thank you so much!” I shot the words at him, overwhelmed with excitement.

I heard him chuckle. “Glad to hear that. It seems like you kept your promise, that’s cool. Have a wonderful party, Chris. But, you know… there’s someone waiting on my bench again.”

“Yep, sure. I understand. I just wanted to let you know how happy you made me. Take care Vinny and thank you so much.”

“You’re very welcome. I think we’ll see us soon. I haven’t forgotten about the drinks you offered and I intend to get boozed like a crew of sailors. Take care.”

“I’m looking forward to it with pleasure. You may surf on my couch if you want. Have a wonderful day. You made mine. Bye, Vinny.”

We hung up and I had another look at my side. I barely could get enough but I had an appointment with a hairdresser. So I had a quick shower and a coffee with toast and started the day with a wonderful mood. I was thinking about the faces of Sasha and Manuel, when they would see it the first time.

I rushed to meet my appointment with the hairdresser just in time. After a slight trim and pimp of my hair I left an hour later with a hairdo suitable for a wedding.

Most of my hair was braided on my neck. One wisp of hair after the other the way that the hairs resembled a broad rope ladder or a herringbone pattern. Six thin wisps from my temples curled and framed my face. I was more than happy with the result.

On my way back home I had some falafel with hummus and thought about how I would solve the next problem. Taking a bath without ruining my hair dress seemed challenging to me. I managed by using less water than usual for my bathtub and did away with the excessive use of my sponge. Somehow I was glad that I could take care about all the tiny details like the appropriate makeup, painting my nails, which jewelry to wear and dressing. Otherwise I would have paced circles around my flat, like a lion in its cage, while waiting for Sasha and Manuel to pick me up.

While I dolled myself up, I had too frequent a look at the clock. The clock hands seemed to be glued in place. They simply did not want to move at all it seemed to me. I had a last look into the mirror. My dress was as dark red as my favorite Rioja. The lace top had a deep cut and with the help of a shelf bra I could present a nice rack in it. The cut was tight up to my knees and sculpted my bum beneficially. At the height of my knees the dress became wider and ended asymmetrically. The left side of the seam almost touched my ankle while the other side ended half-way up my calf. It looked a bit like a mermaid’s skin.

Nude colored sandals with delicate golden clasps graced my bare feet with their dark red painted nails. I wrapped a stole around my shoulder and took my little handbag which had the same color as my sandals. I could not stand to wait inside my flat anymore so I decided to go outside. It was a nice mellow evening and it would not hurt me to have a little fresh air.

On my way downstairs I met my neighbor Mr. Simmons. He was a calm, nice elder man with white hair, living with his wife one floor below my flat. As he saw me, he took a stronger grip at the handrail.

“Oh my God, Chris,” he smiled at me surprised, “you look wonderful.”

His words were music to my ears and I smiled back at him. “Thank you, Mr. Simmons.”

“Well,” he winked, “if I was thirty years younger I’d steal you right away for the evening.”

“Thank you very much. I wonder what Mrs Simmons would say about it,” I teased him.

“Oh, she’d understand if she could see how beautiful you look,” he chuckled. “Have a wonderful evening my dear. I suppose, we have a very lucky guy in town today? Take care.”

“Thank you for your kind words. Give my regards to Mrs. Simmons. Good bye.”

Sometimes it only needs a few words in a staircase to make you feel special. I loped down the remaining stairs with a happy smile and was in a bright mood. Standing at the street waiting, I enjoyed the mild breeze and watched the traffic passing by.

Eventually a cab stopped in front of me and Manuel jumped out of the co-driver’s seat. He walked around the cab until he reached me. His face was priceless. It was worth all the fuss I had with dolling myself up. He stood in awe.

“I don’t know what to say,” he finally admitted standing in front of me in his anthracite single-breasted suit, his purple button down shirt and dark purple necktie.

“Then don’t say anything. Just open the door,” I smiled flattered. bahçeşehir escort Usually he did not run out of words so easily.

As he opened the door, I slipped into the cab next to Sasha.

“Hi gorgeous,” she welcomed me carefully pecking my cheek. “You look terrific.”

“You too,” I smiled at her. She wore a silk turquoise cheongsam with floral decorations and cream-colored high-heeled sandals. The turquoise color looked wonderful on her tanned skin. The collar of the dress let her delicate neck appear even more slender and endless than it was. “I love your dress. But I thought you’re not Chinese?” I teased her.

“It’s just meant to feed your prejudices,” she laughed.

I took her hand and held it. We interlaced our fingers and as soon as Manuel had taken his seat the cabbie started again. While Sasha and I were exchanging compliments or teasing each other, Manuel sat rather silent. He seemed a bit fraught and thoughtful.

I mouthed Sasha with an asking face: “What’s up?” I nodded towards him.

Sasha widened her eyes and shrugged. “Dunno!” She mouthed back.

She was as clueless as I. I gently squeezed Sasha’s hand to remind her that we won’t let it rain on our parade. She nodded understandingly and smiled at me. Fortunately we had arrived at our destination, “Chez Alphonse”.

Manuel helped us out of the cab and we hooked our hands on his arms, each one of us at one of his sides. He was perceptibly proud to walk in the middle of his precious girls and enjoyed the glances of the people while one of the waiters led us to our reserved table.

While we studied the menu, I looked at Manuel who sat opposite of us. I saw him still being fraught and I decided to put an end to it. I closed my menu as I had made my choice and noticed that Sasha also did.

“Alright, Manuel. During the whole ride you were quiet and thoughtful. Whatever it is, spill it,” I told him.

“Yes, she’s right my dear. We won’t kill you. Well, at least not in public. So tell us, what is bugging you?” Sasha chimed in.

He put his menu aside and took a deep breath. “Well, I intended to wait until after dinner but I think you’re right. Why wait any longer? You know in the first place we are here to celebrate Chris’ recovery. But I would like to use this opportunity to tell you something else.”

He was interrupted by a waiter who understood the idle menus as a sign to ask for our orders. After he left us Manuel continued: “I have thought a lot about this and I tried to understand my feelings. So now I am certain of them. I want to be with you, more than anything in this world. I miss you around Chris and I know Sasha does too. I would ask the both of you if you would agree to take a flat together, all three of us. This is what I want. I was quiet and thoughtful in anticipation of telling you.”

Sasha was the first to answer. “Yes, me too. I don’t feel complete while one of you is elsewhere. For me it would be the most natural thing to do.”

“Uh,” I said, “this is a bit sudden to be honest.”

“Think it over, take your time,” he looked at me understandingly.

Sasha was not that understanding: “I wonder what there is to think about?”

I did not pay attention to her. I thought about it for only one short second, because I had spent weeks already thinking about what I really felt and wanted while I was bent to my hospital bed. Instead of thinking I learned to listen to my hear. This time It yelled and screamed only one word: “Yes!”

I took a deep breath and smiled at them: “You know, someone once told me, I should not analyze so much and instead listen to my heart. I believe that might be the right thing to do.”

I met Sasha’s broad smile as I continued: “Concerning your proposal I believe my heart because it yells so loud. Yes, it yells. And I say yes, too. In fact, I cannot imagine anything better than to be with you. I don’t want to miss either of you anymore.”

Sasha almost clapped her hands out of excitement while Manuel’s reaction was more according to the nobility of this place: “You make me very happy, Chris. Well, as I see Sasha now, you make us both very happy. There is just one thing I would like to add.”

Sasha and I exchanged a glance. “What can it be?” she asked.

Manuel dug deep into his pocket and took two little ring boxes out. He placed them in front of us. “I would like you to accept this little present as a sign how much I do love you.”

We had a look simultaneously and saw a ring in each of the boxes. A narrow silver ring with a furrow in the middle. The furrow was covered with a line of tiny brilliants. I could not believe my eyes.

“Insane,” I heaved a ragged sigh as I had to fight with the upcoming tears.

Sasha was noticeably touched too: “This almost looks like an engagement ring, for heaven’s sake.”

“Well, I doubt I could marry both of you at the same time, but in a way… yes, it is a kind of engagement ring. Well, to me it means exactly that,” Manuel explained.

I reached my hand out with its ring finger pointed at him, “In that case you should put it on my finger.”

Sasha followed my example holding her hand out the same way. Manuel took the rings and put them on Sasha’s and my fingers. I did not know what to say. I was really touched and happy and as I could see, Sasha felt the same.

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