Good Morning

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Adrianna Chechik

In the early hours of the morning, my eyes fluttered open as I began to wake. Shifting my head slightly so as not to disturb him, I glanced at the clock. 6 a.m. – plenty of time to relax and cuddle for a while before getting up and facing the day.

As I remembered our lovemaking from the night before, I smiled and snuggled closer to his warm body, which was curled behind me. I unconsciously rubbed my ass against his groin while I recalled all the wonderfully kinky things we’d done.

Immediately, I felt a response to my small movements. His arm tightened around my waist and his cock began to harden against my backside. His voice, deep with sleep, whispered a query as to whether I was awake. I laid still and made my breathing slow and deep to feign sleep. His hand began to lazily trace circles over my skin, raising goosebumps all over me.

When his tickling touch finally reached the sensitive area under my breast, I realized I’d been holding my breath. I exhaled slowly, still trying to maintain my ruse. I shifted to the side a bit to allow him easier access so that he might continue his exploration.

His fingers brushed over my nipple, which caused it to harden immediately. He began to tweak with his fingers, pulling ever so gently. He increased the pressure until it was hard for me to remain silent. I bit the inside of my lip, loving the waves of heat which were flowing through my body because of his touch. My pussy was getting extremely wet and it took all my control not to rub my ass against him. I redoubled my efforts to pretend I was still out cold.

Snuggling even closer to me, he pressed his now erect cock against my backside. I was disappointed momentarily when escort ataşehir he removed his hand from my breast, but smiled happily when I realized where he was redirecting his attention.

He trailed his long fingers down my side to my thigh. He then placed his hand on my ass and squeezed the full, round cheek of my ass. He continued to do so rhythmically, lifting and separating my buttocks, exposing my hot wetness to the cool air in the room. I could smell my arousal and knew he could as well. My right hand drifted unconsciously to my breasts as I began to tease and twist my nipples in turn.

Suddenly, he stopped mid-squeeze and held my ass open. I felt the hot, slick head of his cock sliding up and down my exposed bottom. Pushing his hips forward, he began to quickly rub his shaft over my dripping slit as the tip of his dick pushed against my clit. The friction and slipperiness of our genitals nearly drove me insane with lust and I gasped for breath.

Never missing a beat, his hand which had been holding my ass moved to gather my hair and gently tug my head backwards towards his own. He whispered roughly in my ear, “I think my little girl likes to be fondled while she’s asleep and helpless, doesn’t she?” He rocked back and forth behind me, stimulating every nerve in every inch of skin he touched.

I whimpered softly, keeping my eyes clenched shut, panting in excitement as he continued to stroke, his cock clasped firmly in place between my legs. I pressed my knees together tighter and arched my back, pressing against his chest. He began to suck and bite on my neck in the way he knew I adore and I shivered with pleasure. My hips began to move in time with his and I kadıköy escort bayan tried to maneuver my hips so he would enter me.

Seeing right through me, he chuckled and tightened his grip on my hair. “Tell me what you want, baby,” he growled in my ear, his hot breath making my hair stand on end. “Tell me what it is you want and you just might get it.”

I opened my mouth, wanting to speak but unable to make the words come. My breathless gasps became louder, and for a moment we continued moving in time, listening to the sound. He pulled on my hair and I knew he was becoming impatient with me. I struggled to overcome my embarrassment and voice my desires.

“I want you to…” I began, searching for the words. I knew what he wanted to hear, but I was still shy about saying those things out loud. He quickened his movements and I moaned loudly. I needed him inside me at that moment more than anything. I started again, “I want your…” I trailed off again, distracted by the excitement coursing through my body.

“Say it, Shannon, or you’re going to have one frustrating day,” he threatened. I knew he meant it, so I plunged ahead.

“Please,” I gasped. “I need you inside me!”

“What do you want?!” he demanded.

“I want you to fuck me! Please, I need your cock in me now! Please, will you fuck me?” I begged.

He responded by driving into me. Letting go of my hair, he grasped my hips and began to drive deep inside me, fucking me hard. My moans quickly became screams of pleasure as I clawed at the sheets. His leg came up to cover mine, pinning me there on my side and clamping my legs shut even tighter on him.

Within moments, I was nearing escort bostancı an orgasm. I shouted that I felt as if I was going to cum (afraid to do so without his permission) and he ordered me to rub my clit. I forced my hand between my legs and began to furiously rub my engorged sensitive clit.

“Tell me what you need, my little slut. Tell me what you are,” he commanded, slamming into me with such force that our bodies made smacking sounds.

I pleading with him to let me cum, continuing to rub my clit, pressing as hard as I could while moving my fingers around and around. “Please, I have to cum! Your slut needs to cum! Oh, god, can I please!??”

His answer was to increase the pace and fuck me harder. Holding back my climax was intensifying the sensations overtaking me. I had to go on, since he had not yet answered. “Oh, god, I can’t help it, I need to cum for you! Please, let me be your slut and cum on your cock!”

That did it. He grunted his approval as I let my muscles unclench and began to feel the waves of orgasm washing over me. My pussy flooded all over him while he kept driving in and out of me. He voiced his approval as I began to drift out of my reverie. Instinctively, I began begging for permission again, as I knew another one was right behind the first.

“Go, baby, go as much as you want now,” he groaned, as his attention focused on his own imminent release. Over the next few minutes, I came again and again while screaming his name. My thighs and his were wet from the numerous orgasms I was having. Soon, I felt his cock swell even bigger as he began to cum.

He pulled out of me and rolled me onto my back as he knelt over me. His hot cum spurted out of him onto my chest and face. I sat and tried to capture what I could with my mouth, sucking the last of it from him as he had a shuddering climax.

We collapsed together back onto the bed, panting and grinning at each other as we embraced. Good morning, indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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