Good Girl Gone Bad Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: I finished the first phase of my novella (for any readers keeping track) and since I usually let things stew for a day before I move on, I decided to continue writing. Seeing as I have neglected fans of this series for several months, I decided to publish another chapter. I’ll probably alternate which series I work on alongside the novella, so stay tuned for more chapters.


Chapter Three: A Bittersweet Honeymoon

I laid there for a few moments, exhausted but unfulfilled. What had happened? Sex with Dennis was usually amazing. I had never had an issue climaxing at least once in all of our times together. I’m one of the few who could boast a climax when I lost my virginity to Dennis years ago. Yet here on my honeymoon, I had nothing.

My brain was running at a million miles an hour. Was this because of what I had done with Alex and Vince? Was it going to be like this from now on? Oh God, how was Dennis going to react?

He pulled himself off me, just enough to look into my eyes.

“Liz, that was phenomenal,” he said, his breathing heavy. “I missed that so much.”

He lazily rolled off me, falling to my left. He took me in his arms and pulled me close to him.

“How was it for you?”

“Amazing, as always,” I lied. I couldn’t bare hurting his feelings. Besides, how was I going to explain my lack of climax to him? I could just imagine: Sorry Dennis, I couldn’t cum for you, but if you ask Alex, he could give you a play by play of my orgasm. Yea, that would go over well.

I laid in his arms, listening to his breathing. I was lost in thought, regretting everything that I had done up until this point. My marriage had just begun and I was already ruining it. I had to behave, but when I wasn’t satisfied, it was becoming more and more difficult to be a good wife.

I looked over at Dennis and he was fast asleep. I touched his face lightly and he didn’t stir. I knew I was still very much in love with my husband, but I was sexually frustrated during a time when I really shouldn’t be.

I laid next to him for two hours, listening to his breathing and his heartbeat, hoping they would lead me to sleep. It never came.

I climbed out of bed and looked at the clock. It was still relatively early. I could hear people still down at the pool and at the bar. I figured a strong drink or two would help me go to bed. Donning my brown bikini and green wrap, I headed down to join in the fun and festivities.


“Pina colada, please,” I asked the bartender, hopping onto the barstool. As I waited patiently for my drink, I scanned the crowd around me, which mostly comprised of young couples and college students. It wasn’t exactly what I expected for Hawaii.

I sat quietly, sipping my drink. After my time with Vince, I figured it was best for me not to engage my bartender this time. I didn’t want it becoming a habit.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t eye candy all around me. Many of the men were incredibly attractive and most of them were in peak athletic condition. I felt an all too familiar ache between my legs as I savored the sight.

“Six beers,” I heard a guy say next to me. He looked like he wasn’t old enough to drink as he had a boyish face, similar to Dennis. However, the difference lay in their body. This guy was muscle and not much else. He wasn’t massive in size, but their wasn’t an ounce of fat. He had dark brown hair that was soaked and stuck to his head.

He gave me a quick glance, before doing a double take. I guess he noticed my appreciation of him. I quickly turned back to my drink, pretending to have seen nothing.

“And another drink for my friend over here,” he said, pointing to me. He gave me a charming smile and I returned it.

“Kent,” he said, reaching out his hand.

“I’m Liz,” I grasped his firm hand, shaking it gently. “Thanks for the drink.”

“No problem. So what is a pretty girl like you doing in Hawaii? Let me guess, your here Yalova Escort for a surf competition.”

I laughed.

“What makes you think that?”

“You are in stellar shape and have a gorgeous tan. Has to be from surfing.”

I laughed again.

“I have never been on a surfboard a day in my life, but I might consider taking it up now.”

Kent gave me a cute smile, joining me in my laughter.

“So why are you here?”


“Really?” His voice conveyed the same shock that his face held. “You seem a little young to be married.”

“I’m twenty-one, so I guess I am.”

Kent raised his beer to me, keeping the same smile.

“Congratulations then. Where is the lucky man?”

I sighed.


The joy escaped from Kent’s face at my admission.

“Shouldn’t he be spending his honeymoon with you?”

“Yep. But, alas. Here I am, alone at the poolside bar.”

Kent grabbed the remaining beers.

“Come on. You shouldn’t be sitting alone here. My teammates and I have a hot tub. You can come and chat with us.”

I considered saying no, but I didn’t want to sit at the bar looking depressed and pathetic anymore. I followed Kent as he led the way.

The tub was filled with seven other guys, each one in peak physical condition, as well as three other girls, each incredibly beautiful. I felt slightly out of place being the only married person in a group of singles.

Kent introduced me to the guys around the tub, all who played on his college baseball team. The girls were given no introduction, but they looked like they had no desire to get to know me. They eyed me with contempt as they pulled themselves closer to their respective men. I smirked with pride as I realized they considered me a threat.

I slipped into the tub next to a muscular man, whose physical appearance put everyone else to shame. He had short, blond hair and piercing green eyes. He looked incredibly stern for being in a cheerful group. He sat back comfortably, drinking from his beer and not engaging in conversation.

As I slipped in next to him, his eyes followed my every movement. I tried not to look at him, as his stare made my heart race. I loved when a man visibly appreciated me.

The conversation changed to me when I entered the group. Some of the guys groaned when Kent told them I was married, earning the ire of the other girls. Everyone was incredibly friendly.

“You know what this party needs?” Kent asked after some talking. Everyone shook their heads, unsure of the answer.

“SHOTS!” Everyone cheered as Kent got up out the tub.

“Carter,” he said to the man next to me. “It’s your turn to buy a round.”

Carter reached behind him and grabbed his room key, handing it to Kent.

“Here,” his said, in a deep sexy voice. It alone made my juices start to flow. I instantly rid my mind of the dirty thought.

“What is our poison?” Kent asked.

“What do you like?” Carter asked me. I was surprised and entranced that he had spoken to me. It took me a moment to straighten my mind before I could respond.


Carter nodded to Kent, who scurried off to get our shots. Carter kept staring at me as I returned to conversation with the other baseball players. I felt his arm drape behind me, but not touch me. His closeness was electric and my nerves tingled with a desire to be touched.

Kent soon returned with our shots and we all threw them back. A few minutes later, the bartender showed up with more shots, enough for each of us to have two. The girls couldn’t hold their liquor well and were giggly and touchy after their next shot.

After my third shot, my body was loosening and I was becoming more relaxed. I didn’t notice Carter’s draped arm was now resting on my shoulder. His free hand was on my thigh, his fingers rubbing it gently.

I should’ve pulled away and told him to stop, but I couldn’t. It felt so good to be Yalova Escort Bayan touched by him. My blood was coursing through my veins and the ache between my legs was growing. It was taking all my strength not show the signs of my arousal.

We we’re forgotten by those around us. The girls had become far more aggressive, straddling their men and kissing them intently. All three couples soon departed to their rooms, leaving behind myself, Kent, Carter, and three other guys.

Kent and the other players were deep in conversation about a recent game they had and none of them were paying me any attention.

Carter’s hand slid further up my leg until it hit the apex of my thigh. I gasped lightly as he hit my swollen nub beneath my swim bottoms. He chuckled softly and lowered his head to my ear, stopping an inch from it.

“Hot and horny. The perfect combination,” he whispered in my ear. His breath against my neck was arousing and I twisted slightly beneath his touch.

Carter discreetly pulled my hand over to his lap, resting on his erection. He was rock hard and thick. I could feel his cock pulsating beneath my hand. I whimpered at the feeling of his manhood, imagining it buried deep inside me.

“You make me so hard, Liz. It fucking hurts,” he continued through gritted teeth.

I trembled at his words and the ferocity contained within his voice. I looked around the tub. The guys still weren’t paying us any mind. Carter could fuck me right here, right now and they would never know.

Suddenly, I felt one of Carter’s thick fingers move underneath my bottoms and he flicked my clit. I bit my lip trying to stifle a moan. He chuckled and did it again and again. My body would tense beneath his touch, as my arousal grew greater. It wasn’t enough for him.

He slid his finger deep into my aching pussy and I almost couldn’t stop myself from moaning. Carter groaned lightly in his throat as he plunged inside me.

“God, Liz. You’re so tight,” he whispered. “I don’t think you could handle my cock just yet. I’m going to need to ease you into it.”

He eased a second finger into my eager cunt. I bit my lip harder, not wanting our behavior to be exposed to the others, although there was something hot at the possibility of getting caught. He slammed his fingers into me repeatedly. With each push, his fingers slid into me easier. With each push, my arousal grew higher. I was on the cusp of coming undone.

Unexpectedly, he maneuvered a third finger into me. I arched my back, suppressing my moan as my orgasm washed through me. I quaked in Carter’s grasp as I rode out my pleasure.

“There we go, baby,” he whispered when my body stopped shaking. “You should be ready for me now.”

He pushed into me a few more times before finally pulling out. I whimpered at the loss of his fingers, wanting them back.

I looked up at the sound of splashing water. Kent and the other men were leaving the hot tub, heading in the direction of the pool. Once they were out of sight, Carter pulled me up and out of the water. Taking my hand, he pulled me down a path in the opposite direction.

My heart was racing with excitement, but my nerves were on edge with fear. What was he going to do with me?

Soon, we reached a storage house that was far enough away that you couldn’t hear any commotion from the pool. The only visible light came from the moon. We were completely alone.

We rounded the corner to the back of the shed and Carter threw me against the back wall.

“I’m going to take great pleasure in fucking you, Liz.”

Carter pulled at my top, freeing my breasts from their thin covering. He lowered his face and savagely attacked my erect nipple with his mouth. His hand latched onto my other breast, massaging it roughly in his strong hands.

I was panting and groaning uncontrollably. My back arched in enjoyment, slipping more of my breast into his hungry mouth. He continued licking, sucking, Escort Yalova and biting my nipple as hard as he could. My arousal was so high that all I felt was pleasure instead of pain.

“Careful,” a whispered to him through gasps. “Don’t leave any marks for my husband to see.”

He ripped his lips away from my breast, and stared into my eyes. All I could see was his uncontrollable, carnal hunger, causing the dampness between my legs to get worse.

“Fuck your husband,” he commanded through gritted teeth. “If he actually gave a shit, it would be his cock you would be tasting, not mine.”

He pushed me to my knees and pulled down his blue swim trunks, freeing his member. He was an average length, but he was thick, possibly thicker than his three fingers.

He pushed the head of it against my lips. I opened and he slammed all the way in. I nearly choked on him and my eyes were pooling with tears.

“Suck it for me, baby. Do a good job and I’ll fuck you nice and hard.”

Eager to have his cock in me, I obliged, swirling my tongue around his shaft as I bobbed up and down. Above me, I heard Carter groan in enjoyment. He brought his hand to the back of my head forcing me to the base every time. I did my best to suppress my gag reflex as I let him fuck my face. My tongue coated his entire shaft, showing extra attention to his sensitive head.

“Oh, fuck,” he cried, pulling out of my mouth.

He lowered himself to his knees, looking into my eyes.

“You’re a great little cock sucker, but I want that tight pussy.”

Carter flipped me around, pushing my breasts and head into the dirt, and leaving my ass raised in the air. He ripped my bottoms down my thighs and lined the tip of his member up with my dripping hole. He paused for a moment, building the anticipation, before slamming into me.

The ground muffled my cries as Carter filled me, stretching my pussy to accommodate his massive manhood. He didn’t go slow and easy. Instead, he pounded into me hard. I cried out each time he filled me and whimpered from the absence of his cock.

“That’s it. Take it baby.”

It wasn’t much longer when my body went rigid as the warmth spread through me from my first orgasm. I cried out loudly as my pussy clenched on Carter’s cock, coating him in my juices.

“Fuck,” he screamed as my tight cunt became tighter. He pounded into me harder, slapping my ass as he rode me.

“I’m going to destroy this pussy, Liz. Every other man that comes after me will never be able to satisfy you.”

“Yes,” I begged, barely able to speak. “My pussy is all yours.”

“Damn right it is.” He slammed into me harder than ever imaginable and it became too much. I screamed out as another orgasm washed over me, crippling me.

As soon as I came down from my high, I felt Carter’s cock swell inside me. He pulled out quickly and I felt him spray every drop of his hot semen all over my ass, groaning out as his climax overtook him.

Carter grabbed my arm and spun me towards him, positioning my mouth next to his cock.

“Clean me up,” he ordered. I nodded and opened my mouth, taking his softening penis inside. I licked every drop of myself off his cock, and milked what little cum was left in him.

I fell back on the grass, completely spent. Above me, Carter pulled on his swimsuit and left, without saying a word.

I wanted to chase him down, but I couldn’t move. Instead, I laid in the grass, coated in moonlight, with my swim bottoms about mid-thigh and my tits exposed to the elements. I couldn’t think of anything except for the amazing fuck I just had with Carter.

When I finally regained my strength, I adjusted myself to be presentable and headed back towards the pool. The hot tub was empty when I returned. As I passed the pool, there was no sign of Carter. Kent and his buddies were throwing each other around in the water, but I had no desire to speak to them.

I returned to my room and my sleeping husband. I quickly hopped in the shower, washing away the sand, dirt, and cum from my body. I examined my breasts and was relieved that there was no bruising.

Once clean, I returned to my bed and into my husband’s arms. It took only a few moments before I was in a blissful sleep.

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