Good Morning Sunshine

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My wife and I had gone to see the In laws and ended up staying a week and a half longer than I had intended. Not that it was bad, in fact the last week was most enjoyable. They live right on a large lake and have 32 windows on the East side facing the early morning sunshine, half of them on the bottom floor where we slept.

Something I am not used to since our house is in the city and the windows are covered. Waking up at 5:30 or so to the sun shining in the windows in the living room where my wife and I slept was not so fun the first few days.

I had tried to get my wife to have sex since I was getting hornier by the day and she refused, afraid her parents would hear us. Well becoming more and more frustrated from the lack of sex, this particular morning I woke with a raging hard on.

I reached into my shorts and felt it and it felt so good touching it I just kept on rubbing it. I had heard a noise upstairs but thought nothing of it since the stairs squeaked I would hear if someone came down them. Or so I thought!

I was laying on the hide a bed playing with myself when I happened to look up and saw a reflection in the televisions screen. It was my Mother in Law, standing quietly on the bottom of the stairs.

It was a clear line of sight from her eyes to my hand on my cock. And her eyes were on it, I figured if she did not want to see it she would have either made a noise to let me know she was there or she would have continued on into the kitchen. She did neither, her eyes glued to my hand as I slowly jacked off, not wanting to wake my wife since she was sleeping beside me.

Let me tell you something about my Mother in Law, She is not stuffy but nor is she that outgoing. A short but rather large woman with small breasts and a very large ass, shaped like a pear if you ask me. But they accepted me into their lives when I married their daughter.

I love them and they love me, I could not ask for better In laws if I could. My Mother in-law was 64 at the time and as far as I knew they had no sex life, not that I inquired but my Father in-law and I had a talk once and he said. “When you get my age you don’t think so much about sex.” To which I replied,”Yes Sir, But I am not your age!” And I smiled at him.

Anyway back to my story. I lay there watching her as she watched me, and I thought to myself I may as well continue since I am already busted, and if she has a problem with it then she will tell me soon enough. The large screen TV gave me a perfect view of her and much clearer than I would have ever thought.

Her eyes never leaving my hand as I moved it slowly up and down the shaft. I was actually getting excited knowing she stood there watching me, wondering what was going on in her mind. Was this exciting her? Was she disgusted? No, I do not think she was, or she would have made herself known to me, not stood there on the stairs watching.

Now don’t think I am hung like some porno star because I am not, I would say I am average at best being 6″s and not really that thick. But it does get hard as a rock, even at 45. The longer she watched the more excited I became and my hand moved a bit faster, yet still not so fast that I would move the bed and wake my wife.

I looked at my Mother in-law and saw her hand go to her breast and she gave it a slight squeeze, her eyelids drooping a bit as she did. So she Was getting hot watching me. I grinned to myself and took my hand off my cock and tickled my balls so she could see the entire 6″s of it. I saw her lick her lips slowly and then her hand dropped to her crotch and slid inside her robe.

I had her now I thought to myself, and I resumed jacking off for her now, not for me! I saw her hand moving under her robe as she touched herself now too. I never stopped to think how strange this was, her watching me and me watching her as we touched ourselves since I was getting closer and closer to cumming.

I wished I could see her naked now, if she is anything like her daughter she has a very hairy bush and I do love a hairy pussy. I am pretty sure she does and even if she doesn’t it takes nothing from the fantasy now happening in my mind.

Luckily I saw a box of Kleenex next to me on the end table, not wanting to stain the sheets. I was so close now as I looked at her face, our eyes met. The look was priceless as the shock showed on her face, yet neither one of us stopped touching our self. At that moment I came, I am not a huge cummer, but I shot a load this time I was proud of!

I felt it as it hit my chest and belly. The look in her eyes was one of pure lust and I saw her hand moving faster under her robe, I saw her legs wobble as she came and grinned at her. She blushed and went down the last two steps and went to the kitchen to get coffee started.

I cleaned myself ümraniye escort up, looked at my wife and grinned, if she only knew I laughed inside as I reached over and grabbed my pants. Not putting on my shirt I walked into the kitchen and said, ” Good morning!” Her eyes hit the floor as she said, “Good morning, did you sleep well?” “Well yes I did thank you, that is until the sun woke me up shining in my face.” I grinned.

“Coffee and breakfast be ready soon?” I asked. She finally met my eyes and said, “Yes, in a few minutes.” “Great.” I replied, “I seem to be extra hungry this morning for some reason.”

I grinned inside knowing she knew exactly why I would be. I saw a blush rise to her face as she once again looked towards the floor. It made me wonder if she just may be a submissive type the way she averted her eyes, or was she just embarrassed knowing she also had been caught watching.

I sat on the stool and she continued to gather the things she needed to make breakfast and although i had never had any sexual inclinations towards her, I suddenly saw her in another way. And yes, it was a sexual way. I was enjoying the way she bent over to grab a pan from under the cabinets seeing her robe tighten up around her big ass.

As she turned towards me she bent over again to get another pan for biscuits and I looked down the front of her robe and nightgown she was wearing and saw her small flat tits. I was getting a boner thinking these nasty thoughts about what I would do to her given half a chance.

As she rose upright I saw her eyes go to my crotch and stop as she saw my half erect cock making a bulge. She got flushed again and quickly turned away. “What’s wrong?” I asked her, “You aren’t getting shy now are you? I know you saw me jacking off and I know you enjoyed it or you would have left.”

“I’m sorry.” She replied to me, ” I did not mean to watch and we should not mention this again.” “Oh, but I want to mention it again Mom! In fact I enjoyed you watching me as much as you seemed to enjoy watching me as I played with my cock.”

I have called my In laws Mom and pop since we got married so it was natural for me to say that. She turned red again and her eyes dropped to the floor once more. “I cannot say that I enjoyed watching that.” She told me curtly. “Yeah, I call Bullshit on that one Mom. If you had not liked it you wouldn’t have played with your boobs and then your pussy.”

Now I know she was shocked since as far as I knew she did not talk like that, but I figured, in for a penny, in for a pound. And besides what was she going to day to anyone? I watched him jack off then he came in and said boobs and pussy to me? I think not.

Actually it was quite fun having her over a barrel and watching as she squirmed trying to think of something to say to get her out of this mess. I decided to just let it go and did not speak anything more of it and we went on about our day.

We all had a good day as we swam some, ate some then had a nice BBQ for supper. We all watched a movie then called it a night. As I lay there trying to wind down from the day, my mind went back to Mom watching me jacking off and I got a boner. I rolled over and snuggled up to my wife, which is not slacking in the hot body department.

“I’m horny honey.” I whispered in her ear. “No. we can’t. I’ve told you before, not until we go home. I am Not fucking you until we leave here.” “Then suck it for me, I won’t make any noise!” “No, what if they came downstairs or one of the kids came in here?I am not going to so forget it.”

What a fucking bitch I thought to myself as she rolled over and quickly fell asleep. I was asleep soon after and had a strange dream where my wife and her mom sat and watched me jacking off.

I awoke right before I was going to cum in my dream to find the sun shining in my face once again. And since I had a hard on, why waste it I thought. So I once again started jerking on it. I wondered if Mom would come down and see me and if she did would she keep going or watch like yesterday.

I did not have long to wait as I heard the floor creaking above me as she rose from bed. Pop liked to lay in bed and watch TV since he was retired and had nothing else to do. I lowered the covers off me and played with myself and watched for her reflection in the TV again.

I did not have to wait long as she turned the corner on the stairs and stopped dead in her tracks. This time I looked in her eyes and she looked into mine as I jerked off. She did not leave as I half expected her to. In fact this time she actually had on a much nicer robe, one silky instead of the old Grandma robe she wore yesterday. This one was not tied to the top so I could see a bit of her small chest, at least somewhat of the valley between her tits.

Hmm, pendik escort I thought to myself, I think she was expecting this today and wanted to show it by wearing something a bit more sexy. In any case I kept on jacking off and sure enough in a few minutes her hand went to her breast and she began to rub her nipple. This in turn got me more horny, wondering if she had dark thick nipples like my wife.

Well I never expected to see my Mother in laws tits unless it was by total accident, but she slowly opened her robe a bit and I saw her finger on her nipple. And it was dark and thick like my wife’s, though it was smaller and lay pretty much flat it was still very exciting to see.

She gave a slight smile then closed her robe and went to the kitchen. I said “Fuck this.” To myself and I got dressed and followed her. She did not hear me and as I turned the corner I saw her with her hand inside her panties and she was rubbing her pussy hard and fast.

I could see her hairs as they were sticking out the sides of her panties and could tell her finger was deep inside her. Her eyes closed I let her get to where it appeared she was going to cum and from what I saw she was going to cum Hard.

“Morning!” I said with an evil grin on my face. She Jerked her hand from beneath and flushed red. “Busted Mom.” And I gave her a huge grin. “Don’t stop on my account, in fact I was really getting turned on seeing that.” Her face was white as a ghost, her eyes went to the floor, “Oh my word, I’m so ashamed.”

I walked over to her and gave her a hug. “Nothing to be ashamed about Mom.” And I took her hand, the one she had been playing with her hairy pussy with, brought it to my mouth and sucked her juices off her fingers. She was shocked as I sucked all of her essence off.

“We all have needs, and better yet, our fantasies. Tell me Mom, what are your fantasies?” I was looking in her eyes as I said that. Her eyes fell to the floor and her face so red. “I could never do that, I should not even have such thoughts in my head. I am too old for such nonsense.”

“One is never to old to enjoy oneself are they?” I asked. “If so, I sure do not want to get that old.” That brought a smile to her face. “You Have to stop doing that when you know I am going to be downstairs shortly. I cannot Not look as you touch it.” She told me in a small voice, quiet so not to disturb anyone that could be awake.

“Well Mom, If I got some more I wouldn’t Have to jack off. But Sissy (My wife’s name) Is not giving me any and refuses to have sex here because she is afraid we will get caught. Now what if she knew you wanted to watch?”

I laughed as I could see her mind turning with those wicked thoughts of seeing me fucking her daughter. She blushed at me knowing what she was thinking and I decided right then to do something I would never had attempted before.

I reached down to my shorts and dropped them, wearing no underwear my cock was exposed to her, hard as a rock from me thinking the exact same thing she had been.

“Isn’t it a shame to waste such a nice hard on?” I asked her. Her eyes never leaving my cock she said, “Yes, it really is.” “Go on then, touch it Mom. Jack me off!” “Goodness no.” She said in a louder voice than she should have. “Put it up, I could never do that to you.

“Your my daughters husband and besides, I have only been with one man in my life.” “You like to see it thought don’t you. I know your wondering what it would be like to feel it. I bet you even wonder what it would be to feel it inside your mouth and pussy don’t you!”

“No, of course not, now please put it in your shorts before someone comes in. Please!” She begged. “I am afraid I can’t do that Mom, I am so horny I am about to burst. I need to cum and I need to cum soon.”

“If you won’t do it then I will.” And I started to jack off in front of here sitting on a kitchen stool. She never averted her eyes as my hand slide slowly up and down the hard shaft. She licked her lips and she began to squirm about, her legs trying to rub against each other and yet not be seen doing it.

“You like watching me jack off don’t you! Does it make your pussy wet watching? Go on, play with your pussy for me Mom, I want to see you do that for me.” My mind was racing wondering if she actually would or not. “No’ I can’t.” she said to me.

Thinking to how she has always put her eyes down when she was nervous I thought I would see if she was indeed submissive or not.

“I Told you to play with your pussy, now do it and do it now woman!” I have never talked to her in such a way and was thinking she may just walk up and slap the shit out of me for doing so. Instead her hand slowly dropped to her crotch and I watched as her hand slipped inside her panties.

Man, you talk about bostancı escort excited, here I was jacking off in front of my Mother in law, her watching and then her actually following my instructions to her and playing with her hairy pussy for me. So she Is submissive, I never would have thought so by the way she treated my Father in-law.

I was not wasting time thinking about how they treated each other as I continued to jack off slowly her hand rubbing her pussy furiously trying to cum as I watched her. Damn this was fucking hot, I knew if I kept up this pace I would not last long.

She was standing about 3 feet from me so I reached over and pulled her closer to me by her wrist. “Comon’ Mom, jack me off, I need it so bad.” “I just can’t, please don’t make me.”

Hmmm, so she is wanting me to make her so she can claim innocence later if she needed to. I took her free hand and put it on my hard cock, I felt her pull back but not so hard as to rip her wrist free.

Her hand slowly wrapped around my cock and held it there for a minute before beginning to move it slowly up and down the shaft. “Mmmmmm, that feels so good Mom, you like that don’t you. You like to feel my hard cock in your hand don’t you.”

She never said anything but she continued to jack me off, her eyes glued to my cock in her warm, soft hand. She never slowed down playing with her pussy either as she jacked me off. “Get closer to me,I want to feel your pussy.” She moved closed still not answering as she did.

I moved her hand and replaced it with mine in her panties, Man this woman is hairy I thought as I found my way through the bush and into her wet slit. I slid mu finger inside her and heard the intake of her breath. Her eyes closed as I inserted my finger deeper inside her, she moaned when I had my finger halfway in.

I thought her knees would buckle when I started to finger fuck her, the precum running out of my hard cock like a faucet now. I felt her tremble and then she gasped as she came.

Never have I had a woman cum so fast with me in my life, in less than 3 minutes from the time she grabbed my cock she had cum. “Suck it, suck my cock for me!” She looked at me, fear showing in her face. “No, I have never done that, I couldn’t!”

Not one for taking No for an answer this morning, I instead just grabbed the back of her head and slowly pulled her face towards my dick. Her hand never stopped jacking me as her face came closer and closer until I felt her breath on it.

“Suck it!” I whispered. “You know you want to feel it in your mouth, now Suck it.”

I was shocked as I felt her hot mouth surround my cock. Here we were, me sitting on a stool in her kitchen, having just made her cum finger fucking her and her sucking my cock.

I was in Heaven as I started pumping my hips towards her face, she said she had never sucked a cock before, but let me tell you, she took to it like a natural.

“Jack me off in your mouth while you suck me Mom, jack it in time with your mouth. She took instructions well too as her hand began to jack in time. I knew I was not going to last much longer and that we were running out of time before someone woke up.

I held her hair in my hands and told her, ” I’m going to cum soon.” She shook her head No wildly but never tried to take her mouth off me.

“Faster, suck it faster.” I whispered to her, her head almost became a blur as she sucked harder. I closed my eyes and came in her mouth, I was surprised she did not try to take her mouth off me as I shot load after thick load of my spunk in her mouth.

I felt her as she swallowed and she like a natural born cocksucker slowed her movements down as I continued to spurt in her mouth.

I finally stopped my cumming and I released her hair, she rose up with a gleam in her eyes and a fulfilled look on her face. She did not miss a drop of my cum as her face was clean and she licked her lips.

“I never knew it would taste like that.” She told me as she fixed her panties and robe. I stood up and pulled up my shorts. “I am glad you liked it Mom, Don’t think this will be the last time, I have much more planned for you.

“I’m looking forward to it!” She smiled. It wasn’t 5 minutes later when my wife woke up and came to the kitchen as her Mother and I were having our coffee.

“Morning Babe, sleep well?” I said to her as she grabbed a cup for coffee. “Mmm sure did. Hows your morning?” She asked.

“Well, it could have sucked worse!” I laughed as her Mother turned and blushed.


Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉

Thanks, mustanger7up

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