Good Morning Already Pt. 03

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It wasn’t for a few minutes that I realized I could hear giggling in the hallway so I turned off the shower and toweled myself off. After pulling a quick brush through my hair, I wrapped my towel around my waist and opened the door. There the two of you stood naked and admiring each other’s bodies. I stood in the doorway watching the two of you touch and explore for a minute before I cleared my throat to let you both know I was standing there. You both giggled and smiled before brushing past me and locking the door behind you. I yelled through the door “what if I want to watch?” I got a not so polite “no boys allowed” spoken in chorus. I chuckled shaking my head and walked on to the bedroom.

I dropped my towel at the doorway and proceeded to rummage through my closet looking for that sapphire blue shirt you bought me a few weeks back. You had told me that it made you weak in the knees to see me wear it so I figured it was the perfect option. I matched it up with the black designer slacks we had picked out together the same day and set them on the bed. I heard the howl of your orgasm from down the hall and I guessed you were really enjoying your shower. It gave me a hard on right then and there and I knew tonight would be just as crazy as the last 24 hours. So I selected my sexiest underwear, the crotch less ones you bought me for our last dress up game and finished making myself presentable.

After dressing I headed down to the living room to await you and your friends arrival. My dick was still erect and in these underwear was standing out like a tent pole in a big top tent. I wait for approximately 45 minutes and I am not disappointed. You walked in wearing the skimpiest black dress that could even deserve the name dress, it was barely a halter top that stretched to the bottom of your ass. Your bestie followed next in a silky black mini dress that had the cleavage open to the waist and was completely backless. The skirt part of her dress came to the bottom of her dress but if a stiff breeze blew would show the world everything underneath without much trouble. My jaw bottomed out at the sight of you two visions of sexiness.

You both had over applied makeup to emphasize your lips cheeks and eyes. As you normally don’t do that it really set it off. It was like going out on the town with the cast of a high budget porno. Of course this was not allowing my hard on any break, but who cares? I walked to the door to open it for my two luscious dates and followed you both out to the car. I ran ahead to open the rear door of the car to let you both in and watched you both crawl in the back. I got a show from both of you because you had both conveniently forgotten to wear panties. I did get to see that now both of you were clean shaven. If it wasn’t already hard enough to conceal my erection it was impossible now.

You requested that we go to the little Italian place about 30 minutes away and as I looked up I could see why you wanted to go so far away. Your friend had her hand buried in your pussy and your head is rolling back enjoying the sensation. I repositioned the rear view to watch the show and I could see that you were already dripping wet. She worked one finger back and forth for a minute or two working it gently around your labia and clit. Teasing and playing more vigorously as we drove on. She buried two fingers inside shortly after and began to finger fuck you in earnest shortly thereafter. A few miles down the road I heard the beginnings of the howl that signified the start of your orgasm and got to watch you gush your juices all over the back seat.

Not to be out done you turned yourself to position your hand between your friends legs. I watched you play with her pussy in a very similar way to what she had done to you. Your fingers buried their way up to the knuckle and began to pump their way in and out hard. Her hips bucked around with your intense work. It was so bağcılar escort hot to watch and I could feel the wetness of my pre-cum on the inside of my pants. My cock was now rock hard and I was having a very difficult time not whipping it out while driving and stroking it. I was brought back to reality to the orgasmic grunts your friend made as she took her turn cumming all over the back seat. You both licked each other’s fingers clean and began to straighten your dresses up as we pulled in to the restaurant.

I opened the door to the car and stood up. My erection stood out and I knew there was absolutely no way to hide it but I figured that anyone who saw it would see the two of you and understand. So I moved to let you both out of the car and was treated to a double celeb-like paparazzi flash of your bald pussies. Both of you noticed my hard cock on the way out and in turn managed to grab it and give it a squeeze. “Thanks, as if I wasn’t having enough trouble hiding it.” I said and you both laughed as you took each other arm in arm and walked towards the entrance.

We reach the entrance and after the maitre’d seated us our waitress came by and took our drink orders. My hard on had nearly subsided when you put your hand in my lap from my left side and your best friend did the same from the right. I looked back and forth at you both and you were staring into each other’s eyes as you began to feel up my crotch. I felt one hand, at this point I am not sure which reach up to grab at the top of my zipper and yank it down. My cock once again hard from the hands playing with it immediately popped out into the cool air of the restaurant. As we had been seated in a dark corner and the restaurant was pretty empty tonight I did not object. I just relaxed and leaned my head back to enjoy the touching. The playing and stroking continued for a few minutes until it came to an abrupt stop. I looked up to see a slightly blushing waitress staring at my now very exposed cock.

She broke the eye contact when I stumbled a bit to put it away, and then walked over to our table to bring us our drinks. She set the drinks down on the table and smiled at the girls right before looking at me. She winked at me and mouthed “nice cock,” before walking away with a smile. This illicited a round of giggles from my dates and we began a lighter conversation. Approximately 20 minutes later our waitress returned with fresh drinks and our food. The food was excellent as it always was here and we continued our lighthearted chat. A few more rounds of drinks came with a note that they were on the house courtesy of the manager on duty. I smiled at the waitress who I noticed had a manager on duty tag under her name tag. She brought us our check which I noticed was 50% off as well and I asked her if I could see the manager about the bill she nodded and asked me to follow her. I left my dates who were now sliding up next to one another and very tied into a long kiss at the table. We walked past the kitchen to the manager’s office and she stepped right on in motioning me inside with a single inviting finger.

As soon as we were inside she shut the door behind her and dropped straight to her knees. She reached up to undue my belt and my zipper. My pants quickly fell to the floor and my cock immediately flopped out semi erect right in front of her face. She smiled up at me as she took the tip into her mouth and continued to stare up at me as she sucked hard on my quickly expanding cock. She worked it hard for a couple minutes and then added her hands to stroke my cock and play with my also exposed testicles. She lifted up my cock and started sucking on each ball individually, she knew her business well. Before I could cum she slowed down and then bent herself over the desk pulling her skirt up over her hips. She was wearing a red thong that I quickly moved to one side and placed my bayan escortlar now rigid cock on her now wet and soaking pussy. I pushed the tip in and it went in easily. She turned her head and mouthed “fuck me” directly at me and I was more than happy to oblige.

She was a wildcat and although she was not shaved at all I enjoyed fucking her immensely. She came quickly and I thought we would be ending this before I got mine but she taunted me with her pussy to continue. I had always heard about women that would cum so much but I had never seen one until now. She came and came and came. I lost count at 32 times as I fired off a round of cum in her now sopping wet and dripping pussy. We fixed our clothes and I headed back to the table. I had quite a sweat built up when I got back. Your friend said that she had paid the check but that it looks like I had taken care of the tip. We all laughed and headed out. The car ride home was more of the same and we made it home but not before each if you had cum again. The car now had the distinct smell of sex and I loved it.

Your friend suggested a late night swim and we all agreed. We agreed that there was no need for a suit so we each gave a little show for the others stripping down to nothing and made our way back to the pool. We had been swimming around splashing and playing for maybe thirty minutes when we heard the doorbell ring. We fought over who would answer it. After a quick game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock which ended in a tie a couple times ensued. All of us giggling at our nerdiness I finally got out of the water to answer the door. I pulled a robe around me just in case it and headed to the door.

I opened to the door and was puzzled to find the waitress/manager at the door. My look of puzzlement must have shown on my face because she started in immediately. “You left your wallet at the restaurant and I thought I would return it.” I didn’t remember pulling it out as your friend had paid for dinner and she continued, “it was in the office.” I nodded getting her meaning and took the wallet that was laying in her hand.

“We are having a late night swim if you would like to join us?” I motioned towards the back of the house and continued “I was going to grab drinks before going back out if you wanna help?” She nodded and followed me into the kitchen grabbing ice from the freezer and cups while I mixed another big container of margaritas. Collecting our treasure we made our way to the back of the house.

“But I don’t have a suit.” You proclaimed as we walked onto the back patio towards the pool.

“You don’t need one.” I replied, “but if you really want one there are extras in the pool house.” She nodded and continued following to the poolside. She quickly noticed the two of you swimming around with nothing on and watched me remove my robe. This seemed to set her at ease and she started removing her clothing and setting it aside. You both noticed her and giggled between one another as if it were some sort of inside joke as she entered the pool. We all gawked at her hairsuite vagina. She noticed the onlookers and seemed to tense up but shook it off and dove in.

We all enjoyed several rounds of drinks and as we were all getting drunk, our new friend said she was worried about driving and we all quickly demanded she stay. The conversation worked its way around to her massive bush a couple times and she informed us that it had never occurred to her to trim it for more than just to keep it inside a bathing suit. You both began to explain to her why you both were now shaved and she understood the reasoning. I could see a glint of devilry in you and your friends eyes. You both convinced her to have you two help her shave it. She worked hard at saying no, but several margaritas later she finally relented.

You stepped inside for a minute and came back with electric trimmers a razor blade and shaving beyoğlu escort gel. She looked a bit frightened by your enthusiasm but got out and set down in the deck chair to let you guys have your way with her bush. I positioned myself in the pool to get a good view of the show. Your bestie started out with the clippers and knocked the bulk of the hair loose. You followed up with foaming up the area with the shave gel and begin to work in earnest taking time to knock out every single hair. You cleaned her off and pulled out a mirror for her to see the newly shaved area. She stared at it for a time and moved her fingers there to move the lips to really see the different folds as if she were seeing it for the first time.

You all three got up and headed back to the pool. As the waitress stepped back in the pool she shivered as the water reached her newly shaven pussy. I could see that she was enjoying the new sensation. She wiggled her hips and kept slipping her hands under the water to touch her pussy. She seems enthralled by the feeling her pussy was experiencing. You walked over to her and reached under the water and stroked her lower lips this causing another visible shudder from her. “I’ve never been touched by a woman before,” she said with an air of excitement. This was the only incentive you and your friend needed. Your hands started roving over her body as did the hands of your best friend. The waitress audibly moaned in ecstasy as she threw her head back with the sensation.

Once you two figured out the waitresses hair trigger orgasms you both began to explore every inch of her seeing just how far you could push the sensation. She had multiple orgasms just with the stimulation of her nipples. She had orgasms spawning from a caress of her inner thigh and many from direct vaginal stimulation. After a while as you had moved from the water to the deck chairs you and your bestie had almost made a game of who could spawn the most impressive orgasm. Your friend won when she had forced the waitress on her hands and knees and finger fucked her pussy and right before orgasm stuck a finger in her ass stimulating her both ways at once. I watched almost in wonder getting to see quite possibly the hottest wanton act of sexuality I had ever seen played out right in front of me. Never again would I revert to a porno to see something this overtly sexual, because my mental camera recorded he whole thing.

As the evening wore down we all had been so stimulated that we couldn’t even think of having another group session so we separated into separate rooms to rest up. The waitress would of course drive home after she sobered up, and your friend would be headed home as well so we bid them adieu and retired to our bedroom. We took separate showers and as you took yours first by the time I got out of the shower you had already fallen asleep. I shook my head hoping to get one more tussle from you before bed, but alas it was not to be.

I decided to sneak into the kitchen for a quick glass of water. I entered a dark kitchen and found myself groping in the dark rather than turning on a light. I could see a dark figure follow me into the kitchen. I recognized the body shape in the dark as your best friend and as she walked over to me I could tell she was in one of those baby doll nighties. She didn’t say a word she just dropped to her knees pulled down my boxers and began to suck my cock with reckless abandon. She sucked it hard working both hands into the mix. She deep throated my cock several times taking the full length deep in her mouth and attempting to swallow it seemingly. After all the earlier stimulation I knew I would not last much longer so I grabbed her head and started skull fucking her. I slammed her head down on my cock with an ever increasing speed. I came hard a moment later my cum firing down the back of her throat. She sucked every expulsion of semen down like she was starving for it. I shuddered with the last thrust and she backed off. I could see her make a motion of swallowing it all down. She stood up, kissed my cheek and walked out of the kitchen the same way she had come in, silent and mysteriously. I slowly made my way to the bed and feel quickly asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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