Good Neighbors Ch. 121

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The next morning was cold. It was the middle of December after all and only a few days before Christmas. As I started to put on a pair of sweatpants, I noticed that the heat was off. I looked over on her side of the bed and my neighbor was still sleeping. I realized that I was already awake by that point. Rather than wake her up, I carefully padded out to the living room and started to build a fire in the fireplace. Once I had the fire going, I went into the kitchen and started making some breakfast.

As I was cooking, I started thinking about ideas on what I wanted to accomplish. She already told me that having me in her arms was the best Christmas gift and that she didn’t want me to do anything for her otherwise. I wasn’t sure why to be honest. Still, I knew about the boxes in the living room I brought in the night before. The thought crossed my mind that I was going to stay home with her that day to put the contraption together. That thought was interrupted by the sound of a yawning Goddess walking in. She was wearing her beautiful long pajamas. I saw her smile peek through as she sat down at the table.

“I could get used to this,” she remarked before leaning over and kissing me good morning. “I didn’t know the agreement came with a shirtless cook too.”

I blushed a bit before we started to eat. Over pleasant conversation, we talked about various things. As our breakfast pendik escort ended, she leaned over and kissed me again, a bit deeper this time.

“Can you come back to bed with me, Romeo?”

I followed her to her room before I remembered the fire and went back to snuff it out. I walked back in to see my Goddess in the bed, sans pajamas. I smiled as I started to undo the string around my sweatpants. As the sweatpants dropped to the ground, I watched her smile at me as she beckoned me into the bed. After getting myself under the covers with her, we started to kiss albeit a bit more hungrily. I started to devour her as much as I could at that point. I started to kiss and nibble along her neck while her hands caressed me. I then started to hear her whisper.

“Fuck me, Leo. I need you so much.”

I slid on top of her and started to tease her pussy a bit. She was starting to moan a little as the head of my cock teased her opening.

“Tell me what you want, Beloved,” I whispered.

“Fuck me. Just fuck me, Leo. You have me so turned on right now,” she whispered a bit more erratically.

I slid inside of her. I was relishing the feeling of her gripping me the way she was so much. I started to move inside her as she responded, her fingernails scratching my back a bit. We were like that for a while, just enjoying each escort pendik other while we were joined as one. I could tell she was primed when she started to bite my neck a little through her orgasm. I released inside of her when she did that before I slid out and lay next to her, holding her the way we needed to be for a bit. I started kissing her a bit more romantically at that point. She returned the kisses in kind.

“Any plans today, Leo?”

Another few kisses.

“Staying in this bed with you seems like a good idea,” I said with more kisses.

“Such a good idea,” she said with more kisses. ‘I have some laundry to do though.”

I stopped her for a bit.

‘How much?”

“Oh, just some sheets and the clothes from last night. Did you need any done as well?”

“I need to take that suit to the dry cleaners. What about the dress from last night?”

“Could you take that also? I can pay you back for it.”

“You already did with this morning’s breakfast,” I said with a hungry kiss.

She stopped me after a few more of those.

“Leo,” she said with a more serious tone.

I stopped and listened.

“I want you to know that I am expecting to be equal partners in this venture.”

“I know. It’s just paying for dry cleaning that beautiful dress you wore last night.”

“I just want you to pendik escort bayan know I am not expecting…”

“You’re alright, Beloved. I understand.”

She paused.

“I don’t want you to spoil me, well not financially.”

I noticed her smirk when she said that. I went in for a few more kisses.

“Okay, so putting a hot tub out back is out of the question then?” I asked.

She gave me a surprised look. Then she smiled.

“You tease,” she said as she started kissing me again.

We held each other for a bit longer before we started getting ready for the day. It didn’t take long before she had her washer going and I had both outfits in my hand to head to the dry cleaners. With a kiss, she sent me off. I looked over at my house and noticed some movement. I smiled when I realized Aubrey was awake. I called her once I was in the car and driving.

“What’s going on, Leo?’ she asked.

“How are you enjoying being my neighbor?” I said with a little sarcasm.

“Ha, ha. It’s alright. So, are we doing anything work related today?”

“That depends on whether you checked your emails yet or not.”

“Matt has nothing planned for us today. Something about enjoy the day or something like that.”

“What do you have planned for your day off then?”

“I need a chill day. You think your roommate would be up for a visit?”

“I think she’d enjoy that.”

“I’m not going to intrude on you if I do, will I?”

“I think she’ll enjoy the company. I’m just taking some dry cleaning in before heading back.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later, Leo.”

I smiled as I pulled into the parking lot of the dry cleaners. Life was good. I was happy and so was everyone else.

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