Grand Day Out

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It’s a beautiful summer day and neither of us had any plans for the weekend so we are taking a drive out of the city. Rather than use motorways we are driving on less popular roads where although we can’t go as fast, there is less traffic and the scenery is better.

“Where do you fancy going?” I ask as we reach another junction.

“Mmmm, how about somewhere for a quiet drink and then down to the coast maybe?” As you answer I glance over to see your flaming red hair being blown by the air rushing in through your window. You look amazing and I can’t help but wonder what I have done to deserve such a fine looking travelling companion. You are wearing a white blouse that is tied across your stomach, revealing your belly button and a pale pink wraparound skirt that is struggling to cover much as it rides up your legs. I can see a lace bra underneath your blouse as your breasts heave with the exhilaration of the wind in your face.

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” And steer towards a minor road with signs towards a number of villages. I slow down and you push your hair back and smooth your skirt down a little.

“Spoil sport!” I tease and poke my tongue out at you. As you look puzzled, I continue and explain, “I was enjoying looking all the way up your legs. Which I might add are amazing” and because I am looking too long at them, we run over the edge of the road and the car judders.

“Sorry Hun” and I get my eyes back on the road. “Drive a little slower please. I have something to show you.” So I take my foot off the accelerator and change gear so I can glance across at you.”

You lean back and push your bottom further forward on the seat, so that it slides up your legs. You part your legs and run your hands over your upper thighs, catching your skirt on each upward stroke so that they help it on its way up.

“Whoa there!!” I’m transfixed by what I can see as your fingers run up and down your thighs, stroking and scratching them until I can see the white of your panties. “Do you like what you see?” and you untie your skirt to reveal yourself to me.

“I’m struggling to find the right words. I’m also struggling to steer straight!” and to prove my point, I shake the wheel from side to side.

“Poor baby. So you wouldn’t like me to get any more comfortable then while you’re driving? Or maybe I should make you more comfortable instead?” And you reach across and place a hand in my lap, feeling how excited your little show has made me.

“Mmmm, how can I make you more comfortable?” I start to stammer an answer but you don’t wait and unbutton my flies to reach a hand inside. “Oh Boy!” is all I can manage as your fingers probe to find a gap in my shorts.

“Is this better? Do you feel more comfortable?” and you pull my manhood free so that it blinks in the sunlight. “Unghhh, it feels good but I’m not sure if I feel more comfortable this way.” And the blood starts to flow between my legs, swelling the flesh between your fingers.

“You’re right, this does feel good.” And you start to rub up and down, stretching the skin over the rigid muscle beneath. “Oooooooh babe, you don’t know how good that feels.” And I shuffle forward a little, making more space for you to manoeuvre. It’s getting difficult to concentrate on the road; I’m getting slower and slower and steering more deliberately to avoid potholes and the edge of the road. I sneak another look at your fabulous legs and see that your other hand has not been idle while you pleasure me.

There is a bulge in your panties where your hand has passed under the waistband. I can see the shape of the bulge change and flex as I imagine what your fingers are doing underneath. The sight excites Yalova Escort me, as does the look on your face as you enjoy yourself by stroking both of us.

You are lying back in the seat rubbing between your legs and stroking my penis, which is now painfully swollen. Your eyes are closed and you start to murmur softly as you give us both pleasure.

I pull to the side of the road slowly so that you don’t realise we are stopping and as we come to a stop, I push one side of your panties down a little and then the other. Your eyes are still closed as you lift up off of the seat. I take the opportunity to pull your panties over your hips so that they stop around your thighs. Then I pull away again, still driving slowly because I want to watch you.

Your legs part as far as your panties will allow and your fingers slide in and out of your wetness, your thumb brushing over your clitoris from time to time and making you judder. The road ahead is straight and clear so I take my left hand off the steering wheel.

My palm strokes your stomach and you sigh as you squeeze me firmly between your fingers, making a small drop of stickiness leak from the tip. My fingertips brush lower and rub the flesh above the junction of your thighs, stretching it and probing lower to rub above your clitoris.

There is a bend in the road so I take my hand back and steer round it. Your eyes snap open and you take my hand back and push it deeper between your legs so that my fingers press your swollen lips.

The road twists and I find it hard to concentrate with the blood pounding in my ears and coursing through my body and into my throbbing shaft. Through eyes that are starting to lose their focus, I spot a sidetrack ahead. Although it looks like access to a farmer’s field, thankfully it’s not gated and I pull into it.

The car judders over the unmade road and as we sink down below the level of the hedgerows and hidden from the road. The vibrations make you sink your fingers as deep as your knuckle so that your thumb squashes against your clitoris. In reaction, your hand jerks my penis towards you, almost pulling me out of the seat with your demands.

In a moment, I have stopped the car and turned off the engine, reached across and between your legs to push your chair back and then clambered into the foot well. You hold my head and push it down into your groin, pushing your heels up onto the edge of your seat as you do so.

I grip your thighs, spreading them apart and press my face against your steaming sex, sucking against you and pressing my nose into your swollen flesh. For the first time, I am able to pay you the attention all the excitement of the journey deserves. My lips form a ring around you and the flat of my tongue presses hard and urgent between your lips.

Rather than jab away with it, I hold you firm and rub my face in circles, pressing my nose into your tiny bud and my lips and tongue along your battered labia. I withdraw a little, partly to draw a breath and partly to allow my fingers access.

They glide easily inside you again and the knuckles rub your trembling flesh, squelching around and driving you wild. Your panting and moaning makes it through my muffled ears and spurs me on to see if I can make you climax.

I don’t know if you’re getting any closer to orgasm but you’re certainly getting wetter as my face and fingers work mercilessly on your intimate spots and it runs onto my chin. I rub my juice-covered, stubbled chin into the tender flesh between your sweetest of spots and make your anus twitch and pucker.

Watching your action, I push your legs up further and, sensing my intentions, you grasp them Yalova Escort Bayan behind your knees and press them into your breasts, raising your buttocks up further so that my slippery face and fingers can tease your backside.

I now have three fingers of one hand buried in your pussy and I’m working on pushing a finger of the other into your asshole.

With my aim realised, you buck and shake in the seat as it looks like I could get you all the way now that you are under attack from both angles.

I figure that this is too good an opportunity to miss and kneel up further in the foot well so that the head of my penis, which is dripping with excitement, stumbles against your buttocks. Realising my intentions, your eyes snap wide open and your hands pull your legs wide apart.

“O God, yes! Do it now, stick it up my ass and make me come. I’m so close and I want to feel you fill me up when I do!” You pant as your eyes plead with me.

Never one to refuse any reasonable request from a lady, I pull your asshole wider with my fingers and feed the head of my penis against it. I rub it up and down to lubricate it and then, once I judge that we’re both ready, I press forward.

The muscles of your backside tense and try to refuse entry but we’re both too determined to let that stop us. I pull back so that you relax again before pressing a little deeper this time. Every fibre of my being is screaming at me to thrust forward and spear your tender cherry but I resist and continue rocking back and forth, rubbing you along your full length from the bridge of your clitoris to the stretched skin above my penetrating penis.

And then, all at once, resistance is over and the head pops beyond the muscled ring. I gasp and you groan,

“O Gooooood!” you growl, “Rub my clit and fuck my ass!” you rasp and I obey. My thumb hits its target and I lean into you with all my weight, feeling your asshole stretch to accommodate the intruder and then squeeze it tight. I take your hand and send it down between your legs to carry on rubbing your pussy and clit and I take your legs and hold them high while I build up a rhythm that sees my balls slap against your buttocks and sends your breasts gyrating.

Although I have only been inside you for a few minutes, the raw animal excitement of what we are doing has stimulated me and again, the blood starts roaring in my ears and between panted breaths and clenched teeth, I tell you that I can’t hold off from coming much longer.

“Fuck me” Fuck my tiny ass and fill it with your hot creamy spunk! I want you to fill me so much that it runs back out and coats your balls! I’m so close now, if you stop or slow down, I’ll kill you! Come on, fuck my ass and spray your cream all over me! Cover my tits with it, let me lick it off them and suck it off your dick. One way or another, it’s all going over or in me!”

With a mighty roar, I lift you off the seat and ram my cock in as hard as it will go as it explodes. Through the fireworks in my head, I see you bury your hand deep into your juice-covered pussy and you arch your back to receive my seed.

There’s no need to thrust as my semen pumps its way into your butt and I feel it escape around the shaft and down your buttocks. Somehow, I remember your desperate cries for my seed and I pull back so that I can aim it between your legs and over your breasts. You flinch as if burnt by its touch when it lands on your belly and neck.

You slump back onto the seat and force your legs around me. For a moment, I think you are going to make good on your promise to suck me off but your hands and ankles pull me onto you and your hand snakes between us Escort Yalova to point my softening penis into your womb.

“I just wanted to feel you, is that OK? I want to be touched as deep in my belly as you were in my ass.” I look up to mouth some uncalled for praise and see you scooping my seed off your chest and licking it off your fingers. Fingers, I might add, that have glisten with the sheen of your own sex also. You lick both of your ejaculate off your hand and fingers, slurping as you do and the sight and sound has an unexpected effect.

“Why did you twitch? Do you want to pull it out?” you ask. And in response, I push up onto arms so that I can get a better angle to start sliding back and forth between your thighs. “OMIGOD! You’re still hard! Come on, fuck me stud! Give me another soaking.”

After pointing out that this erection is in tribute to the show she put on and not a continuation of the original, I build up another rhythm. Your hands grasp my buttocks and your nails dig gently into the flesh, pulling me hard against you. “I don’t think I can come again so soon, so just enjoy yourself and give me whatever you’ve got left. But you’ve got to leave enough for me to suck out of you.”

To be honest, this is new territory so I have no idea what my body is going to do. It could all finish again in seconds or not at all. There could be a dribble, there could be a downpour. But having done what I was told so far, I reckon that it should be OK for me to be a bit selfish.

The sweat rivers down my back and your hands slip around in the greasy puddles and your eyes seem to lose focus as I just pound away, slapping my thighs against yours. Once again, your breasts jump and down your chest with the force of my thrusts and I force the breaths from your body in throaty gasps.

“O Jesus! I didn’t think I could but, O God, fuck me! FUCK ME HARD YOU BASTARD! I want it all! I…, O God, I want…, God, that’s soooo good, I want to come again! Please make me come again! Fuck my brains out!”

Again, it’s just noise to me as I feel my cock swell in readiness for its next delivery. The world has disappeared and only consists of my flesh that is rubbing inside your flesh. I just hope that you’re ready, because I can’t stop, even if I wanted to.”

I aware of someone with my voice screaming release as I climax but it seems so far away. My hands struggle for grip as I ram my cock deep inside you and let it erupt its seed inside your belly.

My distant voice is joined by another that sounds like you as you try to dig your nails deep into my buttock flesh as your own wall of emotion collapses on top of you and forces an orgasm to flatten every part of your being.

Whatever is happening between the legs of the two people that look like you and me, I have no idea. Whether I have filled you or not, I have no idea. Slowly, the world drifts back to join us and I’m conscious of letting my weight fall on top of you and so I move back onto my arms.

“Keep going back,” you demand,” you have one little job left.” And you smile mischievously and wriggle up the seat. My once proud penis slips quietly from your chamber and rests, exhausted, on your thigh. You cradle it gently in your palm, catching the weight of the ball sac underneath and manoeuvre us into position so that I can feel your breath on its wet skin and feel the flesh goose bump in response.

I am still in a dreamy state when something warm, moist and gentle, lovingly engulfs my penis and lets it rest on your tongue. “Mmmmm, you taste great.” As I soften, a little semen drips from the tip and is gently swallowed. As much as I would like to stay there in the forlorn hope of another recovery, I fear that it will never happen and so, regretfully, I open the car door and lead us onto the ground next to the car, wrapped in our own world and a blanket.

Satisfied with each other, sleep comes and we awake together some time later in the dusk and return home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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